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Watch Bigg Boss 8 12th October 2014 Full HD episode Weekend ka Vaar Day 21 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 12th October 2014 Full Episode (Day 21) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twevlth October 2014 Rekha Special Episode

The Colors Reality Show Bigg Boss 8 12th October 2014 Day 21 Episode will bring a Big dhamaka in the episode. Actually, the Guest is coming in today’s Bigg Boss 8 Episode.

The Bollywood Actress and Bolly Diva Rekha will be coming in the Show. She will be very much charming and her presence make this Bigg Boss 8 12th Oct 2014 Episode more special and interested.
Actually, the Episode Bigg Boss 8 day 21 is also an elimination episode. In this Show, the Rekha will come to announce an eliminations. Let see who will be going to leave the Bigg Boss 8 House,

 Bigg Boss 8 day 21 12th October 2014 which is having a two special things. One is elimination and second most important is B.Celeb Rekha Ji .

Day 20
Weekend Ka Vaar special
on stage, Salman khan makes entry and dances on song chori chori chupke aa ke meri ankhon samajha.. He welcomes all in big boss weekend ka vaar, Salman says this is third week and see what happened in house this week, all the extreme points of week is shown, he says the nominations are Gautam, deepshikha, pritham, and Arya.

The video call is connected to house, Salman calls praneet pooja bedi, he ask shaving his beard, Praneet says I promised that If I am saved from nominations then I would shave my beard, so I shove my beard with all celebrations and all, Salman says to sonali that I cant take my eyes off you, why you are looking so beautiful, sonali blushes, salman says pritham is tall, arya has bungalow in juh then why did you decide to marry upen, sonali jokes that he has good tattoo on hand, Salman ask upen to get up, he ask upen and Sonali to show steps which hirthik told them, Sonali and upen dances together, Salman jokes to arya th she is also gone, this way you will go out, Salmna shows poster of Natasa on which missing is written, Natasa laughs, Salman ask Natasa are you in house? she says yes, salman says your family is worrying that you are not in house, please speak up, people are thinking that because of shortage of food, they cooked you, puneet says hirthik said something for you, see it, video plays.. hirthik is with inmates, he says I was very lean, I thought who can help me, I went to Salman khan, he gave me keys of his gym and said that its all yours, it struck my heart but then he used to call me at wee hours and used to ask me to come for work out but he is the one who brought fitness factor in India, so I wanna thank him for being bigg boss of fitness, I love you. video ends, Salman says thanks to hirthik for all that.

Salman talks to Gautam and says we are giving you chance to make two kinds of faces on board, one is most muscular man and most feminine person of house, he makes Puneet’s face as most mascular man and Daindra as most feminine female, all laughs at his drawing, he makes funny drawing of both, Salman says to gautam that I wont ask gautam why is he nominated, it is understandable but pritham and sonali got nominated as they were on gautam’s side, he ask deepshikha why she was nominated, deepshikha says I don’t know but I know who nominated me, they must be gautam, pritham and sonali, Salman ask arya that you were very energetic in first week but now you very low, he ask arya to come in confession room.
Arya comes in confession room, Salman talks to him on video chat, he ask Arya what is happening in house, why are you depressed, Arya says I am not depressed, a slang was used against a girl, I react genuinely to things, they are taking me wrong, Salman ask him why is he involving in all these things. Arya says I have nothing to do with Gautam, salman says play your game, don’t try to become brother of all, you will be crushed, be Arya babbar, young Arya babbar not brother, Salman ask about minissha, he says minissha said infront of Hirthik that I run toward a person who is strong in house, I am friend of Upen and will remain his friend, Salman says minissha doesn’t take you as friend, she says has said that you approached her before bigg boss for fake relationship, arya says I swear I didn’t say anything to her like that, I cant stop her for saying all these, Salman says this show is for fun, this is not saas bahu serial, you don’t have to become brother, you ac like I am big brother, I will protect girls, nobody can say or touch them, please have fun, don’t become father, this can your last day, now go back, Arya agrees and goes back in lounge.
Salman comes on stage and says don’t know, chances are bright that Arya is going out of house, Call is connected, Salman ask who of think that Sonali, deepshikha or gautam is going out today, nobody says yes, for pritham two people says he will, for arya many inmates, raises their hand that he is going out today so salman ask him to sit on danger seat, he sits, Salman ask soni about her stopping gautam in task, she says I put my fingers in his pocket, he was asking to go for pee but I didn’t allow him, salman says you work so hard but you loses everytime, if you are asked to make a team of seven people who can win task then who will you choose, soni says karishma, upen, sushant, deepshikha, pritham, minissha. Salman ask why not puneet, karishma says he gets emotional inbetween task so he is not a multi tasker, salman says daindra gave idea to karishma to throw water on sonali’s face, karishma cant you think of your own idea, karishma says we cannot be physical so I thought throwing water would be good, karishma says I was said that minissha is using slangs against me, sushant says she said that you are bad but not said slang against you, salman says don’t spoil name of karishma karishma thanks him, salman says don’t spoil it as its already very spoiled, all laughs.

Salman ask minissha about her call gossip, Minissha says I got call from Arya before bigg boss, he asked me will it be right if we hug each other and make a fake relationship in house, he said that I know you have boyfriend, I can talk to him too that it will be all fake, I said no, this is very wrong and I wont do it, Arya says first of all you can get my phone bills, I was in Poland so I couldn’t talk to her, my friend was insecure as MINISHHA WAS MY GIRLFRIEND, when we were shooting together for film, minissha says what? Arya says yes don’t probe me to open up, she was my girlfriend and we had a mutual breakup, we were friends after breakup too, another guy came in minissha’s life, I met him too, he is good guy, all inmates are shocked at Arya’s confession, I didn’t call her, she sent me messages and offered me for fake relationship, minissha gives shocked look, Salman says I thought you take her as friend and she doesn’t take you as friend but I didn’t know all this, this is enough, I just asked you about phone call but you are taking talk to another level, Arya says I called minissha and asked her is she in relationship, she said yes, salman says men always ask this, Salman says you tried to create a strategy before coming in house but it didn’t work out in first week only, you approached her but she denied you, that’s all, Minishha says it wont affect me, he can say whatever he can, I will not throw filth on anyone, Salman says that is appreciated, all inmates clap in support of minissha, Arya says I don’t know whether I will be evicted or not, I am asking you to evict me, Salman says this is not our decision, you are not a mature, she chose to be shut and said she will not throw filth but you took things to past. call ends.
Minissha gets up from lounge and goes to store room, she cries.

Puneet says to Arya that this is not done, you shouldn’t have said all that about a girl, Arya says girl can say all about man but not us, Puneet says you should play your game but not make it dirty.
call is connected, Salman ask Arya to get up from that danger seat, Arya says I wont get up rom chair, I will keep sitting here, i will see who can make me get up from this seat, i was respecting all but they cant accept that, Arya says to salman, I don’t know why I am portrayed as such cheap man in house by inmates when I am not in real life, I am not a cunning and villainous, Salman says you are showing me attitude, why are talking in insulting tone, Arya says no sir how can I show you attitude, Salman says i have gone through this many a times, i cant get sleep and think that when will this time pass, he says to Arya that fathers and kids are also watching show, just get up from seat, Arya gets up, salman ask arya whom he want to sit on chair, he says pritham, pritham sits, Salman says you are safe from nominations, pritham ask deepshikha to sit on chair, she sits, Salman says we will now call Snapdeal customer of week, call is connected to person, man says whenever upen is shown on tv, he is doing job of peace maker, i wanna tell him that puneet sir is already there, he doesn’t take part in tasks, he doesn’t talk much, salman says true, he doesn’t take screen space, call ends. Salman says all inmates can do whatever they want.
in house, Puneet ask arya to come in kitchen but arya is not in mood.

on poolside, deepshikha says you did good by not saying anything in return, you did well.
Diandra talks to arya and says i told you to not say anything now, you cant take off on any women like this, Arya says what i did, did i said any slang to minisha, Diandra says you don’t know what you said, you are still stubborn, you cannot do this, try and understand, Arya says i am broken, i am very hurt, i couldn’t stop myself

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 12th Oct 2014 and Bigg Boss Season eight weekend ka vaar eviction is updated here

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