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Watch Bigg Boss 8 21st October 2014 Full HD episode Download Day 30 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 21st October 2014 Full Episode (Day 30) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty first October 2014 full Episode

The Bigg Boss Contestants of the Bigg Boss 8 House. Actually, the Contestants are changing their partners, their friends and their party just like a week days in Calender. Sonali and Gautam Gulati are getting more comfortable with each other even more then Comfortable. In present Episodes, the Sonali and Gautam Gulati are sharing a bed with each other. so there will some Sonali-Gautam Intimate Scene

Day 29
Nomination Special
All inmates are sleeping, song patshala starts playing, all inmates get up and dances.
Pritham is cleaning house, he says that those who live in big houses, respect servants who clean their big houses, now I know how much difficult it is, bigg boss have make us learned it.
Ali in lounge says to inmates that Pritham is cleaning in fun way.
in garden area, Pritham says I am cleaning house, I am washing bathroom, I salute people who do this work.
Karishma, puneet and Praneet discuss who will be new captain, Puneet says it will be good if rules are not changed by new captain, it will disturb inmates, Karishma says Ali is throwing tantrums coming after 4 weeks, we were not sitting idle before him, he acts like he knows everything, Karishma says I accept that house was clean, praneet says its just that we cant says no to him now as he is captain otherwise we use to do work too.
Gautam comes to Diandra, he puts his hand in her make up bag, diandra says you don’t have manners to ask me first, you touched my bag without asking me even, Gautam says I am like this only, diandra says what like this, you should have manners to ask me first. gautam leaves from there.
Gautam comes to Upen, gautam says if she doesn’t want then not talk, why she is fighting with me, what she thinks that I am interested in her? she is 10 years old than me, Upen says she is moody.
Ali talks like eunuch, Sushant ask him to have silent fast for 5 minutes, Pritham says you are gone Ali, when you will be no captain, inmates wont leave you, they have thought what punishment to give you, Ali says I will bear it.

Ali has given some work to inmates for garden area but Praneet, Arya and Sonali doesn’t come on time so Ali decide to punish them. Ali ask three to stand beside wall and doesn’t love.
in bedroom, Soni says he is weird, he thinks that when he will say, we will start doing work leaving our things.

Arya, Praneet and sonali starts singing badly and loudly, Ali says I gave them punishment and they are giving my ears punishment, Puneet says see when you listen we get punishment too. Ali comes in bedroom and says my head is aching because of their singing, minissha says not you know how we feel when you sing, Ali says I will not sing now. he puts tissue in his ears.

Karishma reads announcement that nomination time has comes, this week its little different, you have to put foam on person whom you want to nominate, you have to openly nominate person.
Karishma says to diandra that this is insulting task, diandra says I will not going to put foam on anyone. Sonali says to camera that bigg boss its so insulting to put foam on anyone’s face so I am not going to do it, I will just take the names but wont apply any foam on their faces.

All are standing in garden area, bigg boss says nomination time has begun, he ask Gautam to start nomination, you have to apply foam to two people whom you want to evict, nomination starts:
Gautam: he comes to Soni and applies plate full of foam on her face, second he applies foam on minissha’s face.
Karishma: she puts foam on sonali’s face, second she applies on Praneet’s face.
Soni: she applies on gautam’s face, second she applies on sonali’s face.
Sushant: he applies on Gautam’s face, second he applies foam on Praneet’s face.
Diandra: she puts foam on sonali’s face, she second applies on gautam’s face.
Praneet: he applies foam on soni’s face, second he applies on Minissha’s face.
Puneet: he applies on minissha’s face, second he applies on Soni’s face.
Pritham: he applies on Arya, second he applies foam on minissha.
Upen: he applies on minissha’s face, second he applies on sonali’s face.
Minissha: she applies foam on Gautam, second she applies on Praneet.
Arya: he applies foam on Sonali’s face, second he applies on Puneet’s face.
Sonali: she throws foam on Soni’s face in insulting way, Gautam laughs, she second applies on Arya’s face.

Bigg boss says nominations are done, the inmates who are nominated this week are Sushant, Pritham, Sonali, diandra, Gautam, minissha and soni. Arya says wow I am saved.

Soni says to Minissha that sonali applied in very insulting way.
Puneet talks to Sushant that if Arya and Minissha both are at fault, infront of salman all was open, Arya said that he had affair with her, if she had little respect, she would have not talked to him, next day they were sitting at poolside and talking to each other, it means she is playing game, they are both playing game.
Arya and Minissha talks, Minissha says what strategy, they all says we have come with strategy, Arya says let them say.

Puneet says Karishma goes to side of people who are strong so that she will not be nominated.
Sonali says to praneet that majority have given very stupid reasons to nominate, people were saying that I don’t work, Praneet says you work, you are a star, don’t worry, the much you will be nominated, you will be respected more, sonali says they three give same reason, Praneet says you also took revenge nicely.

Diandra, Karishma and Soni talk, diandra says Sonali threw it on your face, Soni says when she threw it on my face, I felt like she was taking out her jealousy I just jerked the foam off my face, diandra says Sonali said that I wont apply foam on anyone’s face, its insulting, I wont apply on anyone’s face, Karishma says she even said it in camera that she wont apply foam to anyone.

Minissha has locked herself in bathroom, Ali comes to her and ask her to come out, she says don’t disturb me, Ali says it is my duty, minissha locks the door again and weeps in washroom as all are putting allegations on her that she is playing and is involved with Arya, they both have strategy.

ali says to inmates that I know you all, I have seen all the episodes to I know who is playing what type of game, Ali says to minissha that ignore everything, India is liking you, all sitting here are your friends, you have made so many friends in house, this is your achievement, don’t be sad, he hugs minissha and goes from there. Sushant says Ali said that all was shown on TV what Arya said about minissha and their past, he is a dirty man.

Sushant comes to Sonali, he acts like and how she threw foam on soni’s face, Sonali laughs, Puneet says it happened like that only, Sonali says bigg boss said to do like that only, sushant and Sonali both have fun.

Pritham acts like doing radio show, he says this is bigg boss radio show, I am pritham pyaare, he says we will wait for caller, sonali acts like calling pritham, she says Hi pritham, pritham ask who is there, sonali says I am sonali, Pritham says will you eat ice cream? which flavor you like, Sonali says I like ice-cream full of spice (hinting Gautam), gautam thinks. Pritham says this is not available in market, Sonali says I have eaten it, Sonali ask Pritham to play song for her, she says play song “dost ne who kaam kya hai” , Pritham ask who is that person who had attacked you from behind, sonali says upen and soni, pritham says oh upen is giving you a lot of pain, all laughs, Pritham ask reason for saying their name, sonali says they are both brother and sister and cook things, Pritham says they are cooking how to throw you out, he says maybe it is misunderstanding, talk to them personally.

Sonali, Gautam and Praneet are sitting, Sonali says I am deliberately talking in English so that it is not aired on TV, I feel to talk to Gautam but I don’t because I don’t understand him as person till now, Praneet says to gautam that say some sensible things so that sonali understand it, she doesn’t wann know you as contestant but as Gautam, Gautam ask sonali to go while he will come, she leaves. Praneet says to Gautam that Sonali likes you, she said it indirectly stupid, gautam gets happy and says I will think about her, I like her, Praneet says its time for doing not for thinking.
Gautam comes and lies in his bed, Sonali comes in bed of gautam and lies beside him. all are sleeping. Gautam and sonali talks in bed.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 21st Oct 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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