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Watch Bigg Boss 8 10th November 2014 Full HD episode Weekend Ka Vaar Day 50 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 10th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 50) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Tenth November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- Aaj hai Monday .. or kaun hoga nominate.....let's see who will Named for Go to Outside.....  There will be open nomination these days. Later Sonali is making roties, Renee says you are not making fine, then dimpy comes, Sonali ask them to not disturb her, she makes roties everyday. there will be third wild card entry.

Last day was sunday let's see what happened in BB8 house on Day 49 Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman Khan enters on stage. He does rap on bigg boss house situation. He then dances on tunes of Pehla Pehla Pyaar hai.. Pehli Pehli Baar hai. He Salman welcomes all in bigg boss weekend Ka Vaar. He says six people were nominated this week and three are announced to safe. GAUTAM< PRANNET AND SONAL ARE SAFE and the nominated people are PUNEET, SUSHANT and ALi. Salman says lets see the video.

in video, Puneet says to Arya that you said some inmates are provoking to talk about my disqualification and those are Ali and Diandra, Arya says yes I was tried to be provoked but I didn't, you asked me names of people but I said I will not take names then Praneet ask is diandra provoking you against Puneet, I never took diandra's name, Puneet says lie, I don't wanna talk to you, go from here, Arya says why I cant stand here, Puneet says you are liar, Arya ask rinni did I take diandra's name,

Rinni says you pointed to a girl, diandra says I talks to Arya but I was just giving my point of view, Arya leaves from there, he then comesback and says to Puneet that I am giving you respect but you are.. you have sent back so that you can hit other people too, Puneet says you hit Gautam too, Gautam says yes and if you have problem with Puneet that don't sit here, Arya says I am feeling sorry for Puneet and you people are showing attitude, rinni takes Arya from there and says why are you pressing yourself between two groups.

diandra says to Praneet that I was just giving my point to Arya, if there are groups in this house then there are some people who try to be in both groups (pointing Arya and Ali) she says those people are taking advantage and can say anything to any group about other group, this way both groups are going away from each other, Praneet says A fire neglected can burn the whole house.

Arya comes to Puneet and says I said to bigg boss that bring Puneet back in house from jail, I said to bigg boss that disqualify you and me, as you dd physical violence and I made a phone call before coming in this house but I also know that you called too, Puneet says I didn't call to make strategy, Arya says keep shouting, Puneet says you called a girl before bigg boss to make strategy for romance so that you go in finals, Arya says you shout, you can beat anyone, you beat all of us, Upen takes Arya inside, Arya says Puneet have hit the superstar of Hindustan. Pritham says he is lying, Gautam says if ha taken names of diandra and Ali then he should say with confidence, why is he lying.
in bedroom, ali ask Arya to ignore them.

Pritham says to Diandra that we asked Arya who is provoking him against Puneet, he didn't take name but when we asked that is diandra doing it? Arya said that yes she and Ali are provoking him, he said infront of 5 people, so we all are lying.
Arya says to Ali that I am sorry for going to them and talk to them (puneet), I will sit in your feet, Ali says no don't do that. Video ends.

Salman says that we cant do anything with inmates as format is like this. Call is connected to house. Salman ask Arya to go and bring Puneet from jail, all laughs. Arya goes and ask Puneet to come inside, Puneet says coming. Puneet comes in lounge. Salman says many people are fighting in house but this will not mean anything, he says to Arya that you were going rightway but what you did right now was wrong, you cannot humiliate a senior, he can do anything with you, people are watching him but you should not misbehave with senior,

Arya says sorry to Puneet, they hug each other. Salman says that there are many fans of bigg boss, two fans are coming here, one fan name I choto ji, he is coming with satyajeey, Satyajeet comes with his puppet choto ji on stage, choto ji (puppet) says that we watch all episode and satyajeet's left the house as his eyes are on Karishma, Karishma blushes, choto says my favourite is Sonali, her eyes goes here and there. he says poetry
Kabhi Khushi kabhi gham
Kabhi Upen Kabhi Gaautaaamm.

All laughs, Salman ask about ali, choto says like his head, his talks are buttery too, choto says the loudspeaker of this house these days are Praneet, satyajeet says upen's group has got a name from fans that is Gangs of bedroompur, they says you have also got a other name that is DAKUS (robbers), its abbreviation for:

choto says Rinni and Dimpy you are doing well, meet me after show, all laughs. Satyajeet and choto leaves. Salman says to inmates that you like to do tasks, so we will do one task, he ask Ali and Sonali to bring things from store and Ali don't touch her, all laughs. they bring the things, Salman says name for task is "Give answer of my questions", Salman says in task two inmates will come in pari and a question will be asked to both and they have to raise playcards as answer and we will see how much the playcards match of both inmates, first comes Puneet and Gautam, they sit showing back to each other as they cant see each others answers, first question is sonali's flirt with Upen just a gimmick and trick? both say yes, all Laughs, second question is who is dual face in house? both raise Ali's name, third question whose voice is most irritating in house? both raise Karishma's name, all laughs, next is who is not deserving to be in house? Gautam raise Ali's name, Puneet raise his name. next question did Arya got hurt in task, both raise No.

Next pari comes, its Sonali and Sushant, Salman ask is Pritham threat for inmates? both raise yes card, next is Ali dual face? Sushant raise no, Sonali raise yes, Salman ask who do most politics in house, Sushant raise Gautam's name, Sonali raise Puneet's name, next did Arya got hurt in task? both says no, next is with whose eviction you will be most happy, Sushant raises his name, Sonali raises Gautam's name, Salman says Gautamm.. all laughs.

next comes Upen and Arya. Salman ask did Arya got hurt in task, both raise yes card. next question is who is most beautiful in house? Upen raises Karishma's name, Arya says I am deciding, he raises Dimpy's name, Salman ask on whose eviction you will be happy? Arya raises his name, Upen raises Gautam's name, Salman ask could Pritham be better captain than Diandra? Upen raise yes card, Arya raise no card, Salman ask do Praneet shout more when he gets eliminated, Both raise yes card, all laughs. Salman ask who is the person who cannot win bigg boss? Upen raises his name, Arya raises Sonali's name.

next is Diandra and Karishma. Salman ask who is not trustworthy in wild card entrant, both rasies Renee’s name, she laughs. Salman ask if Sonali is in one boat with Gautam and Upen and if boat is sinking then whom Sonali will not save? both raises Gautam's name, all laughs. Salman ask whose number will not be in your phone ever, Both raises Gautam's name, Gautam smirks. Salman ask who is most unhygienic in house? both say Sonali. all laughs, Sonali says Upen spreaded that I didn’t take bath from 5 days so all are now saying that I am unhygienic. Salman ask who is most hungry in this house. Karishma says ALi, Diandra says Puneet. Salman ask whose fashion is worst in house, Karisham raises sonali’s name, Diandra raises Renee’s name.

Next comes Renee and Dimpy. Salman ask who is real man in house, Renee raises Puneet’s name, Dimpy raises Pritham’s name. Salman ask who is most fake in house? both says Karishma. Salman ask who is most targeted in house? both says Gautam, Salman ask who is most dead in this house? who doesn’t involve in anything? both raises Sonali’s name, Sonali says expected. task ends.
Salman says we wanted to see your compatibility with other person in this task, Salman says winner is Puneet-Gautam and Karishma-diandra. Call ends.

Salman says welcome our penalist, Sophie Chaudary. She comes on stage. Salman says she is watching show, Sophie says this season is different, its limit of fights, many contestants are confused like Karishma etc, Sophie says I wanna talk to Pritham so make voice call ( not video call). call I connected to house, Sophie says hello I wanna talk to Pritham Pyare.. Pritham ask who is this, Sophie says I am missing you, I am your fan, Pritham says I am missing honey type voices too, Sophie says I wann come close to you, Pritham ask who much? Sophie says if I wanna come in house then what qualities should I have? Pritham says you should have fire in you, and your figure should 36,26,36 (chest, waist and lower body), Sophie ask who is like that in house?

Pritham says all have this figure in this house even men too, all laughs, Pritham says you should spread love like Gautam in house, all laughs, Sophie ask like who in girls, Pritham says Karishma spread love, Sophie says who that type of love, Sophis says I have message for you, Sophie sings her song Ek Pritham mera dil le gaya… jaate jaate meetha meetha gham de gye.. Sophie as can I come in house? Pritham please please. video is on now, all are happy seeing Sophie. Sophie says that Upen when you became captain i was happy as you started talking then, Upen says i take stand for right, Upen says i am leaving bedroom gang, Sophie says lets see.

Sophie says when Karishma chose her make-up over Sushant, i felt good that she took stand for her thing, i thought it was right, Karishma says but i felt bad as make-up is small thing, Salman says its not a small thing, if you think that you look good in make-up then you can chose it, think if you lose your make-up and have to go on date then will you go? Karishma says yes i will go, Salman jokes who will take you then on date, Sophie says audience is thinking that you changed your stance on others insistence,

Karishma says no, i thought i could have saved Sushant, Sophie says people are confused about you, at one side you say you are selfish and is just playing game then why you try to change that image, just keep going with it, she ask why Gautam is so popular in masses, Puneet says i think that what is in his heart, he says that only, Sophie says i like gautam on show, she says whole house is against him but he does what he thinks is right, he is little self-obsessed but he has his identity, Salman says Karishma have identity too that is confused, all laughs, Karishma says peope call me selfish but i am okay with it, Sophie says to Karishma that if you were right then why were you regretting it after sometime, you on one hand says Sushant is your friend and other and says I will play game, just think what i am saying to you.

Sophie ask Pritham is anything changing in you? he says yes, i think i should speak now, she ask why are you not putting effort to be captain, Pritham says there are many weeks to come, Sophie ask what is the guarantee that you will be in show, Salman says half season is passed, Sophie ask then why people are not fighting, Sophoe says that on Reneet’s entry, all guys are happy but not sure about girls, all laughs. Sophie says Sushant is looking stressed, Salman says yes, call ends. Salman greets Sophie, she leaves. Salman says that now i will show how inmates do everything according to them is right. video plays.

in video, Karishma ask Ali is everything sorted with Arya, Ali says talking to Arya is like shooting on your feet, Arya says i am sorry for taking your name infront of Puneet, Ali says i was just giving you advise as a friend, P3G is national heroes now because they have unity, Arya says we fight but we have unity too, Arya says i did mistake, Ali says P3G’s head was going from house but you did mistake. Dimpy comes there, Ali sings song for her.. kehdo k tum meri ho warna.. she goes from there. Ali says that make these wild card entries wild, make Romantic angle with them, Karishma says so do that,

Arya and Ali hug. Ali comes to Dimpy and ask what you have studied, she says i have done Ms in English, Arya smirks. Dimpy says i completed after marriage, Ali says you look good on Tv, Ali says you got married in 21 years, now you are young, Dimpy says i have become young from mind that’s why i stay away from Ali, ali says don’t wear black color, you look extremely hot in it, Dimpy says do buttering, i am liking it, Arya smirks. video ends.

Salman says now cargo boy time, cargo devil comes there, he shows menu card of restaurant, Salman says in this season bigg boss was offered food, he says lets see the video.

In video, Pritham and Puneet are making food, they say to Camera, bigg boss will you eat Paratha? Gautam says we will put near confession room, Gautam ask bigg boss to open the door of confession room, he has Paratha in his hands, Gautam ask did anyone asked breakfast to bigg boss ever, he ask to open fastly otherwise i will run, he counts till ten and then runs from there with Paratha, Pritham runs behind him as he has made the Paratha.
Salman says heads off to their talent.

Call is connected to house again, Salman says now its time for eviction, he says SUSHANT YOU ARE EVICTED. all hugs him, Sushant cries, Salman ask don’t cry, Sushant hugs Karishma, Salman says this girl could have saved you, he says she loved her make up more than you, she could have chose you over her make up, Sonali gets emotional and cries, she says he was my only friend, Diandra is crying too, Sushant leaves the house.

Sushant comes on stage and meets Salman, Salman says were you tired in house? Sushant says it was perfect timing for me to come out, Call is connected to house again. Sushant ask Sonali what happened to you? Sonali says i am with tissue box because of you, Sushant ask her to no cry, Salman ask who will take kitchen hold from Karishma, Karishma says take it, Salman says ohh, she is so generous, Sushant says Renee can take kitchen, Salmna with whome Renee will fight first, Sushant says either Diandra or Sonali. Salman shows dangerous bomb, Salman says you have authority to free Puneet from jail but then you have to make one person servant like you were, Sushant says i don’t want ot make anyone servant and Puneet should be in jail.

Salman laughs and says i thought he will make Karishma servant, Sushant says Karishma said that make-up is important for her but i called her my friend and i will carry that, She is sweet girl, Sushant sings song in girl’s voice, all inamtes sings with him, Karishma gets emotional. Episode ends with Sushant departure.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 10th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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