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Watch Bigg Boss 8 13th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 53 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 13th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 53) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Thirteenth November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- Aaj hai thursday ..aaj hai guruvaar... is gautam or karishmaa ki to bilkul hi nahi banti hai.... kya kiya jaaye ... aap log to voting ke jariye in dono ko support kar sakte ho.... to vote karte jao ....let's see who will be BB8 Winner 2014.

PRECAP- Karishma says to Puneet tha what was the need to complain to captain about me like a child, you could have said to me directly, Gautam tries to say something, Karishma says I am not talking to you, Puneet calls Karishma duffer, Karishma says I use my mind, Gautam and Puneet laugh on KArishma. Karishma says they all run like robot behind Puneet. Later Dimpy was granted one wish so se ask for freedom of Puneet. Puneet is freed from jail, all welcomes him.

Recently on Day 52 @ 8:00am :- Song kyunke Mera Birthday Aya starts playing. All inmates wake up and dances to the tunes. Its Renee’s birthday today.

Ali is talking to guests of hotel. Nigaar says we are going with rules. Nigaar says dimpy was saying that you cant line up other butlers when you are using two butlers but then she was doing same, Renee says its pointless to argue. Dimpy says I always used to two butlers only. Nigaar says you were all the time with Gautam. Are we not your friends? I hugged you many a times but are you maintaining distance, Dimpy says I don’t have problem with you but there was some problem so I was with Gautam. nigaar says I feel outsider with Gautam and company as they stop talking if you go there.

Gautam says to Dimpy that leave this task, my friends are not supporting me to become captain so I will now play my game only. Gautam says you cant splurge money like this, other guests are giving Pritham and Praneet 50,000rs for just making tea, dimpy says you are right.
Renee says that dimpy is dividing Gautam and Pritham, Karishma says dimpy will give whole money to Gautam and he will become best contestant, where there is Gautam there is some deceive.

Praneet says to diandra that you all know how much we supported Gautam. we took stand for him, Diandra says that no friendship happens from one side only. Sonali says what he wants to do by becoming captain. Praneet says he just want to take revenge from all inmates, his film’s name will be “fire of revenge”, Pritham says don’t know eh wants to run house was captain or to take revenge.

Pritham says to Ali that its must to steal money now, ali covers him and Pritham steals one bundle of money from safe.

Nigaar says to Renee that dimpy bought bed from money, this is not a work but a trade.
Prithan is hiding money in suitcase. Pritham says to camera that now have to do politics if want to stay in house.Nigaar says to Gautam that you talk to the people only whom you want to, Gautam says no, I talk with all. Pritham says game in our hand but it can change anytime.

Gautam says to Arya that I have put your mug in washroom, there was lost property box in washroom so I have put in it, Arya says you know that is my mug then why did you put in it, Gautam says your mug was in washroom area so I had put in box. Arya angrily leaves from there. Ali says fight and die boys looking at Arya and Gautam, Gautam says to Nigaar that I found his mug in washroom area so I had put in box there.
Ali says to Arya that many inmates leave their plates anywhere, this is wrong, you should not target one person.

Gautam says we have made rule that if you find anything in house then put in lost property box, Arya comes with his mug and says if you find anything of mine then don’t touch it, don’t put it in lost property box, this is a simple request, if you understand, its fine otherwise I will do things too. Gautam ask him to listen and says that keep your things safe, Arya says you too, Gautam says you will not find anything of mine in house, Arya says I have finished my talk, you keep murmuring, Gautam says I sweetly told him that had put my mug, Arya says he sweetly told me that I found your mug and even then I put in lost property box, he leaves, GauTam ask Nigaar di I say anything wrong? I tell things on mouth and people get offended, Nigaar says its all about difference of opinion, I didn’t like when you were roaming without wearing shirt, bare body, Gautam says you are wrong, nobody in all weeks pointed on me not wearing shirt, Gautam says to Nigaar that if don’t wear shirt or pant then its my matter, you don’t involve in this, nigaar says this wrong, Gautam says I don’t like you., Nigaar says I was just comparing two things, Gautam says keep distance from me, Nigaar says you have no guts to listen what is right and distance other people from you, nigaar says you want to pick fights on small things then I am not interested, it was my fault that I tried to talk to you, Nigaar says there is some problem with this man.

Praneet says to Puneet that we have to take you out from here and its risky to make Gautam captain, Puneet says I don’t wanna discuss it.
Arya says to Karishma that if Gautam becomes captain then we will irritate him the much he does to us, we are nominated every week so what will gautam do if we don’t follow his rules? will he give us punishment? I will not follow It too, Karishma says exactly, I will sleep in daytime and wil talk in English, what power will he get by becoming captain? will he nominate us, then do that, we are already nominated.
Praneet gives his all earned money to Puneet that is 4lacs, Praneet says combing my, Ali and Pritham’s money, we have 9lacs.

Sonali ask Renee whom you want to be captain? Renee says I will give vote to Gautam as I think he should be given chance as he is bullied a lot in house, maybe Arya will vote for him too, Sonali says no never, I think Gautam will become mad if he doesn’t become captain, Renee says he is already going mad to be captain.

Dimpy says bigg boss I am giving big tip to Pritham as alongwith Praneet, they planned and brought my key of safe to me (snatching from Gautam I guess), she gives 2 lacs to Pritham, Pritham jokes it is 20,000, she says its 2 lacs. Pritham comes to Puneet and gives 2 lacs to Puneet.

gautam says to Pritham that nigaar has problem with my roaming bare body in house, we have learned this from Salman only, Pritham says she is from fashion industry and still thinks like that, Gautam says Diandra wears bikni in house, I saw Gauhar Khan (her sister) in bikni in one reality show, what was that then. Upen comes there, Pritham ask Upen how many times he removes his shirt in house, Gautam says if nigaar tells you that I am shy so wear shirt, what will you do then? Upen says I will ignore then, Pritham says if this topic comes up again then just tell me, we all will remove our shirt, Upen says that is right, we will do that, Gautam says I will be shirtless for whole season if she say this again.

Puneet says to Gautam that Pritham will be our captain, Gautam says I have no problem. Puneet says there is one authority that is vice captain, vice captain have all the hold and he makes strategies, Ricky ponting was vice captain and he made strategies, Pritham will announce that Gautam will be vice captain and he will watch all inmates, you will have the authority to look all inmates and see if they are doing work rightly or not, Gautam says I want this only, if he gives me authority so I am happy, he ask Puneet to make Pritham understand.

bigg boss says the luxury budget task is finished, just then dimpy gives her money to Pritham. Reneer gives one bundle to Upen as they had saved her money. Pritham brings money to Puneet. Upen says to Arya that Renee didn’t give us right money, Arya says that we tried. Renee comes and gives one more bundle.

Praneet comes and steal money from Renee’s safe.
Gautam is shirtless and jumping in pool, Pritham and Praneet looks at him. Praneet says that if he remains happy then he can become super star, but he fills his heart grudges against people. Pritham says that Gautam have missed something in his life and he tries to find that thing in Puneet that’s why he very much attached to Puneet.

Praneet gives one more bundle to Puneet and says now we have around 11lacs, Puneet says you are amazing, Puneet says I have decided one thing, Gautam have understood too, don’t let P3G break, Praneet says its not breaking, its just difference of opinion, its risky to nominate Gautam for captaincy, Puneet says yes I understand.

Pritham ask Praneet how much did he earn, Praneet says 5.5lacs, I sold my bed, Nigaar ask Praneet what work he has done to earn money? he says I have sell my bed to Dimpy. Nigaar says that is trade not work, Praneet says it was personal work. . Praneet says I slept on floor whole night, Nigaar says it was not work, Praneet ask what work did you make inamtes do, Nigaar says I asked Karishma to heat water for me, Praneet says its trading of water, Nigaar says you are judgmental, this is illogical, she starts leaving, she says I cant talk to one who is shouting, he says that I slept on floor, was that not my hardwork, Nigaar says it is but.. Praneet says you accepted now talk is over, Nigaar says have guts to listen.

Praneet says I dotn understand Nigaar’s logic, Pritham says she bickers on weird things, Puneet says she told Gautam that close button of his shirts, I told her that here girls are more less clothes then she changed topic, Ali sas if Gautam have body then he will show, Praneet says to Puneet that this nigaar have irritated whole house.CAP, Puneet says she doesn’t have brain and Arya, he is 35 year old milk feeding kid, Praneet says I gave my personal bed so I will take money.

Diandra is asked to count money of inmates and decide which butler got most money and also tell which guest was fair in task.
Diandra says I have seen Gautam working in task. Ali says to Diandra that you will be given 9lacs rupees, ask them from where did the get it. Pritham brings 9lacs, all hoots, Diandra ask what work you did, Pritham says I didn’t break safe. Diandra says Upen and Arya will be punished as they broke the safe, she says as punishment I am deducting 1 lac from your money, then Gautam had scuffle with guest (dimpy), Ali stole money too so according to me Pritham was best butler and Dimpy was best guest. Pritham and Dimpy dance.

Renee is given task “Mirror of Reality”, in this task Renee have to tell all inmates one by one that how their nature is and Renee have to give right opinion what she think about other inmates. First comes Praneet, Praneet stands infront of mirror and Renee stands behind mirror, he says I have come here to make friends, Renee says that don’t you want to win? he says yes, Renee says so you should say that you are here to do the competition, this is your fight and no one is here to be friends, understand this and you will be in race. Then comes Sonali, she ask Renee how I am looking? Renee says if you are given chance again then you should realize that you are in game, you have confused personality, sonali says I am not

call me silent or quiet, Renee says all call you confused. Then comes ali, Renee says you are entertaining but you are dual faced, remember don’t disrespect the Girl, ali says my game is like that that I will be dual face, I will play like that only. dimpy comes, Renee says that you should not be influenced, its your fight, you can be used for other purposes. then comes Karishma, Renee says that you are given name selfish. you have come here fighting yourself, you are giving chances to other inamtes to call you that and you lose your focus and doesn use your mind, you have strategy so follow that, don’t be influenced, Karishma says I will do that.

Dimpy ask Renee why she called that I am influenced, Renee says you have used your mind but appreciation has gone to someone else, Dimpy ask who? Renee says Praneet and Pritham are credited and it was you who make them win, we were fighting yesterday and Praneet and Pritham were fighting, I respect you.

Dimpy says to Gautam that raise that point again that make dmipy captain, I want to see Praneet and Pritham’s reaction, Gautam says we will get to know that if they are insecure about captaincy or not, Gautam says I am not dying to be captain, I don’t want immunity, Dimpy says you don’t need that, Gautam says I am not afraid in nominations, I just want to remove covers from faces of many people, like diandra, Karishma, sonali and now Praneet and Pritham. they have done politics in friendship., I am alone and I am enjoying it, so they are jealous. Gautam says I will say that Dimpy is strong so we should make her captain, I will wink at Puneet, he will understand too, we will see if they are insecure or not. atleast you are positive with me.

Dimoy says to Upen that Gautam was ditched by Pritham and Praneet, the initial plan was to give whole money to gautam to make him captain but they decided to not make him captain, Praneet said to Puneet that cannot handle Gautam so when he comes out of jail then we will make him captain, Karishma says they are P3G even then saying, Dimpy says Pritham asked to make someone else captain so they agreed on my name to be captain, Pritham said I have no problem with Dimpy but she will not get votes from other side so we will lose opportunity, Upen says all are playing game, I want to be captain again too, all are here to win, Dimpy says Pritham and Praneet got whole credit, they took everything from Gautam in task and now they are afraid that if Gautam becomes captain he will not leave them, you know how Gautam is, they said that he will be franklin.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 13th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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