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Watch Bigg Boss 8 16th November 2014 Full HD episode Weekend ka Vaar Day 56 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 16th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 56) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Sixteenth November 2014 weekend ka vaar Sanivaar ki raat salman ke sath full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- aaj hai sunday Elimination special night or aaj padharr rahe hai apne Ishaqjaade, Arjun Kapoor comes in house, he meets everyone. a game is played in which inmates will throw color ball on other inmates which they think is wrong, Arya throws on PRtiahm as because of budget will cut, then Sonali says ali should respect women, she throws color at him, then Puneet says that Praneet treis to make everyone understand and it is taken badly, he throws ball at him.

Recently Day 55 was weekend Ka Vaar Special

Salman Khan enters the stage and dances on song love me love me.. after dances, Salman welcomes all in Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman says that half season has passed and one group is clearly breaking (pointing P3G), Puneet is freed from jail and Diandra was worst as captain, she has broken every record of bad captaincy, all are involve in breaking and all are going bad except me.

The video call is connected to house, Salman welcomes Nigaar in house, Sonali is coming in living area, she is wearing leopard print, Salman oho leopaaard, all laughs, Sonali comes and sit living area in her usual attitude, Salman ask are you ready? I am sorry, because of me you had to rush in make up, all laughs, Salman says result is showing on your face, Salman ask Karishma did you get your make up? Karishma says no, Salman says yes because buzzer was played before Pritham took card of your make up in luxury task, Salman says to Puneet that happy independence day, Salman says it was children’s day yesterday, in this house everyone is a kid and all celebrate children’s day everyday in house, Salman says I will show you some picture ( childhood pictures of inmates), first Dimpy’s childhood picture is shown, all laughs, then Gautam’s picture, Salman says guess his eyes are like rotweiler, all laughs,

 Salman says his look is not changed, then Karishma’s childhood picture is shown, Salman says you don’t need make up, then Pritham’s childhood picture, next Puneet’s picture is shown, next Sonali’s childhood picture is shown, then Salman says two are not changed at all, he shows picture of kids and Arya’s and Ali’s faces are placed on their body, all laughs, Salman says how cute, Salman says to Ali that you are going great, Salman says to Sonali that why don’t you make circular roties, Sonali says I make circular, Salman says lets test you, Ali brings flour, Sonali ask I have to make roties?

Salman jokes no you have to eat flour, Sonali sits and starts making roti, Salman says she making fine, Sonali make circular roti, Salman ask who taunted you, Sonali says dimpy, Salman mimics Upen, Dimpy says I didn’t taunt her, I didn’t know that she knows how to make roties and was just being lazy that that’s why she was not making it circular, Sonali says I ma making it for two weeks, Salman says that Sonali is making everyone circular, all laughs, Salman says this week ARYA< KARISHMA, PUNEET, GAUTAM are nominated, Salman ask who should sit on danger seat, Dimpy says Arya, Salman says you are outspoken, Praneet, Nigaar, Upen says Arya should sit, Karishma says I feel maybe I should sit or me, Pritham, Renee, Ali, Gautam says that Arya.

Salman ask why Arya? Dimpy says that Arya is weaker in all nominated people, Arya sits on danger seat, Salman ask Dimpy what perception you had about inmates when you saw them on Tv, is it same now when you are in house? Dimoy says for some it is changed, Salman ask who? Dimpy says like Karishma, my perception was that she is self-centered but now I don't feel is that much self-centered, Salman says because she is nice to you, like you are attached to Gautam because he is going good, Dimpy says Karishma is misunderstood by inmates, Salman says no not at all, the way she behaves, she get treatment like that only, Salman says that Gautam you go on right path but then change it and go to wrong, the quality is that the way you were in start, you are same even now, is this good or bad quality? it depends you are happy or not with this quality which you don't seem to be, Gautam says I am happy but some things hurt, I have no grudge with anyone, but I cant stand wrong so I give opinion when wrong is happening, Salman says good but when you are asked the opinion then give but when you are not asked for opinion then just be silent, Gautam says I understand the point,

Salman says you should understand by non-co-operation the housemates is giving you that how much popular you are in house, Gautam says that I try to be sweet as captain, Salman ask are you trying that? it is seen, Gautam says as a captain some inmates said no to work, so I said nothing to them as I think they will understand that work is their duty, Salman ask who said no to work, Praneet says that I did my work, I was not well even then I cleaned the garden,

Gautam says I said to Praneet that if he is ill then he can take rest, Salman says inmates were saying no to you when you were giving them work, Pritham didn't even come in meeting, are they disrespecting bigg boss or you, decide that, I will comeback. Call ends.
Salman says I hosted five season of bigg boss but I didn't see so much nono-cooperation with a captain, this is scary that they are not obeying captain, Gautam is trying to make his image better but he is not able to turn around hi image in house.

Video of house plays.
Pritham says to ali that garden is not cleaned nicely, Praneet is cleaning garden, Pritham ask him to shout and I will allege you that you are not cleaning nicely, Ali says start drama, Pritham says it should look real, Pritham starts the drama and says to Prnaeet that you are not cleaning nicely, Praneet ask him to go to captain and complain, Ali says I will tell captain, Ali ask Gautam to come out, Gautam ask the problem, ali says that Pritham is fighting with Praneet that he is not cleaning nicely so come and decide the matter, Gautam says that let them do what they are doing, I am eating food, I will come after sometime.

Gautam says to Dimpy that go out and see what drama they are doing, I know they are doing this deliberately, Dimpy comes in garden and ask Pritham the matter, Pritham says who are you? Dimpy says I am vice captain, Pritham says that captain cant deal with us? he is taking support of girls, captain should wear bangles and sit inside, Dimpy says captain has said that if I can solve the matter then do it, Pritham says yes because he cant solve it, he is wearing bangles.
Gautam says to Puneet in living area that they are creating issue, I will not tolerate, Puneet says I don't know.

Gautam comes out and ask whats the problem, Pritham says the matter has ended and now you came? Praneet was not cleaning nicely, Gautam says this is his work, why are you saying, Pritham says that if I see trash then I will say against it ( this was said by Gautam earlier), Gautam says he has done the work, thank you.

Gautam says to Puneet that they are picking fights with me, Puneet says that should I warn them? Gautam says no we will fight with them with manners, we are mannered people, can you clean the garden (puneet is already cleaning kitchen), Puneet says I will clean it, Gautam says you will not say anything to them, they will be ashamed when you clean the garden.

Gautam and Praneet is cleaning the garden, Gautam says best work was done by Karishma, Gautam says that I never said no to work, they are becoming fake, I pointed on correct thing unlike them. video ends.
Salman says I have seen for the first time that a captain is cleaning the garden, he claps for Gautam. Salman says they used to be good friends, Pritham and Praneet were supporting Gautam but its opposite now, lets ask them how did this happen.

Call is connected to house, Salman ask Gautam what contribution inmates are giving in your captaincy, Gautam says all are doing good except some, Salman ask names of some who are not doing work, Gautam says Pritham, Praneet, Salman says I thought Pritham is more sensible than what he is doing now, Salman ask Pritham is this your mind or is it working by person who runs by others minds too (pointing KArishma), Salman says Karishma is doing work in captaincy but you are not, and if you don't work then its not about nominations but ration will be cut too, this is rule of house that everyone have to work, you are going against bigg boss,

Pritham says its my point of view, my point was that a captain should be right person, he should not be the one who breaks house peace, I talked to Puneet too about this and that's why we didn't make Gautam win in earlier task, Pritham says its been weeks here, I know work of house, before game we should become human, Salman ask are you human as what are you doing? Salman says you are wrong and there is one more game, you said to Karishma that budget will be cut by not doing work then we will have to handle so she started working under Gautam,

 if you say that you are boycotting anything then stand by it, you were hurt by Gautam, if your kid misbehaves with you then will you throw him, no, Gautam smiles, Pritham says I know I am wrong but its way of teaching Gautam, I will take responsibility of all this and I will bear punishment too, Salman says Karishma and Diandra are not doing work fine, as Diandra want to prove more worst captain than her, Diandra laughs, Salman says you were worst captain in all seasons, diandra says its fine, Salman says its good, if you were best captain, then you would have not been discussed this much, diandra says exactly good publicity is good and bad publicity is also good, Salman says whn why are you trying to prove Gautam a worst captain than you, Diandra says what I did?

I am doing my work, Gautam says yes she is doing, Salman says you are not doing a big work, Salman ask who doesn't affect with luxury budget cutting, Upen, Karishma, Pritham, raise their hands, Pritham says it doesn't affect me this week, Salman ask why? Puneet says this is wrong, this week Gautam is captain so it doesn't affect them but when others were captain then it matters to them, this is wrong, Salman says from where did this come, who is rotweiler, Puneet says Gautam, Salman ask about his perception for Gautam's captaincy, Puneet says we wanted to take some people out of their comfort zone,

Gautam s exceptional in work, some people are doing least work, first we decided to make Gautam captain so that everyone works, Salman says the one who decided that is not working now (pointing Pritham), Puneet says that Pritham then said that not make Gautam captain as most doesn't like him, make me captain as I will get votes so gautam also agreed to it and said that its not problem between friends, then some happened and Gautam became captain but now he is captain so everyone should follow him and also I said to Gautam tha change his image, he cant be rude as a captain, how people decide before seeing his captaincy that he is capable,

Sallu says first you said that Upen is more nice as captain than Gautam and now you are saying that give chance to Gautam, Puneet says Praneet said that he is not capable of captaincy, I said give him chance to become positive, Salman ask is captaincy needed to become positive, all clap on this, Praneet says I made him captain and did our job as friends for last time, Pritham says that Gautam always say that he is alone but we stood by him in everything, Salman says yes we have seen that you both were there for him, Salman says whan Gautam was given 8 votes to become captain then what was this re-elections? Praneet says thing was that only Gautam's name was dicussed and we wanted to discuss other names for captaincy, it was to complete the election,

Puneet says that was wrong, why did they not say at time of election, Salman says this is correct, Salman says that Sonali you said that you don't want re-election, you must be tired? they are boring you, all laughs, Salman says to Karishma that diandra was given choice to take one name captaincy, she took Praneet's name, she is your friend? Karishma says friendship is different and Game is different, I am not hurt by her taking other name than me, Salman says you were hurt, Karishma says yes but., SAlman says but you said you were not hurt, he confuses her, all laughs, Karishma says diandra gave me explanation so I was not hurt, diandra says I didn't know directly that Karishma wanted to be captain and it was my choice to give anyone's name, Salman says praneet is saying he didn't want to be captain,

Diandra says I think that Praneet can be good captain so I gave his name. Salman says then ring task for captaincy started, Praneet says I wanted Pritham to be captain, majority was supporting him, Salman says now I understand, Pritham wanted to be captain, all wanted Pritham to be captain and Gautam became captain so all are angry on him, Praneet says its not like that, Salman says that people say a third person came in between two brothers, I just wanna say that two brothers were already separated, Dimpy just accelerated it, what kind of vulnerable friendship was that which was broken by a lady, Salman ask Pritham why did he left the ring? you and Praneet are calm people then why did you leave the ring, so should I say that Gautam was successful in irritating you again and won the task, Pritham says it was Dimpy, she was whispering in Gautam's ear which was irritating,

Salman says dimpy used force on you, she raised the mug which needs force, all laughs, Salman says to Praneet that you gave a tight pat to Gautam, Praneet says that he talked about percentage, it hurt me a lot, Salman says that you did all this in anger, but if Gautam would have done that (patted on shoulder) then what would have happen? Dimpy says no one would have tolerated it, Salman jokes that hotel task was so calmly done, all laughs.

Salman says let me show you video regarding it, clip plays, a man is shown, his work was to clean the dirty bike and instead of cleaning throws color on it, then a person is shown cutting watermelon, other lady comes and cut it by hammering it, all laughs, then a person is shown going in washroom by breaking the door then in last Arya and Upen was shown breaking the safe, all laughs.

Salman says why patience is not there in tasks, Salman ask Pritham can you tell me how did you earn 9.5lacs, all laughs, Salman says to Karishma that you are looking nice, she says thanks, Salman ask Pritham to answer Karishma’s question how you got so much money, Pritham says rule was we will not break the safe but we can steal the money, Karishma says then we cant trust Praneet from now on, Salman says that ali is playing superbly, he listened some girls gossiping about sonali so he in generous way came to sonali and asked her to go inside and listen the gossip but in return sonali busted him only, all laughs, you would have alleged Ali after sometime that he didn’t tell her about gossip, Karishma says he was not helping her but provoking her, Dimpy pulls Ali’s ears.

Salman says that every week gautam is nominated, now he is captain so he will be nominated instead of him, Renee says Dimpy. Salman says GAUTAM YOU ARE SAFE. all claps.

call is connected to snapdeal costumer of week, costumer (Sahil) ask are you Salman Khan? Salman says no, I am Shahrukh Khan, all laughs, costumer says I have bought binocular for Praneet, Ali brings it from store, Sahil says to Praneet that use this binoculars and see things from far, its your perception that you think people like chaos, we audience like the one who is honest and right, we see every inmate, not thousands of people are wrong, chaos is created by everyone is house but you will get vote only by playing fairly, Praneet says I take you opinion, Sahil says you don’t know what other inmates are saying on your back but we are seeing that. Call ends.

Salman ask Puneet that dimpy was saying that audience is not fool, Puneet says that they are seeing everyone, Salman says is it possible that you don’t have hairs on head and we are showing you on Tv with hairs, Salman says is this can happen that you went to see happy new year and got to see PK movie. Salman says dimpy the fire you have initiated in house is not ok, your next target should be diandra and Karishma, they are already on verge you have to put a little fire and then… all laughs. Salman says PUNEET YOU ARE SAFE.

Salman says Karishma and Arya are remaining, Salman ask should I tell you today or tomorrow? al says tomorrow, Salman says ok, tomorrow.

in house, Gautam says to Puneet that I don’t bad for anyone, Puneet says we bonded (P3G), fights happen between friends, Gautam says they can do whatever they want but why this drama in morning, Pritham comes there, Gautam stands, they both hug each other.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 16th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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