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Watch Bigg Boss 8 17th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 57 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 17th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 57) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Seventeenth November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-aaj hai Monday aur hai Nomination ka din let's who will be Nominated for this week...

Nigaar says to Gautam that you ask me to make breakfast and then do garden cleaning this is too much for a women, Gautam says i will nominate you, Nigaar says don’t threaten me, why don’t you do logical talk, you change duties evry day, i don’t know what sword will come next on me. later nominations are done. Recently on DAy 56 @ Weekend Ka Vaar was Nomination Special

Salman Khan comes on stage, he dances to tunes After dance, Salman welcomes all in bigg boss. Salman says Arya, Karishma, Puneet, Gautam was nominated. Gautam and Puneet are safe, Karishma and Arya are in danger and one will come out today and audience is responsible for it.
Salman says that in house, wild card entry season is going on, now there is one more entry in house, lets see.

In house, all comes in garden, they see a statue and finds that it is Arjun Kapoor, he hugs Karishma, Puneet and Gautam, he shakes hand with Nigaar and Dimpy.

They sit in garden, Arjun says today I will launch my song Tevar (attitude), so now you all will get chance to change attitude of other inmate, tthere is task in which you will throw color ball on inmate whom you want to change his attitude, first comes Renee, she says that I want to change Ali’s attiude as he steal food, Renee throws color ball on Ali, it hits him, then Karishma comes and says that I want Ali to change as he is dual face, she hits him but it doesn’t hit on target, then Ali’s turn, he says I want to change Upen’s attitude as we had fight between us and I want to end that, he hit but it doesn’t target him, then Dimpy comes and says I want to hit ali as he flirt with me, she hit him. then comes sonali, she says I want Ali to respect women so she hits him and ball hit on his back, nex is Nigaar, she says Dimpy’s voice is irritating so I want her to speak slowly,. she hits Dimpy, then comes Diandra, she says Dimpy keep stretching a point so I want her to change that, she hits him. Game ends.

all comes in lounge, Arjun says I am big fan of Salman in my new movie Tevar and also in real life. video call is connected to house, Salman greets Arjun and all. Salman ask Upen to not lick your lips, all laughs, Salman ask Pritham to not close to Upen as he sitting next beside him, Salman says he can lick your lips too, all laughs, Salman ask why Renee is smiling when we are talking about Upen’s lips, all laughs.
Arjun says we all are your fan Salman, so some inmates will imitate you, first Praneet does his mimicry and says dialogue of his movie, Salman complements him, next Pritham does his mimicry as a host of bigg boss, Salman jokes you are nominated, next Upen dances like Salman on song Oo jaane jaana, next Salman ask Gautam to come, Gautam says I would like to take off my shirt as its your symbol, Salman jokes that you have to take Nigaar’s permission first, Salman says if it was in Nigaar’s hand then I would have not got the movie at all, all laughs, Gautam takes off his shirt, Salman jokes that he doesn’t have six packs but he has constipation, Gautam dances with bare body and sings. Salman complements Gautam. Salman ask Arjun to come out, Arjun greets housemates, Upen ask him to send chocolate from outside, Arjun says I will request them. he leaves the house.

Arjun comes on stage and meets Salman, Arjun says my character in new movie is Pinto sharma and he is big fan of Salman Khan. Arjun says that now I will launch my film song “Tevar”, he shows dance steps to Salman, then they sing the song and dances on it, song is
Mei hoon Superman
Salman Ka fan
le jo Panga
Kardo maa behen

Arjun says this song is dedicated to you as you are hero of nation. And you inspired me to lose my fat and get fit, Salman says yes you lost more than 100 kilos, Salman says he couldn’t lift his body weight to do push ups so he used to do it not on floor but by wall side, Salman says other Person used to lift him to complete his push up. Arjun says lets do the push ups now, Salman and Arjun lies on floor, Arjun says lets put on some weight, they call two kids, kids stand on their back, Salman says its good massage, all laughs, Arjun does the push up and lifts the kid without falling her, then Salman does the push up and the kid falls from his back.

Salman ask what you like about your paternal uncle Anil Kapoor the most? Arjun says his dance, Salman says he even doesn’t remember his steps, Arjun and Salman dance on song my name is lakhan. Salman ask Arjun if he have to save one person from drowning then whom he will save from Alia Bhatt, Parineeti, Sonakshi? Arjun ask what was the thought behind choosing these names? Salman says they are you co-stars that’s why. Arjun says i will Sonakshi as whole promotion of my upcoming movie is remaining and she is my co-star, Salman jokes that Sonakshi and Parineeti will not drown in water, they will float on its surface so if you want to save one person then only Alia bhatt is option, where Alia will jump,

 there will be no water there and you will save her in dry place only. Salman ask the films you done with co-stars, which co-star you wanna see in bigg boss house, Arjun says that I will like to see Ranveer Singh in house as he has energy, Salman says if you make “Tevar 2″ movie then whom you will choose in cast from bigg boss house, Arjun says I will cast sonali in movie as her style of cleaning is amazing, also there will be no hanky panky on sets, all laughs, Salman says all the best to Arjun, Tevar is releasing on January 9, and Superman Salman ka fan is released. Arjun greets Salman and leaves from there.
Salman says you people think that inmates always fight but its not like that, they fight 95 % and do fun for 5%, I will show you. The cargo boy comes, Salman sings and says to Devil that you have brought a good gift (pointing airhostess with Devil), Salman jokes your sister is very beautiful, Salman opens the box and finds a remote control, Salman says this remote was used by Puneet to control from jail. Clip is shown in which Puneet is shown ordering Arya and Praneet. then Puneet is shown dividing beds from Jail, in end he is shown coming out of Jail.
Salman takes out a file from box and says this is medical report of brain of inmates, Salman says lets see the clip.
Clip plays, Arya is shown moving around and waiting for Gautam to come out of washroom, he finally knocks the door and ask Gautam to come out, Gautam from inside says I am sleeping, you come some other time. captaincy task is going on between gautam, Dimpy, Pritham and Praneet. Ali ask Dimpy what she will do by becoming captain? she says don’t know, Ali says I am going out of my mind, I will fart here and they all will run leaving the captaincy ring. Then sonali is shown is using broom in her famous style, dimpy says you are trend setter of this style, then Sonali sit on her knees and use broom instead of sitting totally which is common way of using broom, Salman laughs seeing this. Then dimpy is standing in kitchen, Renee comes and lifts her, she then lifts Pritham and he falls on her, Renee says oh my back, Salman laughs seeing it, clip ends.

Salman says all india would have laughed seeing it except this devil, Devil leaves. Salman says lets call inmates. video call is connected to house. Salman says Karishma and Arya are in danger, we should give them some tension, you both go and bring some things. Arya and Karishma brings torches from store room, Salman says this task name is “Flame torch of Truth” (“Sach ki Mishal”), Salman says the rule will be I will ask one question to one inmate and he will answer it, if you all agree with his answer then on green light of torch, and if you don’t agree to him then on red light of torch, First is Praneet, Salman ask question to Praneet that are you playing a double game in house? Praneet says no.

Most of the inmates raise red torch pointing that he is lying. Salman ask Karishma, Karishma says that Praneet agrees to both the groups in house so he is playing double game, he should have his stand. Salman ask Praneet that to hide your mistake you shout? RPaneet says no I shout on wrong thing, most raise red light, Salman ask Dimpy, Praneet says she will say I am always shouting. Salman ask Praneet are you threatened with Gautam’s popularity, he says no. all raise green light including Gautam agreeing with Praneet. Salman ask Puneet that you are next. Salman ask Puneet that you take your revenge by taking others help and not say in face, Puneet says no I say on face what I have to. Karishma says no, he always backbite about me and I have got to know and he feeds wrong things in inmates minds. Salman ask you want to save P3G for your benefit? Puneet says no. all agrees with him showing green light, next is diandra. Salman ask her did you do captaincy fairly. she says yes. Puneet and Gautam raise red light. Puneet says she was partial in captaincy, she nominated me and Gautam, that’s fine. Gautam do most of the work but she punished him for irritating her and then nominated her too. Salman ask diandra did you take your personal grudge out on judgment day? she says no, some agree with and some not. dimpy raise red light, Salman ask her, Dimpy says other than gautam there were many who deserve punishment. Salman ask Diandra that did you focused on your hair color more than this show? all laughs, Diandra says yes. all agrees. Gautam says she destroyed my hairs, diandra says he have problem with everything, i would have taken out his whole hairs, that would be grudge. Salman says next is broom girl, sonali comes. Salman ask Sonali don’t you lie? she say i do lie sometime, all agrees with her. Salman ask Sonali are you most lazy in house? Sonali says no, ali on red light of torch and says she is lazy, Sonali says what is your problem if I am lazy, Sonali gives “i don’t bother” expression. all shows red light except Upen, Salman says Upen is seriously blind in love, sonali and laugh, Salman ask Sonali are your frustrated with three new girls entering house? Sonali says no, all agrees with her except ali and Pritham, Ali and Pritham says very much, ali says she gives worst expression seeing their clothing, Gautam also shows red light. Salman says if i would have it then i would show red light too. Salman ask who is most tough in three? sonali says Renee. Salman ask do you butter the captain to not do the work, means you try to be in good books of captain? sonali says yes, all shows green light, all laugh. Salman ask sonali will you find dream boy in this house? sonali says no, all shows green light including Gautam and Upen agreeing with her that she wont find dream boy in house, Salman says Gautam and Upen are agreeing too, they are showing to not meet after show. the comes Ali, Salman ask ali are you a big coward? Ali says not big one, all laughs, some shows green light and other shows red light, Salman ask ali you jump in every train going by you? ali says yes, all agrees with him, Ali says i give kick to train by entering in it. Salman says task is now done.
Salman says one will come out today, he ask Renee with whose departure she will be sad, Renee says Upen and Arya, for now Arya. Salman says this means if Karishma goes then its fine, let her go, Salman ask why you took Upen’s name? is he in your radar? Salman says he was your crush. Salman ask inmates whom they want to stay in house Karishma or Arya? Praneet says Arya, Gautam says Arya, Ali says Arya, Pritham says Karishma. Salman says many want Arya to stay but what can happen when Hindustan has decided to take Arya out of house. Salman ask Arya to come out, Gautam, Upen and Puneet ask him, Karishma doesn’t believe it and says that i am going out, Salman ask inmates whom they think is going out, all say Karishma, Salman says KARISHMA YOU ARE SAFE, ARYA IS ELIMINATED.

Arya comes to gate, he greets everyone and says to guatam that no one has anything against you, he ask all to not leave Upen alone, Upen hugs him and says now i am alone, he cries. Arya leaves the house.
Salman welcomes Arya on stage. SAlman says lets show you video. clip plays in which Praneet says to Puneet that Arya is not happy on your return and earlier he was saying that he didn’t ask for your eviction, Pritham says its all his game. Then Pitham says to Sushant that Arya was saying he is hurt and then now he si doing task and now hurting others too, because of Puneet has gone out of house. Puneet says to Gautam that Arya twisted your hand.

Salman says lets meet inmates. Call is connected to house, Salman ask what will you do Arya? Arya says i will marry, Salman jokes so should i also go in house? Salman ask Arya what he wants to Say, Arya says P3G you guys are wrong, dnt think so much negative about other person, i was never negative about you people, he ask Upen to take care of yourself, you are now Upen Babbar and i am Arya patel, my house is your house now, Upen thanks him. Salman gives big bomb to Arya and says that give one name which will not be nominated by captain, Arya says Upen, i want him to be in house, Salman says i thought you will take Karishma’s name, Arya ask her is she angry, she says no, Arya says i will miss everyone, call ends. Arya greets Salman and leaves the stage. Salman says he was going good but i gave him advise to not become elder brother and now he is evicted because of me, all laughs, episode ends.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 17th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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