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Watch Bigg Boss 8 18th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 58 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 18th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 58) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Eighteenth November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-aaj dekhte hai kya hota hai Gautam ki tanashahi me aggressive... kyki ye hai biggboss house or aaj hai Tuesday....
luxury budget task is “Gautam city”, whole house is flooded with gautam’s picture, Gautam is king and eveyrone has to follow his rule, some will be his soldiers like Ali. Gautam ask ali to say bad things to Upen, he does, Upen pushes him back. later gautam ask Ali to put tape on Sonali’s mouth, she says no, ali puts it, Gautam has got a royal room in which he will keep eye on all inmates by watching on tv.

Day 56 (continued) @ 8:45pm
ali talks to Puneet and hugs hi, Ali says I asked forgiveness from Upen, Pritham comes and hugs Gautam, Puneet comes, Ali, Puneet, Gautam and Pritham hug, Puneet says our one friend is remaining (Praneet), Pritham says I will bring him, Gautam hugs him and they laugh, Pritham says but I will not work this week, Gautam says not to worry, I will do your work. Dimpy looks on.

Dimpy says to ali that Praneet is not straight forward and the drama they are doing by making P3G, they are doing this so that they will be in power, they can evict anyone they want by using this P3G thing and then they will play their game, Ali says let them do, I think Puneet is straight forward and Gautam is a kid but Praneet and Pritham are smart, Dimoy says says P3G is long broken.

Gautam says to Nigaar that tomorrow you will do breakfast and then do lunch, nigaar says that I cant do two work together, Nigaar ask him to put her in dinner work but I cant make breakfast and lunch together. Gautam says ok you will do breakfast and dinner. he goes inside.
Nigaar is crying, Upen hugs her to comfort her. Gautam says to Ali that I didn’t say anything to her but she started crying. Nigaar says to Upen that why Gautam is changing duties, It was going fine, he change every day.

Gautam says to Diandra that you and Pritham will clean washroom, Pritham says I will clear tomorrow morning that whether I will work or not.

Gautam says to Puneet that Nigaar said no to me when I asked her to do the work, I will change her duty now, tomorrow I will put her in garden work, why she said no to work.

Day 57 @ Nomination Special
Song Rang de basanti plays, all inmates wake up, Gautam hugs Karishma, she hugs back, all dance.
Gautam says to sonali that you will do garden with Renee, he says to Nigaar that I have put you in garden work, you will now clean garden and will make breakfast, nigaar says what you think? this is too much of duty, I can do both work together, Gautam says you said no to me for lunch, only you denied to work, Nigaar says that lets not start the day with this, I think its impossible to do garden and breakfast, Gautam says Renee is ill, Nigaar says I will do Renee’s work but then I wil not make breakfast, gautam says Garden is clean.

Dimpy says to Ali that garden is already clean, she can do that.
Gautam and Nigaar comes in garden, Nigaar says that I will clean garden today but will not do that tomorrow. PRECAP, Gautam says I will change duties everyday, Gautam says I was just checking you, there is no work in garden, why don’t you say yes to work, you don’t have dedication, Nigaar says you have no logic, Karishma says we all do work, PRECAP, Gautam says you have to do the work, you have to say yes, Nigaar says yes I will do, Karishma says ali used to rotate duties and we used to do work, Gautam says you wasted my time, Nigaar says you like bickering with others.

Upen hugs nigaar and says this happens in game, Nigaar sys its not game but filthy thing, give sometime for adjusting, why change of duties everyday, I have noticed that P3G are together in everything but in bedroom group, there is no unity, we don’t take stand for each other, if someone said something to Gautam then puneet would have come but in other group they don’t take stand and backbite, Upen says all are playing their game, Nigaar says I am not afraid of nomination, nominate me.

Ali says to Dimpy that she is drama queen, got tired in one work only, Dimoy says Gautam gave her garden as there was less work here, she should try and then says no or yes but she bluntly say no to everything.

Pritham says to sonali that I have fight with Gautam and I will says yes to work but will irritate him that I will not do that or this, I have tolerate power but not this much, sonali says problem is that its not affecting Gautam instead other inmates have to do two or three work at same time, girls cant do this much, Pritham says I feel bad, Sonali says think what you want to do, Gautam comes there and ask Pritham to do the work, Gautam says I know he will do work, Pritham says I can disturb him while doing work too.

Karishma comes to nigaar who is cleaning pool, she says to Nigaar that Ali want drawer so give him, Nigaar says I didn’t got drawer earlier so I have not unpacked my things, I am not guest anymore, give me some space, she ask Karishma to do what she want, Karishma says sonali can give half of drawer, Nigaar ask Ali that you want drawer? Ali says I have already taken it and have placed my things in it, Nigaar ask Karishma to throw her things out, I will put it somewhere, ali says what you mean by throwing? why are you showing attitude to me, Nigaar says I have not got a place in this house, I am adjusting for everything, they are all behind me, Ali says talk to captain, nigaar ask him to not bicker with her, she doesn’t wanna fight, Nigaar cries, ali says to Praneet that I am hunter.

Karishma is dividing drawers, Gautam is there too, Gautam ask Diandra to put her bag in bags line, diandra says that I will not do that, my bag is in corner, it doesn’t disturb anyone, let is be here, Gautam says Karishma is doing it too, diandra says if Karishma jumps in well then I should do same? Upen says leave this matter, gautam says its not a big deal, gautam says Karishma is doing good, he says upen you are doing good but don’t interrupt inbetween others talk, I see things minutely, Diandra says you interrupt in others issues too, when Karshma was talking to Puneet, you cut her inbetween, if you follow something then say it to others, Gautam says I don’t want this bag here, diandra says it was here and will be here only, Gautam says ok and leave.

Gautam says to Puneet that diandra is picking fights.
Praneet comes to diandra and ask her where should I put things, diandra says I don’t know, I am on strike, diandra throws things here and there, Nigaar ask her to not damage things, diandra says why? did Gautam removed his bag from lounge in my captaincy, he can nominate if he want, Diandra speak in English and ask Praneet to tell this to Gautam.

Dimpy says to Ali that diandra have so much grudge, she taunts as much as Gautam do, she was calm and compassionate in her captaincy, Ali says she is now changed.
Renee ask who is most fake in house, Diandra says that Ali is not of his own, he is desperately trying to make love angle and now he is behind Dimpy and he has girlfriend in real life but he stopped so low to remain in house.

Ali is flirting with dimpy, she ask him to not do it.
Renee comes to Nigaar and says Dimpy is upset with you. Nigaar comes to Dimpy and ask why are you upset? Dimpy says yes but let it be, diandra leaves from there, Nigaar ask the matter, Dimpy says when you were bickering with Gautam, I said that there is not much work in garden and you said stay out of it, Nigaar says you don’t know how much work I did in garden, I was mad at Gautam and if you think that I snapped at you then I am sorry and if you feel such small things then I should maintain distance from you, she leaves.

bigg boss says that is nomination time, Gautam is safe as he is captain and he is given authority to save two people from nominations. Gautam says I wanna save Puneet as he do every work I say, he doesn’t do argument, second he says let me think.. he looks at Pritham, Gautam says I will save Ali as he did every work I said, Gautam claps for himself, bigg boss says that now ali and Puneet cannot be nominated. he ask inmates to choose 4 names whom they want to nominate, they names will be given by mutual understanding, all leaves.

Upen says Gautam saved Ali wow, how much dirty game you are playing.
Puneet says to Gautam that you should have saved dimpy, Gautam says ali did every work I said to him, Dimpy says I made you captain, Gautam says I cant be partial, Dimpy says I have done work too, gautam says I just wanted to fair.

Gautam takes every inmates name and ask for votes to nominate that inmate, they do voting and select four names, Bigg boss ask four names, inmates give four names that are Sonali, Karishma, dimpy and Nigaar, all inmates have to tell reason for nominating these four.. Pritham comes forward and says I nominated Dimpy as she playing double game,

Pritham: nominates Dimpy
Upen: he nominates Dimpy as she is strong contender.
Nigaar: she nominate Dimpy as she created misunderstanding.
PRaneet: he nominates Dimpy as he thinks that she has a plan.
Renee” she nominates Dimpy as she is playing cleverly.
Karishma: she nominate dimpy as she have plane
diandra: she nominates Dimpy ash she is clever.
next sonali’s nomination
Pritham: he says I nominted Sonali as she doesn’t care if she is in house or not.
Karishma: she doesn’t care to be in house or not, she is too chilled out.
Ali: he says I nominate you as you are stretching a topic.
Diandra: I nominate you as you use captain to not do work.
Dimpy: she says I nominate you as you are lazy in work.
Puneet: he says you were first with P3G, it saved you for some weeks then you changed your group.
Renee: she says you came to me to become friends and I did but then you put fire between me and Dimpy, Sonali says what did she say.
Karishma’s nomination
Pritham: he says I nominate you Karishma as you are influenced by others.
Ali: he says you are aggressive and make issue.
Dimpy: she says I nominate you as you nominated me.
sonali: she says I find Karishma gossip, she want to know everything like who took peanut butter.
Praneet: he says you are self centered but to other level that’s why.
Puneet: he says once it was decided that Gautam got votes for captain but you started this re-election thing.
Nigaar’s nomination
Pritham: he says you were positive but not now.
ali: he says I nominate you as you are so much emotional.
sonali: she says you are too much emotional, I cant see you crying, I don’t know if will be able to bear what happens in this house so I nominate you.
Dimpy: she says you taunted me that’s why I nominate you.
Praneet: he says I nominted you as I don’t understand you.
Bigg boss says nominations are done, Dimpy, sonali, Nigaar and Karishma are nominated.

Dimpy is with ali, he is flirting.
Pritham says to Puneet that ali said that he want to do some romance.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 18th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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