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Watch Bigg Boss 8 19th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 59 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 19th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 59) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Ninteenth November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-aaj dekhte hai kya hota hai Gautam or diandraa ke bich me... ye problem kisme hai diandra me ya phir Karishma tanna me ye  phir ye Gauti me ... kyki ye hai biggboss house or aaj hai Wednesday....
Praneet says to diandra that we are revolting against Gautam, we will destroy his statue, all the best. Praneet provokes Sonali too. renee cries on something and says I will talk to bigg boss. Sonali smashes Gautam’s posters. she smeared his face on poster, the some inmates take statue and threw it in pool. Puneet says to inmates that great, you gave this back to Gautam for his goodness.

Recently Day 58 @ 8:00am :- song Tashan main starts playing. all inmates get up and start dancing.

Karishma reads about the Task, luxury budget task is “Gautam city”, whole house is flooded with gautam’s picture, Gautam is king and eveyrone has to follow his rule,. this city will be ruled by Gautam, Gautam is dictator of city and he will rule only and his nation have to follow all his orders, there will be two gaurds of Gautam who will protect Gautam, they will be selected by Gautam only. There will be a royal room for Gautam in house from where he can keep an eye on everyone and he will get many luxuries, Gautam laughs, all whistle. Karishma reads that nobody can eat without taking permission from Gautam and he can give punishment to them, he can put handcuffs on inmate and can arrest him. this task will play important role in next captaincy. Gautam says my two guards are Dimpy and Puneet.

Gautam wears dictators dress and comes in garden, whole house is flooded with gautam’s picture, Ali is showing him around, Gautam ask him to not touch him, be away. Praneet says to Pritham that I am joker in Gautam’s city, Pritham ask ali that you are not guard that you are walking behind him. Gautam’s bare body statue is placed in garden, Praneet says to Pritham that ywe have to keep Gautam’s temperature high, Ali comes there, Praneet says you are gautam’s slave, Ali says yes and I will kill him only.
Gauam looks in camera and says keep playing this task for two days to punish inmate, I will be king, they sinners have made me cry a lot now I will tell them.

all inmates are standing infront of Gautam, Gautam ask Ali to sing as much as bad as he can, Ali screams, Gautam ask on Karishma’s face, Ali screams on Karishma’s face, Gautam is enjoying it, Karishma is smiling, Ali starts dancing like a girl and then lie on floor and dance, Gautam says I am happy, Gautam says now Diandra’s turn, we will sing song, all have to play music, Gautam sings Diandra Diandra go to bandra, he ask all to sing behind him, he sings that diandra I find love in your eyes but dandruff in your hairs, I still like you diandra and why are so much angry diandra, all sings these lines. Gautam now ask Ali to bore Upen, Ali shots on Upen’s face, Upen gets frustrated and hits Ali with leg, all laughs, Gautam says ali deserve this, he ask all to clap, all claps, he ask all to follow him, Ali sings Saala mein tou Sahab bann gaya for Gautam, Gautam ask to keep singing, Gautam shows his fest as victory, he orders inmates to do steps like him, all sing and follow his dancing step. Gautam comes in his luxury room and looks around, he says wow bigg boss, so much creativity.

Puneet says to Dimpy that take make up of all inmates. Gautam is watching live feed in his room, he is seeing Karishma and Upen. Upen ask Karishma is this fun? what was gautam doing? Gautam says yes it is fun game. Upen says to Karishma that what he will do? will stop our food, let him do that. Gautam says this is problem of this house, they think with their mind anything. Upen says this maybe entertainment, we don’t like Gautam that’s why all this, Gautam says I like you guys.

Gautam is sitting in his royal room with Puneet and Dimpy, they are seeing live feed. Diandra says to Karishma that they thought Gautam would provide entertainment being captain but he didn’t do anything as Puneet is real captain, Karishma says he was ordering Gautam to make inmates to that or this, Diandra says that india will see Gautam doesn have mind of his own and he is just robot of Puneet. Gautam says to Dimpy that I was sweet in task and what they are thinking.

all inmates are in garden, Gautam reads the letter and says that Gautam’s rule should be followed by all otherwise they will be punished, Gataum ask did you guys understand, all say yes, Gautam says you all have to stand on your knees, all stand on their knees, Gautam ask to say that highness of Gautam and Gautam’s city is great, all says that, Gautam ask them to sit straight now, Gautam says you all are equal to me so you should look same, all inmate wear same dress.

Gautam says to Ali that if you work best then you can go to finals, do best how much you can, if any player doesn’t play well in this task then he or she will be punished severely, Gautam says do task with heart, I am with you, Ali nods and hugs him.

all inmates are dressed in same clothes, Gautam says to them that now there will be super task, there are good and bad things in it, I will take your things from you, he ask Upen to give his trimmer, Gautam is taking their things as it was ordered to Gautam from bigg boss. Gautam ask Renee, Nigaar to give their make up, Gautam ask to bring his jamal gotha, Gautam ask ali to bring his head bands, and his bear, all are putting their things inbox which is asked by Gautam.

Gautam ask Sonali to give her make up and cigarettes to him, Sonali goes to bring it and says why you had to say this on camera, Gautam says we should do everything openly, you mother, your father should know what girl is doing, Gautam says this is not personal task, he takes off his shirt and do push up and says to inmates that this task is all for you, he ask Karishma to bring her jewelry, Sonali comesback, Gautam ask to put tape on sonali’s face, Gautam says to Praneet brother, oh no brother, hit me, hit me man, he ask Praneet to bring his cigarettes, Praneet says your highness please take something else, Puneet ask him to bring cigarettes silently, Puneet comes to Sonali to put tape, she says I don’t want to do that,

Gautam says nobody should say no to me, this is for your goodness, Sonali finally allows Puneet to put tape on her mouth, he puts, dimpy says Praneet is saying he doesn’t have any cigarette, Gautam ask him to bring it, Gautam ask diandra to bring candies and cigarettes, he says to diandra that I have nothing personal with you, I like you, diandra says I like you too my highness, Nigaar says it is in rule that you can give punishment to anyone if we don’t follow anything, Puneet says that this is Gautam’s city, you have to listen to Gautam only, you cant say anything to Gautam.

Gautam ask diandra to do his hair styling, Diandra puts gel on his head and does his styling, Gautam says you are smile is good, if you keep smiling then I will only talk to you, I am not joking, diandra says your majesty, Gautam ask her to come after task, I will hug from heart, like we used to be before, if you want, he leaves.

Pritham ask Puneet that you have taken make up but girls have make up on their face still, make them wash it, Gautam ask Pritham to go inside, Gautam says to Puneet that I love you a lot, they have tortured me a lot now my turn.

Sonali is crying, Upen says you are saying your parents doesn’t know about cigarette thing, Diandra says Gautam was not fair, he taunted personally to sonali that your parents should know what their girl is doing, she is 22 year old girl, he should have some respect for her.

ali comes to Gautam and tells him what diandra is saying, Gautam says I told her that I like her. ali says then Nigaar was saying that he is like that only, people are seeing him, ali says to camera that I am doing my task I am not double dholki.

diandra tells Praneet how gautam was saying that I like your smile, Gautam see this on Tv and says I was seriously saying it, idiot. diandra says he was saying that I am truly saying, he then asked me to come after task, I was like.. can I go.. Gautam says I was extending hand of friendship.

ali is putting flag in Gautam’s statue, Praneet says you are putting it wrong side ( in hand), stick should be put behind his back, he deserve this, Ali says Gautam can uplift his image by this task, Praneet says there are two types of rulers, good and bad, he can open new chapter. Gautam says we are doing mahabharat, he says to Puneet that see this man, you were asking me to say sorry to him. Sonali comes there, Praneet ask do you think this stick is at right place? Gautam is watching it, Sonali says I don’t have problem with Gautam but with his antics, she laughs, Gautam says that puneet you were wrong about Praneet. Sonali put flag behing Gautam’s statue’s back. ali and Praneet says in camera that we are fed up of this, we cant bear it now so we are revolting against government, they put tape on their mouth. Gautam sees this and says a real friend can never do this, he gets emotional and says Praneet is saying very wrong and I will not be his friend in house now.

Gautam is talking to Diandra, he ask how are you friend? we are talking and walking after two hours, we used to walk here but the karishma incident happened and we didn’t talk after that, Gautam ask how is it walking with me, diandra says yeah, he ask answer, he says did you thought we will walk again together, Diandra says you could have come to talk to me, Gautam says I gave you many hints. when you were asking for wishes, I asked your happiness, if I call you my friend, then its my heart thing, I am not doing task while saying that I like you, Karishma comes there, Gautam ask her to go from here, she leaves, Gautam says you said that you will never save my number but your number will in phone, he says that Puneet accept my negativity and positivity, why cant you be my friend like that, Diandra sys I don’t know, I was upset, and it accelerated, Gautam says don’t talk to me in house, but I will still say that I like you as friend, he leaves.

Gautam says garden is not clean, I want people to clean it, he ask Ali to choose 5 people to clean garden, ali says I am choosing Renee, Karishma, Nigaar, sonali, Pritham, Praneet. Nigaar says I have already done it, he says to Gautam that me and Karishma are making food too, Gautam says Ali have selected you not me, he smirks, Nigaar says no problem, we will do again, she leaves. Gautam laughs on her, ali ask them to follow him, gautam laughs more with his guards, Nigaar ask Gautam can she drink water? he says no, Nigaar comes in garden, Karishma comes there too, Karishma says this is humanity he has? please audience see this, so called his highness have no humanity, loser,Gautam sees this live feed and says this Karishma is provoking others. Karishma says he couldn’t do anything in his captaincy so doing this in task, Gautam says se works a lot but her words destroy it. Ali is cleaning alongwith 5 others the garden.

all are sitting in lounge area, Diandra says superb to Gautam, he laughs. Gautam says I liked two girls of my nation, one with beautiful hairs and other with sweet walking style. Puneet sas those girls are diandra and Karishma, Gautam says tonight I will take them.. all laughs like hell, Gautam says let me complete, tonight, they can come in my royal room if they work nicely then we call them there, he says now pack up, you can do whatever you want, eh says to Karishma and diandra that I will send Puneet with message for you both, all laughs, Gautam ask ali to put tape on his mouth and he cant take that off and if he does then give him leg slap. diandra says to Gautam that can we tie ali with chains? Gautam says yes.

ali is changed and says not to worry, I will steal everything of inmates. Praneet comes there and says that I can open your chains? Ali says no I don’t want, if gautam gives order then I will let you open chains, Puneet comes and ask Praneet to open his chains, Ali says that when his majesty say then I will let you open, Praneet says I will go and ask Gautam, Puneet says I am saying to open then gautam must have said yes, ali says no its your plan, I don’t want freedom.

Diandra ask Gautam do you want food? Gautam says will you make me eat with hands? Diandra says yes, she sits on table, and makes Gautam eat with her won hands, Gautam ask do you like my jacket? she says I like you without jacket, Gautam takes off his jacket, Pritham sings Pyaar tune kya kiya.

diandra is with Praneet. Diandra says that Gautam doesn’t like Karishma much. even I was said by inmate that Gautam has soft corner for me, so I am thinking to come to talking point with Gautam, Gautam comes there and sit with them.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 19th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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