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Watch Bigg Boss 8 20th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 60 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 20th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 60) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenteenth November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-aaj hai thursday or dekhte hai kaun banta hai aaj guru sabka bigg boss house ke andar...

Gautam says to Diandra that tomorrow morning will be massage day, diandra says depend in which I sleep at night, Gautam says this matter too. diandra says wearing shalwar kameez and dupatta, Diandra says its all one sided I am doing massage and all, Gautam says so tell what you want. later Gautam have to give one name to make new captain, Gautam talks to all inmates why they want to be captain.

Day 58 (continued) @ 2:30am

Puneet is watching on Tv, he says that he (most probably Praneet) is smoking two cigarettes. Gautam comes to Praneet and finds him smoking cigarettes, Praneet ask him to give punishment, Gautam says okay wear your swimming costume and go in pool, Diandra is with Gautam and laughs. Praneet goes in pool bare body.

Gautam ask Ali can you prepare milk for me, Ali says Praneet know it, Praneet says I will not make it, I will not waste milk, Gautam says I can bring more milk in house, you don’t worry, I am captain too, Praneet says whatever you are, I don’t care but I will not allow to waste milk, Gautam ask Ali to bring cartons of milk here, Praneet says I will not leave him if he touches the milk, Gautam ask why? Praneet says ration is not included in task, Gautam says I have agreement with bigg boss, I can ask for anything and it will come in house, Praneet says make me talk to bigg boss first, Gautam ask Ali to follow him, Ali goes in to bring milk, Praneet goes behind him Pritham ask Praneet to leave it, Praneet says I have said in every task that ration is above task and It will not be included in any task, Puneet says to Dimpy that we should not go there, lets enjoy seeing it on tv only.

ALi brings one can of milk and gives it to Gautam, Praneet comes there and says Gautam this is stealing, whatever you say, we do but this is wrong, Gautam says I don’t want hurt anyone, we will do it in fun. Puneet says to Dimpy that Gautam want to drink milk, Dimpy says yes but he can become positive if he returns it, in this situation, Praneet is right.

Gautam says to Praneet that you made kehwa for whole house except me, Gautam says I can stop food of yours, Praneet says do that, Gautam ask ali to prepare my milk, Praneet says ali you are witness of this, ali nods.

Gautam comes in bedroom and says someone smoked cigarette in lounge openly now, aDiandra says no one have it, Praneet says cigarette smeel come from mouth constantly, all laugh, Gautam ask how said it, did you smoked cigarette, Gautam smells Praneet, Praneet says it constantly comes from my clothes and my mouth, Gautam ask Praneet to wear sport shoes and do training for five minutes, Praneet says I am not going to do that, Gautam ask him to do it, Praneet says I have got cold, I will not come, Gautam ask him to come, Praneet comes in garden, Praneet says I didn’t smoke it, Gautam says so Diandra smoked it? Praneet says maybe, he ask ali to bring her, Ali comes to diandra and calls her. Gautam says to Praneet that cigarette is bad for health, Praneet ask what is my punishment, just tell that, Diandra comes there, Gautam says Praneet has said that you smoked cigarette now, PRaneet says I just said that Diandra and Karishma smoke too, Gautam as Ali to open umbrella on his head, ali does, Praneet ask how many round I have to do of garden, Gautam says one, Praneet starts running in garden, Diandra ask can I go? Gautam holds her close and says sorry I called you, you can go and sleep, she smiles and goes inside.

Day 59 8:00am
song I am the best starts playing. all inmates wake up and dance.

Diandra shouts when poster falls on her, Pritham says your Gautam’s poster fell on you, Diandra says I don’t know till when we will be friends, Pritham says I am saying to not leave him, become one soul, Diandra blushes and says no, what are you saying, Pritham says you like Gautam, Diandra says many things happened so I cant say anything, Pritham says don’t talk about before, start rating him from now, tell him that you will minus 10 numers on his behavior, diandra smiles.

Ali tells Gautam that Praneet is not cleaning, Gautam ask Praneet to clean garden, Praneet says I don’t know, Gautam takes broom and shows him how to use it, Gautam says do it fast then I have to ask all to jump in pool, Praneet says I will not jump, I sat in pool yesterday night for 45minutes, I have high fever I will not do it now, Gautam says you smoked cigarette secretly that’s why, Praneeet says should I ask you before smoking? Upen comes there, Gautam says I had some issues with Uoen but he is best worker in house so I will reward him, Praneet says do that, am I not best worker? I do every worker? Gautam says you do scuffle on everything, Gautam ask Ali to tell what RPaneet do, Praneet says why should I listen to Ali, who is he, Gautam ask Ali to give broom to Praneet, Praneet says I will not take it, what will you do, Ali says Gautam is his highness you cant talk like that. Praneet ask who are you Ali? he shouts on Ali, Ali says I am on duty.

in kitchen, sonali ask Renee to go and check the drama, Nigaar says we have right to enjoy too. sonali laugh.
Praneet says to Ali that you are dog of Ali, Ali says you are dog, Dimpy ask Ali to leave from here, Praneet sys yes you follow your master (gautam) like a dog, Ali says you are wet puddle, you are long haired dirty dog who doesn’t listen to master, you don’t do task, Praneet says dog do it not loins, Praneet and Ali pushes each Other,

Nigaar says to Sonali that we should go outside to see who is shouting more, sonali says yes who is craving for footage.

Gautam talks to Praneet, Ali ask Praneet to not talk, he shouts on Praneet and says this house is of Gautam and he is his highness, Praneet leaves, Gautam laughs, Gautam ask Ali to clean garden, Ali says you find only me in end, he was misbehaving.

Gautam says to Praneet that you have two options, either stand under sun for 3 hours and give your all clothes and wear dhoti or get into water for half hours, Praneet says you can give only one punishment that is to put cuffs, Praneet is eating roll, Praneet says we can destroy your posters, don’t disrespect or humiliate anyone or send dog behind anyone (pointing ali), Ali comes and says that I am following his highness, I am just doing my task, Gautam leaves from there. Praneet says to dimpy that who is he.. *****, Ali shouts how dare you, Praneet puts roll in his mouth, Gautam ask Puneet to go out and set Praneet, tell him to follow rules.

Puneet comes in garden, he says to Praneet that why are you shouting, do your task, don’t shout, Praneet says I am doing my task, but ali is irritating me, Puneet says he is just furniture, do task siently.

Gautam is lying bare body on pol side, Diandra is there in swimming costume, Gautam calls diandra, she massages his body, she is all blushing, Dimpy teases and says that Renee wants that Upen do same for her.

Praneet comes in confession room, Bigg boss ask how is he? Praneet says we cant revolt against Gautam as you said. bigg boss ask Praneet to read letter, Praneet reads letter in which it is written that Gautam made all inmates work for him, all had to follow his orders and now bigg boss is giving you chance to go against gautam, you have to destroy statue of Gautam, two flare bombs are provided to Praneet which they have to put in gautam’s room, there is black box which they have to put in Gautam’s royal room, through this device, inmates will be able to listen Gautam’s talk with his gaurds by using headphones, you have to destroy his posters, Praneet says will do that with pleasure, I and diandra was thinking to do it yesterday, Praneet reads that if inmates get successful in doing all this then they will be successful in luxury budget task, Praneet says thanks and leaves from there.

Praneet comes to Karishma and gives message of bigg boss and ask her to read the paper, he ask her to go inside washroom, he ask Diandra to be away from Gautam,they have got a secret task, go in washroom and read with Karishma, Diandra goes. Praneet calls Ali and sys you are needed now, Ali ask him to tell, PRaneet says tell me first you want to win task? Ali says yes, Praneet says bigg boss has ordered us to revolt against Gautam, ali says if its for task then I will do it where is letter for that, Praneet says its with Karishma ,Ali only I can do this, Praneet says yes pretend infront of Gautam.

Puneet says royal king, the great brother of all dictators Gautam Gulati will sing his national anthem and you all have to sing, Gautam starts singing, all sings behind him, Gautam sings “my name is Gauti, no one is else there except Gauti, we love we love Gauti, te raaaooo, We all love Gauti”, ” I may look like enemy but I talk from heart, don’t enter in scuffle with me, Gauti will destroy you, we love we love Gauti”, all sings behind him.

Ali ask Gautam to call him in royal room, Gautam says that I will call you but not now, Ali says whole house have gone against me, please call me in. other Pritham and all start destroying Gautam’s posters, Pritham uses his shaving foam, Ali ask Gautam to call him in, they are all against me, Karishma says why are going there when you are not allowed, Ali ask her to not involve, Ali says to Gautam that I will not do task if they keep doing this.

Sonali, Karishma, Pritham and all are destroying posters of Gautam by using color. Gautam and Puneet watches this on Tv, Gautam is eating pizza and says we will go there and will pretend as if we don’t know about secret and will make them guilty, Sonali and Renee puts chair on floor and says we have to pretend like fighting, they start doing drama of fighting, Puneet comes there with Pizza, Ali ask Puneet to see Renee and Sonali fighting, Puneet ask what you all did with posters, Sonali says I will never do anything like this, her hands are filled with color and sas no to destroying posters, Puneet sys I have become mad to make you all understand, all girls starts bickering, Puneet says that Gautam sent pizza for you and you did this. ali and Praitham ask Gautam to come and see what if going inside. Gautam goes, Ali comes in Gautam’s royal room and puts black box in Gautam’s room.

Gautam to inmates, Puneet says Gautam was so nice to you and what you all did to him, Gautam leaves from there, diandra acts like crying and ask Gautam can I talk to you? Gautam says I don’t want to talk to anone and goes in his room, Gautam starts crying in room and ask diandra to go away.
Pritham says to Praneet that Gautam was doing drama of crying, I have seen putting tears in eyes, Praneet wears headphone to listen to Gautam.

in Gautam’s room, Gautam says welcome to Gautam city. PRaneet listens this.
Praneet ask Pritham to put flares in smoking room.

Puneet says to Gautam that if Praneet and Pritham are involved in this revolt then I will stop talking to them. Pranet says Gautam and Puneet are coming here. Karishma says that Gautam will come here and Pritham will put flare in Gautam’s room. Gautam comes in lounge with Puneet and ask Ali names of people who destroyed pster meanwhile Pritham and Praneet comes in Gautam’s room and blows flare in his room, Pritham starts shouting “Inqalab zindabad” (revolution live long), all girls comes in Gautam’s room, all inmates and starts screaming in happiness, Diandra has not come in there, gautam comes there, diandra breaks flag outside, all are secraming in happiness, finds flare in room, Karishma runs behind him and says beat him, Gautam laughs, inmates come out and breaks statue too, nigaar, Renee throws statue in pool, Ali says your highness is finished.

Gautam says to inmates that I have once said about my family in friendship but don’t use it, you have no right to say that this guy is alone because of background, Gautam says to Praneet that I felt bad when you said that, I never went to my father, neither my family, don’t bring family in all this, Gautam says Praitham told me about his family but I never talked about it, Praneet says I was talking to Diandra, Gautam says nothing from my side, he hugs Praneet, Praneet says that I said Gautam has covered hard coat and he is soft from inside, Pritham says Gautam city was nice and we love we love Gauti.

Upen says to Karishma that I am playing honest and safe that’s why I am here but diandra is playing game, she snap at me but I bear, she taunted Sonali about her make up and said that sonali has done only one film, she doesnt know doing one film is great achieve, why she degrade others, Karishma says its not like that, Upen says don’t take her side.

Nigaar ask diandra to go and talk to Upen, diandra says I will not go, I said something to sonali and she started crying and went to upen but Upen doesn’t see when sonali taunts, diandra says I know sonali is on breaking point so I asked Renee to ask bigg boss to make her call her sister, and then Upen say I don’t care about this girl, I am in this industry for 20 years so how can I be jealous with her, I am helpful to many models, if I am insecure and jealous then will I help, diandra starts crying and sleeps.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 20th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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