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Watch Bigg Boss 8 21st November 2014 Full HD episode Day 61 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 21st November 2014 Full Episode (Day 61) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty First November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-aaj hai friday or dekhte hai kya chal raha hai Big Boss Ke Ghar me... kiska pyaar parvaan chadh raha hai.. or kiska dost kiske piche uski game planing kar raha hai... your favourite contestants ko vote karte rahiye varna unki chutti ho sakti hai is jabardast Big House se...

there will be competition between Karishma, Puneet and Upen for captaincy. they have to convince inmates to give their personal things to them and make them captain. later three are weighing things they have retrieved from inmates, Upen is angry with his friends, he says to Karishma that I am playing my game. Karishma says you were captain before too, you are selfish now. later Upen cribs about diandra not giving her things to him, diandra says I don’t much things to split it, I am trying to make her win, you have become captain once, Upen says I can become captain for 10 times, I don’t wanna listen to you anymore,

Day 60 @8:00am :- Song Hum Tum starts playing, all inmates wake up and starts dancing to the tunes.

Pritham says that tell ali to be with Dimpy, Puneet says Ali is a show off, like there is guy in school who say to others that don’t look at girl, she is mine and is your bhabhi, and Girl must have not even said hi to him, Ali belongs to that category, Pritham says he told me that he have girlfriend, Gautam says let him whatever he do, Puneet says to Gautam that tell Ali to be with dimpy, this is his duty so that he will not come to us.

Ali says to Pritham and PRaneet what is this P3G, nothing, Praneet says Ali you are my pet friend, Pritham says come doggy, where is bread for my tommy, they all are having fun, dimpy comes and says you asked me do I know Ali from before as he talks to me a lot so let me tell you I have 3 dogs in my house I can deal with them nicely, Pratham, Praneet laugh.

Gautam says when you did my massage yesterday, I remembered first week, diandra says I asked you that were you missing massage? Gautam says I felt nice that you did, Diandra says first let me check my mood, Gautam says your mood must be fine that’s why you are wearing suit and all, Gautam says tomorrow morning? Diandra sys fine will be a date, Gautam says yes yes, diandra says depend in which I sleep at night, Gautam says this matter too, Karishma is there too,

Diandra says to Karishma that all depends on mood, diandra says wearing shalwar kameez and dupatta, Diandra says its all one sided I am doing massage and all, Gautam says so tell what you want, you want same thing, diandra says not necessarily I want same thing in return, Gautam ask what you want? Diandra says depend on mood, Gautam says I give massage too, Karishma jokes that I should leave from here, Diandra says this way rumor breaks, with comments like tanna.

Bigg boss on judgment day has given Gautam to talk and ecide one name for next captain so Gautam is talking to all inmates one by one to know their view about captaincy, first comes Pritham.

Pritham: Gautam ask why you want to be captain? Pritham says to be hoenst, firs is that you get immunity for one week, secondly we can how can manage.

Karishma: she says I just want to positive, fair and make everyone happy with captaincy.
Ali says to dimpy that I know this P3G, they fight but they planning.

Diandra: Gautam says that diandra you are looking nice today and your style is s**y. he ask why you want to captain, Diandra says I have no interest in captaincy and immunity and I think tohers should be given chance like Pritham.

Dimpy says Pritham and Praneet have capability to become captian but they are too sweet that they cannot raise voice for themselves and for diandra she is very moody.

Praneet: he says to Gautam that I don’t want to be captain, all say that I don’t work but I like to work, I suggest Puneet to be captain.

Dimpy: she says that I think I am fair, I raise voice against wrong, I am strict which is required for captaincy apart from that I think Puneet can be good captain.

Puneet: he says after you, Pritham can be good captain as he work and have cordial relation with all.
Sonali: she says I am fair, I am neutral and I have no issues with anyone.

Upen: he says I want to be captain again so to prove that I was not partial, Gautam says you were, Upen says no trust me I was not, Gautam says sometime you don’t feel that you are partial, Upen says no I have mind to know that. Aprat I think Puneet can be good captain.

sonali says to Renee that there are two kind of people here, one who pretend something else which they are not in real life and other who are same in real life too like Karishma selfish in real too and diandra too but Gautam is not like that in real life, he has become this to play game.
Ali: he says I think Puneet and Dimpy can be good captain.

bigg boss says to inmates that we asked to decide one name for captaincy, now we want to know that name who will be contender for captaincy, Gautam says I choos Puneet’s name for captaincy as he works nicely and is perfect, he treats people nicely so he will be good, Puneet says I tried to make you understand but you.. gautam says just be silent.

Puneet says to Nigaar that Pritham’s name was given by me, Gautam is mad, Pritham comes there and says this is wrong, task is individual’s act, we wanted you to be captain but you gave hope to me.

Gautam says to Praneet Upen was partial and I told him in meeting but he got angry, you have to control your anger.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Gautam have to choose one inmate who he want to punish, Gautam says in my captaincy any inmates did mistakes, I first want to take their names that are Karishma, Diandra, Nigaar, sonali, Praneet, Pritham but the one who broke most of the rules was Diandra, Karishma went from meeting and Sonali never work but I want to Punish Pritham as he didn’t work for two days, he is my friend but he did mistake, bigg boss says that punishment is that Pritham have to separate grains of wheat and rice, grains of both are all mixed, Pritham fall from sofa, all laugh on this punishment, Pritham sings a sad song. Gautam says this is very difficult.

Gautam talks to inmates, Karishma says I complained you about sonali, it was sonali’s duty to clean kitchen but she went to washroom, and came after 30minutes, Gautam says this is Sonali’s old problem, what punishment should we give to her, Sonali says what old problem? what punishment foe this? this happened today only, Gautam says I have noticed that you don’t work, sonali says then who do my work, Gautam ask do you perfect work? Sonali says I work, I don’t what is this perfect and imperfect, Gautam says I made Praneet dance in pool at 4am, he is my friend, Sonali says why you are talking about it even, you should have given me punishment if you think I don’t work, Gautam says take it as our generosity that we don’t want girls to work, Sonali says its ok Gulati, she leaves from there, Gautam says its punishment for Sonali that nobody will talk to her for 2 hours, nigaar and Upen say no, Upen says this is not your right to make anyone shut, he can punish in house work but cant stop anyone from talking,

Nigaar says now you are captain the task Gautam city is over, bigg boss asked you whom to be punished and you chose Pritham, you cannot be personal in punishment, its not written is rules, Gautam ask her to come on side, they go, Gautam ask her to not take others side, Nigaar says this is wrong, you cant give punishment like this, all captains will do this from now, Gautam comes to all inmates, he ask who think that Sonali was right, she was perfect in work, raise your hand for her, Gautam says to Upen that I am not talking to you, Upen says I am talking to you, Sonali says that why are you discussing like this, you could have talked to me, gautam says no yyou should atleast say that you will work with more energy, Sonali says I will try to work more nicely, Gautam says ok talk finished.

Upen talks to Ali and Dimp, Ali says that why Karishma talked about the mater, it was very small, Upen says Gautam was asking to bully a person that don’t talk to him, Isolate him, Ali says yes he was hyper that he said to you that you cant talk, why not, cant you raise your point, he was rude, Dimpy says Puneet started it in morning that Karishma didn’t clean kitchen but he was silent when talsk was on, and Sonali became alone and whole house targeted her, I have seen here that no one take others side and make one feel alone and targeted. this iss wrong.

Karishma says to Diandra that do Gautam have to marry Sonali? that he is pointing out constantly that she doesn’t do work and all, Diandra says he s playing game, Diandra says Sonali is like that, that if you help her then fater you says to yourself that why did you even went to help her, Karishma says she is constantly nominating me from 3 weeks and I am making her hairs for weeks, Diandra says she should have some honesty, Diandra says she taunts me that her hindi is more good and all, Nigaar says I don’t know what happened between Gautam and Diandra, they were good friends.

Ali ask Prtham to take break and come out, Puneet ask him to go to washroom, Nigaar says this is very difficult to do, ali says that your whole night will go in separating grains, Pritham says yes.
Gautam sings seeing Diandra. Gautam says you are looking groom without Dupatta, diandra wears veil, Gautam says now looking like bride, Gautam ask will you not take my number? diandra says there is still time, fight can happen, Gautam says it will happen but we have come to point that we will reconcile after fight and it has its own taste, we will hug each other, Gautam says I am not only talking about number, I will hug and will do kissy openly, I have gone so far, Diandra laughs.

bigg boss says that seeing Pritham’s honesty in punishment, we are stopping his task here only, he can leave the punishment, all are happy and call him out, Puneet hugs Praneet and cries, Gautam hugs Pritham, Pritham comes and hugs Puneet, Gautam says we were saying that you will take whole night, we awere asking to take whole P3G in punishment, Puneet, Pritham, Puneet and Gautam hug.

Bigg boss has given task to Puneet and Upen ( contenders for captaincy)(don’t know from where did Upen came). in this task “all I say will be truth”, first Puneet will tell why he is more capable then Upen and he will tell inmates their weakness, then Upen will do same. Puneet says I am very right contender for this captaincy, I will do my work, I will let other work, Upen has hindi problem, he has to come out and work, Upen was comfortable with girls in bedroom, Upen is nice person but not for this house, now Upen say to inmates that this is my game, I have my way to play, I am here to win, I was not partial in captaincy, I think Puneet is partial with P3G, he spend more time with them like he aid I spend more time with girls, Puneet did many things in Gautam’s captaincy, I thought puneet was captain not Gautam, now Puneet talks, he says first nigaar, I call you crocodile tears, you are emotional, and you have seen everything before entering house,

Nigaar says that you can see person’s tears fake or not, you don’t have to watch show for that, Puneet says you are drama queen of house, Nigaar as long as I am queen its fine for me, Puneet says to Karishma that you seems selfish, he says to Ali that think will you be welcomed by families of inmates? look women respect is very important, it seem that does he talk to his family in same manner? Ali says I have mother and she is usually ill, I treat her with love, I never disrespected any women in my life, he gets emotional, you are partial with me, you doesn’t treat me like P3g but its my fault too and I just wanna tell that I repsect women a lot.

Upen says about Karishma that you are so stubborn, you doesn’t listen to anyone, you just impose your point, Karishma says I cant say anything because I am stubborn, Upen says to Diandra that you don’t recognize people rightly, have trust on people who are with you diandra says I accept this, he says to Ali that you cross limit in comedy, Upen says to Dimpy that you don’t give chance to inmates because you have made your mind of inmates just by watching 45minutes show. Upen says to Gautam that we were such a strong friends initially, like with Soni and Arya but from where did this negativity came, you taken villain titile too seriously, Gautam says I respect you a lot, I would say that you are more good than me, I will call you after going out.

Ali hugs Puneet, Nigaar comes there and says that Ali showed his soft side today, you did good Puneet, now I can be friends with Ali.
Upen come to Puneet and says that if I sadi anything so forgive me, Puneet says every parents would be proud to have son like you, they hug, then Upen hugs Gautam. Upen says to Gautam that you cleared things which is good, Upen jokes that now I can join P3G, Puneet says yes we will have fun.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 21th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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