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Watch Bigg Boss 8 22nd November 2014 Full HD episode Weekend ka vaar Day 62 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 22nd November 2014 Full Episode (Day 62) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Second November 2014 Weekend ka vaar full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-aaj hai shanivaar .. aur aapko to pata hi hai.. shanivaar ko hota weekend ka vaar with salman khan bhai... is din hota hai koi na koi shikar or ho jata hai Big house se bahar.. dekhte hai kal kaun hota hai out.

Day 61 @ 8:00am :- song thora Pyaar Chahiye plays, Gautam and Diandra do morning hug, all dances to the tune.

Nigaar says Puneet is making omelets for all who want to eat, and luchi is going to be made, Karishma says I want to taste this lucha puchi, Praneet says you can eat both, Puneet says why you are confusing all, Praneet says I don’t want to eat egg, Puneet says why you involving in all this, Karishma says to Puneet that make eggs for all, Puneet says I was doing that only but this Praneet wants to get involved in everything, Praneet says I want to save my egg, why all should eat egg, Puneet ask Gautam to remove Praneet from ration duty, he is irritating with ration thing, Praneet I am leaving my duty of ration handling from now only. Praneet says Puneet doesn’t know what he is talking, Pritham comes and ask what happened, Puneet says he is saying why all should eat egg, Praneet says I will not handle ration now, Puneet ask are you god of house? you ****, Praneet ask why you are talking like this, Dimpy ask Puneet to relax.

all are having breakfast, Pritham jokes and says we will eat egg, its my egg, I will eat, Pritham talks about other bigg boss and says Manoj Tiwari wanted to eat egg but in kitchen it was dolly’s duty, today Praneet was dolly bindra, Praneet laughs, Pritham says Dolly asked Tiwari where is he going, he said to eat egg, dolly said you cant eat egg, Tiwari said why not, its my egg, I will eat, even my father cant stop me, dolly said don’t go to father, she shouts aai Manoj don’t go to father, Praneet laughs.

bigg boss says that two contestants are contenders for captaincy, one is Upen who was selected by Arya for captaincy, second is Puneet who was selected by Gautam, now bigg boss want inmates to give one more name by mutual discussion after sometime, Pritham says we should go for girl now, Dimpy and Karishma want to be captain, Praneet ask raise hand for Karishma, Upen, Praneet, Puneet, Diandra and some vote for her, she gets 6 votes, Renee says I want to select Pritham, Pritham says I think we should choose a girl, all inmates starts discussing, Gautam says listen to me, diandra says listen to me, Gautam says I think Dimoy and Pritham are good, Karishma why if I want to be contender too, Gautam says all have right, inmates ask who want to be captain just come out,

Puneet says count dimpy’s vte too, only Ouneet and Gautam gives her vote, not even Ali, Gautam says ok Karishma is selected for contender.
Nigaar talks to Diandra, she says its too early for new comer to become captain (pointing Dimpy), I am not standing to be captain, Diandra says Gautam and Puneet said dimpy is good, they didn’t even consider Karishma, serious partiality, now its P3GD.

Puneet says ali voted for Karishma but didn’t vote for Dimpy, Pritham says he is playing a dirty game, I didn’t vote for dimpy as we had some issues, puneet says I agree I cant force you on that.

Ali says to Praneet that at back of my mind I thought that its not time for Dimpy to be captain, Praneet says she is nice girl, but she should take time, Ali says and it was all Puneet’s idea, Praneet says yes we don’t want another dummy captain, we want original captain now.

Renee says to Pritham that Puneet is captain of house as all housemates listen to him.

ali ask Renee whom she want to be captain? Renee says Pritham sir, Ali says dimpy is angry with me as I voted for Karishma not her.

Gautam and dimpy are sitting behind sofa, dimpy is crying and says I feel bad that ali didn’t vote for me, I always stood up for him and what he did, now I think I was wrong to help him, I understand that people are saying its too early for me to be captain but a guy who was saying to me continuously that you should captain didn’t support me when I needed his vote.

Nigaar ask Ali why he didn’t vote for Dimpy? reason, Ali says Karishma is here for 8 weeks and she is only from 2 weeks, Nigaar says you are right on your point.

Dimpy says to Gautam that I am feeling like a stupid who fought for him, Ali comes there and sees Dimpy crying, Dimpy doesn’t look at him and starts leaving from there, Ali follows her and ask her to talk but she walks off.

Ali comes to Upen and says dimpy is sad because I didn’t vote for her, Upen says yes you expect from friends, like I did a lot for diandra but she didn’t.

Dimpy comes crying in bedroom and says to Renee that I am feeling like fool who was taking stand for him throughout, I fought with Pritham that Ali is not bad, Renee says told you about him, Nigaar hugs her and says this will happen here.

Ali says I think that Karishma is more deserving, I thought with mind, what I did wrong, Renee doesn’t respond to him, Ali ask Pritham his point of view, Pritham says I don’t your ratio of friendship with her so cant comment, Renee says but Dimpy is very strong, she doesn’t like this, Pritham says your decision has hurt her so I think you were wrong, she took stand for you when we were talking about you, she was advocating you.

Dimpy says I am not a fool to Nigaar.Ali says to Pritham that I told Dimpy to change her nature, I said to her that I can stand against her because of her nature, I asked her to not think about captainship because she is not capable but Karishma has worked hard so she deserve a chance.

here will be competition between Karishma, Puneet and Upen for captaincy. they have to convince inmates to give their personal things to them and make them captain, the one who get 10kilos from inmates first will be winner of task, and will be captain of task, Gautam will look after things in task, the things which inmates will, they cannot get it back, Puneet starts discussing with Pritham and Gautam.
Karishma ask Diandra what she will give to her? Diandra says let me check, Karishma ask Praneet what he will give? Praneet says I will tell you later and leaves, Upen comes there and ask diandra to sacrifice for him jaan, Diandra says thing is that I will not get it back.

Puneet says to Pritham that take two underwear for yourself and give everything to me, Pritham says I have taken some things out all is yours.

Diandra says to Karishma that I will give shampoos, conditioner, jackets, shoes to you, I am biggest beggar in house, Karishma laughs, I will become beggar for you because I am emotional fool.
Ali gives his jacket to Puneet and says I will use Gautam’s jacket, Gautam agrees.

Upen says to Praeent that I know you are loyal to Puneet but you can help me, Praneet says I gave his name in first place, Upen says I am just saying that you know me guys, if you think you can do anything for me.

diandra says to Karishma that Upen will feel bad but I have to stand by you, I don’t have much things to split in you both.

task starts, all starts weighing things, Nigaar ask Upen to not give up and says I will my jewelry box to you.

Diandra is helping Karishma, Nigaar comes and helps Karishma too.
dimpy, Gautam and Pritham are helping Puneet.

Ali and Nigaar helps Upen a little, Nigaar ask Upen to help Karishma, Upen doesn’t understand, Nigaar then ask Karishma to give everything to give everything to Uoen so one will win from them, Karishma why should I give? he is not helping, let him be, Ali gives his boots to Upen and it weighs 10kilos, Nigaar he has won, Puneet says we have got 12 kilos, Nigaar says we said first, Gautam says don’t fight on this, Upen says yes this is fun game,

Bigg boss ask Gautam who got 10 kilos first without touching things? Gautam says Puneet got it, Upen had less then 10 kilos, but after Puneet he got 10 kilos, Bigg boss ask who you think has won the task, Gautam says Puneet is winner in this, weighing machine is saying this too, Bigg boss says Puneet has won the task so he is winner and captain of house now.
Upen hugs sonali and Renee for helping him.

diandra says to Upen that I had less things, Upen says I helped you and supported you when she wanted to captain, Nigaar says Upen no need to feel bad, Upen says I will, she is my friend, sonali says why all bicker over same point, Diandra says you were captain too before, Upen if one becomes prime minister then he cane become again? don’t tell me my point, you can support anyone, Diandra says you are taunting me, Nigaar ask Upen have sportsmanship, diandra says I don’t much things to split it, I am trying to make her win, you have become captain once, Upen says I can become captain for 10 times, I don’t wanna listen to you anymore.

Puneet and Pritham ask Ali that if you support then support fully otherwise not, Ali says Upen had nothing so I felt bad for him.

Nigaar says to Upen that if you both had done the the together you would have won.
Upen comes to Karishma, Karishma says I was just playing my game, he says to Karishma that I am playing my game. Karishma says you were captain before too, you are selfish now. Karishma says let it be, Upen says talk nicely, Karishma says I don’t feel like talking to you for now, Upen says don’t feel like talking ever now.

Nigaar says to diandra and Karishma that I told you guys to become one, they must be laughing on you, diandra says Upen is idiot, Nigaar says Gautam’ work was to look all in task and he was helping Puneet.
Puneet says to Pritham that I am making Gautam vice captain, and I need two people more, Pritham says don’t involve much people, Puneet says I will choose from their group too, Upen or nigaar is good choice.

Gautam ask diandra is there any sacre on his face? Diandra says its fine, only fine? Diandra says not much good, Gautam says you wont get a s**y like me, you would have used slangs for me, diandra says yes as you were psycho, Gautam says you didn’t know me, Gautam says hug me as sorry, he forgets the word guilty and uses some other word, diandra laughs, Gautam says say sorry, Diandra hugs him and says sorry, you will hate me, gautam ask did you such bad slangs fro me, gautam then say sorry in camera that you took me wrong, diandra says I am still knowing you, Gautam says were you just came to hug me? Diandra ask do you have problem with that? Gautam ask to hug again, diandra hugs him again and whispers sorry in his ear, its more compassionate hug now.

to get luxury budget item, there are things placed in garden and inmates have to take them but with their mouth, there is row of chairs, first Puneet will take thing with this mouth then he will to other and this chain will go to get thing, its limited time task, all sit on chairs, Puneet hold thing with teeth, Puneet gives thing from to Karishma, and she passes on, one thing sonali have to pass to Gautam, she passes with difficulty, Sonali is sitting between Upen and Gautam , she takes thng from Upen’s mouth and gives to Gautam, she is laughing all the while, all are laughing,

Nigaar sys sonali you are wasting time, next to gautam is diandra. diandra with much difficulty takes thing from Gautam, buzzer to end the task plays but the keep playing, bigg boss taunts Puneet you have whole night to do the task, Puneet says I am sorry, bigg boss says you all broke the rule so you will not get anything this week in luxury budget. all are shocked, and says sorry.

ali says to Upen that Puneet do everything fro himself then after his work is done then he hug saying beta bacha( my son, my child), diandra is making couple thing to save herself, she used to backbite about Gautam and now she went to him, he didn’t come to her, she used to say slangs for him and now sitting in corners with him, they will throw you out if they get a chance.

Ali says I am on food strike as my friends are angry with me, Renee says liar. ali sleeps.
Dimpy says to Puneet that he can play game but he cannot hurt anyone like this.
Nigaar comes to ali and ask him to eat, she says drink milk. Puneet and Pritham comes to ali and ask him to eat food, Ali ask them to allow him to do food strike, Pritham says you want Dimpy to make you eat with your hands? you clever mine, we know you.

Puneet and Pritham talk, and says nobody can like Ali, dimpy was emotionally attached to him but he,  just want to play his game and can hurt anyone, he is such cheap and lowly man.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 22nd Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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