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Watch Bigg Boss 8 24th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 64 Written Updates

 Bigg Boss 8 24th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 64) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Fourth November 2014 Weekend ka vaar full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-aaj hai monday or hoga dhasu aagaaj is week ka.. dekhte hai is baar kya hoga Bigg Boss House 2014 year ke is captions ke gahr me...
in elimination, bigg boss ask inmates whom they want to save, Karishma jokes can we give our name, Gautam says I don’t know she is playing with me or not (pointing diandra). later Puneet is angry on Nigaar thing. ali says to Karishma that I proved you liar that is my game, I don’t need to make friends here.
Day 63 :- Weekend Ka Vaar Nomination Special

Salman comes on stage and dances on song barson yaarun.. Salman welcomes all in Weekend Ka Varr of bigg boss 8, Salman says I forgot my coat, one volunteer gives him cot, he wears, Salman says Karishma and dimpy got saved yesterday, the NOMINATED ARE SONALI, NIGAAR, one will go out of house today but first we will do some fun, we will irritate them so much that they wll forget from where to take breath and from where to (Fart), Salman says housemates are doing musical performance, lets have a watch.

video plays, Gautam is singing song, all are dancing. Gautam sings, ” we are afraid of bigg boss, we are in problem, go in room and see how Karishma cries for her make up and screams, Karishma dances and screams, Gautam sings Sonali’s jhatkas are unique, the one who touch her get a leg from her,

Gautam sings someone stop Upen bigg bosss, all the girls are going over him bigg boss, Gautam sings for Pritham that all his bhabhies (sister in laws) waits for him, but when he doesn’t come on radio so they talk to me, Pritham dances with dupatta, then Gautam sings for Praneet who gives peace ledctures but when he is nominated so he started seeing birds, bigg boss mere bigg boss, next Diandra comes forward, Gautam sings someone stop diandra, sometime red hairs sometime blue hairs, bigg boss mere bigg boss, next comes Ali, all girls beat him,

Gautam sings to not lie anymore otherwise your eyes will be taken off with help of spoon, bigg boss mere bigg boss, Gautam sings someone stop Puneet, sometime he rotates wheel then he shows starts to others, then he brings storm in house then he goes in jail, next he sings for Nigaar, Dimpy and Renee and says for what you both have come here? you are wild card entries but exit door is not far, bigg boss mere bigg boss, Renee, Dimpy and Nigaar sings that Gautam’s flirtatious talks bore us, we will show you exit, then will aing Urvashi, Urvashi, Gautam sings then Salman comes and makes our hunger for food go away, all faces fade away with his band bajao, Salman smiles seeing all this”, song ends (tried to translate it, hope its fine).

All inmates sit in living area, Salman sings that song and says after so much effort even then such worthless song, all laughs, Salman says I am not saying this, I liked three beats, frst I saw Sonali interested in anything then Puneet, I felt like he will bring out oil from earth, and that taking out eye with spoon part, I liked these three, and I liked Gautam’s singing, all claps, Salman ask Ali how is girlfriend boyfriend going on? Ali just looks on, all laughs, Salman ask happy being gay, Ali is just plain looking at Salman while all laugh specially Dimpy, Pritham sings jab hum jawan hon gay (pointing gay thing), tujhe yaad Karin gay, all laughs.

Salman says house enrich with talent, but two people’s talent faded away, one will go today, eh ask Sonali what thought crossed your mind now? Sonali says nothing, Salman says I knew it, all laughs, Salman says its good thing that nothing crosses your mind, people meditate to achieve this but you are already in meditated state, without doing anything, Salman says you are not for this world, I thing you are made for some other planet, how you fell between us humans, all laughs, sonali grins her teeth, Salman says Karishma why are you laughing so much, Karishma says I am just seeing how much big brat you are, how much naughty you are,

Salman says I was just praising her, Salman says all are jealous of Sonali, Salman ask Nigaar what you are thinking? she says what will happen will be best, Salman says we will do a task now, task name is “chair of truth”, Salman ask Ali to bring things from store, Ali goes and brings playcards, Salman ask Ali what your girlfriend must be thinking? Ali says I trust her and she trusts me, all say ooh, Salman says you will know after you come out of house, all laughs, Salman says in task one person will sit on chair, I will ask him or her question and in answer he has to show playcard in which names of inmates are written,

the one whose playcard is shown, he or she can say anything in defense, can bicker but physical is not allowed, all laughs, Salman ask Ali to come. Ali sit on chair, Salman ask name of his girlfriend, Ali try to avoid, Salman ask first question, who love you most in this house? Ali shows Puneet’s card, next question is that who doesn’t deserve to be in house? Ali shows Karishma’s card, Karishma says he nominated me to be captain and now saying this, Ali says that you beg to be captain, he imitates her, all laughs, Ali acts like her, all laughs, he starts barking, Karishma cannot speak, she throws pillow on him and says when dog barks, I don’t react, Ali barks more, all laughs, Salman ask next question who is using people for his or her good?

Ali shows Dimpy’s card, all laughs, Dimpy says no I don’t use, I was used by one who is showing card, Dimpy says he was pretending to be my friend and planning something else, last week he said to me that you are close to Gautam, he said to me that public will link you with Gautam so stay away from him, its his strategy, Salman says he was paving his way, Salman ask from the time Ali has come in this house, to how many he has approached, Dimpy says almost all girls, Dimpy sings that send to jail, all girls join him, Ali says her voice irritates me, I have made her name Pamorian, Salman ask what is that? Ali says that the dogs who bark in very irritating tone, Dimpy says dogs are loyal, Ali says this breed is not, all laughs, Salman ask ali to get up, next is Dimpy.

Salman ask her question, that who doesn’t deserve to be in house? she as obious shows Ali’s card, Salman ask who is phuski bomb in house? she shows Renee’s card, all laughs, Salman says this was good, next sit Puneet, Salman ask with whose exit, you will not be affected? he shows Karishma’s card, Karishma says he call me his own and want to throw me out too, he call me daughter, Puneet says you are so pure, selfless that she should not be in house, Salman ask who doesn’t want to comes out comfort zone? Puneet shows diandra’s card, Diandra ask what this comfort zone is? Puneet says you do selective things only, you change parties, when you fight with Upen, you go to someone else, people see all this, Diandra says that I and Upen will resolve our issues but that doesn’t mean I will stop talking to Gautam, next comes Karishma.

Salman ask who is hero of house? she shows Upen’s card, Upen thanks her, Salman ask who is zero of house? she shows Ali’s card, all laughs, Salman says why you think like that? Salman says Ali is giving all entertainment whom you call zero. Salman ask who is most selfish in house? she shows Puneet’s card and says that he do selective work, he want to make captain the one who is in his good books, he want to make his babies captain so that his orders will be followed only, next comes Diandra. Salman ask who is better captain Upen or Gautam? diandra laughs at question, Salman says in problem,

diandra shows Upen’s card, Salman ask who is hero of house? Diandra shows Gautam’s card, Salman says we didn’t know this would happen, he ask who is zero of house? Diandra shows Sonali’s card, Sonali says I was zero then I woudnt be in this house for so long, Salman claps, and says wah, you gave in the face reply, Diandra says she is in house for that reason only that she is zero, Salman ask Sonali to make diandra understand, Sonali says if I was zero then I wouldn’t have stayed here for a single day, by the you are looking good in salwar, diandra says I wore Sonali’s salwar because I am insecure and jealous of her, all laughs, Sonali says even then you are not looking like me,

Salman says this task is done. Salman says sonali or Nigaar will go but I will tell in some minute. he ends Call, Renee comes to Upen, Upen hugs her, Pritham ask Karishma why did she call them chela (blind supporter) of Puneet, this is strong word, Karishma says this is used in good sense too, why you taking negatively, you call him Guru ji, Pritham says that we say in love, Karishma says that I said in Guru-chela sense, don’t think negatively.
in garden, Ali says to Renee that know people for now, they will change after Salman goes, and will run to bite you.

Salman says some things are missed by audience which big cargo shows, devil doesn’t come, hostess comes with box, Salman ask did he went to another hostess? she says no, Salman opens box and devil comes out of it, Salman ask is this your plane? Salman finds king queen card in box, Salman ask who are they, devil points to hostess as queen and king as himself, Salman laughs, Salman says queen is diandra and king is Gautam, clip plays in which Gautam says to Diandra that I still like you and she said I like you too your highness, then how she made him eat, then how she was blushing, then their hug is shown, then they were shown lying behind sofa, fizain badalne lagi hain song plays, Gautam says to diandra that from time you have started talking to me again, you ready more nicely,

Diandra says its because we started talking to each other so its positive, Gautam says no, its not that, diandra says so don’t I get ready nicely before, Gautam says you get ready on Saturdays more nicely, this time you were looking very nice, its better that you get ready nicely, and we talk but if are not on talking terms and then you don get ready nicely so wont feel like talking more, and when you are irritated and not nicely dressed then wont go near you, Diandra says its stupid to get ready daily. Gautam says to her that you should put on make up slightly so I will tolerate your anger mode.

next Salman takes out a parrot from box, Salman says Ali is like parrot who imitate everyone.
Clip plays in which Ali imitates Praneet, he says like these birds, I will go home, I am innocent so people doesn’t understand me, Gautam is negative, Puneet and Gautam laughs.

the call is connected to house again. Salman ask who was dead in house this week, Renee says Praneet, Praneet says Diandra, Dimpy says Upen, Nigaar says Sonali, Sonali says diandra, Karishma says Sonali, Ali says Sonali, Upen says Sonali, Pritham says Sonali, Gautam says Upen, Puneet says Upen, diandra says Ali, Salman says Sonali won again, Sonali says they make me popular, all laughs. Salman says NIGAAR IS ELIMINATED, all hugs her, she leaves the house.

Nigaar comes on stage, she says trust value is zero there so they don’t accept new person, Salman says absolutely and also your sister won last year so they wont trust you, Salman ask about Renee and Dimpy, Nigaar says Renee will be out, Dimpy is being used and when she will be used, she will be out, P3G is using her, Salman ask about Karishma and Diandra, Nigaar says Diandra is not fully open, P3g is strong, but bedroom group is not strong, Salman says lets show you your journey, Nigaar’s entry, then her hotel task is shown, then her stiff with Gautam is shown, then her crying is shown, chahiye hai tanyai plays, video ends, Salman says you gave much masala in one week,

Nigaar says even then I was made out, call is connected to house again, Nigaar says to inmates that I didn’t know I was so eye sore to you people, honestly I liked Diandra, Sonali, Karishma, Renee, Nigaar says Ali you are good, Upen you are purest of all, I am happy that I made impression, then big bomb is given to her, Salman says we asked who worked less this week, sonali and Upen’s name were given by inmates, you have to give one name from them and that will be nominated for next week, Nigaar says this bomb is bad, Sonali says Nigaar don’t nominate me, I am nominated every week, Upen is not nominated once, all laughs, I shared everything with you, Sonali pleads to not give bomb to her, all say this girl doesn’t deserve it,

Nigaar says to Upen that this place is misfit for you, you will see good when you come out, you are a nice person, don’t take it seriously, I am giving bomb to you, Upen says its ok, Salman says Upen is nominated for next week, what Sonali, all laughs, Upen says I will not say what Sonali said about Nigaar, Nigaar ask Upen to tell, Upen says sonali said that you are fake, Sonali says I didn’t call you fake, Upen says I am hurt that Sonali is saying about me, Nigaar says nobody is friend in house, Nigaar says to Puneet that you called me crocodile tears, you were wrong, Puneet says I still feel that you are drama queen, Nigaar says you don’t recognize real people, Nigaar says Praneet I was good with you, but you didn’t believe me,

Nigaar says to Diandra and Karishma that stand for each other, you both are strong contenders, Praneet says we will miss you, Pritham says don’t lie, Renee says I will miss your advice, Nigaar says when Puneet say god bless then its feel like he has just said something ver bad, so don’t say it, you have given so much bitterness in one week, this bomb is very biased, if I had chance I would have given to Puneet or Gautam, Nigaar says Puneet used to call me that I am his favorite, Puneet says that Dimpy said how can you call him Guru ji, Puneet says she judge, diandra says you judge people, Puneet says all have their point of view. Nigaar greets and leaves from there. episode ends.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 24th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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