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Watch Bigg Boss 8 25th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 65 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 25th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 65) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Fifth November 2014 Weekend ka vaar full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-
there is app through which all inmates can fulfill their wishes but by choosing their wishes, battery of app will drain, so if anyone choose a big wish then battery will drain more, battery should not become 0, Sonali goes to fulfill her wish, she takes half of the battery. all are shocked

Day 63 (continued)@ 11:30pm
Ali and Karishma talk, ali says am hurt, please understand me, Dimpy has created fire in house, Karishma says I have nothing against you, Ali says I swear I don’t think wrong fro you, you are my family, Karishma says on one side you say I am strong contender and on other side you say that I dont deserve to be in house, Ali says you will be in top 5, Karishma says what is real Ali? why you gave my name for non-deserving, ali says tomorrow is nomination day, you will see everything.

Renee ask Upen and karishma to become one, there is only group, why dont we become one, now stand on your point, Ali says I have understood the game, now I will play.
Puneet says to Dimpy that I can behave like Upen too. Dimpy agree.
Ali says to Upen that Dimpy is playing worst game but no one can do anything about me till I am entertaining people, no P3G can do anything about me, Upen says I just want to be away from them.

Karishma tells Dimpy that Ali talked to me and is saying sorry, he said that Dimpy is playing a big game, I brought you in all this, I am sorry, Puneet says I cant believe this, Pritham says he was barking like this, Karishma says that he infront of Salman lied about me then he barked like a dog, I want sorry from him infront of all, Puneet says then you wll forgive him? she says no.

Renee says to Upen that if one member of P3G is broken then their whole group will be broken, Upen says you have to do it, Ali says i will target Praneet, Upen says nothing will happen, Ali says i will slowly target them, Upen says target strong one, Ali says i will target Pritham and Praneet.

Karishma says to Dimpy that Ali was saying bad about you, saying she was personal, Karishma ask Ali to tell her what he said about dimpy, Ali says this is my game, i am sorry for talking you in rude way, but i will not say sorry to anyone, this is my game, you are saying truth but i will make it a lie, this is my game, if you have guts then prove that you are right and i am wrong, its my game to be double dholki, show me a liar if you have talent, i am here to play game not make friends, Karishma says you will have to face family, how will you do that, ali says i am saying sorry for everything, my lie made crushed your truth, this is my game, i cant say anything now, Karishma and others are disgusted.

Upen says to Sonali that now i saw your real face, Sonali says you started to allege me, Upen says no it was you, if it had been anyone else then it was ok but you did that with me, i was hurt, i didn’t expect this from you, Sonali says i just said that dont nominate me, Upen says you said that nominate Upen, you were begging to nominate Upen, Sonali says i never said Nigaar is fake, Upen says you said it, I never said to anyone about what you say, Renee says he enevr said anything to anyone, sonali says so i also dont go and gossip about anyone, i am not like that.

diandra says to Renee that Sonali is sweetly talking to P3G, this is going from 2 months, when she fights with them then come to our group and now fought with Upen so went to Gautam, she straightforwardly said to Gautam that i like you, Renee says yes it was shown on Tv, diandra says i told Upen to burst his bubble about Sonali, now she has gone to Gautam, now tell me who is insecure and jealous? see Gautam’s behavior with me and with her, he is not playing game with me, i openly say that i flirt, so what, is it a crime? i say on face, she went to other direction as one direction is closed for me.
Day 64 :- Nomination Special @ 8:00am
song Kia surat hai starts playing, all inmates wake up and starts playing.

diandra says to Karishma that i was telling about Gautam, that i am confused about closeness with him, its confirmed that he is giving line, Diandra tells her in sign that he held her closely by touching belly but i backed out,

Karishma jokes why, then say you did right, Karishma ask what about your side? Diandra says you cannot hide situation and it will be focused, karishma says you are not making angel for game, Diandra says obviously not, not after year will i say that it was game, Karishma says but it can be part of game for Gautam, 70%, Diandra says i have thought about it, Karishma says that or maybe he want to win heart of all, diandra says light flirting is fine but.. Karishma and diandra are in bedroom while Gautam is in lounge, he looks at them, Karishma says he is looking at us and even smiling, such a kamina, i feel like hating him lol, diandra says till light flirting it was fine but if this is going in direction then i want no non-sense,

Karishma says give some days, Diandra says i should back off, Karishma says dont become psycho with him, diandra says it will go on between us, its fun to be psycho with each other, Karishma says its very difficult to judge someone that he is real or faking it for a game, specially for Gautam, diandra says its becoming complex, Karishma says just hold on, Diandra says i dont know how Kushal-Gauhar, Tanisha-armaan did it (showmance), for camera knowing that family is watching and all, i think my mom is going to have cardiac arrest, Karishma laughs.

Sonali says to Prithma that people go mad here when they come in nominations, Pritham laughs, Sonali says had you seen Arya and Karishma when they get nominated and now Upen’s reaction, he just jumped off at me, Pritham says you were best, how you changed nomination direction from you was amazing, you were right that you are nominated every week, i thought you will say its fine, i dont care if i am nominated but i was shocked to see your new attitude, Sonali says when i got to know that this nomination bomb, so i was like not again, i think all should come in nomination once, but Upen didt take it sportingly, Pritham ask what Upen was saying about you i didn’t understand, Sonali says neither do i, sonali says he reacted on nomination, he said that friend is not friend anymore, Prtham says means if you were nominated then you wre his friend, this is selfishness.

bigg boss tells inmates that its time for nominations, Puneet is safe as he is captain, Upen is already nominated by Nigaar, nobody will take their name, bigg boss call Gautam in confession room
gautam: he comes in confession room, bigg boss ask him to tell one name whom he want to save from getting evicted, Gautam says i wanted to save Puneet but he is already safe, all are playing with emotions, diandra is my friend again but i dont know she is playing with my emotions or not, i will save Pritham as he is neutral, he takes stand for right thing.

sonali: she says i cant take my name to be saved, I wanna save Praneet as i talk with him only, he is very understanding.
Praneet: he says i wanna Save Dimpy, i saw her, she is strong contender but she works a lot and she is needed for this house.
diandra: she says i wanna save Karishma, because she is fair, she say on face.
Karishma: she jokes can i give my name, one minute bigg boss, she thinks and gives Diandra’s name, she says diandra and upen are close to me, i can slightly trust them.
Ali: he whistles and thinks, he says i wanna save Diandra, she took stand for me when i came in house.
Pritham: he says i wanna save Praneet as he is nice person.
Renee: she ask can i take my name, bigg boss. Renee says i wanna save Pritham, he is strong contender and doesn’t indulge in wrong things.
Dimpy: she says i wanna save Gautam as he is strong contender and i think he is helping game by giving entertainment.
Upen: he says i wanna save Karishma, because she is nice person, cooks food for everyone, she do things for others.

Bigg boss tells inmates that after voting, the inmates who didn’t get one vote to be saved from nomination are SONALI, ALI, RENEE, they are nominated, Puneet have special authority, he can nominate one more person, Puneet looks at Gautam, Gautam ask him to say openly, Puneet says i wanna nominate Praneet, the reason is that he was making fun of Nigaar, he, Ali and Pritham were making fun of Nigaar and i came after sometime, but when Salman asked, we accepted that we made fun of her but Praneet said that he was nice to her, it was double standard on his part, either dont make fun of others or accept that you made fun,

Praneet says i told Nigaar on face about that making fun of her tears, Puneet cuts in and says i would have taken Ali’s name if he was not nominated, first you make fun of a girl then you become her friend this way you seem perfect and others are portrayed in bad light, Praneet says i told Nigaar about making fun of her, she knew it, Puneet says Ali you were in top list in making fun of Nigaar, but when its about allegation so my and Gautam’s name came up that we made fun of her, Sonali says i saw that Praneet, Pritham and Ali were making fun of Nigaar, Ali says i told infront of all that i made fun of her, Puneet says its my final decision to nominate Praneet, bigg boss says nomintions are done. the nominated people are SONALI, ALi, RENEE, UPEN, PRANEET.
Ali says to Praneet what was that, Praneet says its okay, he can nominate without any reason.

Puneet says to Dimpy that first i thought to take karishma’s name but then i saw that my own is more double faced person than Karishma, so i gave Praneet’s name, it was difficult for me to give his name, he gave his clothes to make me captain.

Praneet hugs Sonali, Praneet says i saved Dimpy, Praneet says to Sonali that i thought to save someone he or she should get 2 or more votes so i thoguth voting for you was waste so i voted for Dimpy instead, Sonali says i dont need explanation, its ok, Dimpy says i am happy someone voted for me to be saved, Praneet says to Sonali that i had gut feeling that i will be nominated, i knew it, Sonali says i voted for you to be saved, Praneet says i know you must be the sole person who voted for me, Sonali says and you gave vote to Dimpy, Praneet says i would have given you vote, i have never nominated you, Sonali says even i have never nominated you, Dimpy ask Sonali to not cry, Sonali starts crying, Praneet says what happened to you, we are friends, you are strong candidate, please dont cry, dont take tension, sonali says i didn’t expect this from you, Praneet says be practical.

Upen says to Renee that Sonali is an idiot, she is feeling bad that Praneet her friend didn’t vote for her, same feeling was mine, i took stand for her, she say that she doesn’t care if she is nominated and now it show how much she cares.

Sonali says not even a single vote for me, i know i am alone here, Praneet says you are not alone, a vote doesn’t change friendship. Sonali says you voted for Dimpy, i dont have problem with that, i have problem that you didn’t vote for me.

Gautam says to Puneet that you did right with Praneet, Puneet says i exposed Ali too, what they do is that they make fun of others first then say sorry and become friends, Gautam says no you did right. Puneet comes to diandra and Karishma in kitchen, and says nominating Praneet was dificult for me, karishma says i thought you will give my name only, i was raising my hand, Puneet says you were in my mind, Karishma says what i have done against you, Gautam says nothing, its just misunderstanding, Karishma says that were old things let it be, Puneet says you say that i control minds here, and all, Puneet says i had to be fair, so i had to give Praneet’s name as captain.

Ali says to Renee that Puneet wanted to nominate me, Renee say if you dont like then why you sit when people are making fun of others, that time you clap for them, Renee says now they all will gang up, she points to Gautam and Diandra. Upen says that Ali ypu bash them on back but then you sit with them, you do fun with them, Ali says when, i dont go to them now.

Sonali is still weeping, Ali says to Upen that she is crying very much, Upen says only i was her friend, she doesn’t know how to become a good friend, i took stand for her at every moment, she is thinking that whom will she flirt now.

in lounge all are eating food, Puneet says Sonali asked to spare her for one week and she is nominated again, i feel bad for her, Gautam says i agree, Sonali says did you save me? Gautam says if i had other chances then i would saved you, Sonali says just shut up, Gautam says you come in bad books by doing this, you were in my good books but because of your behavior, i like you but your attitude, Dimpy says Gautam let it be, Gautam says we wanted you to be safe, you are powerful, when you were thinking that you are going out, i told you that you are not going, you are like whit with your friends too, Sonali says i have seen friends, Gautam says you take decision in immaturity, Praneet comes there and tries to talk with Sonali, but she j=jerks him off and says go from here.

Pritham says that Nigaar took name of whole P3G in makinf fun of her so why you nominated Praneet, puneet ji, Puneet says he was saying to Nigaar that we will miss you, Pritham says its his personal opinion, Puneet says Ali made fun Nigaar most, we didn’t say anything, Ali say i did, Puneet says we are not talking to you, Puneet says that Ali said about nigaar, but then became her friend behind our back so Nigar lashed out at us.

Ali says to Renee that Puneet can do whatever he want, but now we will plan for ourselves.

All are sitting in garden, Upen is alone in lounge, Puneet ask to call him too, Karishma comes to Upen and ask him to come outside, all are sitting, Upen says our enemies are sitting there, Karishma says all are there, Upen says i cant be fake, i am relaxing here. i cant see Sonali’s face.
Gautam and dianndra are lying in garden and talking.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 25th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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