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Watch Bigg Boss 8 26th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 66 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 26th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 66) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Fifth November 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- Aaj hai wednesday or hoga dhamaka dekhte hai kaha phootte hai bomb Bigg boss ke house me...Pritham meets his wife but there is glass between them, Wife says I love you, Pritham’s son come there, Pritham hugs him and takes him in arms. then Karishma is given option to meet her mom but it will cost 32% and there is 22% left, she gets sad but then her mom is shown on tv, she gets emotional and starts crying very badly. all inmates are watching Karishma’s breakdown and are sad, bigg boss says Renee can do task and then you can meet your mother, now you have to convince her to do the task, Renee listens this and nods in no.

 Day 65 @ 8:00am:- Song starts playing. all inmates wake up and dance.

Renee says to Upen that when I talk to inmates, they don’t bother, they don’t even laugh at my jokes, they ignore me, they have ignored you too now, they have sidelined you like you are nothing, Renee says I cried a lot because of their ignorance, its all game for them, but now I will tell them, once I get a chance in task, I will tell inmates what I am.

Karishma reads task. This is luxury budget task. task name is “app task”, Renee and Upen will be batteries of house, there will be apps which inmates can use, inmates can win things by using app, by using every app, battery will drain, you can use as much apps but you have to see that battery doesn’t drain to 0, otherwise task will end, you will be given chances to charge battery again, if Renee and Upen want to recharge, only then battery can be recharged again.

first Sonali go in activity area to use app, Bigg boss says that you are away from your house, your family, we have seen you missing things, today you can things which you have been craving for, you have four apps, by suing them battery will drain, your first app is family, by using this you can talk to Ujala, you are sister, second app is stardom through which you can know about your fan following, third is beauty through which you can get bath treatment, fourth is postman through which you will get a letter from your house, now you can choose, one app, Sonali says I will choose stardom, Battery is drained to 84%, Bigg boss says to Sonali that see what fan say about you, a video play on screen on which a fan says to
Sonali that you are sweet, cute, you are classy, other fan say when you flip your hairs, my heart slip a beat, sonali laughs, other fan ask sonali to take stand for herself, other fan say that you are getting close to Diandra and Karishma, this is not good, other fan says that change your attitude, one fan says that if you were not in house, how would I have lived, Sonali laughs, I will be sadest person if you evict, Sonali laughs and says thank you bigg boss I felt bad seeing it, Bigg boss says you have one more chance, chose one more app, Sonali says I want to get latter from my house, I am using postman app, battery is drained to 58%, all are shocked. Sonali get letter. Renee says to Upen that she was your friend, she will come after draining all,

Gautam says she used 46% alone. Sonali reads the letter and says how sweet. Sonali comes out of activity area, Renee ask what was game, Sonali says you will be called then you will know too, Dimpy ask can you tell us? she says no, I can but I wont tell what happens inside, Renee says we will not fulfil your wish, Sonali says my wish is already been fulfilled, she jumps showing letter, Pritham ask to tell system, Sonali tell them about 4 options, I took one option that is letter from family, Karishma says battery drained for 2 times, you took 2 wishes, don’t lie, Sonali says I told you that I took 2 wishes, you all will get options, Upen says leave her, she will not tell truth.

Upen tells Ali that sonali lied first then when all snapped at her, she said truth, Ali says I will choose all 4 wishes for myself, I will drain battery to 2%, Karishma says I will take 2 wishes too, Upen says 42% is used already by just one person.

Sonali says to Praneet that I could have used whole battery then task would be finished, nobody thought about me yesterday so why do I think about others, I thought about you in nominations but you didn’t.

Diandra says to Pritham and Praneet that I am upset with you both as you were doing setting somewhere else, she starts leaving, Praneet says that what can we do when you want love marriage now instead of arranged marriage, Diandra says I knew your reaction must be like this only, Gautam comes there,

Pritham ask to come, our bhabhi (brother’s wife, pointing Diandra) is here, they starts singing song, Diandra says just shut up, gautam says to Diandra that they are mad, Diandra hugs Gautam, Gautam hugs her back, Pritham and Praneet sings maine pyaar kiya tumse, Diandra breaks the hug, Gautam says what super model is doing with me, Pritham ask Gautam to sing, Gautam holds Diandra’s hand and sings Aaate jaate jo milta hai tumsa lagta hai, diandra blushes.

Dimpy comes in app room, Bigg boss says you have three app, first app is Gossip through which you will know what inmates say about you, 2nd app is Social media through which you will know your fan following on internet, 3rd app fan, through which you will know opinions of fans about you, Dimpy chooses gossip app through which she will know what inmates think about her, battery is drained to 26%, all are shocked,

in app room, Dimpy watches video in which Renee says to Nigaar that Dimpy cirbs all the time, Diandra comes to Pritham and says Dimpy is crying, why you went personal with her, Pritham says what personal? she has broken P3G, then Ali says to Diandra that Dimpy have studied every person so she knows the game, then video of Pritham is shown in which he says to Gautam that Dimpy was advocating Ali, Gautam says I think Dimpy is Girlfriend of Ali from before,

Dimpy is stunned to listen this, Gautam says Dimpy know Ali from before, it takes time to make connections, Puneet says no girl can stay with Ali, she is covering Ali so she maybe his girlfriend, video ends, Dimpy thanks big boss, she comes in lounge, all ask what option she took, Dimpy says it was amazing, I cant tell, Upen says she is emotional, Puneet says my guess, something was shown to her. dimpy says yes.

Dimpy tells Sonali that I was shown what people gossip about me in house, I don’t know I just became friends with one boy and they all started gossiping about me (P3G), I am surprised and shocked that they talk such things behind my back.

Dimpy says to Renee that you will leave this task? renee says there is nothing fro us to do in this task, all inmates are fulfilling their wishes, Renee says its my right to recharge battery or not, Dimpy says its your choice to co-operate or not. Renee says if I don’t recharge battery then housemates will burn, Upen and me are nominated so why to do task for others, why to be nice to them if we are going out of house only.

Praneet is in app room, his first option is love through which he will get a chance to go on date with his girlfriend Kanchan but you will drain 33% and only 26% battery f house is remaining so you cant use this app, 2nd option is gossip through which you will know the opinion of inmates about you, 3rd option is Tv, through which you can watch one episode this season, 4th option is nominations through which you can see who nominated you in all weeks, Praneet says I was interested on going to date but I cant, about gossip app, it will cost 22% drain and we have only 26% left, I controlled myself for many weeks, I wanna save this battery life for other, maybe this battery will bring smiles on anyone’s face, Bigg boss says ok you can go, Praneet says Kanchan I miss you, be happy, take care of dad and mom, he comes out.
All ask you didn’t take a wish, Praneet says no, battery was less, I wanted to take one wish but I couldn’t because of battery, other options were useless for me, one option was to go on date with kanchan,

Diandra says what, Praneet says I hade to have 32% battery, so I thought to save battery for others, All says its a big thing, Puneet says I am going to save battery too, Karishma says I am feeling like crying, Puneet says I, Praneet and Gautam decided to do this and save battery for other, not dying to meet or see anyone, Upen says he has done a big thing.

Praneet says to Puneet that what you said about I am not dying for wishes, Puneet says I said this for me, I said you did correct thing, if I am asked to talk to Wife r daughter, then they are not dying without me, I will ask for crowd, nobody dies, Praneet says don’t say die word, I am emotional at this moment, Puneet says I didn’t say about you, Praneet says I love my family a lot, please don’t say alike this.
Pritham says I am feeling scared, what options will be given to me.

Praneet looks at his family picture, he kisses it, Dimpy hugs him to console him.

Dimpy says I have understood about Upen, he is not nice like you all say, its his game, Puneet says I know, Dimpy says he doesn’t go against majority and take stand, Gautam says yes he always stay in majority, Dimpy says Upen have fought with Karishma and diandra and Sonali, but he is not mean to Diadnra and Karishma but he is mean to Sonali as nobody cares for her, she is not majority’s part in this house, Puneet says Sonali nominated her, he is angry with you, Dimpy says I don’t think he is very genuine as he portrays, Puneet says we are what we are on face,

Dimpy says I also was shown some footage and I didn’t like it, Gautam says you were close to Ali so thought crossed my mind that you have relation with him, Puneet says Ali said to gautam that his girlfriend is coming in house so I thought you are the one but then we all saw how he used you, he is a cheap man, dimpy says that Ali and diandra are so much bitter in words, Pritham says she is not bitter, Gautam says she gets bitter sometime, she said sorry to me and confessed that she said many bitter words for me, Dimpy says Gautam be careful with her, Gautam says I have told her that if you are playing game then play but even then you will be my friend.

Diandra is app room, Bigg boss give her 4 apps option, 1st is gossip app, 2nd is shopping app through which she will get her make up back, 3rd is social media app, 4th is beauty app through which she can get spa treatment, Diandra says I want make up, Battery drains to 11%, Diandra gets her make up and hair color back.

Diandra comes in lounge and tell that she got her make up, Karishma cheers for her, Diandra says this option was of less battery usage, Praneet says my giving up worked for you, diandra hugs him.

Karishma reads that Upen and Renee can recharge battery. they have to go in tub full of cow dugn and find batteries in it to recharge, all laughs, one battery will add 1% percent to house battery, there are 89% batteries in tub, so if they find all batteries then they can recharge battery to 100%, you will have five minutes to find batteries.

Renee ask Puneet will he do task? Puneet says all are going to fulfill their wishes, you have to do the task to recharge battery many times, Renee says what will be our gain, Karishma says you are heroes of task, Puneet says you can say no to task, Karishma says you can become hero or can say no to task. Pritham says we cant force anyone.

Buzzur plays, Upen goes in cow dung tub and starts taking out batteries, Renee says its yuck, dimpy and diandra leaves from there because of smell, renee doesn’t take part in task, Upen alone puts hand in dung and collects as much batteries he can, all clap for him, 5 minutes end, all ask Upen to count batteries, he has collected 61 batteries, Bigg boss says now battery is charged to 72%. all claps for Upen.

Praneet says to Ali that don’t give attention to Renee, she didn’t even think about inmates.
Puneet says to gautam that this task was given to Upen and Renee as they are nominated, and through this task they can gain Audience love and can get saved, Pritham says even if they get evicted they will be saluted for selflessness, Pritham says this is not the spirit to not do any task, sonali says It was small task, I have broken my back in tasks.

Gautam in app room, bigg boss says you have 4 apps, 1st is stardom app, 2nd app is family, by using this app you can meet your mother, Gautam says it will cost 32% battery, I want to do use this app right now, live video plays in Gautam’s mother is shown, she waves high to Gautam, Gautam gets emotional seeing her, he starts crying seeing his mother on Tv, he ask bigg boss can I meet her, Bigg boss says you can meet your mom, you know where is she? Gautam says it was confession room, bigg boss then why are you waiting, go,

Gautam runs and goes in confession room, he is stunned to see his mom and starts crying, he hugs her, both starts crying, Gautam sits with her and Says I cant believe you have come here, all inmates are curious outside, Mother says to Gautam that don’t cry, Gautam is incoherently crying, Mother says don’t cry, are you sad? Gautam says no I have bore a lot of torture her, he hugs her again, Mother says I cant go if you cry, mother say thanks to Puneet ji for taking care of you, Gautam and mother say thanks to bigg boss.

Gautam comes out, all ask was your mother come in confession? Gautam nods, all are happy for him Dimpy, Renee, Karishma, Upen hugs him, diandra gets emotional and leaves from there crying.

Praneet says to Upen that Kanchan must have come here to meet me but I couldn’t her, she came here all the way to meet me, Upen says don’t worry, she will understand, because of you all got chances, Diandra and Gautam got chance.

Pritham says to Sonali that if you had taken a single wish then Praneet would have gone on date with his girlfriend, be sensible, sonali says I was.

Upen says to Praneet that wish Sonali had used one wish only then you would have got the chance to meet Kanchan, Praneet is emotional, Upen says all are seeing what you did, you are a great person.
Pritham says first person can get advantage, Praneet comes there, Sonali says I didn’t know my two wishes will affect Praneet, diandra says you were laughing some minutes ago and now feeling sad for Praneet as he has come here, Sonali says I am feeling sorry for him, Diandra says you decide what you are feeling, you were laughing that Praneet didn’t get a chance and now feeling sad for him,

Pritham says Sonali what wishes did you choose, sonali says don’t think much, Praneet had option, he could have chose other options, Pritham says thank you for being selfless, Praneet says that I am feeling bad that she came here from all the way, Pritham says why inmates were hiding the apps, Diandra Says Sonali lied about apps, she could have told us so we would have used wisely, Sonali says I told all what was inside, Pritham says what was the need to hide it. battery is still 42%.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 26th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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