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Watch Bigg Boss 8 27th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 67 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 27th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 67) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Seventh November 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- Aaj hai Thursday or dekhte hai kya hota hai bigg boss house me naya aaj to ali ka or sonali ka naya roop dekhne ko milega... sab achha game khel rahe hai....

Puneet says to Ali that what nasty comment did you say when Lisa came in house, ali says I want to expose you too, all inmates starts bashing Ali for his misconduct, Puneet pushes him Away, and gets angry on him. Gautam takes him away from there. later sonali says to Ali that I will slap you, she Slaps Ali. later ali says that I don’t want to live in this house, he takes his bags and starts hitting gate of bigg boss house, sonali closes the door of lounge on him, ALi climbs to roof of house with help of some objects, All ask him to come down.

Day 65 (continued) @ 1:00am
Ali is finding his soft toy chussu, Ali says to Dimpy that I am not finding it, I have no joke relation with you then why did you take it, Dimpy says chussu is not yours, Ali says its mine, Dimpy ask to go, Ali says why are you doing this, you are showing your standard, Praneet says don’t talk like this to girl, Ali says why you are coming inbetween, this is not done to hide anything which I am emotionally attach off, what if I tear her pictures of family, Dimpy says go and do that, ali says you showed your standard, Dimpy says who are you tell me my standard, Diandra and Gautam are sitting on one bed, Ali says I will show your standard, Gautam and Renee laughs, Dimpy comes in bedroom and ask why are you laughing Renee, he is talking about girl’s standard and you are laughing, ali says then why do you touch my things, Dimpy shouts I am not talking to you ali,

Ali barks on her face, Gautam stops Dimpy but she is really very angry, Dimpy says this is not cool, Ali says you want footage then do that but why hide my soft toy, Gautam takes Dimpy from there, Renee says why she is tripping on us, Gautam ask Dimpy to laugh on him, not give him attention, dimpy says sorry I cant laugh at his cheap jokes, all in bedroom were laughing when he was talking about standard of a girl. Karishma ask Diandra to lets go to Dimpy, she must be feeling bad. diandra says why should we involve ourselves in all this.

Gautam says to dimpy in lounge that they all were laughing on ali not on you, Upen and Karishma comes there, Upen says he was funny so we were laughing on him, not on you, Gautam says we didn’t even understood what was the matter. in bed room Ali says dimpy is footage machine.

Day 66 @ 8:00am
Song bachna aae haseeno starts playing, all inmates wake up and start dancing to the tunes.

Upen ask Ali to control himself, your tongue is very strong, you should know that you are talking to a girl, Ali says Dimpy said to me that get lost from here furniture so I got angry.
Karishma says to pritham that Ali knew Renee and Dimpy did this, Pritham says this is fault of all girls, he is snap at girls and misbehave with them and then you people become friendly with him again, Karishma says what to do, we have to live with him 24*7, Pritham says you should know the distance you should maintain.

Upen says to Ali that you are a nice person, people wont understand that.

Pritham says to Puneet that we cant stoop to the level of Ali in comedy, this is not our standard.
Karishma says to Upen that I am gullible, he alleged on Saturday and I am still talking to him, Upen says maintain distance when you go out of this house, Karishma says obviously, Pritham was right, why we even talk to him.

ali comes in app room, bigg boss says you can have 4 apps, first app is Food through which you can eat 7 course meal, 2nd app is love through which he can go on date with his girlfriend, 3rd is gossip through which he will know what inmates talk about him behind his back, 4th is surprise through which he can remove restriction from him that he cant be captain, Ali thinks and says if I use 32% for captaincy then they will know what will do with them. Ali says I don’t need captaincy to disturb inmates, I wanna go on date with my girlfriend, battery is drained to 8% as ali used 32%, bigg boss says soon you will meet your Gf, Ali says love you bigg boss.

Ali comes in lounge, he says that my chassu is coming to meet me, all claps for me, Praneet hugs him, Ali says dimpy I am sorry, I was rude to you, I forgot my limit, I don’t want you people think that I don’t respect girls, give me final chance, I will not misbehave with girls, if I do that then don’t give me food.

Praneet reads that Upen and Renee is given one more chance to recharge batteries, they have to color their hairs, upen does face palm on this, diandra laughs, Praneet reads that if they do so then battery will be 46% by upen and 46% by Renee, after this battery can go to 100%, Ali says do coloring then color it to black. Renee says no, Upen brings color, he ask Diandra what color is it, is it pink? Diandra says its blonde, Upen says ok apply it on my hairs, all claps for him, diandra goes to apply color on him while Renee says I will not do that, Praneet says it is not permanent color, Renee says jumping in dung was not big thing for me but I just want to do it for others, she doesn’t want to help, sonali says why cant we do the tasks, Renee says you don’t say anything, you ate up whole battery of Praneet.

in washroom, Upen says to Puneet that hairs are my week point, I am possessive about it. Sonali says to Renee why you are involving in my and PRaneet’s mater, we are mature enough to not listens all this, why you want to put fire, why you are showing bad impression, Renee says the girl who doesn’t have impression is telling me my impression, sonali says I don’t wanna talk to you, renee says yes you think you are high class standard girl while all are low standard here, Sonali says I didn’t say like this, if you think like that then its fine with me.

Diandra is applying color on Upen’s hairs, Praneet says I changed color of my eye brows, Karishma says Renee have problem in helping others, not problem with tasks, she said it.
Sonali says to Renee that go and color your hairs, work on something, renee says you go instead of me, Sonali says I would have done it, Renee says you are selfish ate up whole battery, sonali says you are selfish not doing any task.

Praneet says to Ali that Renee was crying should I help or not others, she said nobody voted for me, its her fault that she has no connect with anyone in house, Renee comes there and says she will not color her hairs and she have her reasons, but you guys just gossip without listening to reasons, Praneet says its your behavior, Renee says you judged me, Praneet says all are judging you, Renee says I am alone here, Praneet says be alone then.

Dimpy says to Karishma that Renee thinks she is week this weak, its her strategy to pick up fights with Sonali and Ali by not doing task, she is provoking inmates to fight with her, she want to give content as she was alleged to be disaster of season, Karishma says this forceful content by renee is not liked by inmates and audience.

Upen washes his color and his hairs are all blonde, Ali jokes you are looking nice, Upen says shut up.
Upen comes out of washroom and shows his color to Karishma, Karishma says OMG, Dimpy says you are looking like Saif Ali khan from go goa gone movie, all claps for Upen including sonali, all hugs Upen, Battery is recharged to 54%.

Pritham is in app room, he has given 4 apps, 1st is love through which he can meet Ama jot, 2nd is postman through which he can get letter of his mother, 3rd is food through which he can get sweets and churan (powder for digestion, he requested this before0, 4th is stardom through which he can see what his fans think about him, Pritham thinks and choose to meet his wife, Ama is shown on Tv, he says hi, bigg boss says Pritham your wife is in house. battery is drained to 22%.

Pritham comes in lounge and tells inmates that my family is in room, all cheers for him.
Pritham go in room and finds her wife sitting there but room is separated by glass window, they can look at each through glass and can talk though headphones, Ama says you have become lean, Pritham says how are you, I was given 2 option, Ama says if you had not chosen me then I would have beaten you a lot, Pritham says I knew it, I realized you are here, where is Adi (his son), they get emotional, Ama says I love you, she gets emotional, Pritham says I too, Pritham says are you going to doctor? she says yes I saw small baby on Tv (Pregnant), Ama says we can even hug each ther, Adi comes there, Pritham is so much happy to see him and lifts him, Praneet outside say I listened kid’s voice, all run to door of room to listen.

Pritham says to Adi that I took 14 years to come here and you took 14 months to come here, inmates are trying to see in room by lying on ground and seeing through door, Pritham brings Adi out of room, all are happy to see his child, all say hi to his wife. Pritham says to Adi that papa will come soon, he says to Ama that I miss you, I am short of words to describe my feelings, Ama says only with me? you express yourself to all but not to me, shutter starts coming down on glass window, Ama says no, they keep looking at each other till the shutter completely closes the glass window, ama cries, Pritham comes out, Praneet hugs him.

Karishma comes in app room, she is being shown on Tv in lounge, all inmates sit to see what KArishma chooses, bigg boss gives Karishma 4 apps, 1st is gossip, 2nd is love through which she can know about her fans, 3rd is shop through which she can get her make up, 4th is family through which she can meet her mother, Karishma says I require 32% for this but our battery is 22% only, how can I take 4 option, Puneet says bigg boss will not talk. Karishma’s mother is shown on Tv to her, Karishma starts crying seeing her, her mother is waving to her, Karishma is weeping loudly, all inmates get emotional seeing KArishma’s breakdown, Diandra is in tears too.

Praneet says bigg boss give her 32% percent. Karishma says to bigg boss that why did you put this option in my list? you called my mom in confession room, but I cant meet her, Diandra cries for her. Bigg boss says Karishma you know this is team work and if one inmate doesn’t give her input in this task so it will affect other inmates too, we are giving you sometime to convince Renee to do the task for you, we are giving you this chance only because of seeing your sentiments, if Renee applies color on her hairs, then you will be benefitted and others too, Karishma is weeping all this while, now its on your effort and Renee’s decision that you will get to meet your mom or not, all inamtes watches this, Renee seem unaffected and leaves from there, Pritham says give full time to both the girls.
Karishma comes in lounge, she is crying, Pritham hugs her and ask her to convince Renee, Karishma says Renee doesn’t wanna do it so how can I force her, Pritham says atleast you can talk to her, Karishma ask Renee can you do this task? she sits beside Renee, Karishma says I will not force you, Renee says my mom in not in Mumbai, she has operation and my dad is admitted too, she gets in tears, Karishma says my dad is no more, my mom is all alone, I understand your feeling, Renee says no, I was nice to all but they all sidelined me and judged me, Karishma says I never said anything about you, Renee says bigg boss did wrong with me too, he gave chance to all to meet their family but made me battery, I am not taking part in task but I am crying seeing your emotions, she shows her mother’s picture and says I am roaming around with this picture, I cant show emotions, all are being practical here so why should I think from heart, use this battery for other thing, Karishma says how can I, my mom is in confession room, please Renee, Renee says this is unfair bigg boss, Karishma screams mom, Upen comes there, Karishma says imagine my mom in confession room, Upen ask Renee to do the task, her mom is inside, Renee says I don’t know, I don’t wanna do this, I want to remove title given to me, I don’t know in which condition my father is, why should I understand emotions of others, Karishma is stuck to confession room’s door and keeps crying saying mom, Renee says let me take my stand, Pritham says this is wrong stand, KArishma is shouting for her mother and is crying.
Puneet ask Renee to think above game, leave personal grudge aside, Renee says nobody thought about me above game, all called me wasted bomb, dumb and all, I was judged, Gautam says I have solved many things even after seeing clips against me, Puneet says you will become great if you do this, Renee says I want to talk to my father, Upen says bigg boss will do that, we will request it, Puneet says I will talk to bigg boss, I will not meet my family, I will ask bigg boss to first let Renee allow to talk to his father, I don’t want anything.
diadnra says to Karishma that you are strong, we are with you here, Gautam says whats all this, Karishma says I will meet my mom after show, Praneet hugs her, Karisham cries.
Renee says I am not wrong, I was not saved by anyone, nobody thinks about me, why should I thin, I am not part of any group, nobody takes me seriously, Upen says its about humanity, one girl is crying incoherently, cant you see that.
inside Karishma burst in tears, she cries aloud, she crave fro her mother, Gauam, ali, Diandra, even Sonali get emotional seeing her like that, they all have tears in their eyes, Praneet tries to console her.
Renee says I was also crying seeing her mom, didn’t I cry seeing Pritham’s son.

Diandra hugs Karishma and console her, Praneet ask her to go in app room, maybe bigg boss allow you to talk to your mother on phone, just go ther, Karishma says I don’t wanna go, I have no interest in anything else, diandra and Sonali are to rise above this, be strong, Karishma comes in garden and says to Puneet that I don’t wanna go in app room, I don’t want to do this, Puneet ask Renee to do this, Puneet says she has agreed to do it, Karishma says don’t force her, can I talk to her alone, all leaves them. Karishma says to renee that don’t get influenced by these people if you have taken decision to not do it then don’t do, my father is dead but my mother is alive, its fine with me, but i cant see you being forced like this, just give me one signal that you don’t wanna do it,

Renee says go and meet your mom, she is weeping, Karishma says if you don’t want to do it then don’t, Renee says no, if I go this Saturday, then give my love to her, she hugs Karishma, Renee then gets up and says I am forced now, I will do the task, she tears her father’s pic, all are shocked, all say if you think we forced you then don’t do the task, Renee says if Karishma doesn’t meet her mother now then I will leave the house, Upen says don’t do it if you don’t want to do it, nobody is forcing you.

Pritham says to diandra that most inmates are nominated 4 5 times here, but why she did this, first agreed to do the task then said that we are forcing her, making us guilty, Diandra says Karishma understood that she don’t want to meet her mother like this, Pritham says why she is making us guilty.

Diandra and dimpy says that this is a big thing to color all hairs of a girl, Karishma says but if it was about his father then I would done it, Diandra says no one is gonna judge you, its your decision, nobody is forcing you, Praneet says give her time to think, they all leaves her alone.

Diandra says to Gautam and all that did any of boy shaved his head in Sushant’s task, I am not taking sides here, Karishma’s emotions are right, but Renee is not wrong too, like Puneet said that we didn’t see our families for many weeks so 5 more weeks will not make such huge difference, Puneet says I stick to that still, diandra says we don’t know what Renee is going through, look at her hairs, its very difficult for her.
Renee is looking at her long, silky black hairs in washroom,

she comes out of washroom without coloring hairs.
Karishma comes in app room, bigg boss says that Renee didn’t tell her final decision so we assume that she is not coloring her hairs this means you cant use 4th app which is to meet your mother, bigg boss says you can choose from rest three, Karishma says I want to choose 2nd app, bigg boss says let me tell you this was the last chance of inmates to recharge batteries, now they wont get any task to recharge batteries, Karishma says I chose 2nd app so that game goes on and battery will be then 1% remaining so Puneet will get chance to come here too, but yes I need make up and if you are saying that we cant recharge again so I want to take my make up, battery is drained to 0%, all are shocked.

Karishma comes in lounge, she tells inmates that I was taking option of 21% but bigg boss told me that they will not give us more chances to recharge batteries, so I took make up, Gautam says then you did right, Puneet says good.

dimpy tells Puneet that this game was between us and batteries and bcause of KArishma’s make up we lost the task, it was written that battery cant go to 0% else we will lose the task, diandra says yes, if Karishma had left 1% then we would have won, Puneet says I didn’t understand that, Dimpy says because of her make up, we lost the task.

Karishma says mama I miss you, sorry I couldn’t meet.
Puneet says to Sonali that now I am free that Karishma’s make up has come back to her, she gave up make up fro me and now we clashed again fr make up.

Diandra tells Karishma that we lost the task as Battery should not drain to 0%, Karishma says what would you have done with 1%, Karishma says there was no chance of recharge so why should I not take my make up, luxury budget go in hell I wanted my make up, Pritham says that’s fine too, you all gave her tag (selfish) so see now. Dimpy says we all will suffer for her make up. in washroom, Karishma says I got emotional seeing you mama.

dimpy tells Sonali that karishma said go to hell luxury bidget I want my make up, Sonali says did she say that, dimpy says we all took part in task, was asking Renee to help her just so that she can get her make up, Pritham says its not wrong attitude, she was like this, so what to expect from her, she is right on her point, when you can stand Renee that she cant color her hairs then why cant you stand Karishma’s point of view. Karishma and Renee hug in washroom.

dimpu says to Diandra that nobody has spine in this house, all got emotional for her but now all saying something else.

Bigg boss say to ali that your Gf, Gauri is waiting in confession room, Ali comes in confession room and takes her out, all meet Gauri, Karishma hugs her, then Sonali and other girls, Gauri says nice to meet you Dimpy, all say all the best.

Ali and Gauri comes in confession room, they hug each other, its all setup of date in confession room, Gauri says I am feeling awkward, they have a gala time together.

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