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Watch Bigg Boss 8 28th November 2014 Full HD episode Day 68 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 28th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 68) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Eighth November 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- Aaj hai shukarwar or aaj kya naya drama hota hai Bigg Boss ke darbaar me... iss Season me saare inmates ek se ek badhkar ek hai...

Ali comes back in house. bigg boss says that nobody can raise hands in this show so Sonali as punishment will be nominated every week directly till end of show. later task for new captain is being announced. Diandra comes in bedroom, Gautam blocks her path, Diandra smiles and says why you are not moving back, Gautam says i am not afraid of girls, why should i move back what will you do? diandra holds his hand and take shim washroom.

Day 67 @ 8:00am :- its new morning, song Dun dana dan karengy goal starts playing,. all inmates wake up and enjoys the song.

Sonali ask Pritham uncle please open the box, Pritham hugs her, Sonali says go and apply deodorant, Pritham says who asked you to smell me, sonali says you are not smelling but stinging, you are stinging Pyare, Pritham says that I was gyming so must be stinging, you don’t even know how to wash clothes, people say this, Sonali says that people are very worried about me that when did I washed my clothes last, Pritham says its gautam who is more interested in knowing it, Gautam says don’t say this in fun too as things go further in fun only,

Sonali says people are getting serious in morning only, Gautam says I am serious from time when you behaved rudely on dining table, Gautam ask Pritham to not involve him in all this, Pritham says you were saying about her washing ability, Gautam says yes I told you that she doesn’t even take water off from clothes after washing them, Sonali says now its going beyond limit, Gautam says I noticed that, its wrong habit, Sonali says I always dry my clothes, Gautam says I am sorry, Sonali says you better be.

Sonali comes in garden, she says I don’t understand what problem Pritham and Gautam have with me.
Gautam says to Pritham that she never wash clothes nicely, and now saying you better be sorry, Pritham says you should not do personal comments on anyone, its point, Gautam says you don’t bring comedy in everything, Pritham says I am serious, you pass personal comments that she doesn’t wash towel nicely, who are you to judge? Gautam says why were you discussing this with Sonali? Pritham says I just told her in fun, Gautam says why you bring my name in it, Pritham says because you said that comment, Gautam says don’t raise your voice, Pritham says I am saying my point,

Puneet says stop it, Pritham says you are stretching the matter Gautam, I was just doing comedy with Sonali, Sonali comes and says I was enjoying with Pritham, what was Gautam’s need to pass comment on me, Gautam says Sonali you enevr do anything nicely, Sonali says Pritham didn’t say anything, why you have problem with me in everything.

Gautam says to Puneet that why he is bringing my name in joke, I said Sonali sorry, tell Pritham to not do all this, I don’t have time to pacify al in house, Pritham comes there and sit, Pritham says I didn’t know that Gautam and Sonali had problem. why Gautam starts bickering with her.

today is judgment day for Puneet, bigg boss ask Puneet to tell three names who he want to save in next nominations? we are giving time to him, inmates can talk to him and tell him why he should take their name to be saved.

all inmates one by one talk to Puneet to give their reason to be saved.
Pritham talks to Puneet and says that you are with us from many weeks, you know who is playing, nominate only those three inmates who you think deserve to be saved.

Karishma says to Diandra that it can be upen in puneet’s list, he deserve it, he burned his head too, Upen says but Puneet didn’t get anything in app task.

Dimpy talks to Puneet and says I am blunt, I say things on face so I am targeted and used, I will get time if you safe me, people will understand me.

Pritham says to Ali that Puneet can do unexpected.
Upen says to Puneet that I did many things in 10 weeks but I didn’t get anything in return, this is my only point.

Gautam says to Puneet that you know much hard work we did to bring these people on right path, we were captains when we were not and when we became captain then we brought them on right path. just see the intentions of inmates.

Sonali comes to Puneet, she says 1..2..3.. she lies on floor and folds her hand to be saved from nominations, all laughs, Sonali sit infront of him and says should I say anything? puneet says no need, Sonali says nobody saved me in nominations but you said that if you had chance then you would have saved me so now you have chance, atleast you thought about me, Puneet says I am seeing you forward in game, I think you are not weak so I should save weak person, Sonali says no save me, I have to pack my bags every week because I am nominated every week.

bigg boss says that we ask Puneet names of three people who he want to save. Puneet says first is Pritham, he said that do what is right for game, second is Upen, he did every task with full energy, 3rd is Gautam as he is fair in game. Puneet says that I thought about Praneet and dimpy too but I am so sorry, I had no option, Dimpy says I never judge you, don’t me sorry.

at pool side, all the three inmates whose names were taken by Puneet have to do the task, in task they have to hold bowls full of liquid in both hands, the one who holds the bowl till last will be winner of task and will get immunity next week and will not be nominated, Pritham, Gautam and Upen are holding bowls, all cheers for them, Gautam is shivering, Sonali says don’t shout, Puneet says straight your hands, Upen’s hands are shivering, Pritham is balancing the most, Gautam cant hold it anymore so he throws bowl in pool and leaves the task, now its between Upen and Pritham, bowl falls from Upen’s hand, all laughs, Gautam hugs Pritham, Puneet says very nice.

Bigg boss says that Pritham won the task so he has won the immunity and is saved next week. all cheers for him.

Pritham says to Puneet that I was doing bhajan in task.
Karishma says to upen that you were best. Sonali says best expressions were of Pritham, and Gautam threw bowl like audience will save me, leave it.
Gautam says to Puneet that I tried.

Renee says to dimpy that I have realized that Upen was first saying bad things about diandra and Karishma and then in nominations he saved Karishma, Renee says I took wrong stand for Upen, dimpy says I agree that Upen is nice guy but seeing his nice nature, girls are go gaga over him but he do whatever he wants, he nominate anyone, Dimpy says Sonali is stupid, he nominated Sonali for 4 times but she never did, he ask loyalty of Sonali but he was not fair with her, when we talk to him I feel good but he keep things in his heart, doesn’t open up which is most dangerous.

Bigg boss says to inmates that now its time for Puneet to punish. he has to take two names who will be punished, Puneet says my vice captains Gautam and upen will take punishment, all did mistakes in tasks, like I want to point out, women should be respected, we should behave with them properly, but Ali is not in this, he doesn’t behave properly, but I don’t want to give him just a small punishment and release him from his mistakes, Diandra says no this is not fair sir, Ali says this is not fair for Upen, diandra says its not fair at all, Ali says if I am liable for punishment then I will take Punishment, nobody will take it on my part, Puneet says who are you tell this, bigg boss I told my decision, Upen and Gautam will take punishment, they are vice captains, Ali says if you think I am wrong then give me punishment, Puneet says I just don’t want to release you by taking a small punishment, Ali says I asked forgiveness for my mistake, all did mistakes,

Dimpy says Puneet take your decision, Ali says you always talk about I not behave properly with girls, my mother and sister know who much I respect girls, Puneet says then why you misbehave with them, Ali says you also do that, you also fight, puneet says *****, I will smack your face, don’t bicker with me, Ali says don’t talk about violence, smack my face, Puneet says I will smack your face with love, you don’t respect girls, Puneet stands up to hit Ali, but Gautam and Upen holds him back, Praneet takes Ali from there, Puneet says that every night Ali gossip about girls, he points to Sonali and he used to do nasty comments on you.

Puneet comes to Ali, Puneet says all come here, I want his Gauri to listen this too, When lisa came in house and Sonali walked, he passed comment on her, Ali says you have also passed comments, Puneet says tell me, I want to expose you, Ali says I want to expose you too, all holds Puneet back, sonali says to ali that what did you say about me, how dare you comment on me (i think he passed comment right now too which was edited out on moral grounds), Sonali says I will give you a tight slap, she gets angry on Ali and Slaps him on his face, Pritham holds Sonali, Sonali says he actually said things about me, Ali leaves from there, Ali says she slapped me, Sonali says why did you say about me, i will not tolerate it, ali takes hi bags and says i am leaving this house, she forcefully slapped me. Ali says i don’t want to live in this house.

Puneet says Sonali you are stupid, why did you touch him, why you slpped him, Sonali says how dare he say about me, Renee says when Puneet was bickering with Ali in bedroom right now, he passed comment on Sonali on camera, dimpy says that just respecting your mother and sister is not respecting women, Sonali says if this is case, i will leave house right now, Renee and Dimpy say why would you leave.
Ali bash on gate of bigg boss house and shouts to open the gate, they are playing by making groups, why i am being slapped, i am leaving, Gautam ask Ali to break the mirror of gate if he wants to leave, Ali says i don’t want break mirror, you don’t come in all this, Gautam back off. Puneet says that i wanted to punish others so that Ali understand his mistakes, all say to leave Ali, he is shouting.

Gautam comes in lounge and says mental he is, Sonali says how dare he say about me, Ali ask Sonali to hit him, to slap hi, what you all want to prove, i just said what the truth is, Upen ask Sonali to not look at him, Ali says i was ready to take punishment, Puneet says we don’t want to give you punishment, Ali says you are playing game.

Gautam says Ali got slapped on his stupidity, how can he say such nasty thing to a girl, Dimpy says sonali actually hit him very lightly, she should have slapped him tightly, Puneet says if he is really apologetic then he should say to Sonali that slap him 2 or 3 time more, Gautam says we cant even repeat the words what Ali used for Sonali.

in garden, Praneet ask Ali to calm down, Ali says i will jump out of house, ali says don’t come near me, he takes furniture and starts climbing up the house, Karishma says Ali you will get hurt, come down, All comes in garden, Puneet ask him to go, Ali is climbing the roof, bigg boss ask him to come down, Ali says i wanna leave this house, all are laughing on him, Ali comes down, he comes in lounge and shots on sonali’s face and comes in confession room.

ali says to bigg boss that i cant play this game anymore, i am quitting it, i played my 100% but i am being insulted here, bigg boss ask him to calm down, Ali says i cant do this anymore.

Puneet says that he can use slangs and all but its all fine for him, Karishma says he said nasty things about gautam too, Upen says he said things about me too, Pritham says he local dog, Puneet says he is G8 in bigg boss8.

ali in confession room says that i want to leave, bigg boss says this is not the first time that one inmates is be gin targeted by all inmates, this is not new, Ali says but i am being provoked, Bigg boss says this happens in this house, Ali says i have seen it but i cant see their face now.
Puneet says now he is exposed, Dimpy says he say he respect mother and sister and what about other girls, Praneet says others are not his sisters?

Ali says to bigg boss that my mother and sister will not be able to see all this, i want to leave, bigg boss says do you want to go with all these allegations on you? don’t you want to prove yourself innocent, you are alleged by housemates so you should clean yourself in house only, this is best for you, Ali says if you don’t send me out of house then i will not eat or drink, i am not mentally fine, i cant see their faces, allow me ot go or else take me to some secret room but i cant live with them for now.

diandra says to inmates that whats all this, are we mad or what, cant we see that this is all drama of his, its all for getting attention of camera. Renee says to sonali that why did you connect with Ali again, Sonali says i don’t talk to me, he comes to me and sings songs for me, Puneet says Ali said that nigaar’s family wanted him to marry Nigaar, and i ran away from there.

bigg boss tells inmates that Ali’s health is not fine so he is being shifted to other room, he ask Upen to send things of Ali to store room.

Ali is lying on bed in secret room.Gautam says this is all drama of his, Sonali says he was taking empty suitcase out when he was shouting that he will leave house? this is all drama of Ali.

all inmates are looking in camera, Pritham says this is not the first time, when he (Ali) provoke someone so much then she (Sonali) will react, Praneet says he instigate others below the belt, then he ask forgiveness, we have forgiven him many a times but today’s reaction was the boiling point of others against him, he has doen so much that now we don’t think that we can stop inmates from taking action against him, Pritham says Ali is unique piece, Karishma says if Ali comeback in house then we request you to order him to not pass loose comments on girls and boys, Praneet says bigg boss please take out solution for this.

Sonali is sharing blanket with Upen, she ask whats your problem with me, Upen says i am not angry with you at all but the way you reacted on nominations bomb, i don’t know why you reacted like that, Sonali says that i also don’t know what happened to me, Upen says game is not so much important to you, sonali says i am being nominated for 10 weeks, i have to pack bags every week, Upen says Gautam is nominated too, Sonali says he is nominated for 8 weeks, i have beaten him, i did mistake, i will not behave like this now.

Dimpy says to Upen and Karishma that when we and Ali were friends, he told me that i am seeing game minutely, he asked me to look in bedroom, i looked and Upen and Karishma were standing, you both were talking, Karishma says oh my god, Upen says Ali told us about you and Gautam being making angle, Karishma says this is height of cheapness, he is so cheap, Upen says why you are in shock, you know him, Karishma says i am shocked that how can he create my angel when he knows that i have boyfriend, Upen says he has gf, but even then he say like this.

Gautam says to Diadnra whats going on in life, they lie on bed, Gautam says don’t hold me, holding a young guy in night is not allowed, Diandra says fine and puts pillow inbetween, Diadnra says i will not touch you, i want to give something, can is say in ear, she tells him something in ear, Diandra holds Gautam’s hand, Gautam says this is wrong to hold boy’s hand, raam raam raam, there is wrong here, this pillow.. Diandra says you are thinking much, Gautam says you sleep baby, i am not finding your intentions right, diandra laughs.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 28th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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