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Watch Bigg Boss 8 29th November 2014 Full HD episode Weekend ka vaar Day 69 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 29th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 69) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Eighth November 2014Weekend ka vaar Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- aaj hai Shanivaar, or aaj hai weekend ka vaar with salman khan ke sath, dekhte hai aaj kon hota hai evicated Bigg Boss house se... 

Recently Day 68 @ 8:00am :-song “Happy birthday to you” starts playing, all inmates wake up and dances to the tunes. Diandra comes and hugs Gautam as its his birthday today.

Ali comes back in house, Upen ask where you went? Ali says I want to talk to you, Upen says what you said about me, I have listened it from others, Ali says you wont listen to me? Upen says all are lying, Ali says they are stretching the matter, you are important to me, Upen says you talked about me and Karishma to Dimpy, Ali says this is a lie, Karisham says you said to Puneet that Karishma was putting her hand in my **** and was talking to me whole night, Ali says this is lie too, they can say anything, Karishma says they will say such cheap things, Ali says I am being targeted, Diandra says you do things then say sorry, how can we believe you, Upen says if this game is so big for you then take trophy but don’t talk about us in such cheap manner on national Tv, Diandra is my friend for 12 years so If I am sleeping in her bed then doesn’t mean something is going on, Diandra sys even if it is going, you don’t need to pass comments,

Karishma says you have changed the meaning of friendship, you were saying to Upen about Gautam and Dimpy, Ali says Dimpy have got a target so she will spit her venom, Karishma says you have done worst than devil, Ali says I know what are my limits, Karishma says no you don’t, Ali says now I will say whatever I want, Ali says to Sonali that you could have talked to me, you came and directly slapped me, Sonali says you said that about me, Karishma also talk to me, you could have talked to me about matter, Sonali says what your level is, I believe that you must have said that thing about me.

Upen says to Praneet that Ali was saying that he is targeted, I said that I am feeling like laughing.
Ali says to Renee that they all surrounded me, they didn’t even ask me about my health, now I think you did right, all are alone here, no one is of no one, I just want one friend.

Upen says that Ali will eb with you at one time, will say that he is with you in everything then he will go to Puneet and will say samething to him, Karishma says he is loser.
Ali says they are behaving like that they are very pure and didn’t do anything, people know what they have done outside house, all will come to know about their deeds.

Puneet says to Gautam that ali is just a shoes rack in house for me, he is shoe placing stand for me, Ali says I will keep my stand, Sonali slapped me without any reason, I take stand on that as I think she insulted me.

Bigg boss says to inmates that yesterday an unfortunate incident happened, whatever the reason maybe, slapping someone is prohibited and cant be ignored, no one is allowed to raise against anyone, Sonali deserve punishment. so as Punishment Sonali is nominated not for this week but for all coming weeks, means she will be nominated till end of of show every week, we hope that Sonali doesn’t do it again, Sonali says yes bigg boss, Bigg boss says complete the judgment, Puneet have to give two names to be punished, Puneet says I choose Praneet and Diandra, Praneet as he sleep in day time, and Diandra as she speak English, Bigg boss says the punishment is that they have wash clothes, Sonali says now I am nominated, now nobody will have any reason to nominate me, Puneet says now you will say that why should I work? Pritham says she can say no to anything, Sonali says now I will say I don’t care.

Karishma reads that that they have lost luxury budget because of losing app task, now its time to choose new captain, 6 people Karishma, Sonali, Pritham, Praneet, dimpy and Renee never became
captain, now its their chance, in garden area, there are bottles placed on name of each of these contestants, the ex-captain will go and will empty the bottle of one of these inmates, those whose bottle is being emptied will be out of race of being captain, the one whose bottle will remain filled till end will be captain. first Puneet will go then Gautam, then Diandra, then Upen, then Ali.
Ali says to camera that I love you bigg boss, this house is of justice.

all comes in garden area, alarm plays, Puneet goes and empty the bottle of Pritham, Puneet says I want Pritham to go out of race because it will be unfair for him as he has already earned immunity for next week so if he becomes captain then the immunity which captain gets from nomination will be wasted for him, upen says this make sense.
Ali says to Pritham that reason was genuine.

Ali says to Karishma that you can become captain, Karishma says you will take me out of this race only, Ali says I told you that I will surprise you.
Puneet says if Karishma becomes captain then we don’t have any problem but I want Praneet to become captain, he calls Gautam and says you out Sonali then Diandra will out Dimpy or Renee, Upen will out Renee or Dimpy then Karishma or Praneet will remain, Ali will choose Praneet, Gautam says what should be done.

Alarm plays, Gautam looks at pictures and empty the bottle of Karishma, Gautam says I want her to be out of captaincy because I think other person can be good captain and I want him to be captain, Karishma says foolish reason, Gautam says you will get chance, Sonali says I thought you will take me out of race.
Ali says to Renee that now I will give immunity for 14 days more, I will make your captain, if you come in last two then I will make you captain.

Pritham says to Karishma that Gautam decided to take out Sonali from race but don’t know why he changed his decision, Karishma says he gave foolish reason, he was asked to do it, he is influenced as he doesn’t have brains of his own, he doesn’t have sense, Upen says next week, Karishma says he gave reason that he want Dimpy to be captain don’t he know that last is Ali.

Gautam says to Puneet that I don’t use my brain but sometime it is needed, I don’t want her to become partial in captaincy, I know she will be partial.

Pritham says to Karishma his reason was that he want other to be captain, Karishma says stupid opinion.
Pritham comes to Gautam and says that you destroyed friendship by opening a bottle, groups are formed again and politics have started again, all laughs.

Upen talks to Diandra, they about about opening bottle, Ali says to Karishma that I was hoping that Gautam doesn’t choose you but you know from where his brain operates, Karishma says from his knees, ALi says he is robot, Karishma says I know mastermind, Ali says I feel angry when you go and talk to them, I am the first person to go against them. Ali says now its time for war, we are winning.
Puneet says to Praneet that if Dimpy and Renee is out, then for Ali, it will be Sonali and Praneet, he has to choose from you both, he cant choose you as you are P3G and for Sonali he will remember the slap, Sonali laughs, Sonali says I think that Upen can take out my bottle.

Karishma is in tears, Ali says that you are strong, if you feel like giving slangs then give it to me.

Alarm plays, Diandra comes and thinks, she takes out bottle of Praneet, all laughs, diandra says I want him to be out of race because I chose you for captaincy last time but you were playing fro someone else and I think you are not interested in captaincy so I nominate you, Praneet says thank you.

in bedroom,Diandra says to Gautam that you are going on assumption that Karishma will be partial, Gautam says I am not against anyone, Diandra says we assumed that you will be bad captain, now you are assuming that she will be bad captain, think.

Puneet in kitchen says I think that diandra and Gautam are having fight, Praneet says friends are crushed in love story, Gautam opened Karishma’s bottle so Diandra opened my bottle, they laugh. Puneet says they have gone to second level.

Gautam says don’t argue about Karishma, Diandra says I am arguing, you brought this topic, Gautam says I want everyone to be my friend, this is problem that we make groups and misunderstanding happens, Diandra says I am just clarifying my point.

Puneet says to Pritham that Karishma ate our luxury budget too, Pritham says why she react on things.
Gautam says to Diandra that It will not matter to me or to you if we remain friends or not, but honestly telling you that P3G think good about you, I don’t know about Karishma, don’t destroy your game for Karishma.

Pritham says I have got reason to nominate Karishma. Puneet says make up so much important for Karishma that she ate our luxury budget.

Gautam says to Diandra that don’t think about whats going on in game, think about my heart, Diandra says forget it,lets not go in this, Gautam says you spoiled my mood, Diandra says you spoiled mine too, she leaves.

dimpy says to Ali that I saw footage about you talking bad on my back, I was genuine with you but I was bound to react on things you said, Ali says I am sorry for what I said but you didn’t even give me chance to clarify things.

Gautam says to Diandra that don’t take stand for others, Diandra says it was my point of view, Gautam says all think good about you, Diandra says I should have watched gossip in app task, Gautam says you would not find anything, Gautam says you said many things about me but even then I trust you that’s why I am standing so close to you otherwise I don’t stand so close to girls, Diandra blushes, Diandra says don’t come so near, Gautam says try to understand. Gautam blocks her path, Diandra smiles and says why you are not moving back, Gautam says i am not afraid of girls, Diandra says of course you are afraid of girls, Gautam says I am not a kid, Diandra says you are.

Ali says to Upen that I never said anything about Dimpy to you all, Karishma says you said to me and Upen that Gauri said to you that be away from dimpy, why are you giving explanations, accept what Gauri said, Dimpy says Ali said to me that Gauri said to him that Dimpy is good girl, ali says things are twisted, Dimpy says you were my friend but now I don’t wanna share anything, Upen and Karishma leaves, Ali says that the dimpy I know is not bad, things went out of hand, we had such pure relation, and that was destroyed, I should not have make it a secret that I didn’t tell you about my Gf, I am sorry about that.
in bedroom,

Gautam says to Diandra that I am not afraid of girls, what will you do, diandra says don’t do acting, Gautam says I am not afraid, Diandra says come then if you are not afraid, Diandra holds Gautam’s hand and takes him, he ask what are you going to do, Diandra takes him to washroom, Gautam ask what are you doing, Diandra says you said youa re not afraid, she takes Gautam inside washroom and locks the door, Gautam says oh shit, what are you doing, Diandra says you are not afraid right? Gautam says you are daring, he opens the door and leaves, Diandra then comes out of washroom, Karishma is there, she looks at them and says hain… Diandra laughs.

Gautam comes in lounge, all ask what happened? Renee ask him to atleast remove lip color, Gautam acts if nothing happened.

Upen empty Dimpy’s bottle, Upen says that when i wanted to be captain, Sonali and Renee supported me a lot so I cant take their name.

now its Ali’s time, he has to choose between Sonali and Renee, Ali says to inmates that I wanted Karishma to be captain but she couldn’t, I could have made Sonali captain if she had slapped me little hard and gave me reason about it, so now I am makin g Rene captain, he empty the bottle of Sonali, all claps for Renee.

Bigg boss tells inmates that Renee is new captain of house, congrats to her, now all responsibilities will be on her, Gautam ask Karishma to not be angry on me, you are friend just for captaincy? Karishma ignores him at first, Gautam says I am bday boy, Karishma says I am your life time friend, I thought you are wise person but you didn’t use your brains, Gautam says I wanted to choose best for captaincy, Karishma says were you best captain? you gave chance to Puneet when he didn’t want to be captain then why you didn’t give me chance, we will not stay here for 4 months more, Gautam says I don’t like when you bicker on small things, Karishma says I am talking about sensibility, you made me strong contender, thank you.

Praneet reads that bigg boss is giving chance to inamtes for football match, task name is “Garnier clear men clear task”, in this task the person who do goal will be winner, there is slippery oily field ground made in activity area, 3 inmates will have to walk on that slippery muddy field and have to do goals, the person who win the task will get trophy and gift hamper, the female inmates will give names of 3 male mates to do this task, Karishma says Gautam, Upen and Praneet, all girls say same names.

Gautam, Upen, Praneet starts doing goals in task, all inmates enjoy, the task time is up, Puneet says Upen has won the task who have done 12 goals, 2nd is Praneet who have done 9 goals, 3rd is Gautam who did 6 goals, Upen gets the trophy and hamper, all cheers for them.

Pritham says to Gautam that we are worried about you, Gautam says I am always like this with friends and she took me in washroom not me, and if there is anything then whats the problem, Puneet says that they are not kids, Gautam says don’t act like Praneet, When a girl say infront of all that I will kiss you openly then will she be serious? Gautam says Praneet is more serious then me in this relation, why you come in talks of Praneet, Pritham.

Sonali comes in kitchen, Gautam says we know you will come so we keep awake, we like you still, Sonali says you like me and I love you that’s they difference, Gautam laughs, Gautam says you didn’t say it before that you love me, Gautam says I am shocked, Puneet says she is a nice girl, Sonali says I have been saying this from long time, you are deaf, Puneet says you are going in final, Sonali leaves, Gautam says to Puneet that she is flirting with me whats the reason, Puneet says you play along, Gautam says people will call me Casanova, Puneet says so what, you are a man.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 29th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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