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Watch Bigg Boss 8 2nd November 2014 Full HD episode Weekend ka vaar Day 42 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 2nd November 2014 Full Episode (Day 42) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Second November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- It is yet to be known that whether Puneet and minissha will return to bigg boss house or will go to their house.

Actually, the Minissha and Puneet was called as Evictions of this week on Saturday Episode. Salman Khan called them both out of the house. But the question arises that How two contestants are being evicted at a same time.

This is not a format. But they were not coming actually out from the house. They are coming out from the house but they are going into secret room instead of coming out. But on 2nd Nov 2014 Bigg Boss 8 episode will tell you the actual position of these Contestants.

The Contestants who are going out from the house or who eliminates from the house. They can see the videos in which Puneet laugh on them behind. Therefore, the Contestants also say to Puneet about this. He is also feeling shy.

This habit of Puneet make him the most hated contestant of the Bigg Boss House.
Recently Day 41 Weekend Ka Vaar Special

Salman Khan comes on stage. He dances on song Tu hi tou meri dost hai. Salman Khan welcomes all in bigg boss weekend ka vaar. he says that this week was interesting, all are playing games in house and the target is Gautam. ALi is not captain and now Upen is new captian. Salman says there are two groups inside house, they are comfortable in their zone so I wanna shift people from one to other group he says today I will call in house. The call is connected to house. Puneet comes in phone booth and takes the call, he is happy to talk to Salman, Salman says that I have right to safe one person today so I ask you who you wanna safe, you can take your name too, Puneet says I wanna save Praneet not myself, Salman says then you have to do three tasks, he jokes that first task is that you have to grow hairs on bald head, all laughs, Salman says n=on serious note you have to first convince Arya to wear Saree and bindi for whole day, second task is that you have to convince Karishma to wash her face and sit without make up, third task is that you have to convince Sushant to put his luggage in store room, Puneet agree to do.
Punnet calls Arya in booth and convince him to wear Saree, Arya agrees. The he calls Karishma and ask her to wash her face, Karishma says why me? puneet says you have to do, Puneet then calls Sushant and says that you have to put your luggage in store room to save one person in house.
Arya, Sushant and Karishma talk, Karishma says that he is lying, I wont wash my face, Arya says but we can save one person, Arya says I am doing task.
Puneet talks to Salman and says that can I save Minissha instead of Praneet, Salman says now you cant do it. Salman ask to call the three and ask them whether they are doing task. Puneet calls Karishma and ask her, she says I wont do the task, Sushant comes to puneet and says even if I put my luggage in store room and save one person even then one person will be evicted this week so I wont do task as its useless. Arya comes to Puneet and says if by wearing saree, I can save one person then I will do the task, Salman claps for him.
Arya goes to minissha and says make me wear saree, minissha jokes that did you ever wear lungi, he says no.
Salman ask Puneet to go in lounge. he goes. Salman says I have no right to save anyone but I was just checking who can do anything to save other person, only arya agreed to do the task.
All sit in lounge Area. Video call is connected. All greets Salman, Salman says I asked puneet that he can save one person today including himself but he didn’t take his name surprisingly, he took someone else’s name to be saved, he tried to change that name later. Salman says to Karishma that I thought you don’t wear make-up, Karishma says I do very light make-up but I have got pimples so I denied washing my face. Salman says to Sushant that you had to put your luggage in store room for two minutes to save one person. he ask Gautam that would you put it? Gautam says I would have done it, Pritham, Praneet and Ali says that they would have also put their luggage in store room if asked. Ali says I would have got wig from minissha, minissha says you told whole India that I use wig, All laughs. Salman says now you can save one person. Salman says to sonali that you are looking lovely in tied hairs, Sonali thanks him, Salman says one of my friend noticed that whoever goes near Upen gets eliminated from house, first Sukirti, then natasa, then Soni and now who is close to him (pointing Sonali), all laughs. Salman ask who do they think will go out of house today.
Karishma, Diandra, Sonali says Puneet is going out.
Puneet says myself. Praneet says myself.
Gautam says I think Sonali is going out as she doesn’t know what she is doing, Sonali says I will ask Gautam how to play.
Salman ask Puneet to sit on danger seat, he does so. Salman ask inmates that you all say Gautam is violent, he s aggressive, he is abusive then why you all didn’t say that he will be going out today? why would India save a person like him? Karishma says every week Gautam gains sympathy votes, he does something throw which he is nominated but then he becomes innocent to gain votes of audience. Salman says I will talk to you later. Salman says lets see what is this Gautam in house.
video shows that Arya saying to Ali that Gautam says I have no direction, he called me dog and the funny part was that I said whoever called me dog is himself Dog.
Gautam says to camera that have all sidelined me because I say truth on face. I am bearing their torture from second week but I am breaking now, I am always stuck in things, he gets emotional.
Upen says to puneet that Gautam be like I called you dog but its not in my heart, Puneet says even iw as shocked who wrote dog for Arya in house, then Gautam said that I said him, I try to make Gautam understand but he doesn’t listen, Even I was in favor of you becoming captain. Video ends. Salman says now we will talk to inmates.
Call is connected to house again. Salman says to Gautam that you said in task normally that friend should become bald for other friend why would I, you didn’t taunt upen but they took in wrong way. Salman says Arya listened this and said to Upen in wrong way. Arya says upen dont understand hindi so I just told him what gautam said. Upen says Gautam taunted me not said in normal way, I am not stupid to not understand it. Upen says there are demons inside everyone, we can also shout and fight like gautam, I have something good so that’s why they have all chose me as captain, I wont say sorry to anyone for anything, Salman says that gautam was saying normally but then when he started scuffle with you then he was wrong, Gautam have this ability to make positive thing negative, all laughs. Gautam says you start it upen and I will finish the fight, let have fight, Upen says I don’t wanna talk to you, I have many friends in house. Diandra says Gautam’s approach is that he will shout on other person to hit, he comes close to other person and shouts. Upen says that his approach is not good and all say this, everyone cant be wrong, Gautam says I am not here to please anyone, Diandra says you always provoke other to beat you, Salman ask Gautam is this some practice, Gautam says no but I just was on face what is wrong, Salman says why you come so close on face, all Laughs, Gautam says its just a game and I ask all to not take it seriously. Salman says to upen that you had to chose best performer and worst performer in phone booth task, you chose Sushant as best and then worst the gautam as he taunted you, why you didn’t react at the time when gautam taunted, Upen says I was just holding back my anger but then my anger came out, Salman says hiding behind taunt, you favored your friend. he ask Upen to wake up, you are captain. Salman says that Sushant left the phone task in middle, he threw the phone and said that “whatever”, he failed in task and was nominated for next week even then Upen chose him best performance. Salman ask inmates to raise hands who think that Sushant was best in task, Ali, Karishma, diandra, Upen, sushant, minissha raise their hands. Salman says where were you all when bigg boss said that Sushan failed in task, Salman says heads off to your intelligence, I am saying that sushant was punished for not doing task and you are raising your hands for his best performance, Sushant says I had taken medicines to sit in booth, I couldn’t do more so I left the task, Sushant says okay I am bad, Salman says this attitude wont work, you have to change it. Salman says you came in house after seeing earlier seasons, you should know that you have to do the tasks, you know you are showing that you are spoilt brat, you are not co-operative, you cant say whatever in any task, you have to do the tasks, Sushant says sorry. Salman says to Gautam that you said that Puneet could have done the task for captaincy, he could have dragged upen easily, Gautam says he didn’t do it as he though upen would get hurt, Salman says there was one more thought that was Pritham was asked to chose Upen as captain and support him as he is balanced then Gautam, Karishma says I just said that to Pritham and it was his choice. Salman ask puneet his choice for captain, Puneet says my first choice always was Upen as he is balanced guy as captain, Pritham says when karishma asked me to think that upen is more good then I said I will talk to Puneet, I talked to Puneet and we both decided that we will play for gautam but we will not hurt Upen in task. Gautam says I didn’t about this thing that Upen was more favorite of puneet for captain. Pritham says at this point of time, I think that Upen is fine, we thought Praneet will go from our group for captaincy but Gautam went for captaincy from our group, Karishma and other say that look he is talking about grouping, Pritham says they have made us group, Salman says Karishma is leader of other group, Salman ask Pritham why he thought Upen is more deserving than Gautam? Pritham says Gautam is always in controversy so Upen is more responsible, Salman says by judging this I can say that this group (Pritham, puneet, gautam and Praneet) have their loyalties with each other but when It is about choosing right and wrong then they will the person who is right and deserving irrespective of that he is from other group that’s why you and Puneet are taking Upen’s name for captain and in other group (karishma’s group), they will support their group member irrespective of wrong or right like incase of Sushant, he was chosen as best performer by his group mate (upen) even with the fact that he failed in task, for that group right and wrong doesn’t matter, they are just against one person that is Gautam.
Salman says to diandra that you said that nobody can become captain as everyone can be frustrated, Diandra says I said that for myself, Salman says when its about Gautam why you didn’t support him, in school days, teacher make bad person moniter so that he cane become good, Diandra says it was my personal opinion. Salman says audience is seeing you all and we cannot make more than one or two person favorite as nobody has its point of view, all are just running behind others mentality. Salman says now I will tell you whom audience is liking, Salman says GAUTAM you are SAFE.
Salman says now we will call snapdeal costumer of week, Call is connected to one girl Jiya. She says I have ordered helmet for Pritham from snapdeal because I feel pritham is playing safe, earlier he used to take stand for right but now he is just silent, he was confused when karishma asked him to favor Upen, Pritham says she is right but I took part in captaincy task, I tried my best to drag upen from pole, ask Upen too, yes I was confused but Puneet cleared that we will support Gautam, I am sorry, costumer says that Pritham you are my favorite contestant, play like earlier, Pritham gets glad.
Salman says to Ali that you say Praneet is your friend and then you nominated him, because of you Praneet can be out today, ALi says he is my friend but he was lazy in tasks so I took his name. Salman says Ali you try to please both groups, Ali says no, I just try to be friendly with both groups, Salman says yes you manipulate on both side, all laughs, Ali says no sing in both groups. Salman says you were making fun of Karishma in singing song with Pritham then you are saying to Karishma that she is your sister and you will protect her.
Salman says this week, two inmates will be evicted and they are PUNEET and MINISSHA, they are EVICTED. all are shocked, diandra says no eviction happen on sunday. Minissha hugs all, Gautam hugs Puneet, Puneet and minissha leaves the house.
Gautam is crying and ask Praneet to leave him alone for sometime.
Diandra says to Arya that gautam on puneet’s eviction said that he will not leave anyone in house now, Sonali says leave Gautam on his own, Arya says he was just emotional.
Puneet and Minissha are sitting in isolated room, they are seeing house on tv screen. Karishma in house says that Puneet didn’t clear that just by washing face, I could have saved one person, if he cleared it then I would have done it. Puneet sees this on Tv and says to minissha that I cleared it to her that she can save one person, I took your and Praneet’s name to be saved, minissha thanks him.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 2nd Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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