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Watch Bigg Boss 8 30th November 2014 Full HD episode Weekend ka vaar Day 70 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 30th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 70) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Thirty November 2014Weekend ka vaar Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- aaj hai sunday aur dekhte hai kaun hota hai Out BiggBoss Ke Ghar se... tv viewers kisko karte hai ghar se bahar ..

Day 69 @ Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman Khan is standing on roof of bigg boss house, Salman says my mistake is that I made Ali proud and then Sonali’s slap brought him back down then he stood on roof, he tried to run away from house but don’t know we have many watchmen.

Ali says to Upen that tomorrow is a big day, I will be asked many questions, I will be centre of attention, Upen says you want this, Ali says not like this, but I will take my stand tomorrow, why they are digging past now? if he felt bad about my words then why he didn’t say when said these things, why after many weeks, he digged that out, Upen says Puneet said that he wanted to protect us all, ALi says this is his game to provoke others.

Upen says to Ali that no one is supporting you here, Ali says I am feeling life threatened, Upen says nothing will happen, you feel safe with me, you have to be prepared that anything can happen with you, Ali says I am roaming around with umbrella to defend myself if I am attacked (pointing Puneet), Upen says you just be careful, you abused many people, he says I will bring water for you.

Upen comes in kitchen and says to Camera that now see bigg boss what I will do with freaking Ali (fatoo Ali), I will play with his game, I will make him afraid, he said many bad things about me behind my back, I will make him feel afraid now.

Upen comes to Ali and gives him water, he says to not look at Puneet. Upen says bigg boss I am with Ali, Ali says to camera that I am feeling afraid in this house, my life is in danger, if anything happens to me then you people you, Upen says I am feeling his fear, Ali says I think Puneet will get physical with me, Upen comes in kitchen and says to camera that did you see how much freaking Ali is, everyone can say bad things on back, now see how much afraid he is, nobody is saying anything to him, all are laughing but see how much he is acting as if he is afraid, now I will show real ali.

Upen comes to Ali and says didn’t you get slap in life before? Ali says yes I had, Upen says so don’t over react.

Upen says to Ali that use your mind, Karishma says I hate the sight of P3G, Ali says I will run away from house.

Ali says to camera that I am afraid in house physically and metally, so if I will not be in house then I will not be afraid so I am leaving house, he starts climbing up the roof again, he stand on roof of house and climbs out of house.

Upen says to Puneet that I made Ali so much afraid that he ran away from house, Puneet laughs, Upen says I played mentally with him, am I not so dumb, Puneet says I was staring at Ali since morning showing that I wont leave you, Upen says I showed india how much coward this Ali is that he ran away from house, Puneet says superb.

Ali is going out of house but bigg boss team stops him and ask him to go in confession room to talk to bigg boss.

Upen says to all inmates that I made Ali afraid that Salman will take class of his so he ran away from house.
Ali is coming back in house, Ali says I went out of house, bigg boss calls Ali in confession room. he goes in confession room.

Puneet says to inmates that they made Ali afraid of me, one day I can become real lion, Upen says Karishma also helped me in this.

in confession room, bigg boss ask Ali what is problem? Ali says I am feeling unsafe in house, things are stretched in house, they insult me so its better that I leave the house, I cant do anything, I don’t know what to do, this life is of insult, Bigg boss says that you are totally safe in house, we are watching everyone, Ali says that they have made group in house, they are all against me, provoking girls against me, I want to quit, Bigg boss says this is not the first time that this happened in house, this can be politics but why you are coming in politics.

Puneet says to inmates that why would I hit Ali, I know bigg boss rules.

Ali says to bigg boss that you have a point, I am understanding things now, I was confused about a thing but now my mind is clear.

Salman on stage says that wow Upen came out as a gamer, did you think that Upen made Ali fool, that ali who is street smart and that Upen who doesn’t talk much, always lying in bedroom or on couch, he freaked Ali out.

Call is connected to house. all greets Salman, Salman says today episode will be emotional, Salman says last week was emotionally charged, all are not wrong in house and all are wrong in house, Salman says Karishma you are looking beautiful as you got make up back, but its bit too much of Make up, Diandra is bald today, Salman says didn’t you tell Karishma that its bit much make up, Salman says Diandra is looking like 300 movie Villain, all laughs, Salman ask Gautam to speak, he smiles,

Salman says to Upen that you did task very well, heads off, he makes fun of his lip licking, Salman says you went in cow dung then you colored your hairs, this is because of nominations or your you do this for everyone? Upen says this is very small thing, we have been in house for 10 weeks, I was emotionally charged as we have relation now, SAlman says if all people were sporting like you (hinting Renee), Salman says color of hairs doesn’t matter, what matter is that you should have hairs, Salman says what you Puneet, all laughs, SAlman says we get snapdeal caller every week, this week there is twist, call is connected to someone, caller says I want to talk Upen, she says Upen hello its me, how are you, I am missing you a lot (mother of Upen),

Upen says I am missing you too, mother says I have one message for you, its Upen’s younger brother and sister, they say to Upen that you are doing well in show, we are waiting fro your return, we all see you everyday and we love you a lot, mother says to Upen that I will make salad for you when you return, Salman says speak in hindi, Upen says my mother don’t know hindi, mother says to Puneet that I am thankful to you that you said every mother should have a son like Upen, and I have my son, Puneet says I mean it from bottom of my heart, Upen says I am missing you a lot, love you, mother says love you too and says bye to everyone, call ends, Salman ask who was she, Upen says she was my mother, he gets emotional and wipes his tears, he says she was saying that she is missing me, Salman says you did task very well so we thought to make you talk with your mother, Upen says thank you.

Salman says UPEN, SONALI, RENEE, PRANEET, ALI are nominated this week, he ask Pritham who should not be in house, he says ALi, dimpy, PRaneet says Ali, he ask Sonali, she says taklu (bald), I mean Ali, Salman says I thought you are talking about Puneet, all laughs, Renee says sonali, Ali says Sonali, Upen says Ali, Karishma, Diandra, Gautam says Ali, Puneet says Renee.

salman says majority is saying ali so come and sit on danger seat, he sit, Salman ask Ali what quality do you have that all inmates took your name, Salman says I and Kabir were in ND studio yesterday and was watching Bigg boss, good news is that you are signed in Kabir’s next movie, Ali says thanks, Ali says I took stand on many things, inmates don’t like that, I do jokes with boys, the jokes of boys are totally different from girls and when these jokes went to girls, they react, Salman says I agree, Salman says boys jokes should not go to girls, Salman ask Sonali why did you slap him, Sonali says I got to know that when Lisa came, I was given task to impress a boy so I did something, then Ali commented on me which I cant even repeat, I was told comment 2 days back, Salman says whatever the comment maybe, leave it, tell me who told you that comment directly, Dimpy says I told her as there was so much chaos, Sonali says I cant repeat that comment,

Salman says I know the comment, Boys do talk, girls do talk too like this, it was comedy, it was boy talk, it was leaked, tell me one thing, the person with whom Ali shared the comment, why he didn’t react then? if he felt so much bad then why he reacted after 5 weeks, Ali says I shared comment with Praneet, Salman says to Praneet that did you laugh on his comment, Praneet says no, Ali says he did, Praneet says I just gave him a serious look so he said sorry to me, then he was doing something with Diandra so i asked him to not get physical with girls and do not pass comments on girls so he came to me and whispered in my ear to not say anything, I became silent, then Puneet asked me why Ali was saying sorry to me so I told Puneet that comment, I just told Pritham and Puneet then after 5 weeks, in fight that comment came up in fight. Salman ask how did this comment reached to dimpy? Dimpy says when Puneet became captain..

Salman first let me tell you that from 4 weeks just Ali is going on in house, it is only Ali entertaining, I can show clippings in which every inmate say bad about other on back, Salman says this thing is being stretched, Salman says if this talk go in deep then everyone’s comment will be shown, Puneet and Praneet says we didn’t take that thing out, Praneet says Ali is being repetitive in these things, he said sorry to me after that comment and then he did thing with Diandra after 3 days, then he said to Dimpy that he will show her standard, is this way to talk to girl, Ali says my soft toy is very close to my heart, I went to everyone asking for it, I am emotionally attached to it so why did dimpy hide it, Dimpy says you also hide my slipper, I am emotionally attached to it too, all laughs, Pritham says this comment wouldn’t have come out but Puneet was trying to show ali at punishment that he should realize that he is wrong,

Salman says Ali was right when he was asking punishment if all think he is wrong, Pritham says Ali started the things, he said to Puneet that I will expose what you said and all, Ali says Puneet became aggressive, Salman says you also become aggressive, Ali says how can I, Puneet says am I devil, Ali says he is not human, I saw him bending iron, he can break my bones, Salman says Ali if Puneet had hit you then it would have gone bad in Puneet’s way, he would get jailed, nobody will give him work, Puneet says yes, Salman sys everybody is afraid of jail, Puneet says Ali said to Renee that I have planned to use Puneet’s aggression,

I will force him to hit him then he will be out of house, Renee says that Ali told me that Puneet got physical two time, so he can do that third time then he will go out of house, Salman ask Ali why you said that? Ali says Renee used to come to me and say that what should I do, Salman says Ali you are in everything, its all about you but what I didn’t like is your manhood, why are you afraid, take your stand, why you try to run everytime, you do comedy of a dog so will you run a coward dog? stand up like a man, what will happen, Ali says I will get slaps, SAlman says this will bring them down, I just wanted you to be a man, ALI you are SAFE. Salman ask who should not stay in house, Ali says Sonali,

Sonali sit on danger seat, Salman ask why did Ali made you sit? Sonali says don’t know, I don’t talk to him much, Ali says she listens songs from me, Sonali says yes, he sings well, Ali says she slapped me, she would have asked me, I am hurt, Sonali says if you talk like this then you will get slap only, Salman says all do these kind of talks,

Sonali says yes but but there is limit to everything, Salman says who will set limits? you will set limit, Sonali says its not acceptable, Salman says do you think that yo did right by slapping? sonali says it happened suddenly, I just went to him for asking, but my hand moved in anger, Salman says you went to ask and slapped him, Sonali says I didn’t slap him, it just happened slightly, Salman says what if Ali returned you that slap in return, Sonali says he has accepted that thing,

Ali says no, Sonali says you said that comment about me, Ali says I was just joking with Praneet, Sonali says I expect this from Ali, ali says did I disrespect you? Sonali says of-course, sonali says leave it, I know you can say cheap things, Salman says all are wrong, ali should have not talked, then Praneet is wrong, he is most wrong, he leaked the thing, Ali would not get any damage, thinks about the one for whom this comment was passed, it was passed on Sonali, this topic is going on Sonali, PRaneet says I warned Ali for his abusive language, Sonali says Ali doesn’t have respect, I know how Ali is,

i don’t think i did anything wrong by slapping him, once i was sleeping in blanket, he came to me and jerked off whole blanket from me and threw it, i don’t know do these kind of things with girls, Ali says i was captain, it was my duty so i pushed her, Sonali says how can do this, Salman says what if she wasn’t wearing anything, all laughs, Salman says first check what she is wearing, once you touch her knee, then you take off blanket from her so you will get slap for that, Salman says one thing is show and one thing personality,

if someone is not liking your joke then don’t do it, if you think that you don’t intend to hurt anyone with your joke but your language is not good then just don’t talk, and when you are on Tv then you have to take care of your language, Ali nods, Salman says your language can destroy you, we are discussing it this means your language is not good, specially against Women, when you come out of house, then it is not camera, you can do jokes with you friends but not in house, not one but all have complained about your language, say sorry straight out, Ali stands up, and says i am sorry, i hope all forgive me,

Salman says don’t give speech, Salman says you are father of Ajaz, all laughs, Salman says Sonali you have to apologize for slapping him, Sonali thinks and says i am sorry for slapping you, Salman says you were lazy even in slapping him, Sonali says it missed the target, it didn’t hurt him and i got punishment for nothing. 

Salman says app task happened and you didn’t get luxury budget, Karishma says when bigg boss told me that task is over so i thought to take my make up, Dimpy says she said budget go in vein, Karishma says yes i said that because i was emotionally weak at that time, i didn’t do it intentionally, Salman ask diandra did she do right? Diandra says i think she got caught up in emotions,

Salman says Karishma was emotional for make up, Karishma says my intention was not eat up luxury budget, Salman says we will ask your best friend Puneet, all laughs, Puneet says we all thought that Karishma should meet her mother, we asked Renee, Renee said she want to meet her father too so i sadi that i will request bigg boss, but this couldn’t happen, then Karisham couldn’t understand the game, but she was wrong when she said that budget go in vein, Renee says all say lie in this house, i didn’t ask to meet my father, it was my stand to not do task, i also want to talk to my parents, i came in house when my mom was diagnosed with cancer thing, all knew that in house, then they forced me to do the task, when i didn’t so they judged me, i agreed to do the task but,

Karishma came up to me and said that you were late in doing task, Karishma says i never forced you in task, i said that if you can do that then do otherwise not, you said to me that you got ready for the task so i said that you decided that very late, Renee says all inmates thinks you are wrong, Renee says this game is not of emotions, i have thought from that day that if inmates give me 8 insults, i will give 16 in return, Pritham says she sis saying all are lairs here, i told puneet to not pressurize her,

its her stand, i told Puneet that we will be in guilt, Salman says audience think that you didn’t want to do it, Renee says yes i didn want to do it, Renee says i told Karishma with humbleness that i was going to do task for her but she said that you are late, people are seeing emotions of only person here, Renee says Karishma said that she will color her hairs if my father had come to meet me, Karishma says yes i would have done that.

Salman says its time for snapdeal costumer of week, call is connected to lady shweta, she says i want to talk to Salman khan, Salman says with whom you want to talk, she says i want to talk to Praneet, i have bought screw driver for him, Pritham brings the screw driver, shweta says i have given him screw driver so that he tighten his screw, his screw is loose, she says to Praneet that why you want to become saint in house, you always call Puneet guru jin guru ji, you take his side in everything

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 30th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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