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Watch Bigg Boss 8 3rd November 2014 Full HD episode Day 43 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 3rd November 2014 Full Episode (Day 43) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Third November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- nomination special. Upen will give five names and all inmates have to nominate from those fives names only, Puneet says this is injustice and cries. Karishma and Gautam plays the game, Karishma says Gautam is ugly person.
Ali touches Parineeti very badly. Then, Parineet is getting very much upset and then going into the confession room with the Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar. This all make Ranveer and Ali Zafar very much upset.

Then, the all House Contestants are getting angry. Ali Quli Mirza is also getting irritated by all this and say that he will run away from this house. But after some time, All people come to know that Parineeti play prank with Ali Quli Mirza.

Recently Day 42 Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman Khan makes entry on stage. he dances on song soni de nakhre.. his partner Govinda comes on stage. Song Partner plays, they both dance on it. Salman welcomes all, he says welcome most talented person Govinda, they hug. Salman says I did film with govinda, partner, his expressions are amazing. Salman says Govinda has done a film recently that is Kill dil, Salman says lets play the song of film. song plays, Govinda sings and dances. Salman says see his expressions are amazing unlike me with no expressions, all laughs. Salman says I make simple steps in my songs so that common people can dance, all are not hirthik Roshan, all laughs. Salman says I did step with my pant in song dabang, Govinda can do that without touching pant, song dabang plays, Govinda moves his eyes and dances with face expressions only. Salman says govinda can laugh in many different style, Govinda laughs on different situations given by Salman like his film got hit, like he got discount, like his wife has gone to her mother’s place for a week, Govinda says that doesn’t happen ever, they laugh. Salman ask where is your co-stars of kill dil, govinda says they are in house, Salman says lets see whats happening in house.
in house, gate opens, Ranveer sing, Ali Zafar alongwith Parineeti chopra comes in house, all inmates applaud for them, diandra hugs ranveer. Parineeti says I am very big fan of bigg boss. they all comes in lounge area and sits. Ranveer says your show is going hit, Parineeti says we have done a film with Gavinda that is kill dil, Parineeti says we will play a game, you have to chose one person whom you like and will give heart ballon to him and you have to chose other person whom you don’t like and wanna kill, Ranveer says you cant choose Gautam to kill, he gives Gautam heart ballon, Parineeti we don’t want Gautam to be killed by every inmates so we removed him from game. she ask Arya to bring props from store room, Arya goes and brings it. Ali says we wil start with Arya. Arya gives heart balloon to Upen, he hugs him, Arya then points gun at Pritham and says I wanna kill him as he didn’t tell the reason for not supporting Gautam to be captain, next is Sonali, she gives heart to Gautam and says I am not against him, he takes balloon, She pints gun at Ali and says you should be respectful with girls and don’t try to be mushy mushy beneath blanket, all laughs, next is Sushant, he says that I have personal maid in house who has made me drink water mixed with phenyl, I wanna kill him that is Ali, he gives heart to Diandra and jumps over her, she screams, next is Ali, he points gun at Sushant and says his face is like rice, he kills him, he gives heart to Praneet, all claps, next is Pritham, he points gun at Ali and kills him, he gives heart to Gautam and says we are friends, next is Gautam, he points gun at Sonali and kills her, he says reason is that she should walk on right path, not particular reason and I wanna kill Upen too as he misunderstood me but I have no grudge against him, Ali Zafar says so hug him, upen and Gautam hugs, Gautam gives heart to Pritham.
Ranveer says now Ali zafar will sing, Ali says during son, boys have to tell who in girls pretend to be innocent but is not, Ali sings song woh dekhne mein seedhi sadhi lagti par andar says tez hai, all enjoys the song, Pari says Upen you tell who is that girl, he says Karishma, Pari says Ranveer is govinda’s fan, we have decided to dance on govinda’s song, song ankhiyon se goli mare plays, all dances, Parineeti is dancing, inmate Ali dances closely to Parineeti and touches her, she ask him to not touch her, this is not good, Arya ask what happened? Pari says nothing, she takes Ali in corner, she says you have to be careful with girls, I have come here to promote my film, you are my friend, Ali says you are my family, Pari says you touched in weird way, in episode where you touched Sonali, I thought you didn’t do anything but now I feel that you touch the girl and doesn’t realize what you did, I am feeling bad, Ali says I am sorry, you are like m sister, Pari says don’t worry, nothing, she ask Ranveer where is confession room, zafar ask what happened, Pari says relax, I will tell after going out, door of confession room is opened, Arya ask Pari are you fine, she says yes, she goes in confession room with Zafar and Ranveer, all inmates ask Ali what you did? you were dancing with her, Ali says I was dancing with her, she said that I touched her, I didn’t, Diandra says I will slap you if this is true, Ali says I didn’t do anything, arya says you should not do this, she was our guest, Ali says why you are taking her side, I also know she was our guest, Ali ask him to go away, Arya says why are you shouting on me, they both enter in scuffle, Ali says this is not your house only, they are about to fight but all inmates hold them ack, they take arya away from ali. Ali goes in garden while in bedroom. Arya says to upen that lady came in our house and he did that with her. in garden ali says to Sushant that I will jump out of house today, I will run away, I didn’t do anything, Sushant says don’t do this, please sit, he ask him to sit. Ali says I swear I didn’t do anything, I am going out today, last year Kushal couldn’t run but I would, Pari is like my family, I will not sit in episode infront of Salman, sushant says if you are not wrong then sit in episode, I am not servant of anyone that everyone will put allegations on me, sushant clams him down.
Video call is connected to house, all inmates clap seeing Salman and Govinda, Salman says no need to clap, sunday episode is filled with fun but what you did, I sent guest from film industry and what happened in house, he says to Ali that you did shameful act with Sonali earlier and now why you did that? whats your problem? are you very desperate, how can you do this? you wont get work after coming out of house, If you have this problem then go and take treatment for it, you are not fine, what you did earlier? you touched Sonali’s knee under blanket earlier and now with guest, Salman is really angry. Ali is silent and in tears, Salman says what will priyanka chopra say? all are confused that it was Parineeti, Salman cant hold back his smile and laughs, it turns out to be prank on Ali, Ali cant believe this, PArineeti comes on stage and says Ali my brother, I know him personally, I am sorry, we thought to do something funny so i chose you Ali, Ali is still in shock, Karishma, Upen hugs him to console him, Salman says take sympathies with Karishma sister and don’t raise your hand else she will allege you, Karishma laughs, Zafar ask Ali to sing and lighten the mood, Ali sings aaja sham hone ko ayi, All laughs, Ranveer ask Ali to not take tension, Salman says to Arya what will you say now? Arya says same happened for two times so I said that it was wrong, I thought there is something wrong with him Govinda says you didn’t clap for me, All claps. Zafar is wearing diandra’s t-shirt, diandra says give my t-shirt back and show your body too, Zafar says she is saying to Ranveer, Ranveer jokes that she has already seen my body, diandra is embarrassed, Ranveer says I am talking about ramleela movie, she must have seen in movie, all laughs, Salman says I will call you back, call ends.
on stage, kill dill team dances, first Zafar and Ranveer dances with Parineeti on song nakhrile, then Govinda comes with Salman Khan and all dances on song kill dill, after song, Salman says Parineeti is very big fan of bigg boss, Pari says I also know who goes in washroom at what time, Zafar says when we were going in house, Pari says I am so excited to go in house as same as I will be excited on my marriage, Pari says no he is lying, Salman says to Ranveer that his specialty is that he govinda’s fan, ranveer says I have seen movies many times, Ranveer rap one song for govinda, all claps for him, Govinda sings song beautifully, all claps, Pari says only Salman is remaining, Salman sings song na main apna raha.. na kisi aur ka.. all claps, he hugs kill dill team, all guests leave. Salman says lets see where is minissha and Puneet.
Minissha says to Puneet that we have seen inmates in tv and now I am understanding perspective of all inmates.
On stage, female tiger comes on stage (not real), her name is Asia, she also watch bigg boss, Salman says Ali is little weird, lets see what Ali is doing in house.
video shows Ali running behind Minissha to throw her share of custard, he says its rotten, minissha says yes throw it, Ali then goes in corner and eats her custard as it was not rotten and Ali lied to her, Praneet sees him doing that and says you are clever, Praneet goes to minissha and tells her, Minissha runs behind Ali to beat him with wiper, Ali hides behind plant, minissha finds him and says you are not so slim to hide behind it. video ends.
Salman says there is one guy who is confused specially about romance. Video shows Gautam romancing with Sonali and dancing with her. video shows all flirting moments with Sonali then Upen ask sonali what kind of boys se like, sonali says tall, rich, handsome then sonali is shown romancing with Upen. video ends.
Salman says Asia has come here to promote her movie Roar.
Salman says minissha and puneet are in isolated room, lets go and talk to them. call is connected to them, Salman says you both have spent much time in house, what you think is happening with you guys, Minissha says we are eliminated together is what we think, Salman says if you were evicted then why would you both be in this room, why would you be shown live feed of house. Puneet says we are put in this room so we can clear things between us before going out, Salman says no bigg boss is not that much generous, Salman says from you both one will go back in house and one will come out as evicted. he says PUNEET YOU ARE GOING BACK IN HOUSE AND MINISSHA YOU ARE EVICTED, coming to me, Puneet hugs minissha and folds his hand infront of her, minissha says don’t do this, he says you deserve is, minissha says no we all have to go at certain point, puneet says you are a wonderful person, we will meet after I come out, minissha nods, he hugs her back.
Minissha comes on stage, Salman ask how you are feeling? minissha says I feel like I have come from other planet, she says many people have made many opinions about me in house, Salman says I will show you others opinion. video shows that Puneet saying minissha is most hungry and eats a lot to Gautam, the he says to karishma that minissha is selfish, Karishma says I told her to smile in task but she was very rude. then It shows Sushant bitching about minissha when soni was evicted, he says minissha is playing bad game, he abuse her and uses slang against her, Sonali says minissha had upper hand, Sushant says he do nothing, she talks to mosquitoes, sonali says she talk a lot that I cant even listen to her, vidoe ends.
Minissha says to Salman that this is conservative thinking, I wont react to this as this is not my life, now I am going to my real life, Salman says before that you have to do one thing, you have to put bomb on one person. Video call is connected to house, all applauds for minissha, Salman ask where is Puneet, Puneet comessback in house, Gautam comes and hugs him, all hugs him Salman says Karishma is most liking it that puneet has comeback, Salman says minissha wanna say something, Minissha says I have seen footage but I have not reacted. Salman says she didn’t react to Sushant’s slangs even, heads off, he claps, Salman says to minissha you can free one of three servants of house that are puneet, Pritham and Gautam, Minissha says I safe Pritham, Salman says now she can replace one housemate with Pritham and that replace one will have to do house work and also personal work of every inmate, he or she will be personal servant of all inmates, Salman ask her to choose in replace of Pritham, minissha chooses Sushant, Salman laughs, minissha says Sushant I love you but this serves as reminder that you should say after thinking, you should be considerate with all, Minissha says I love you all, all says her bye, Salman sends minishha from stage, episode ends.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 3rd Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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