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Watch Bigg Boss 8 9th November 2014 Full HD episode Weekend Ka Vaar Day 49 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 9th November 2014 Full Episode (Day 49) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Ninth November 2014 full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- Aaj hai Sunday or dekhte hai kiska hota hai Funday... or kiska hoti hai sunday ki chhutti... let's see who will be Bali Ka Bakra...

aarya says i never talked about diandra. Puneet says okay don’t talk to me. Aarya says all right i don’t even want to. later aarya says, I have been respecting you and you are talking ill of me. What can i do? Puneet says go don’t respect me. one from ali, puneet and sushant will be eliminated.

Scene 1
Salman enters dancing on the song ‘dil deerwana’. he puts on some great moves. Salman welcomes everyone on weekend ka waar. He says this week was so busy. These people have shaken the foundations in order to build a building. They showed that make-up is more important than people. He a good man was thrown out and was brought back. I am full on against it. I didn’t like it last time as well. Two new faces have entered the house dramatically. Lets go and see the house.

Everyone greets Salman. Salman says where is Puneet. they say should we bring him? He says no let him stay where he is lying. Salman says gautam, puneet woke you up you said nothing. When Diandra says something you say she is being personal. Gautam says problem is that she doesn’t let me complete the task. He says so did puneet let you complete? Did you become captain? Why Diandra and Karishma bother you so much? Girls are close and hug each other but when it comes to task they are like don’t touch me. He says Karishma what are these restricted places? Karishma says, Preetam was just making fun in the task. He says what kind of joke is this? you make fun yourself and when he returned you were bugged. Karishma says, when he came around I said don’t come near restricted places. Aarya says it was not my line. Salman says Sony and Gautam had to do a task.

He held his pocket so if we change and put you in there and he holds you blouse. aarya showed his hand Gautam showed his hand and when Arya says you were against. Its not a class. Someone was doing the wheel thing and someone held it. Why everyone is suddenly so happy with return of puneet? Aarya syas me and puneet belong to another family that is film industry. Salman says and you father is his senior. Aarya says I was so angry about all this. I never said to him that I want disqualification. Next day I got to know that Puneet is going out. And then he was back after two days. This bugged me. salman says what did bigg boss say? He says bigg boss says it was a humiliation for someone to suffer this. We should give him another chance and we have kept him in the jail outside.

Salman asks Diandra to bring Puneet in. She follows his orders and opens the lock of puneet’s jail. Salman says puneet please sit on the stool. Its your stool test. You used a marshal art and you knew how it would look on TV and this is not a marshal school. Its bigg boss’s house. After all this when you came back? what is the reason that you find. He says I wont defend my act. I will talk about my intention. Salman says you suddenly loosened the grip on you. I saw once when you hit the table and this time its about two contestants. Puneet says, I asked them to go and construct. Aarya says it was not written anywhere. Puneet says, I just wanted to disarm him.

salman says did you see yourself in that clip? He says no. Salman says when you see it you will know. He says I made a mistake I know. ali and aarya hit gautam and gautam told me that they even grasped his neck. They even mocked at him later. Salman says an incident happened was that intentional or unintentional? he says totally unintentional. Praneet says, whenever this kind of thing happens we go to bigg boss. We did the same with puneet. He told us that he will have to face the punishment. When we accepted his punishment at the time of Diandra why not this time.

Pritam says aarya is confused. We have Puneet that he did a mistake and he will have to do the punishments. Salman says, There are two wild card entries. Ali is playing the game better but he can’t take a stand for himself. In this house everyone nominates but in this group you are nominating your own members. Upen was given a task and he fulfilled it.

He thinks the 3 or 4 contestants should leave. Tell me the reason of puneet and pritam? upen says pritam’s was simple when this task occurred for captaincy. salman says if you are so straightforward why you took this captaincy. You came out and said they made me the captain and I never wanted to be. Upen says I owe this to them both. I said they made me the captain. Diandra says why did you nominate them? Upen says I felt bad when puneet and pritam didn’t tell you. Puneet says I came and apologized gautam. Salman says we talked about this.

salman says the positive thing can turn into negative week? How is that possible. WHen you come inpower position you say they didn’t perform well that is why I am captain. Upen says when you asked puneet and pritam. Puneer and pritam lied. They told me their vote is with me pritam later said I just said because majority was going there. this was my reason. Pritam says yes I said he was the best captain at this point of time. Upen says you said to me that you vote is with me they why did you lie? Puneet later said we wanted gautam to win. puneet says, in his captaincy people started using English and he never noticed that. Why didn’t he nominate others.

Salman says you were captain still you used English. Upen says I have a habit of speaking in English. Salman says you have to change this. salman says were you partial? He syas no I wasn’t. salman asks Sonali what was upen’s reason behind your nomination? She tells I was sleeping and the alarm. He name me just because of that? Salman asks could someone else be nominated in your place? She says yes diandra or sushant. They talk in English a lot. Salman asks praneet what was your reason? He says there was bit argument between me and gautam and I was sleeping when alarm rang. but there are a lot of people who speak English. Salman says we can all speak English. Praneet says sushant and diandra were speaking in English 90% of the times.

Salman says still you think you’re not partial? Upen says no I had my reason. I didn’t consider English because I speak English as well. salman asks gautam what was your reason? He ays it was related to work. salman says I feel like you are the one works most. Gautam says he considered the quarrel we had in the washroom. Salman asks how many people think Upen was partial? all the nominated raise their hands. Salman asks Renee do you think he was partial? She says since I have come here people are not clear with their thinking. No one is open when its 7th week. If you feel bad about something you have to confess. If you talk behind the back you should accept that too. salman asks who is the one that talks behind the back. SHe says you are getting me in trouble on third day. She says Ali is playing with love and audience is entertained but no one knows whats going on inside.

Ali says I didn’t do that. SHe says when I entered I said to ali people like you but later I realized there was a lot things going on. She says there was a hand in sonali’s quilt. Salman says a man just forgot the level of his friendship that was it. He asks was upen partial? she says he was my crush.both of the groups are making mistakes but yes upen was partial. dimpy says yes I also think upen was partial. puneet and pritam helped him in winning captaincy. I will never nominate someone next day when they support me. Salman says Karishma you talked about make-up ad everyone appreciated you later.

Diandra was going wrong when she tried to explain you. Hiding the pimple is important than saving a man. why should I save someone? Karshma says yes make-up was my priority. Salman says did you do this deliberately or you genuinely feel that make up is important. Salman says last time we felt like you made gautam hero this time he has become the hero and on this we are saving you man. Karishma says say thank to me you are in this show because of me.

Salman says you were asked to save someone but you didn’t. Diandra wasn’t there to tell you to contemplate. I want audience to see something regarding you.

Diandra says, since the day she has come she is always in the kitchen. I don’t know what she see in the kitchen. I like people but i cant support them in wrong I will reprimand you once or twice but I wont run after you. Puneet said she went to sushant and said drink it you will be saved. He said really? She said in swear on my mother. She has no respect for her mom even. she is just concerned about herself. what is your image? Gautam was right. Diandra said she never liked Gautam and suddenly she was really good with him.

Salman says this is what people said about karishma. sushant or make-up? it should be make-up. Salman says six people were nominated. Gautam is safe and now five people are left, ali, sushant, puneet, sonali and Praneet. Whose chances are the most to be eliminated? He says sonali why are you looking so good today? That was karishma’s shot.sonali says I will be sitting on danger spot. He says so you think you will leave? She syas I am missing family. he says who is in the family? She says parents and four sisters. Diandra is like my eldest sister. they look alike. And I can’t relate anyone with other sisters. Which sister Is like upen? she says he is like my third sister. she is sweet and cute. Salman asks karishma? she says sushnat will be on danger spot. renee says sonali. upen says sushant. ali says puneet. sushant says me. Diandra says sushant. Dimpy says sushant. praneet says I have more chances. Pritam says sushant. gautam says sushant and aayra says sushant as well. Salman says so who are competent ? Sushant says what competition?

Salman asks who thinks diandra will be a good captian? Puneet says no because she speaks English a lot and she is selective. she has reasons to work. she is always I comfort zone. Her nomination was wrong as well. salman says when gautam showed you garbage in kitchen you said there is no evidence. she says I asked praneet to clean it. Puneet says they keep their people in their comfort zone and ask others to do hardworks. salman says why were diandra and pritam chosen for captain, upen says I elected their names because they were good with it. salman says you said she wanted to be the captain for two weeks so I named her. salman says gautam has been trying to become since 4 weeks. Ali was the best captain by far. Captain is so important he gets the immunity and can nominate others. don’t take it casually. You have to choose a deserving captain for the house.

At yes there is someone who is in benefit its sonali. He says sonali why so? She says I am safe maybe, My brain is not working. He says when did your brain stop functioning? She says two days ago. salman says yeah two days ago two more girls have entered the house. do you agree that they are prettier than you? sonali says yes I agree they are pretty. He says audience have voted you and you are safe. Salman asks sonali to bring something from the store. when she walks he says what what are you staring at aarya.
The caller says, salman I am you big fan and I want to be in the bigg boss’s house. salman says that’s not possible just your voice can get in there. He asks what have you bought from snapdeal? She says I have bought shades for aarya. Aarya wears the shades. salman asks whats the reason? She says these shades will help him in being a better actor. He chose not to do the task and was ill.

in the second part he felt better and did the task in better way. I don’t know its his illness or wind that comes and goes. aarya ays thanks for the shades. When task was happening I saw that ali was tired of it. Its somehow my parent’s mistake. The blood of punjbai and muslims is inside me and its very strong. so when I saw my team is in trouble I stood up and helped them. I might look like I was acting. punam says upen said okay aarya wont participate but he still stood up and helped his team. salman says if your guests come and you are ill will you cook for them or not? It was important for them to do the tasks. She says he should have thought that in the first part as well. Salman says he was there. it happens. She says he took a stand that I wont do still he did. salman says aarya took this stand in emotion but later her realized he should help his team.

Salman asks praneet have you said like sonali that you want to go home. He says yes I did. salman says you could get nominated. you are lucky that you are safe.

So three people are safe. sonali gautam and praneet. Ali, sushant and puneet. one of you will have to leave. I will tell it to you tomorrow.

Diandra goes to puneet are arguing about what puneet said in front of salman about diandra. Ali and diandra have disqualified me. Ali comes there and says why are you talking about me? puneet says i am not talking about you. puneet says aarya came to me and said everyone is having a problem.

ali goes to aarya and says don’t ever talk to me again. you went to puneet and said that i provoked you. you called me you brother and did this, are you a kid that i will provoke you. Puneet says i just wanted to make it clear. Diandra yas u missed my dad after long when i came in this house.

Sonali says you were provoking him. He says is he a kid? aarya says what are you saying? Ali says what do you think? I don’t know you. He is playing a dual game. Go and ask diandra.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 9th Nov 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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