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Watch Bigg Boss 8 10th December 2014 Full HD episode Day 80 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 10th December 2014 Full Episode (Day 80) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Tenth December 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- bigg boss party preparations are in full swing. all inmates decorate the house, guests starts arriving in bigg boss house. all guest come in house and meet inmates.
Recently on Day 79 @ 8:00am
song where is the party tonight starts playing. all inmates wake up and dances on song.

Karishma is making breakfast, Puneet says I am making parathas for Gautam and me, Karishma says he will make oats too? Puneet says yes, its luxury budget so he will eat it too, Karishma says one person cant eat two things, its against house rules, then all inmates will eat different things, Puneet says oats is not breakfast, I eat it as I am on diet, Karishma says for me oats are breakfast, Gautam comes there, he ask what happened, Puneet says nothing, Gautam says self-appointed captain want not fights here, Puneet says we were discussing only.

Karishma reads luxury budget task, task name is “its party time”, in this task inmates will arrange a party for their real life friends, they can call their famous celebrity friends, in this task there will be two teams, one team captain is Puneet and other team captain is Pritham, both teams will organize their party in different part of house, the team whose party is more good will win this task, both team can have max 4 members and the remaining member who is not part of any team will be waiter in task and will serve guests, inmates laugh on this,

Karishma have to keep an eye on guest list, she have to see that the guests who inmates wanna call in house are famous outside or not, for now both teams have to prepare guest list and give it to bigg boss, Pritham and Puneet sit to decide teams, Puneet says first we should let bygones be bygones, Pritham and he hug each other, he says we will do this task in fun manner, Puneet chooses Diandra, Ali, Gautam, in his team. Pritham chooses Upen, Praneet, sonali in his team, dimpy is made waitress. Upen ask dimpy if she wanna be waitress, Karishma says teams have already been made, Puneet says we have chosen you in our team Upen as you have celebrity friends.

Dimpy says to Karishma that when Upen was asking if I wanna be waitress or not then why did you butt in, teams was not even announced, Karishma says I thought Pritham decided his team, Dimpy says all should have asked me if I wanna be waitress or not, it seems like you have grudge against me, Karishma says I didn’t say like that, Dimpy says teams was not even announced, Karishma says Pritham wanted Upen in his team, Dimpy says you said to Gautam that why are becoming Dimpy’s voice, then why are you becoming Pritham’s voice, Karishma sys I thought Pritham will not be bale to say no to you, Dimpy says you think about people with whom you have connection, Karishma says Pritham was in fix and as captain I had to voice him, I was neutral.

Pritham and team gives guest list to Karishma, she is checking list, Karishma ask who is this Aly goni? Sonali says Natasha’s boyfriend, Karishma ask who Natasha? Sonali says the one who was in this house, Karishma says he is added, she says I am cutting Siddarth Kumar’s name, Praneet says why he is big producer, Karishma says no producer needed, we need celebrity, audience doesn’t know him, Puneet and Ali give their list, in their list is Ajaz Khan, Kapil Dev, Ajay Jaedeja, Pritham says you know them but do thay know you, Ali says i have their numbers, list have Rj Rajkumar Hirani too, Karishma says Sunil bohra is not famous, list have Rakhi Sawant, shilpa Shetty, etc, Diandra comes there, she have given her guest list too,

she ask karishma why did you not tick Mali Ramani’s name, she is very famous, she had national dress issue and there was case on it and she was witness, Karishma says Jessy Randhwa is not famous, Ali and diandra she is top model, Sonali says she was in Xpose too, she was Yo Yo honey’s wife, Karishma says no they are not, she ask who is Anas rashid, Gautam says the serial i was doing (DIya aur Baati hum), he is hero of that. , Gautam says if you don’t know then you can cut his name, Ali says I play cricket with Kapil and Ajay jedeja in super sixes, Pritham says there are many Kapil in this country, I also know Narindra modi so should I invite him too.

diandra says to Gautam that Karishma doesn’t know designer, she only know some actors and cricketers, she doesn’t know celebrity designers, Puneet comes and says she is wrong, we have to fight, her upper compartment in empty.

Karishma says to camera that I have finalized the guest list, she puts final list in store room.
Puneet says to Gautam that Karishma is dafrandu.

Upen says to Karishma that it was wrong what happened with Dimpy, Karishma says I thought as captain I had to speak but I said sorry to her as misunderstanding can happen, Upen says you didn’t give her chance to speak up, you became aggressive, Karishma says ok I will talk to her, she leaves. Upen tells Praneet about Dimpy’s incident, Karishma comes there, Upen says I was talking to you and you went from here, you are being rude, Karishma says I thought you were talking to Praneet, you are having misunderstanding these days, Upen says yes we are wrong, you are right.

Puneet and Pritham’s guest list have been displayed to them. they are in confession room, they have to call guests and invite them for party, first Puneet calls singer Wajid Khan, Puneet tells him about party task, he invite him with Sajid, Wajid says I will come, done, then call is connected to Nikitin Dheer, Puneet invite him in party in house, Nikitin agrees to come. now its Pritham’s turn, call is connected to Rj Malishka, Pritham invites her in bigg boss house party, she says I have to go to opera tomorrow, Pritham says leave it, come here, she agrees. bigg boss says now you both can go.

Upen and Gautam comes in confession room, first Upen’s turn, call is connected to Suneel Darshan, Upen invites him in party, he agrees, then call is connected to Ramesh Taurani, Upen invites him for party in house, Ramesh says okay I will come, then its Gautam’s turn, call is connected to Rahul Mahajan, Gautam invites him bigg boss house party, Rahul says I will come anywhere for you brother, then call is connected to Sambhavna seth, Gautam invites her for party, she agrees to come, Gautam says to Upen that nutella was included in luxury budget, Upen says we all knew it, you are greedy and selfish, Gautam says nutella control me, I feel good eating it, I love nutella a lot, I can do anything for chocolate.

Gautam tells dimpy that I have called Rahul Mahajan (dimpy’s husband) for party, she ask seriously? he says yes, he is my friend, Puneet says he is saying truth, Dimpy says I don’t think so, Puneet says he is his friend so we gave his name, Dimpy ask how he is your friend, Gautam says I have worked with him too, he is coming and positively said that I will come anywhere for you brother, dimpy says brother? Gautam says he is coming, Dimpy is not much happy.

Praneet and Ali are in confession room, bigg boss says Ali we are calling Kamal Sadanah, call is made but he doesn’t pick up, Ali says its all because of this Praneet, then call is made to Madhur bhandarkar, Ali invites him for party, Madhur says it will be difficult for me to come, then call is connected to Kamal Sadanah, Ali invites him for party, Kamal says done, I will come, then call is connected to Ajaz Khan, he invites him, Ajaz says I am busy in shooting, Ali says you are my friend, Ajaz says you didn’t call me 2 years now I am your friend,

Ali says I meet you everyday, Ali ask him to come, Ajaz says I cant come, now its Praneet’s turn, call is connected to Gurmeet Choudhary, he invites him for party in bigg boss house, Gurmeet says I have dubbing tomorrow, Praneet says come please, Gurmeet says okay I will come, then call is connected to Arpit Runka, Ali interrupts inbetween so Pranet holds his mouth, Praneet invites him for party, Arpit says I have to go to Jaipur, Praneet says come please, Arpit says okay I will try, bigg boss says you both can go now.

diandra and sonali come in confession room, first Diandra’s turn, call is connected to Karishma Shah, Diandra invites her for party, Karishma says I will come for you even if I am not free, then sonali’s turn, call is connected to Zulfi syed, she invites him for party, Zulfi says okay I will come, bigg boss you both can go now.
Praneet says Dimpy if I call you later like this, will you come? Dimpy says of-course, Sonali says we will also come, Sonali ask Dimpy will come to my party, dimpy says yes, she says aww how sweet, she ask Karishma will you come? Karishma no, sonali says expected.

Puneet, Ali, Gautam and Diandra are in confession room, bigg boss says now we will call the one who were remaining in your list, call is connected to Vindu dara singh, Puneet invites him, Vindu says you people call me, bigg boss call me and I don’t come? this cant happen, I will come, call is connected to Candice pinto, diandra invites her for party, she says I am busy, then call is connected to Aanchal Kumar, she says to Diandra that Gautam is very cute,

Diandra laughs, Gautam blushes, Diandra says bitch you got married now only, Aanchal says I am saying about you, Gautam laughs, diandra invites her for party, Aanchal says I will try, Diandra ask if I am going fine in game? Aanchal says we can relate to you but don’t take Gautam in bathroom, Diandra laughs, Gautam is shyly laughing. call is then connected to Rakhi Sawant, Puneet invites her party, Rakhi says I will come for sure.

Ali tells Upen and Pritham that Aanchal asked Diandra to not take Gautam in washroom, this means it was shown on tv.
Gautam ask Puneet what they are showing on Tv, Puneet says they will show what you do, Gautam says I didn’t do anything, Puneet says so she did everything? Gautam says she had to say something in my ears so she took me in washroom, Puneet says don’t bother, do everything openly.

Upen ask Gautam to make him eat nutella too, Karishma says to Gautam that you confessed to Upen that
Nutella was for house, Gautam says yes, Karishma says then what you did was superb, right? Gautam says I calm down with nutella, Karishma says yes it was very mature of you, did only Gautam do museum task? Upen says no we all did the task, Karishma ask Gautam to bring nutella here, Gautam says I ate one box and gave one to Diandra, Karishma ask give empty box only, I wanna know how much you lie, Gautam sys I atleast admitted that I stole it, Karishma says very selfish move, Gautam says I am selfish, Upen says leave it, he ate it so now its fine, Gautam says to Upen that don’t come inbetween, I am talking to her,

Upen says so talk with some respect, Karishma says he doesn’t know spelling of respect, Gautam spells respect, he comes to Puneet and says some people are trying to say bulshit, I don’t give damn, I am not angry, I doing everything in fun way, Puneet ask Gautam to go and take bath. he leaves, Karishma says to Pritham that he has no brains, Upen says to Puneet that when we give respect then we expect respect in return, Puneet says I made him understand, Karishma says first thing is that why did he steal boxes like that, Upen says we share everything but now its enough, we have had enough of it, he tries to bully us, Puneet says Gautam told me after sometime that it was not gift, Gautam comes there, he stares at Karishma, Upen ask Gautam why you are trying to bully a girl, this bullying tactic Is not good, Gautam says I am talking with love, its not topic to fight, I took two boxes only, you can take it in fun way,

Karishma says it can be fun for you but its cheapness for us, this is cheapness, its not fun, please grow up, it maybe fun for you but its out and out cheap move, Gautam brings out nutella, and says take it, Upen says you lied again? some monents back you said that nutella is finished, you have eaten it and now you are giving me box, this is for whole house, Gautam gives jar to Upen, Gautam says I just wanted to see your reaction guys and I saw how Karishma reacted, Upen put nutella in kitchen and says I know nobody will touch it now, now Gautam can eat it whole, Karishma comes there and says this topic is not important, lets go from here. Gautam opens the jar and ask Karishma to have nutella, anger lessen with it, Karisham says oh my god, irritating human to another level.

Gautam says to Dimpy that I didn’t steal it, I tricked them that I got it in gift, I told truth to Upen, he told it to Karishma and you know how Karishma take things seriously.

Puneet says to Pritham that I told Gautam that you did mistake, just go them and give jar to inmates and tell them that you did mistake, he gave jar but then took it back, Pritham says he told truth to Upen, why did he have to confess it now.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 10th Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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