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Watch Bigg Boss 8 14th December 2014 Full HD episode Weekend Ka Vaar Day 84 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 14th December 2014 Full Episode (Day 84) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Fourteenth December 2014 Weekend Ka Vaar Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- Sonam Kapoor comes in house, she gives turban to Gautam. Sonam ask diandra what she want to change about Gautam? Diandra says he should lessen his childish acts, sometime it irritate others. Puneet says to Pritham that use your mind, don’t run on other mind and choose right people. later Ali choose brinjal as prop for Pritham.
Day 83 was Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman Khan comes on stage, he dances on song Jeene Ke hain Chaar din.. Salman welcomes everyone in bigg boss, he says this week was entertaining, there was no big fights or screaming, house was calm so I am going to remove this calmness, he says Karishma’s childhood dream got fulfilled, that is to become captain, she must have not been monitor in her class in school that’s why she fulfilled her desires in house, he says the party was set up and guests came and two lovebirds got separated and rules were broken to new level and EXCEPT KARISHMA WHOLE HOUSE IS NOMINATED.

Call is connected to house, he says to karishma that am I celebrity or not? Puneet says I gave your name in guest list but Karishma cut it, Salman says she said that I am not celebrity, Salman says you said that Sajid Nadiawala is not celebrity, all laughs, Salman says his wife came here today with her whole family, you have made half industry unhappy, Salman ask is Susheel Kumar celebrity? Karishma says he is celebrity, I have listened his name, Salman ask what he do? Karishma says no idea, Salman ask who is Deepika paliwal,

Karishma says I don’t know, maybe she is celebrity, Salman says you are gone, Salman says to Ali that you are very smart, what was your guest list, Ali says some singers, actors and cricketers, Salman says I got a call from Kapil dev, he said that he is not in India so couldn’t come in party, he asked to apologize to you, so today they are coming to just day hi, some people come with Kapil and Priyanka’s mask, Salman says they are short in size because you were talking more than your size, all laughs, Ali says I play with Kapil in league, Salman says Karishma you are not nominated, today two people will sit on danger seat, Salman says this week two people will get evicted, he ask Karishma who should sit on danger seat,

Karishma says sonali and Punet, Diandra says me and Praneet, Upen says Dimpy and Puneet, Praneet says myself and Diandra, Sonali says me and PRaneet, Dimpy says Upen and Diandra, Ali says Pritham and Upen, Pritham says Upen and Diandra, Gautam and Puneet says Diandra and Upen, Diandra and Upen sit on danger seat, Salman ask Upen, Upen says it depends on audience, Salman ask Diandra are you fine, Diandra says yes trust me I am absolutely fine, Salman says there is one good news that Dj got married, Diandra says yes I listened, Salman says you are lot stronger, none of these idiots can shake you up, if someone say that they are just friends just to justify themselves, do they think people are fools or what, Salman says claps for Karishma, you were outstanding, all are nominated in your captaincy, all laughs,

Karishma says inmates broke so many rules so I punished them, Ali says our eyes were closed only but we were not sleeping, Salman ask then what you do by closing eyes? Ali says we go in thoughts, Salman in whose thoughts? Dimpy’s? all laughs, Salman says your attention is on Dimpy only, Ali says we are Jai Veeru, Salman says to Karishma that you ignored many rules broken, Karishma sys I think I was fair in my captaincy, Salman says I think Ali was best captain, Salman says you got chair task but what you were doing by standing on chair? it was shown on TV, Ali says it was natural, I couldn’t leave chair so had to do there, Salman says rules were broken and its duty of captain, Karishma says I cant see everyone at one time, I cant become mother of all, Salman says nobody here would want to make you their mom,

Karishma says they should know what rules are, Salman says Ali used to keep eye on everyone, so if you couldn’t handle then why you didn’t make vice captain, you were against it, Karishma says I didn’t want it, Salman says you objected when Dimpy was making vice captain, Karishma says when I was choosing vice captain in my time then Dimpy objected on it so I just reminded her that, Salman says its simple that it got difficult for you to handle alone, Karishma says I didn’t know they will break so many rules, Salman says you think that you cant be everywhere so don’t you think vice captain is needed, Karishma says I kept eye on everyone, I tried to give them punishment but they used to say that they are not sleeping,

Salman ask then why whole house got nominated, Karishma says that maybe don’t know house rules, Pritham says we know, Karishma ask then why did you sleep, Pritham says you were doing your make up in washroom so we thought to take nap till you are done with your make up, she went to apply face pack in peek hours so we took advantage of it and slept, Karishma says then you are not adults, Ali says we are double adults, Salman ask Upen to speak, Upen says I don’t have any problem with vice captain but who was made vice captain was wrong, Gautam breaks most of rules, Salman ask who are you to give advice to captain, Upen says I just told my point as contestant, Salman says then why don’t you take bigg boss’s place and make yoyr friend vice captain, Upen says its not about friend, I think Pritham is best as vice captain, Salman says but Pritham sleeps too, when Karishma went to apply cow dung pack, he slept, all laughs,

Dimpy says it was bleach, Salman says whats its use, Karishma says its for removing tan, Salman says you don’t need it, Salman says inmates says that you were irritating, Karishma says I gave my best and I think I was good captain, Salman says but all not think like that, I am telling about outside opinion too, Salman sys if you don’t agree then alright you were good, Salman ask Diandra about Karishma’s captaincy, diandra says she was aggressive and little irritating, Karishma sys I was fair, Salman says you were fair as you nominated whole house, you failed in stopping inmates from breaking rules, he ask Pritham was Karishma aggressive,

 Pritham says she was nagging, SAlman says dimpy was given this irritating title but Karishma got jealous and took it back, all laughs Salman says when Dimpy got chance to replace Karishma in captaincy, so you think that it would have been good if dimpy had become captain, Pritham doesn’t answer rightly, Salman says you have soft corner for Karishma? Pritham says nothing like that, Salman teases him, Pritham says now I realized that she was nagging in her captaincy, Salman says some said aggressive, some said irritating but you said nagging and nagging is usually used for girlfriends and wives, all laughs, Karishma smiles little, Pritham blushes and ask Salman to not do this, Pritham says she was irritating,

Salman laughs, Salman says this week Karishma was active in house, all wewre cold but she was holding house, then she nominated whole house, Salman ask where is my Sonali, Sonali laughs, Salman imitates Soanli, Salman ask sonali how bad Karishma was in her captaincy? Sonali says no she was good, Salman ask were you in this house only? Salman says you were not seen on Tv this week, your style, your humor, whole India is going gaga over you and you were not present in house this week, where was your style, Salman ask Dimpy, dimpy says I think Sonali got affected in Gautam and Diandra’s friendship, Sonali says what are you saying, Salman says you did lipstick trick, Sonali says no trick, Gautam what trick? Gautam says what should I say, Salman says you don’t speak much, Salman says this is wrong that now Gautam is denying his relation with Diandra, Gautam says I am not denying, its not about that,

Diandra knows it well, I respect her, I respect also how it is being portrayed outside, Salman sys what portraying? what you did, it is simply shown, there is way to put things, its wrong to say that we are just friends, there is attraction, there is fling but you can say that how will it go further is not known, its in God’s hand that if you will be in relation or not but you cant deny attraction, it is all shown in TV, Salman says GAUTAM YOU ARE SAFE, ALI YOU ARE SAFE, Salman says to Karishma that you are my favorite, why you act like that when I speak to you, you get confuse what to answer, Salman ask who was winning team in luxury budget task, Karishma says Puneet’s team as they had more guests, they had good food, they had good decorations, Salman says then you gave marks to everyone, in total you gave 255 marks to Puneet’s team,

Salman says losing team had 255 points too so who is winning team now? Karishma says Puneet’s team was better, but individually marks was different, Karishma says I had to choose one team, I didn’t think that much that total will be equal, Salman says when both teams have marks then you choose 2 members from losing team to do luxury budget shopping, karishma says I chose Pritham because he made food, Salman says but he calling you nagging, Karishma says its his point, AKrishma says Upen was helping everyone, Diandra was ill but she did a lot of work, Salman says on that basis this team would win, Karishma says but overall Puneet’s party was good, Salman ask on what basis you gave 85 to yourself, Karishma says I was in both parties, Salman says you didn’t allow Dimpy to dance, is it some boarding school, Karishma says party had some rules, Salman jokes why you didn’t 95 to yourself, Salman ask Pritham how many points you got,

Pritham says 80, Salman says but you are in luxury budget shopping, Salman says dimpy got 85 but she is not included in luxury budget enjoyment, Salman sys it like in racing, some people come 1sr 2nd 3rd but we gave meddles to 6th 7th 8th, I am not understanding it, all laughs, Salman says this week was entertaining, I will want Karishma to become captain, who in you want to see her captain again, nobody raise their hands, Karishma says I am not raising for myself, enough for me this captaincy, Salman says Karishma you were predictable, whole house knew that you will give Praneet’s name in punishment, Puneet says we all knew that she will give Praneet’s name only because she sees Upen everywhere, she thinks that Upen worked only, Pritham made food but he got 80 marks but Upen got 95 marks,

this task was finished without a fight because Karishma was not involved in it, Karishma says speak anything, Puneet says all inamtes decided to do this task in fun way, Karishma says you start the fight first everytime, Puneet says I was given punishment for using English but she ignored Upen using English, Upen says I use less English than Dimpy and Diandra but Puneet always allege me, Karishma says Puneet always lie, Puneet says Karishma was partial, karishma sys you cannot become true by raising your voice, Upen says Puneet is always partial, Karishma says in Puneet’s captaincy Gautam slept then why didn’t he punish him, Salman ask so two wrongs make onr right? Salman says to Praneet that was it right to punish you in judgment day, Praneet says no, she was wrong, I knew she will give my name, she said sorry to me so said its okay, Pritham said to me that she gave 80 marks to me but gave 95 marks to Upen, Salman says this would have hurt Pritham, all laughs, two and two four but she likes Upen more, all laughs, Karishma says its not funny,

 Karishma says Pritham complained me about Praneet not doing wok in task, Pritham says I agree that Praneet did work but less than others, he makes excuses, he made wash utensils which is his work, Karishma says in comparison Upen did more work than Praneet, Praneet says he just aired balloon, Upen says I did a lot of work, don’t lie PRaneet, Salman ask Pritham that was Karishma right in nominating Praneet, Pritham says she wanted to nominate Sonali but she is already nominated and I am also responsible for it too as I complained about Praneet to Karishma so she had to take his name, Salman says it si being said from start of season that Praneet and Sonali are lazy.

call is connected to snapdeal costumer of week, Dr. Sabiha, Salman says doctor is needed in house, Salman says whom you wanna ask question, she says Karishma, she says I have bought a loudspeaker for Karishma, Ali brings it and gives to Karishma, Sabiha says you made Nutella issue for three days when you already said that you don’t care about luxury budget and also Gautam said sorry about it, I wanna make you remember that someone stole Nutella before too (I think pointing Karishma), and went to washroom to eat it,

Karisham says it was not stealing, Arya got it so he gave to us, Sabiha says it was Gautam’s nutella, Karishma sys what? first thing is that Gautam wouldn’t leave filled, he would eat full, Sabiha says if it was Arya’s nutella then why were you eating in washroom, Salman says you get Nutella(natural waste) in washroom, Arya must have filled in washroom, Karishma says eew Sir, Karishma says I was asking nutella from Gautam as it wa for everyone, Salman says who say that she is selfish, all laughs. call ends.

Salman says PUNEET YOU ARE SAFE, Salman says DIMPY IS SAFE, PRANEET, SONALI, UPEN and DIANDRA are in danger.
call ends.

clip plays, Puneet says to Gautam that Salman rightly insulted Karishma, she is dumb, Puneet says they targeted us so now audience have saved us and they are in danger including Pritham.
Ali says to Upen that I am said that I don’t respect girls but what Gautam did with Diandra, this is called insult to women, Upen says but still Diandra didn’t tell us about what Gautam said to her, she respected his point, Diandra says I wont say even now too, Ali says Diandra cried for two days in washroom,

nobody saw her but I did, I thought to talk to her but then I thought to let her cry and take off blindfold of Gautam, we all play games that’s fine but there is some humanity, you cant play with someone’s emotions like this, Diandra says the point is that the way Gautam is going, there will hundred of questions asked from him, last time I saved him by answering for him now he has to answer.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 14th Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss Ravivaar ki raat Salman ke sath is updated here

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