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Watch Bigg Boss 8 1st December 2014 Full HD episode Day 71 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 1st December 2014 Full Episode (Day 71) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 First December 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- aaj hai Somwaar or hoga nomantion sabhi gharvalo ka.. aaj dekhte hai kis kis ka hota hai Nomination...Pritham ask Praneet to become captain, play the game. later Pritham says to Gautam that I want to be captain. in nominations, Pritham goes in confession roo, he is shown to inmates on tv, Pritham says I nominate Puneet, he is influencing P3G, Gautam and Puneet are stunned. later Karishma says to Diandra that you are possessive about kitchen too, this is cheap mentality that I am kitchen to show to camera, Diandra says you yourself say that you are self-centered, Karishma says I say that all are selfish, I don’t enjoy to be maid of bigg boss house, I know many things about you but I know my limits, diandra looks at her.

Recently Day 70 @ Weekend Ka Vaar :- Elimination Special
Salman comes on stage, he dances on song tere mast mast do nain… Sonakshi comes on stage, she dances with him on song, Salman welcomes all in bigg boss Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman says welcome slim Sonakshi dev, last time she came on kilos and now in grams, Salman says Sonakshi is bigg boss fan, I mean she is my fan, all laughs, Sonakshi says yes I am your fan, she says that I have come for action jackson movie promotion, Salman says you can go in house now, Sonakshi gets excited and leaves.
in house, the door of confession room is knocked, Puneet knocks from otherside, Sonakshi opens the door, all gets excited seeing Sonakshi, Diandra hugs her, she is wearing Saree and is bald, Sonakshi jokes that I did hairdo like you and you have cut your hairs like Puneet, Diandra says you are looking nice, Sonakshi says I know all of you, they come in garden,

Sonakshi says I have come to promote my film, and I have brought sweets for you but you have to earn these sweets, the film director Prabhudeva so you all have to dance, first Gautam dance, Diandra comes and kisses Gautam on cheek then he starts Dancing on song urvashi.. Urvashi, all enjoys his dance, all claps for him, Sonakshi says he is Gautam Jackson, Sonakshi says Puneet will competition to Gautam, Puneet and Dimpy gets on stage, they start dancing on song Muqabla..Muqabla, all enjoys their dance, Puneet lifts Dimpy in dance, all applauds for him, Sonakshi says next is Upen, he dances with Dimpy and Karisham, they dance on song Go go Govinda, all claps for them, sonakshi says most amazing and energetic was Puneet ji, he is younger than you all, Sonakshi gives sweet box to him and share with all,

Puneet says yes, Sonakshi says now we will do one task I will say some idiom and the one I will ask will tell on which inmate this idiom fits the best, she says first idiom is “Bandar Kia Jane adrak ka suad” (monkey doesn’t know taste of good), she ask Praneet on whom it fits, Praneet says this fits Ali the best, Ali says in defense I will say pigeons are coming to take from here, Sonakshi says next idiom is “hathi ke dant kahne ke aur dehkane ke aur” (dual face person), Ali says this fits Dimpy the best, she laughs, Dimpy says dogs will keep barking and elephant will go ahead, Ali starts barking, Sonakshi laughs, Ali si sitting beside Sonali, he says I will not sit here, she can slap me again, he moves from there, Sonakshi says next is “nach na jaane angan tera” (giving excuse to things and blame others),

Diandra laughs and says it fits Sonali, Sonali says in defense I would say I love diandra and her saree, Diandra says Sonali your eye make up is nice too, all applauds, Sonakshi ask sonali idiom “garjne wasle badal baraste nahi” (those who gloats about themselves turns out to be nothing), Sonali looks at Ali and acts like slapping him, Sonakshi says no don’t do that again, Ali says I would request that her medicine come fast to her otherwise.. he barks on her too, Sonakhi ask Gautam idiom “ghar ka behdi Lanka dhaye” (your close one’s betrayal destroy your house), Gautam says its Praneet, Praneet says he say anything, Sonakshi you both were best friends, Gautam says we are good friends even now, Praneet says then why you taunt me like this, Gautam says I have seen you talking bad about me even then I try to be your friend, Praneet says who is friend? which points your mistake, Gautam says yes our friendship is maintained,

Praneet says you always talk about friendship and then taunt me that I am betrayer, Gautam says you are my friend and will remain, Praneet says you friendship is like that you count it in percentage? 10% 20% 30%.. sonakshi starts singing dost dost na raha.. Sonakshi ask girls who is action Jackson in house, Renee says Gautam, Sonakshi says we don’t need to ask Diandra, Dimpy says Puneet, Sonali says Puneet, Karishma says Puneet, Sonakshi says I think its Gautam. all claps, Sonakshi says I loved to be here, It was my wish to come in house from5 years and finally I came today, Pritham says we will say bye in shatrugan’s style, they all says Khamosh (silent), sonakshi laughs, Sonakshi greets all and leaves the house.

Sonakshi comes on stage, and dances on action Jackson song, Salman comes and dances with her, Salman ask did you see any fight in house? Sonakshi says yes between Praneet and Gautam but it goes on everyday, I asked about friendship so they started taunting each other, Salman says I want to take swear from you, I want you to never say that dialogue of dabang movie that “I am not afraid of slap but of love”, all laughs, Sonakshi says I will try, Salman ask how is dad, sonakshi says fit, Sonakshi ask to say any dialogue of your movie in my dad style, Salman says once I do commitment then I don’t listen to myself even, silence, all laughs,

Salman says the mustache I had in dabang was inspired by her father, Salman ask Sonakshi question who is your favorite costar, Ajay devgan, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Salman says I didn’t include my name as you would have taken my name only, like if had I asked you to choose between Salman, Shahrukh and Amir, Sonashi says as you have reconciled with Shahrukh then.. Salman says nothing has happened, Sonakhi says my favorite is Salman, Salman says if I am Shahrukh then whom will you choose, Sonakshi says Salman Khan, Salman says if you vote for inmate then for whom you will vote, she says I will vote for Pritham, Salman says for whom ill not vote for? Sonakshi says I will not vote for Puneet, he is doing politics,

Salman says why, he is cute in shorts, Sonakshi says they way he try to control Pritham, Gautam and Praneet, I don’t like it as viewer, Salman ask who is most weird in house? Sonakshi flips her hairs (pointing Sonali is weird), Salman says uff I tou love her, Sonakshi says you love weird people, Salman which actress look more beautiful without make up, Sonakshi says Katrina kaif, Salman says she used to, I don’t know now, all laughs, Salman says whom you think can play lead actress in female version of dabang, Sonakshi says nobody can compete me in that, Salman says good wishes for your upcoming movie, please go and watch movie on 5dec, Sonakshi hugs Salman and leaves the stage.
Salman says Sonakshi left a small fire in house, now lets see after effects of that.

video plays, Praneet says to Gautam that I am hurt with you, I told sorry to you and forgot everything, we do things in task but I never did bad to you, I never abuse anyone, you didn’t understand my intend, I can also say that you made me swim in cold water at 2:30am in night but it was task so I forgot it, you commented on me today on what basis, Gautam says you have done mistakes in friendship, you have destroyed P3G, Praneet says I just told you whats wrong and whats right, Gautma says you discussed about my family too, Praneet says what did I saY? I said that you are coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside,

Gautam says you told me that you are negative, why you are getting aggressive, I have nothing against you, PRaneet says then why comment on me on everything, Gautam says you involved other people in our fights, Praneet says if you have anything against me then tell me, Gautam says all are fine as you said that intention was not wrong, Gautam says I am like person that if you meet me outside house and will slap me even then I will say I love you, Praneet says no why would I slap you, I love you bro. video ends.

Salman says lets talk to them, call is connected to house, Salman says make up seems less on Karishma today, Karishma says I didn’t apply lipstick today, Salman says this house seems like Goa, a video plays in which all inmates are taking sun bath lying in garden, all laughs. Salman says SONALI, PRANEET and RENEE are nominated, one will go out, first we will do the task, he shows a battery to them and says I will ask some questions to inmates, if inmate answer it correctly then battery will not drain but if answer wrongly battery will drain by 20% for 1 question, the one whose battery is left more in end will win this task and will get a gift this week, Salman ask Ali did you ever say about any male inmate that he biggest female of house?

Ali says yes, Salman says right answer, Salman ask did you say to inmate that someone else is double dholki? not you, Ali says yes, Salman says this is wrong, you never said that, Ali says I thought I would have told in blah blah, Salman says did you say if that inmate do acting rightly then would get work? Ali says yes I said about inmate, Salman says for whom? Ali says don’t wanna tell, all laughs, Salman says did you say about inmate that she will spit venom as she has got target? Ali says yes, Salman says right answer, Salman ask did you say that some inmates are trying to act like a couple to be safe? Ali says no, Salman says wrong answer, Diandra says oow, Salman says you battery is 60% remaining.

Salman ask Dimpy that did you say that P3G is already broken, the are together to eliminate others? Dimpy says yes, salman says right answer, Salman ask did you say about inmate that she thinks that by roaming around Gautam, by showing off, she will get Gautam? Dimpy says I didn’t say that, Salman says right answer, all claps, Salman ask did you say about inmate that she doesn’t know format of bigg boss?she says she will not do that or this then why did she come in house? Dimpy says yes, Salman says right answer, Salman ask for whom you said? Dimpy says for Sonali, Salman says Sonali do some flick, Sonali flicks her hairs,

Salman says you are talented Sonali, you have burned all inmates, all laughs, Salman sings song Sonali Sonali.. lets go to manali, Gautam smiles, Salman ask dimpy that did you say about inmate that she used Gautam and now she is afraid that if Gautam becomes captain then he will not leave her? Dimpy says no I didn’t say that, Salman says you said it, your battery is 80%, Salman ask Karishma did you say about inmate that he is big jerk and I feel like killing him? Diandra laughs, Karishma says yes, Salman ask for whom, Karisham says Ali, Salman sys no, Karishma says then it must be Gautam, Gautam looks at her,

Karishma laughs, Salman ask did you say about inmate that he first put fire then try to dose it off? Karisham says no, Salman says wrong answer, Salman ask did you say about inmate that he shivers infront of you? Karishma says yes, for Sonali, she herself say that I am afraid of you but can you do my this work, all laughs, Salman says wrong answer, you didn’t say it, all laughs, Salman ask did you say about inmate that she doesn’t have strong personality and always walk on two tracks? Karishma says no, Salman says wrong answer, all laughs, Salman says for whom you would have said it? Karishma says Sonali, Salman says you have 40% battery, Salman ask Puneet did you call inmate characterless?

Puneet says no, Salman says wrong answer, all laughs, Salman ask Ali to gues, Ali says it must be me, all laughs, Salman ask Puneet did you say about inmate to treat him like furniture? Puneet says yes, Salman says did you say about inmate that God forgot to give brain to that inmate? Puneet says yes, I said that for Karishma, Salman laughs, Salman ask did you say about inmate that you don’t say hello to these kind of people? Puneet says yes for Ali, all laughs, Salman ask did you say that these both don’t work at all, we have to bring them out of comfort zone? Puneet says yes, Salman says correct. Salman ask Diandra did you say to inmate that this is your first step, now see how P3G breaks? Diandra thinks and says no, never, Salman says right answer,

Gautam says I was about remove lipstick mark, all laughs, Salman says did you say about inmate that she will not leave kitchen as she have come here to play game and she knows she will be seen in kitchen more? Diandra says yes, Salman says right answer, Diandra says I said about my best friend Karishma long back. Salman ask did you say about inmate that she do shifts between Upen and Gautam? Diandra sys I called pendulum, Salman says right answer, Salman did you say about inmate that if she thinks that her parents are watching and will not allow her in house then why she is doing all this in house? Diandra says yes for soanli, Salman says you saved 100%, most true. call ends.

Salman says we make you see some clips every week by big cargo, cargo devil comes with box, Salman says this devil never said anything and cant even says that today is his birthday, he sings happy bday, Salman opens box and finds bday cap, Salman says this week it was Gautam’s bday,

clip plays, lights of house goes off, all sings Happy bday to Gautam, then all males lift Gautam and throws him pool, Gautam takes off his shirt, he hugs diandr and all, then Gautam is see cutting cake, then Puneet, Praneet, Upen, Gautam Pritham takes off their shirt and dance. clip ends. cargo boys goes.
Call is connected to hosue again, Salman ask Sonali you were crying when Praneet didn’t save you from nominations, Sonali says I thought he would save me but now I have understood, Salman ask Renee who you thought would save you? Renee says Upen,

Salman says he doesn’t get time from licking his lips, all laughs, Salman says there must be some flavor on his lips that he keep licking it, Sonali you must find out, all laughs, Salman says you and Renee one thing common, both asked can we save ourselves, Karisham says I was joking with bigg boss so that he smile, Salman ask Renee why you said that? Renee says I said on serious note, I wanted to save myself, Salman says when you don’t wanna save anyone else then why you expect from others to save you? Renee says I accept that, Salman says you didn’t take part in task, Upen did task, you both were nomintate,

you got chance in task but you took opposite stand, if you had helped others in task then you would have earned fans, Salman says to Puneet that nanhi (his wife) was outside house waiting to meet but if you all would have done task rightly, Salman says PRANEET YOU ARE SAFE, all claps for him, Salman ask Renee to come out, Salman ask Sonali you wanna say something? Sonali says what to say, have to say every week, Salman ask Sonali to come out, sonali says ok good and goes to pack her bags, Salman laughs, Sonali comeback laughing, Praneet says Sonali is strong black mamba. RENEE IS EVICTED.

Renee takes her bags, all greets her and Renee leaves the house.

Renee comes on stage, Renee says can I hug you Salman, Salman says ofcourse, he hugs her, she says there is so much pressure in house, Salman says we thought you will give pressure but you took instead, Renee says I thought same but couldn’t do it, call is connected to house, Renee says Sonali start doing something good in house, you only try to gain camera’s attention while sweeping and all, Sonali says when I sweep the house camera turns to me not I turn to camera, all laughs, Sonali says you are wearing my bracelet, Renee says you also takes things of others,

Renee says I have bomb be careful, Sonali says I am nominated so don’t care, all laughs, Salman says Renee you have to tell two names who will be contender to be next captain, Renee says Karishma is crying so much for captaincy so I am not considering her, all laughs, Renee says I want Pritham and Praneet to be contender for captaincy, Puneet says Prithan already have immunity, Renee says Its my decision, you have bad habit on intruding in every single thing, all laughs, Pritham says I have immunity, Renee says I didn’t ask you, you have to tell me, Pritham says small packet big dhamaka, Renee leaves the stage.

Diandra says to Salman that its my dad’s birthday can i pass message, she says happy bday dada, I love you. call ends.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 1th Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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