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Watch Bigg Boss 8 21st December 2014 Full HD episode Weekend ka Vaar Day 91 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 21st December 2014 Full Episode (Day 91) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty first December 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-  

there will be press conference in house, press comes there. one journalist says to Pritham that you were calling Gautam ill then you supported him, one journalist says to Dimpy that are you like this in real life too, one journalist ask Gautam what happened in washroom, gautam says Diandra kissed me and I kissed her back, we had attraction, journalist says that time you said that she is just friend, you are man enough to admit now

 Day 90 @ Weekend Ka Vaar :- Eviction Special
Salman Khan comes on stage, he welcomes all in bigg boss. Salman says this week some unfortunate incident happened, innocent kids are butchered for evil desires, we are with families of the killed kids, he say we hope that these families get justice, he says KARISHMA UPEN PRANEET SONALI are nominated, but this house’s problems seem very small infront of world’s problem, he says today is eviction special. clip plays and shows what happened in whole week, how Upen and Gautam entered in scuffle then how Ali asked Upen to hit. then how slangs are being exchanged between Pritham and Dimpy.

Salman says we don’t wanna enter in their fights so lets call someone who can tell something about their fights, he calls Vishal Sawant, a psychiatrist, he comes there. Salman says whats the difference in this season from earlier, he says people change when they go in house, their personality were different when they entered and they are changing, or we can say that their real self is coming out, Salman says like Upen, if he is really like this or is acting? Vishal says he is not acting but is under pressure, he is confused, his social support, his group is gone so he is alone, he say that I am not sacred of anyone but he says that to himself only, Salman says he is still confused about what he is, all laughs, Salman ask
Puneet and Karishma,

 Vishal says its about mutual respect, they are both strong minded and have come to win, both have ability to stand out so they naturally oppose each other. Salman says Ali is not afraid of telling talk here to other side, is his personality in real or he is acting for bigg boss? is he not afraid that filling ears of people against each other can fireback at him only, is he coward or strong? Vishal says he street fighter, he is adaptive, he fight where he can but run where he cant fight, he is playing according to game, Salman says Sonali, nobody can analyze her, not even herself, Vishal says even I am trying. Sonali’s clip plays in which her way using broom is shown, then how she said to Salman that she want to work with Salman, then how she slapped Ali then how she asked to not nominate her.

Vishal says she is actually simple, she doesn’t know manipulation, she is pampered child, Salman says she is her real self, she is lazy, Vishal says she is simple, he says this is season is going good, SAlman greets him and he leaves.

call is connected to house. Salman says today eviction will happen, Salman says first decide who will sit on danger seat, he ask who should not remain in house? dimpy says Praneet, Praneet says Upen, Upen says Praneet, Sonali says Karishma, Karishma says Sonali, Pritham says Upen as his behavior is not fine, Ali says Upen as he has become villain from hero, Gautam says Upen as he is becoming aggressive,

Puneet says Upen. Salman says most want Upen to go out, Upen sit on danger seat, Salman says how many think that new wild card entry has happened? as Upen’s new personality is shown, Sonali, Praneet, Ali, Gautam, Pritham, Puneet raise their hands. Ali says the way he was in earlier weeks, Ali says he said to me that he want to be hero so he changed his personality and instead of becoming hero he became villain, he fight on little things, he warn people that he will hit, he is abusive and use slang against anyone, even for girls, the Upen used to be my brothe but now he threaten to kill me, Upen says I am just entertaining,

Salman ask who think he is entertaining? nobody raise their hands, Salman says that Upen are you doing this so that whole house go against you and you become hero, hhe ask Gautam that s Upen trying your and Ali’s formula of isolation and becoming hero? Gautam says it was not formula for me but what happened with me was real, I had reaction against action, it was real but this it not, Upen says I know what is happening with me, I don’t care what their views are, I know what I am going through, Salman ask Karishma why this transformation? Karishma says after many weeks, he has started thinking that people are cornering him, he is frustrated, he is at saturation point, he tried to be nice with everyone but never got reward so he is just showing reaction not acting, Upen says what shoul I say Salman bahi, Salman says my name is Salman,

Upen says yes Salman, Salman ask about task, Ali says Dimpy was poking Pritham and he was irritating so I was supporting Pritham and was covering him, she was getting physical, I asked Dimpy to not do this but Upen came inbetween and pushed me, I tried to leave from his clutches so my hand touched his face, he started his rant that I have hit him and he will break my face and all, then I got angry too and I asked him that you think that you are boxer so I asked him to hit, Praneet says we saw Upen a sensible, supportive person, he was always with everyone, he used to do all work but now that Upen is all lost, this is not entertaining at all, Ali says he think that he amazing boxer, and say that he will break faces, like he said to Gautam and then me, he doesn’t know that I am rising star and he wanna break my face, all laughs,

Upen says I am not fighter, I have not come here to fight. Salman ask Pritham what happened between Ali and Upen, what was reason behind it? Pritham says we all were thinking that Gautam will leave task, Upen came to me asked that if I want immunity? so I said that I am not thinking about immunity but I wanna see till when I am able to sit, then Upen thought that I am mentally very strong and Gautam will leave himself and then Karishma will win so he made a plan with Karishma and Dimpy, they made a plan to make me get up from seat,

then Dimpy came to me and started poking but she was physical, I asked her to not do that, then she said ill words, then she used slang, at that I lost my cool and I got up from seat and they won in their plan by using slangs, Salman ask Karishma was dimpy right in poking? Karishma says it was not in rule that she cant touch, it was written that you cant physical pull anyone but she can touch, Pritham says in tasks she says that don’t touch me, this is like women can touch man but man cant touch women, Karishma says in this task earlier we applied eggs and all too, so she touched him,

Pritham says Sonali was there and she also said that she was physical with me. Salman says Dimpy you don’t know how to play this task, let us show you something, video plays, the first hijack task in shown in which inmates used chili, waxing and made inmate smell shoes and what not, Salman says no rule was changed, Dimpy says it was over reaction, its my habit and I was just asking him to listen but he reacted so badly and sais that he will slap me then I said ok I will touch him, it was not force, not poke, it was nothing, Pritham says we are here from 12 weeks, we have grown in tasks, its human nature to not repeat things which they did earlier, he says I asked Dimpy to not touch me, I then said that I will hit you with cap,

I am sorry to say but she has some connection with hitting, whenever she listen hit word, she react badly, same way I connect to slangs, I don’t like to listen it, Dimpy says anyone can feel bad about listening hitting word, Gautam cried too when Upen said that he will hit him, KArishma says she was doing task only, Ali says she was coming with chili to apply on Karishma, Pritham says then why she said that I am not a man, she used slangs for me, Dimpy says you don’t talk about slang, you said ugly slangs too, PRitham says why it is like that women can say anything, can do anything with man but man cant do anything, Puneet says when task started, I said that this is mental strength task, let them do that, I was lying, I saw Upen and Dimpy talking,

I asked Dimpy what is she thinking? Dimpy said that she is going to irritate Pritham, I said that don’t go there, please sleep, Pritham is strong person, I went to washroom and when I cameback, I saw them all fighting, I said that Pritham was wrong saying slang but you started it and you are wrong, Dimpy says it was luxury budget task for all, I would have irritated Karishma too, I was planning to appy chili too, Salman says I wanna show what happened fist time too, clip plays and that famous scene was shown in which Karishma applies chili on Gautam and how he reacted badly and said bitch to her, then how all took Karishma’s side,

Gautam get tears seeing the clip, Salman says now see what this time happened, clip plays and how Pritham asked Dimpy to not touch, get away, then how Dimpy said Pritham that you are not a man, then how she says slang and Pritham gets angry and got up from seat and said slangs too, then how Puneet said that Dimpy you were wrong, Dimpy says I am sorry for using you all, It was not about man and women, if I abused like a man then I took abuse like a man too, his reaction was soo bad, it is evident in clip that when Gautam used slang, all were with Karishma but when it was about me… I was crying alone but nobody came to me, all are saying Upen is changed but he is not, he was with me whole night, consoling me, if he has started talking so he is changed? when he used to not answer the bullies, he was hero but now when he is answering so he is villain, Salman ask Karishma why Dimpy didn’t get support like you? Karisham says that time we all were new, that time, that slang was big, all were not frustrated, but here Dimpy started it so that’s why she didn’t get support,

DImpy says but there too you started it, Karisham says but I didn’t start the slang thing, Dimpy says its about reaction, like you did action and Gautam should reaction, here too I did action and Pritham showed reaction, ali says to dimpy you got reaction on swearing. Dimpy says what about before? He says you were poking reaction was obvious. Dimpy says poking is a sin. pritham says she went in i thought that good these wont be much of fight but she came out again. These wouldn’t have been much fight if she had stayed in. She came out and started fighting. Dimpy says you were rude i would feel bad that’s obvious.

Ali says i stopped you i asked you not to poke. When upen stopped me. You kept poking. Dimpy says i was just doing my task. sonali says it was annoying. Then you started gaining sympathy. Dimpy says i never asked for your sympathy. Sonali says you were wrong that is why i was stopping you. Our tolerance was going out. Dimpy says then its a benefit for me. Sonali says then face what have you done. Ali says upen did the same task but you were annoying. Dimpy says you were sleeping how do you know. He says i got up. Sonali says when he was stopping you why didn’t you stop. Ali says you’re always physical you sat on my chair. Sonali says even then i supported you. Ali says you said yourself that you are the worst captain.

call is connected to snapdeal customer of week, she has ordered soap for Pritham, she says Pritham is slipping away from relations, he called Gautam ill infront of Upen then supporting her, then saying sorry to Dimpy but caling her insect that will bite people, he is slippery these days, Pritham says you should have given me glue then so I would stick by my words, you support AKrisham but then nominated her too, Pritham says I cleared It with Karishma, Karishma says Pritham made Sonali come infront showing like that Sonali nominated Karishma not him, Pritham says it was Sonali’s idea to nominate Karishma. she says to Pritham that don’t slip, play your game but don’t change statements, Pritham says I not slipping away but I was telling my opinion only, customer says at time you said sorry to her then calling her insect that will bite everyone, Pritham says I said sorry to her for that I stooped so low in that fight, customer says thing is that you support Gautam at one point and then call him sick at other point, Pritham says Gautam was provoking Upen too, I said that Gautam is ill, I asked Upen to be calm, customer says thanks for clarifying.

Salman says time for elimination. he says PRANEET YOU ARE ELIMINATED. Praneet hugs Pritham, Gautam, Puneet and all. Praneet comes to gate and all boys hug and chant for boys, Sonali is in tears, Ali says wrong person is out, Sonali says what will I do now. episode ends.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 21st Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss Ravivaar ki raat sallu ke saath updated here

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