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Watch Bigg Boss 8 23rd December 2014 Full HD episode Day 93 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 23rd December 2014 Full Episode (Day 93) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Third December 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-  

Gautam sings to eliminate Karishma bigg boss, Karishma sys Gautam is not getting content these days, Gautam says you alwasy spit venom, Karishma says you throw potty from your mouth, Gautam says so much cheaps words you use, Karishma says going on your level, she screams like Gautam crying for nutelle, she chants loser losr, Upen takes her from there. later bugg boss gives task that bigg boss have done future prediction and inmates have to prove them wrone, like bigg boss say that all inamtes will sleep in night so this means all inmates will have to be awake, there are list of predictions like Upen will not make food for three times means that Upen have to make for three times, then bigg boss predicts that all will follow Sonali this means inmates will not follow Sonali. later Ali is given secret task to make big boss’s predictions true instead of wrong.

Recently Happened in BB8 house:-

Upen says to karishma i cant believe praneet has gone but she is still here. i think she will win. karishma laughs, they are talking about sonali.Karishma says next day i will suicide. He says next week you, me sonali and ali are nominated.she says paritham and ali are on my target yiu have not annoyed me much. pritham has, he says yeah right there is no one else.

12:45 am
Upen says what you feel can’t be shown. we both can feel it because we know. I support yoou girls.
Puneet and gautam are eating. Pritham comes he is in tears. Puneet says come here . he hugs her. Puneet says we all miss him he was a nice man. pritham is sobbing and says i miss him a lot. puneet says now we all will play for him. Gautam says he is right.

Upeen says to karishma no one sees when i jumped in the fight of ali and praneet. karishma saays they comment on the main things they see.

Pritham says we will force them now, puneet says we have to. pritham says no we will nominate them. to hell with the imunity. I wont win any of collective tasks now. puneet says yeah why should we. Pritham says audience is seeing everything.

Day 92 8:00 am
Everyone is asleep. A happy birthday song plays everyone wakes up in shock. Karishma and ali are outside in the lawn and clapping on the birthday song. prithaam comes out, karishma says thank you.

upen saays to karishma will you like to be captain? Karishma says yeah. he says i will vote for you. Karishma says they will all support sonali. he says let them.he says even if she wins i have no problem but it should be fair.

sonali says jjust like in election people ask for votes and support and think shouldd be given a chance i also think i should be given a chance to be captain.

ali says to gautam and pritham reporter asked gautam so many questions in the press conference it looks like people are liking him a lot.gautam is the real hero. pritham syas so what? ali says we are both horses. gautam says its not like that everyone is a hero. Ali says i am not envious i am saying thats good you being the hero. pritham says so he is a nice guy he deserves it.he is in a good shape.

Bigg boss says since praneet who was captain has been eliminated. sonali is one candidate. you all have to find another candidate for captaincy. everyone says karishma. puneet says you? Pritham says puneet.

Gautam says puneet. upen says i named karishma because i think she deserves a second chance. Puneet says i think ali, ali says when i am captain everyone is equal in my eyes. Dimpy says you trouble other captains though. He says you can trouble me as well. Puneet says gautma is better he is very fair. upen says mr puneet you are becoming the captain. He says i am not captain at all. kairshma says gautam you even slept in your own captaincy. Upen saays why you guys dont want karishma to be? gautam says what she wants?

Pritham says to Puneet that Upen said your name before too, Puneet says we should give name of Gautam as captain, he ask inmates who are ok with Gautam, all are ok but Karishma thinks and says i have doubt, Puneet says he will do good, Karishma says to Gautam that i observe very well so be careful, Karishma says okay i give his name, you have to answer peopel too, Pritham says its his problem, he will answer audience, karisham says to Pritham that why you shout, Puneet says dont have doubt in heart, he ask all if they agree to Gautam? all agrees.

Sonali says to Ali that i have always supported everyone in captaincy thing, but nobody support me, this is the last time i am trying for captaincy, from now on i will not even try, immunity is last thing for me, Ali laughs.

Karishma says to Dimpy that you give tight answers while laughing only. Sonali says to Pritham that why Karishma always want everything fro her? Karishma says is lusty, selfish, greedy, i think Puneet should stop asking Upen for evrything, as if his opinion matters the most, Pritham says exactly who is Upen Patel.

Karishma reads that now its time to choose new captain, all inmates will give their vote to Gautam or Sonali to make them captain, Sonali can get captaincy but she cant get immunity, Sonali and Gautam can now make inmates agree to vote for them.

Sonali ask Dimpy that you want me to be captain? Dimpy says you wanna be captain? Sonali says yes i want to be captain now, i have seen all inmates doing it and now i am experienced, you also know that i am not in any group so i will be neutral only, you know how i am and i will like that only, if i am proved to be bad captain then i will say it loud, i will never give my name again for captaincy.
Gautam says Sonali is strong too, she should get chance too, big people went out but she is still there in house.
Dmpy says to Upen that Sonali has got point too that she shpuld be given chance too. Sonali comes to Pritham to convince him but Pritham says dont worry my vote with you only, Ali says mine too.

Upen says to Karishma that Dimpy knows that Gautam will not nominate her so she is supporting him but then coming to us too and making us agree to her point, she want us to not nomiante her, she is playing her game, we should stand together, they fight but stand together so we should stand for each other too, Karishma agrees.
voting dor captaincy starts.

Puneet: he votes for Sonali as Gautam has already got immunity and Sonali should be given chance too.
Ali: he votes for Sonali as she has not got chance so chance pe dance, he dances. he made me leave my captaincy but i will give her chance.
Sonali: she vote for herself as its my time.

Dimpy: she says Sonali is mischeievios one and doesnt follow any rule so i think she may become responsible by becoming captain, she votes for Sonali.
Upen: he votes for Sonali as she supported him too.

Pritham: he votes for Sonali as he knows her and she should be given chance.
Karishma: she votes for Sonali as she should be given chance and show her hidden talent.
Gautam: he votes for Sonali and says everyone shoul be given chance.

Pritham says to Puneet that Upen and Karishma voted for Sonali but they were fighting uneccesarily on Gautam’s name, Pritham says to Gautam that they voted for Sonali as she will not get immunity, if she was getting immunity then they would have voted for you as you already have immunity.
Upen says to Dimpy that now we have to see alarm playing in morning and Sonali getting up first, Dimpy says that Sonali said that she will not even get immunity so make her as she just want to experience cpatiancy, Upen says but she will get oppuritunity to nominate one.

bigg boss tell inmates that Sonali got 8 votes from total 6 votes so SONALI IS NEW CAPTAIN. she hugs Pritham, Ali and Puneet, Sonali says beautiful birthday present.

Upen says now we are gone, Sonali comes to them and hug KArishma, Dimpy for voting for her, she comes to Upen to hug, Upen ask her to wait as he is washing hands, he then hugs her little. Pritham says to Puneet that see game, Sonali was not getting immunity so they supported her, like seriously Dimpy voted for her too. Sonali comes there and says Upen gave me attitude even now, i dont know his problem with me, Ali says you know his problem, Pritham says go anf talk to him, Sonali says i am his problem, Pritham says no even he doesnt know what is his problem.

Gautam says to Puneet that first they wanted to make karishma captain again but when they got to know that Sonali is not getting immunity so they made her captain, Pritham says they are gamer. Sonali ask Gautam please wear your mike, Pritham claps for Sonali, Puneet says Sonali will wake everyone up, Sonali agrees, Pritham says they are gamers, liars.

Gautam says to Karishma that you ditched me, you didnt vote for me, i hate you for that, i thought that you will reborn on your birthday but you are still same girl, crying for make up make up, Pritham pretends and ask what happend Gautam? Gautam says lodly that this girl ditched me, she said she will amke me captain but didnt vote for me. Sonali says karishma thanks for birthday treat and winks. Karishma says women power. pritham says i will jump in some well.

Dimpy reads out that this week you will nominate two candidates by blackening their photos on the wall.
Nomination time starts.

Gautam: he blackens upen’s photo. he says yiu all have seen his behavior. We all get to know our mistakes but he didn’t learn still he is very agressive. He blackens Karishma’s face and leaves her eyes. He says you never change. Karishma says i am whatever i am. karishma says i am not fake. Gautam says i am nominating her because in the first spices task you all saw it was painful for me. Whoever saw it, it was painful for them as well. Even after that in the same kind of task her thinking was same. she thought she should use spices again. karishma says oh really? was that so ddimpy? he says her thinking is still same. it never changed. he says i know you its your birthday what else can i give you? Karishma says thank you.

Dimpy: She blackens ali’s picture and says till now he used to blacken his head noww its face time. ali says wow i enjoyed aa lot. Dimpy says ali sometimes you forget that between comedy and insult there is a very fine line. Your sense of humor is very offensive sometimes. she then nominates Pritham and says what happened last week should not have happened, from my side too but when you said sorry to me i was happy till yesterday when you called me termite, this i didnt like.

Ali: he nominates Dimpy as she is very beautiful, poking and her noise my ears cant handle, he barks to imitate Dimpy. he then nominates Upen and says he was my good friend but he is strong contender now.
Puneet: he nomiantes Dimpy and says she is intelligent gilr but she crossed her line. he then nomiantes Upen as he is good man but his bahvior is not good.

KArishma: she nomiantes Pritham and says he misunderstood me that i made plan and he ended things in ugly manner. she then nominates Ali and says your sense of humor goes overbroad and you humiliate other in that.

Pritham: he nomiantes dimpy and says i have same reason as you, i said sorry to you even and i still think that i went to wronf level but you started it. he then nomiantes Karishma, he says you are a gamer and liar, Karishma says i take it as compliment.

Upen: he puts full black ink on Ali’s face, Ali says he has so much grudge, Upen says to Ali that i have listend you want to evict me by provokig me to get physical so i just wanna say that i am in field, come. he then Nominate Pritham and says that i thought you will understand but it hurt when you said things about me.

bigg boss says according to your votes. UPEN, PRITHAM, ALI, DIMPY AND SONALI are NOMINATED this week, as captain, Sonali will get special authority, she can nominate one more person, he will be nominated directly.

SONALI: she puts ink on KARISHMA’s pic and NOMINATES her, she says that Karishma was doign ehr task well but when Upen started fighting, she asked me and Dimpy to hold him because she was so much engrossed in her task that couldnt leave her chair.


karishma says to Dimpy that Sonali couldnt see that Pritham abused you you but all she could see that i didnt leave my task, she laughs. Ali says to Puneet that now it will be fun now, Puneet says UPen and Dimpy are in danger.

Karisham says to Dimpy that Puneet doesnt want any girl to come in his boys gang, he warned Diandra too and now warning you too, Dimpy says when i was crying, Puneet said to me that its all Karishma’s tricks, i said come on man, leave your grudge, i am tinking how much himiliating pritham did and all you are thinking about Karishma.

Sonali says to Puneet and his company that now Karishma will be upset that she is nominated.

Dimpy and Upen sing, Upen sing i am your darling you are my darling KArishma. Karishma says shut up Upen, Upen says i love you as friend, cant i love you as friend, i love you, Karishma says do your work, get lost, she get down to sleep and says that you only used me not love me, you wanna take Dimpy and onalion date and telling me love you,

Upen says i wanna marry you, Karishma says in your dreams, Upen says you always give me hint that what should i wear, it looks like bridal dress and all, you have nobody, Karishma says i have boyfriend, and i am happy, Upen says i have girlfriend but i still love you, Upen says Dimpy when you will leave then she will come to me and ask are you okay Upen, this means i miss you Upen, Dimpy laughs, Upen says when she says good night, this means i lvoe you, Karisham says mad man, Upen says you know what mad mans reallsy means… Karishma you are so diryt mind, Karishma put blanket on her, Upen says happy birthday Karishma, you know what this means, Dimpy laughs, Karisham ask why you are laughing, Upen says why angry on her, Dimpy says look at his serius face on this joke, Upen says why to be afraid, wehn we are in love, Karishma says let captain come here once and then i will see if you speask all this, let her come.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 23rd Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss updated here

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