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Watch Bigg Boss 8 25th December 2014 Full HD episode Day 95 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 25th December 2014 Full Episode (Day 95) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Twenty Fifth December 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-  

Upen says to Karishma that Sonali came to my bed, was flirting with me, held my hand. she just try to find content only, later its judgment day, Sonali gives reward to Dimpy, bigg boss says reward is that Dimpy will choose who will take punishment this week, Dimpy says Gautam. later garden is decorated for Christmas. all inmates are happy to see it, there will be guests coming in house KARAN SINGH GROVER AND BPASHA BASU. later there will be Christmas talent show task.

 Day 93 (continued) @ 6:45am
all inmates have to be awake for luxury budget but only Upen and Dimpy are awake while all other are sleeping, Dimpy says to Upen that sun have come up, this is not night anymore so I am going to sleep, she sleep.

Ali wake up to go to washroom but Puneet says you can go after two hours of waking up, Ali says we have to go after two hours of song playing, I can go now.
Upen comes to Karishma who is lying on her bed, says to Karishma that if you wanna go to toilet then go now, it is not morning, Karishma nods, Upen caresses her face.

Ali goes to washroom.
Ali says to Karishma that captain slept first in this house, we slept late night but she slept the time light went off, atleast show responsibility as captain.

Day 94 @8:00am

song tu hungama hogya starts playing. inmate wake up and dance.
Sonali ask who threw my mug in lost and found? Upen says not me, Karishma says I saw one cloth there but not mug. Sonali ask how my mug went there? Upen laughs, Sonali says someone deliberately threw my mug, Sonali ask Gautam that did you put my cup in lost and found box? he says I didn’t put your mug, I don’t know who did that, Gautam says no i broke two mugs, Pritham ask why? Gautam says I broke it because they were placed by sink side, why this bad habit of drinking in washroom side? so I broke it, Pritham says to Sonali that break his mug too,

Pritham says why you broke my mug, Gautma says we are here from two months, you should know rules, Pritham says you first follow rules, you never wear mike, Pritham says don’t act oversmart, Puneet ask Gautam are you bigg boss? or what to break it, who are you, you are just a contestant, act like that only, puneet ask to throw his jacket too, Gautam says this is not much big thing, Pritham says ofcourse this is big thing, i can tear your jacket too as it is placed on couch, Gautam says I clean washroom daily and I have to pick them up daily so I broke it, Ali says to complain to captain, why did you break it, Gautam says all are going against captain, I didn’t go against captain, don’t shout, Pritham says not shouting but there is way to do things, Puneet says you are wrong gautam, Gautam says I am tired to picking them up daily,

 Pritham says we wash utensils daily here too by picking them from rooms too, gautam says I am sorry that I broke your mug, Pritham says its not about mug but you have no right to break things like this, Dimpy comes and says that I used to pick my mug from living area in which you sued to drink milk, Gautam says I am not talking to you, Dimpy says I just wanna say that you used to leave mug in living area in Karishma’s captaincy, don’t have double standard, Gautam says I am sorry, I am sorry, he shows attitude, dimpy leaves, Puneet says to Gautam that don’t touch others thing, you don’t have to do others works, I know you are irritated, but when they have this habit from years, how will you change it, you do your work only, don’t pick other things, Gautam says Dimpy threw my jacket in lost and found bag, Puneet says she deliberately did that to irritate you, Gautam says she has come to torture us, I have seen in her eyes, she is a torture.

Ali says to sonali that you will not take bath today, he says there is a ritual that women don’t take bath so that their wish get fulfilled (Ali trying to accomplish his secret task), he says don’t take bath today and you will get nice films, Sonali says you say it directly whats your task, I will do it without daying a thing, Ali says I told that I was shown clips only, I am just saying that don’t take bath so that your wishes get fulfilled.

Dimpy comes there, Sonali says I don’t know why Gautam put my cup in lost and found, if he has so much grudge then put in store room, dimpy says he cant break things like this, remember this on judgement day, Dimpy says he thought it was my cup so broke it in anger as I had earlier put his jacket in lost and found, sonali sys so what, I think we should put him in lost and found bag as he is lost creature here.

Ali says to Gautam that why dimpy is cribbing about mugs your broke, Gautam is in washroom and says from there that if I find anything then I will put in lost and found only, Ali says to camera that he is liar, Ali says to Gautam that you are right, you have to put things in lost and found only, Ali check bag and says you put my socks in it too, now see what I will do with you. this is limit, dog, Gautam ask to not say slang, Ali says did I throw your thing in lost property ever? Gautam says because you will never find my thing.

Karishma says to Gautam that lets sing dilli wali girlfriend, they hold hand and sing and dance, Ali sing too that you looked nice to people while fighting but you have become friends, people used to enjoy your fake fights, now pull each other hairs, they sing and dance, Ali l gautam, beat karishma beat Gautam, Karishma says one song is done.

Gautam says to Puneet that Ali is jerk, he said that I am right by putting mug in lost property but when he found his socks in it, he changed his statement, Ali comes there, Gautam says you cant be of anyone else, you are double dholki, Gautam says you left your wet towel in room, mosquitos can come and you can have dengue, I am saving you. ali leaves.

bigg boss says that luxury budget task is done, you have proved our predictions wrong so you have won the task but Ali in secret task showed poor performance, so he lost, all laughs on him. Upen ask what was task, Ali says that I was asked to make Upen angry that much that he I swear on my mother, then I was asked that Karishma should do her make up for more than 90 minutes, Karishma says that’s why you were forcing me to apply make up, Dimpy says Karishma didn’t touch make up today, all laughs, Sonali says wrong person was given task as nobody trust him.

gautam and Dimpy are given task to become reporter and open channel BB NEWS, Gautam will do reporting while dimpy cameraman. Pritham says to Karihsma that we have to give tough time. Gautam sasy to Dimpy that we will first ask Upen personal questions. Ali comes to Karishma and says I will make hell this task for them, they were planning to ask upen personal question, we will make them say what they haven’t said.

Gautam interviews Ali, Gautam ask Ali that are you giving interview for first time, why you are not hilding mike, Ali says because you are holding it and not giving me, he ask dont you know how to talk, Gautam says i was just joking. Gautam says it looks like you are funny man on tv but you are a coward and cheap man, how do you do that, Ali says when you know how to speak then talk to me, he leaves. Gautam says Ali look like cool man but this is not true, he is a fake person.
Ali says to Karishma that they were asking irritating questions, Karishma says questions should be house related only, Ali asys he was misbehaving.

Gautam ask Dimpy to do interviews now as you are girl, will talk softly. they come to Ali, Dimpy says we are from channel BB news, we are very sorry on other reporter’s behavior, Pritham says if person taking interview feel like star then celebrity giving interview will be how much big star, Ali says he was not behaving like reporter but like star Gulati, Dimpy says he have this problem, I have sorry on his part, Gautam says sorry too. Sonali and Upen watch this from bedroom, Sonali says see these footage artist Gautam, Upen says yes show’s star, they smirk.

Gautam ask Puneet who plan things in house, Puneet says Dimpy Ganguly, she have mind and doesn’t even listen to me sometime, she talked about halwa thing and stopped Gautam from eating saying ask Karishma first, it was like putting fire between Gautam and Karishma, Dimpy continues the interview and says that you said I was putting fire, Puneet asys I felt like Dimpy was trying to bring in content, dimpy says you use harsh words like I put fire and all, Puneet says I was just giving my point of view. Gautam is holding a camera and moving around them, Sonali comes there so he start focusing camera on her, meanwhile he lose his focus and falls down after hitting a pot, they all laugh, Puneet ask what kind of cameraman is this? sonali says he was capturing a girl and fell, they laugh.

interview start again. Ali and Upen are called first. Dimpy questions Ali that you get angry, also you use slang against girls and also you provoke others, this is allegation on you, Ali says when a girl openly say slang here, so there is nothing about girl and boy here, Dimpy interrupts him, Ali says if you don’t let me answer then I will say no comment on questions, sonali laughs. Upen is sitting on chair he swing chair and fall on ground, Pritham says our celebrity fell down,

Puneet helps him to get up, Dimpy ask Upen did Ali provoke you to fight? Upen says no we cleared it, Ali says you are trying to provoke us now, Upen says I was wrong and he was wrong too, there was misunderstanding and we reacted badly, Ali says this all started because of Dimpy, Upen says I don’t think that you were responsible Dimpy, Dimpy ask question to Upen that Ali said it was his mistake but will he regret? will be learn from it, a man like Ali? Upen says I asked this question from Ali and he swear on his mother that he was wrong, he regret it and he got angry and will not do that.

Gautam says to Dimpy that all are insulting us instead of answering, Dimpy says we have to do this together. we have to ask them good questions.

Ali says to Upen that Dimpy try to irritate in evry task, Upen says she is nice with me, all she used to say to me was about telling about others, Ali says ofcourse she is nice, we had good friendship but when I supported Karishma instead of her, she made it a issue and said this and that to others, that day I thought that I wont trust her now.

Gautam ask Dimpy to not argue with guests, Dimpy says I will have to ask questions.
ali says to Upen that when guests came in party, they said that I am fooled by Dimpy.
Ali’s interview continue, Gautam focus camera on his bald head, Ali ask him to not do cheap things, Ali is giving you interview, Gautam brings camera close to his face, Ali gets irritated and says why you are putting camera on my face, don’t you have manners, Gautam puts hand in pocket and says I roam with gun,

Gautam says this Ali quili mirza use slangs, Ali says you are a cheapster, how did channel send you here, Ali ask to bring out gun, Gautam and Dimpy laugh at him. Ali says I am not here to listen your bullshit, gautam says this celebrity is twisted, this bald man has gone mad, Ali says how you are talking to celebrity, I am not giving interview, he leaves.

Ali comes to Upen and says he was irritating me, Upen ask to not get irritated, Ali says I called him cheapster, Upen says you don have to stoop low, Ali says no I said it jokingly.

show continues. Pritham and Sonali are called, Gautam welcomes them that great Rj, and most gorgeous beautiful on this earth Sonali, he wishes her birthday. Dimpy ask sonali that you are alleged that you talk on back of others, sonali sys when I used to not talk then it was problem, now when I talk so it is problem now too, what should I do? Dimpy says so you accept that you do bitching? sonali says I don’t know I bitching or not but if I find anything wrong so I speak against it, Ali cheer for her, sonali say in her famous style I don’t care. Ali whistle, all laughs.

Dimpy ask Pritham that when Ali said to Sonali that I will slap you then you said that Ali is wrong but you said same thing to Dimpy, Pritham sys situations are different, if you say provoking is right then my defensive words are right too, you cant compare two situations, Dimpy says not comparing, saying to girl that I will kick you and you will fall far, is it right according to you? Pritham says this is same like if gilr say slang to boy then fine but if boy say it then he is criminal, Dimpy says I am not talking about that, Pritham says yes because you are wrong in that,

Dimpy says yes, Dimpy says you said slang to Gautam too but he didn’t say a word, Pritham says now comparing on more situation, Dimpy says I don’t wanna go there, Ali says you are going there only, Dimpy says to Ali that why you ar ecoming inbetween, Pritham ask what you want that I keep saying sorry, Gautam says thanks for coming.

Karishma sys to Dimpy that show was like that you have to pick one topic and sk about it to every contestant but you asked about to only that contestant who was involved in it.
Pritham says that she keep cribbing about that incident, sonali says you should have avoided arguing, Ali says they started clearing their points instead of reporting, they were asking about their incidents only, Sonali says Dimpy was not reporter at all Puneet says they should have made me reporter.

Upen hold sonali’s hand, he says why to fear when you loved, Dimpy says oh ho, Sonali he said big thing, Dimpy ask Sonali if Upen gets eliminated will you weep? Sonali says no, she laughs and says I will send him happily and will meet him after shows whats so big in that, Sonali ask Patel if I leave then? Dimpy says Upen will cry buckets, Sonali says he has his friend Karishma, Upen says no one is friend here, Sonali lie on him, she says to Dimpy that I tried to be his friend but his habits put me off like he make small things a big issue and stop talking to me, he did this many times, Dimpy says when there is love fight happens, Sonali ask Upen if that’s the case, are you like this from before or game made you like this? Upen says no, Sonali says are you like this with me only? Sonali says no, Upen says I tried to be nice with everyone, Sonali says in that statement all comes, Dimpy says this is wrong, whom you love, give her some special attention, Sonali says not case here.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 25th Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss updated here

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