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Watch Bigg Boss 8 5th December 2014 Full HD episode Day 75 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 5th December 2014 Full Episode (Day 75) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Fifth December 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-
Bigg boss calls Pritham in confession room and ask him two names for captaincy, then infront of all inmates, Pritham says after mutual discussion Karishma’s name is finalized for captaincy and second name i want to give of myself, all look et hi. later Puneet says to Gautam he is very selfish. Gautam says his personality is out. later Upen says to Praneet that i promised Karishma for captaincy vote, i don’t like your behavior, Praneet ask him to not shout, Upen says i am not a kid. later for luxury budget shopping, bigg boss surprises inmates offering that two inamtes can go out of house for luxury budget shopping. Sonali and Gautam are blindfolded and is taken out of house, they sit in car and goes for shopping.

Day 74 @ 8:00am
Song Ik Pal ka Jeena.. Aae Mere Dil tou Gaye Ja starts playing. all inmates waske up and dances to the tunes. Upen lifts Sonali up in his arms to make her wake up, all laughs.

Gautam says to Puneet that i will not talk Pritham now, he us not there for me now, Puneet says see the mess up in kitchen now, its not even clean now. Gautam says the are not organized, i used to poke him on cleaning but he used to ge3t irritated, now stay in unhygienic environment, Puneet says they are in comfort zone, Gautam says we will not say anything.

on judgment Day, Pritham is asked to tell three names who he want to save in next nominations, Pritham says i will listen to everyone’s reason to get immunity, Pritham says to Sonali that you are not liable for this, Sonali says i will still come.

First Karishma goes with Pritham to tell her point for getting immunity, Dimpy whispers to Puneet that see who went first with Pritham, oh God.
Karisham says to Pritham that i am good contestant, i take stand on things and says on face what is wrong and right and if i am wrong at some point then i say sorry too, i am loud, i am fair in task, i got hurt even then i did task, i am contender for immunity so i leave it on you as you are fair.

Upen says to Pritham that i am good player, i am fun loving, i played fairly in task. Ali says to Karishma that Sonali and Pritham have come in our group now, you have to be captain, i will try to make you captain, Karishma says where was you this side, Ali says you and Upen were with me in bad time too.
Praneet says to Pritham that i am happy in your captaincy, i trust you that you will give immunity to right people.

Dimpy says to Puneet that i know whose names Pritham will take, Puneet says me and you didn’t even go to give him reason fro immunity, Gautam says i didn’t even go to him captain doesn’t need suggestion to take decision, just notice what all are doing and then judge people, you don’t need to talk, i know there will be partiality, Dimpy says Pritham is already biased so why to talk to him and give reason for immunity.

bigg boss ask Pritham to give three names which eh want to save in next nominations, Pritham says i have shortlisted Karishma, Ali, Dimpy, Praneet, Upen, now i will shortlist 3 people from them, first is KARISHMA, i have seen her thirst for winning, she got hurt but continued with task, 2nd is PRANEET, i learn many things from him, he is alleged that he is lazy but the good thing is that he could have got angry in task but he didn’t, i like that, 3rd is DIMPY, i am confused about her so i want to know her so i want to immune her for coming days to know her better, Dimpy says thank you Pritham ji in very low tone, Bigg boss says now there will be task between these three.

in task, three poles are placed in pool, three contenders have to stand in pool on that pole plank while holding the pole. task starts, all three stand with help of pole then after next buzzer, they have to jump pole one step above, Diandra is sitting in Gautam’s lap, Dimpy is losing focus little, Pritham ask to be relax, Praneet says that this board on pole on which we have to stand is very small, Praneet is losing focus and falls in pool, he is out of immunity task.

Dimpy and Karishma are still standing on pole, Gautam brings one utensil and shows to Pritham that see this is not washed nicely, it will creat illness in house, Pritham says its Ali’s duty, Ali comes in kitchen and washes it again, Ali says who is doing this? i washed it yesterday very nicely, somebody destroyed it again, i swear on you Gautam, Gautam says don’t swear on me, you are liar’s shop, Sonali is there too, she laughs, Ali says what you mean about liar’s shop, you are liar too, Sonali says whats problem in washing cap, just wash it, Ali washes it and gives to Gautam and leaves, Gautam says to Sonali that look what people do, Sonali says no you have habit of picking out mistakes, Gautam says what you mean by that, how you are pointing, Sonali says its bad to bring out mistakes of others like that, Gautam says i was not using slangs, Gautam says you care for your face then when this badly cleaned cooker will make your face bad then what will you do, Sonali says i am not talking about that, Gautam ask her to concentrate on her work, he leaves.
Dimpy and Karishma are still holding pole, Puneet and Pritham sleeps sitting there, Upen says wow bigg boss what task you give, Karishma is feeling sleepy, Dimpy is fiding it difficult to hold pole and falls in pool, all claps, Puneet says incredibly done task, Karishma and Dimpy’s feet are wounded, Bigg boss says we appreciate Dimpy’s and Karishma’s focus in task, Karishma have won the immunity for next week, she is safe in next nominations, all claps for her.

bigg boss tells inmates that its time that Pritham gives his next judement in which he have to give two names to punish and why? Pritham says i want to punish PUNEET and GAUTAM, i and Dimpy had argument and i didn’t say any word in argument which will hurt anyone, but Puneet came there and was so aggressive, he says to Gautam that you unnecessarily came in my argument and was provoking me on other level, I could have raised my hand. , Bigg boss says Puneet and Gautam that you are punished and your punishment is that you will do every task and every work of house till we give order to you stop, Puneet ask Gautam to come in kitchen to make food, Puneet sings Munni badnaam hui darling tere liye.
Pritham says to Ali that both of them are close to me but were wrong. Puneet says to Gautam that Pritham gave reason that i saw something on monitor and came to hit him, i saw a women in man’s body who was abusing a girl so i came to stop him, Gautam says leave it we will not stoop to their level.
Praneet says Pritham have strong reason to punish them, first Puneet used violence and then Gautam appreciated that violence and took it forward by putting fire in it, Ali says rightly said.

Gautam says to Puneet that you should be fair as captain, i think Diandra was better than Pritham, Puneet says Pritham want to prove that he is not in my influence, Dimpy says punish those who don’t work in house, Gautam says you get what you do, what he is doing, he will get that back but we will be nice.

Karishma talks to Diandra, they talk about 5 names which Pritham took for immunity, Diandra says it was not fair, Karishma says Dimoys’ reason was foolish, he said that i want to know her more, Karishma says he rightly punished Gautam and said that he would have given punishment to Diandra for abusing, Diandra says these are personal reasons.

diandra tells Puneet that Pritham had my name in mind for punishment because i abused, this is personal thing, Puneet says he talks in such cheap manner, he doesn’t have manners to talk, he caste low jokes, he tells jokes about husband beating wife, Puneet says you know why he took Dimpy’s name? because he is afraid of Salman? when Salman will ask him that you don’t know how to talk to girls then what will he say? so he took Dimpy’s name, Dimpy says he is making up for his misconduct, Puneet says he acts like uncle and try to make romantic angel with girls to get closer to them, this is not the way to joek, till date i have ever tried to touch you? Diandra say no, Puneet says he thinks that people thinks that he is influenced by me, so he is proving them wrong, Dimpy says to Diandra that please be away from Karishma, she is very manipulative, she manipulated Pritham nicely, just don’t listen to her, Puneet says he is grown up person then how can he get influenced by me? he is stupid person.

inmates are given task to stand on numbers from 1 to 10 ranking themselves, they have to decide numbers with mutual discussion, they have to give reason that why person next to him is above him and why person below him is below? Pritham says the popularity which Ali is getting, seeing that i think people like him, so i think Ali should be on number 1, all agrees, Puneet says first thing is that its point of view of one person only, Ali says all are agreeing with me, Praneet says i vote for him to stand on number 1, for number 2 all agrees on Gautam’s name, then on number 3, Puneet is chosen, Diandra is given vote by inmates to stand on number 4, on number 5, all agrees on Pritham’s name, on number 6, all agrees on Karishma’s name, on 7 votes for Upen, on number 8, all vote for Praneet, on number 9, Sonali is given it, on number 10, dimpy is given it. all stands on their respective numbers.

Dimpy says by mutual discussion, i was given 10 number but i don’t think that i deserve 10 number asi i have listened some comments from outside about my good playing, Sonali says i don’t know about my number, Diandra starts laughing, Sonali says i thank my fans to save me in every nominations, and i thank inmates to nominate me every week, Praneet says i think i entertain people, Sonali and Upen are equal to me standing beside me, Upen says i think i am forward then Praneet because Praneet tries to intervene in every argument while i entertain people, Karishma says i am on number 6, like Salman says i speak a lot, my voice is a lot, i am less than 5 number because Pritham is favorite of all and he is entertainer, Pritham says in initial days, i was liked by many but i think that my entertainment graph went down, but i will try and will try to reach 1 spot,

Diandra says i think indian audience have not seen some different girl, i am indian but have vibes of western, i am bold, i am opinionated, Puneet says i think that its good that i am at no.3, i have chance to grow, i always that with age, hairs can go white but blood cannot become white so i will try my best, Gautam says i am better than Puneet because… i have 8 packs, basically we are one, audience like Ali as he do good comedy, Ali says that i think all are at no. 1 for me, an i pray that all get 1 spot in their fields, sonali ask is it done? Dimpy says yes, Sonali throws away the 9 no. board, bigg boss says as Ali is on number 1 which is chosen by inmates then we see captainship skills in him., as gift, we remove the restriction from Ali that he cant be captain, now he take part in captaincy task, Pritham ask who threw the board, Praneet says Sonali, Sonali says no, it fell by mistake, Praneet says what a style.

Upen says to Sonali that it fell? you don’t lie? it fell. Sonali says yes it fell.
Pritham talks to Ali, he says that girls will like Gautam because he has that hero type actions.
Sonali says to Dimpy that with mutual discussion they will throw me out of house too.
Puneet says to Dimpy that Pritham is double faced person, he was one who was asking to boycott Ali and now he is his best friend, it was only me with whom Ali didn’t insult, i had nothing with Ali, he didn’t insult me, its not that i will not talk to him but the level he stoops , i cant talk to him.
Pritham says to Upen that i thought Ali deserve to be on no. 1, Upen says to ALi that you are double dholki and that’s truth.
Dimpy says to Puneet that numbers were given with convenience, Sonali doesn’t deserve to be on no. 9, Sonali says they should have made me stand after 10 no, she laughs.
the task is given to contestants “total race”, in this task two teams will be made, both teams have pass the obstacle course made in activity area, the winner team will get photographs from their family.
team A- Pritham, Praneet, Karishma, Ali and Upen.
Team B- Diandra, Sonali, Puneet, Gautam, and Dimpy.
Task starts, in task all team members one by one will pass the obstacles while one member will help them, in team A, Karishma is helper, first Ali starts passing obstacles, then Praneet starts passing obstacle, then Pritham do the task passing all obstacles, then Upen passes the obstacles, they have done the task, now time for team B, first Dimpy starts the task, she finds it difficult to do it, then Sonali passes the obstacle, Puneet helps her, then Diandra do the task, then Gautam do the task, Gautam ask Puneet to not help him, Ali says Dimpy’s feet is bleeding, Dimpy says its fine. Bigg boss says team A did task in 1:20sec, team B did task in 1:23sec, bigg boss ask Pritham to give gifts to winner team, Team B claps for Team A. Pritham gives photos to inmates.

Ali says to Karishma that i asked Pritham that Dimpy is provoking me, if i become captain then i will nto leave her, then he said that Karishma should become captain, this shows that he wants Karishma to be captain, now you be close to Pritham and Praneet, we have to take control of them, they are hurt with Puneet’s words, puneet is like myway or highway, they thought that they will be protected under Puneet but he ditched them, now KArishma you have to be friends with Praneet and Pritham, Upen will ask Diandra and she will give vote to you Karishma in captaincy, Upen you talk to Dimpy and say bad things about me to make her on our side.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 5th Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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