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Watch Bigg Boss 8 7th December 2014 Full HD episode Weekend Ka Vaar Day 77 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 7th December 2014 Full Episode Weekend Ka Vaar (Day 77) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Seventh December 2014 Weekend Ka Vaar Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :-
Varun sings Ji karda song. Varun comes in house and that revenge task continues, Sonali make diandra wash her clothes. later inmates discuss whom to throw out of house.

Day 76 @ Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage, he dances to the tunes of song Tenu le javanga. he welcomes all in bigg boss. Salman says that this week was OMG, so much happened, lets see what happened.

Video plays, Upen says to Sonali that my eyes are closed, you kiss me, Sonali says why should I, Karishma is there too, Karishma says Upen you give her a kiss, Upen says to Sonali that think as your parents are seeing too, Sonali says you think a lot, all cameras have turned here, I am not afraid, give me kiss, Karishma says Upen why you are waiting so much, she is saying yes to you, its humiliating that you are not kissing her, you are coward, she ask Upen to kiss her, Sonali says Karishma is more excited, Upen says ok, I am going to kiss, he comes closer to Sonali, Sonali waits, he comes more closer to kiss her on lips but then kisses her on her cheeks, Karishma says loser, loser, Sonali you go from here, he is useful for nothing, she didn’t even move a inch in anticipation Upen, Karishma laughs on Upen, Upen says her family is watching, I would get beaten up by her father, he is police officer, Karishma says wwhen girl is ready then whats the issue, clip ends

Salman says this week was full on entertainment, the big thing is that one group P3G is already broken, I told them before, they have come in house for first time but I am here for 5 season, Call is connected to house, Salman says the news is that I shared stage with Shahrukh and Amir for first time and did towel dance too, inmates clap, Salman says that P3G is finished, all are individual in house, but I am seeing a new group in house, hair dressers are predicting that Ali, Puneet and Diandra will make bald group. Salman says that you people made star of house stand on no. 9 (taunting Sonali), Salman says e person was praising your roties and you got angry on him (pointing Gautam), I feel your pain, I mean U-pain, all laughs, nobody is ready to kiss you, take this Sonali, he gives her a kiss, Sonali and all laughs, Salman says ALI, DIMPY, SONALI, KARISHMA, DIANDRA and PUNEET are nominated, I forgot to tell you all that voting lines were not open this week so fans couldn’t vote for you all, twist is that you people will decide who 5 should stay in house and who should go out of house, you all have 10 seconds, think, you all have to vote, he counts till 10, Salman says you all have to tell who should NOT go from this house, he ask Gautam,

Gautam says Puneet, Puneet says Karishma should stay, Diandra says Karishma, Dimpy says Puneet, Karishma says Diandra, ALi says Karishma, Sonali says can I take my name, Salman says this is best option for you, Sonali says ok I take my name, UPen says Karishma should stay, Salman says you went to kiss Sonali and saving KArishma, Pritham says Karishma, Praneet says Sonali, Salman says to Gautam that you don’t think that your vote should go to Diandra,

 finally voting says that Karishma should not go from house, you are having wonderful week, you got immunity, you bumped in door and got wound, you provoked two people to kiss, Sonali laughs, you got captaincy and now KARISHMA you are SAFE, and irritating title has gone to someone else too, life changed, Karisham thanks fans, Diandra says I am taking back my vote, all laughs, Salman says housemates saved you not fans, Karishma thanks housemates, Salman says P3G broke, how did this start? Pritham says from me, I had to nominate few people, I was confused but when I went in, I nominated people whom I thought was right and when I came out of confession room things were changed, Salman ask Dimpy that Pritham reason for nominating you was fair? Dimpy says I don’t think so, he said that he was hurt when I ddint vote for him but he always nominated me, he never supported me so how can I support him and on contrary Praneet saved me,

I wanted to give that back to him so I voted for Praneet for captaincy, he could have given other reasons like he doesn’t know me etc, Pritham says she is right, I don’t know her, I don’t understand her move, she is confusing, i had my reasons to nominate everyone, i cannot get influenced by other’s reasons, Diandra said no to washing utensils so i she gave me reason to nominate her, i nominated Puneet as i had inkling that he tries to influence me but then my wife confirmed it that people think like that only, she pointed that i should think from my mind, Salman says Pritham your growth this week was amazing, salute to you, you cannot become finalist by just doing comedy, you have to become hero, Salman says its not important to get influenced but you nominated him, was that ok, he can be evicted too, Pritham says i talked to Puneet and he was angry as he thought that i would nominate others, Salman ask Puneet that the reason Pritham gave for nominating you was right?

Puneet says i am not hurt that he nominated me but the reason he gave that i influence him was wrong, he is not kid to get influenced by me, he is an adult and if he took wrong decision because of me then he could have said to me, Pritham says that i don’t want to become shadow of anyone, Salman says nobody want to become shadow of others except Gautam, all laughs, Puneet says that i cant force my thoughts anyone, he could have talked to me that his wife has said this to him, Salman says you have to understand that you are nice on face of people but then you discuss with Gautam and take opposite stand, you and Gautam are close so you share your strategy with Gautam, this look negative on TV, the way you talked to Praneet that day, asking him to get lost when he was trying to talk to you, you were shooing him off, as a friend buddy this is not suiting you at all, this is going down, your strategy seems that you are good on face but then you discuss something else with Gautam, and Gautam is good with others on face but discusses something else about them to you, Salman says think that if all security guards and thieves become like you you were in luxury budget then what will happen in museums, Dimpy says you big liar you are? all laughs, Dimpy says i was protecting diamond, they could have stolen it, Salman says you stole it,

Salman says when Upen brought that diamond back to stand then someone touched it, Gautam says it was me, Salman ask Gautam to go and wash his hands as Upen had hidden Diamond in his pant, all laughs, Salman says the diamond would have burned in his pants, Salman says you continued to irritate Pritham, Dimpy says no he said to me that do whatever you want, so i did, the argument started that i changed the place of thing, Pritham said that you cant change place but this rule was not written then argument started then a vase was broken by Karishma, Salman says Upen broke that vase, Upen says yes i told it, Salman Upen broke it deliberately, Dimpy says i didn’t know that, Salman says to Upen that it was Chinese vase worth 90lacs, Upen smiles, Salman says i am serious, these things are sold on snapdeal, Upen says Sorry, Salman says to Dimpy what did talk did hurt you? Dimpy says he came so close to my face and even spit on my face, Pritham says if spit came on her face then i am sorry, but for conversation, i wont say sorry, i told her to put thing back on place but she was not listening and roaming around with thing, she said that where it is written that guards cannot take things, i asked where it is written that guards can take things, i told her that you are wrong, she was shouting too, i had to shout on her level, i raised my voice as she was not understanding, its her attitude to provoke others, Ali says she is provoking me from two days, she call me bald and all, then she says that women should be respected, i don’t talk to her, but she provokes me,

Ali says i cant even tell you what she says, Salman says why not, Ali says i was changing shirt in washroom area, she came and said that you have men’s ****, Salman says do something for that, Ali says then she was showing me middle finger saying that there is wound on that, Dimpy says that no it was there, Salman says if she got hurt on finger then she will show that finger only, its on your mind, Ali says she call me bald bald again, her voice pins in ears, Salman ask Puneet his take when Pritham charged at Dimpy,

Puneet says that Dimpy and Pritham had altercations earlier too, he shouted at Dimpy, he said that i will do anything, he constantly was shouting on her so i came in them, i asked Pritham that why you are shouting on girl like that, i was just saying that when people stopped as if i was about to attack Pritham, my aggression is made like some ghost, Salman says then Gautam came inbetween, he should not have come inbetween, this make things more worse, Gautam says i felt bad, i knew that Puneet just went to talk with Pritham, he was not going to hit Pritham but then i felt bad that a person who was with us for 2months is now saying bad words,

Salman says it it can be like this that you were with him not he was with you for 2 months, why you give importance to yourself that all are with you, it maybe that you were with him, Gautam says i didn’t like his cheap words, Salman ask why you did task alone, Gautam says i was patient, but they all were fighting then i decided to do the task alone, i could have involved them but they were not listening to me, it was their strategy to paly with aggression, Salman says Puneet started aggression by pushing Karishma, Puneet says no, Karishma says i got so much pushed, my muscle got pulled, Puneet says i had to stop her, and i pushed gate not her, Salman says that Pritham when you saw KArishma doing robbery why you didn’t stop her? and then she did samething, she changed the place of thing not put in store room but in smoking room,

Diandra says Pritham was not taking decisions, thieves were taking things here and there but he was silent, Pritham says they were wrong first, they started hiding things being guards only, Diandra says we didn’t do that, Pritham says Dimoy stole it, they were then pressuring me to put Ali in jail, how could i when Ali was with me, next i gave decisions to put thieves in jail, Karishma says i went to jail for 7 times, Salman ask Diandra was Pritham fair in task? she says no, Salman ask why? she says i think that he was sitting with thieves, Pritham says then where should i sit, Diandra says Karishma used to show rule book to Pritham and convince him then Praneet used to come to him and start doing emotional and sugary talks, then influence his best friend, Salman ask who think Pritham was fair, Ali, Praneet raise their hands, Salman ask the fight that happened between you, Puneet and Gautam, did you take revenge of that on judgment day?

Pritham says yes, that fight was biggest issue, Salman says then you gave punishment on personal reasons, is it fair? Pritham says as a captain i had to see everything, i saw Gautam sleeping most of the times, Dimpy says then why you dodnt give this reason? Pritham says i gave reason that Gautam came unnecessarily in fight, he was wrong, Diandra says i think that it was personal reason, i was alleged that i used to slangs in argument so now i have to thinkg in argument that i cant say anything which i want to because captain will give me punishment, Salman says then for immunity i gave Dimpy’s name, Gautam says i asked Pritham that he was fair in captaincy? with his decisions? he said yes he was but in punishment he should see that who did mistakes in housework but he got personal, now he is getting confused infront of you, i just wanted to clear that, Salman says reason is that now you all have fought, group is broken, he ask Pritham that you gave three names for immunity on what basis, Pritham says Karishma was fighting in task even after getting hurt and she have given tension to Puneet too that is this girl stays in house then it will be problem,

Salman says in every task Karishma excels, all claps for her, Pritham says i chose Dimpy that as a captain i should give chance to her, i should get to know her, Salman says Puneet was best in task, Pritham says agree but then he got aggressive, Salman says Upen and KArishma was aggressive too, Puneet says i am titled as aggressive person, Salman says because of Gautam thieves won, Salman ask for immunity why you didn’t give their name? Pritham says in every task, Gautam do good but where was team work, then he fought with me so i couldn’t take their name, Salman says Gautam shared secret task with Puneet, Gautam said to Puneet that he want to win this task but Puneet chose to wake up all, Puneet says i didn’t stop him first, he took things in store room but then i understood that i have responsibility as guard, Gautam says i didn’t mistake that i forgot to put two paintings in store room, Salman says this is Pritham saying,

Gautam says i clearly told Praneet about my plan but they got aggressive, the way they were talking to me was not okay, so i had to do the task, i decided to do the task in night, the mistake i did was, i told Puneet that you can stop me from taking things then Puneet realized his duty and he stopped me from stealing diamond, Salman claps for him, Salman says to Dimpy what was your reaction when you got immunity, Dimpy says he was guilt ridden, Salman says for personal reasons you gave immunity to Dimpy but this is unfair to people who do task with energy and very fairly, the merit was not there, he says to Ali that you were fair captain, if you were in Pritham’s place then whom you would given immunity? Ali says first Karishma, Upen and third myself, i would have Puneet’s name too, he stood in game for more than 20hours,

 Salman ask sonali.. Ali ask Sonali to wake up, all laughs, Salman ask Sonali if you were in Pritham’s place, whom would you have given immunity? she syas first i would have given Puneet’s name as he stood for many hours, then i would have given immunity to Karishma as she was doing things in fun way, and third i would have given to Upen, Salman laughs, Praneet says now i should start crying, Sonali says i would have given to Upen and Praneet both, Salman says ALI, DIMPY, SONALI, DIANDRA and PUNEET are in danger, Salman ask inmates whom they wanna save, Praneet says Sonali, Pritham says Ali, UPen says Diandra, Sonali says Sonali, Ali says Ali, Karishma says Diandra, Dimpy says Puneet, Diandra says Diandra, Puneet says Dimpy, Gautam says Puneet, Salman says Puneet you could have taken your name? Puneet says no two people have voted me that’s my win, Salman says so DIANDRA IS SAFE, all claps.
Salman says now time for snapdeal caller, call is connected to apruv, he says i have bought calculator for Pritham, Ali brings the calculator, Apruv says that Pritham you should calculate in this that how many times, by how many people in house you got influenced, Pritham says yes, caller says when you nominated Puneet, you gave reason that he influenced you, this way you should have nominated Upen, Karishma and Praneet as they have influenced you toom Pritham says its listening to friend’s suggestion not influence all the time, i thank you for sending calculator, call ends.

Salman says now again voting, Salman ask who should not go from this house, Gautam says Puneet, Puneet says dimpy, Diandra says Ali, Dimpy says Puneet, Karishma says Ali, Ali says Ali, UPen says Ali , sonali says Sonali , Pritham says ALi, Praneet says Sonali. Salman says ALI is SAFE, Ali says thank you all, Ali says thank you Dimpy oh Diandra, Salman says PUNEET, DIMPY and SONALI are in danger now, we will decide tomorrow. call ends.

Salman says now one person is coming here, he has come from house, he is Varun Dhawan, Varun comes on stage and dances on song Ji karda.

Varun is shown going in house, all housemates are happy to see him, Varun says that there is task in which Sonali have to take revenge from Diandra, Diandra says i am insecure regarding Gautam, she ask Sonali her choli which she borrowed, Sonali brings and gives it to her and says you can use everything of mine.
Salman comes on stage, Salman says we will see tomorrow what else happened in house, Varun does rapping, Varun says do whatever you want guys.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 7th Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar is updated here

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