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Watch Bigg Boss 8 9th December 2014 Full HD episode 79 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 8 9th December 2014 Full Episode (Day 79) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 8 Ninth December 2014 Full Episode

Tonight BB8 Precap :- luxury budget task will be “Party”. in party inmates will invite celebrity guests, Karishma will start the task as captain. later Karishma is making list of guests, she cuts celebrity names, Dinadra says they are famous, she says no they are not, she ask who is Anas rashid, Gautam says the serial i was doing (DIya aur Baati hum), he is hero of that. then a list of guests is prepared, later inmates have to call guests and invites to bigg boss house party, Gautam calls Rahul Mahajan and invites him for party.

Recently Day 77 (continued) @ 11:15pm

Dimpy hugs Puneet and says I an very happy, Gautam says I had feeling that you are not going.
Ali says this Puneet has no humanity, he didn’t let anyone hug, Pritham says oneside he has he has no grudge against anyone and then he didn’t let anyone hug him.

Puneet says to Gautam that now I will be sugary with them and will not leave them, did you see Karishma’s face when it was announced that there is no eviction this week, Pitham and Praneet are happy from heart that i ddint go, Sonali says even i am so happy.

Pritham says to Diandra that i said to Gautam that don’t hurt anyone emotionally, Diandra says i have said many things about Gautam too, Pritham says i am saying a different thing. Diandra says that’s fine.
Gautam says to Puneet that now i will not talk to Pritham, i showed him his place in fun way then i called Diandra to handle, his face became like frog when she answered him, even Sonali didn’t say a word, Gautam says i never said anything for Diandra, Puneet says whats his problem even if you are flirting or serious.

Diandra says to Pritham that i have discussed Sonali thing with Gautam and even if this triangle is on, i am not interested, Pritham says why he involved you in argument, i was expecting answer from him, diandra says it was smart of Gautam, Pritham says as a colleague i don’t want you get hurt emotionally otherwise i don’t have anything to with your triangle.

Pritham says to Ali that Puneet said he has no grudge but then he said that lets have grudges in heart, Ali says i didn’t like it when he stopped Praneet hugging him, Pritham says we have self respect too, i have experienced this two days before, Ali says if Praneet now goes to him then i will never talk to Praneet, PRaneet comes there and says i felt very bad today, i was never cold with him, he is giving reason to not be friends with him.

Gautam and diandra are in washroom area, Gautam says i silenced Pritham very nicely, he was thinking that he is smart, Diandra ask why you didn’t answer him, Gautam says i think you are enough for Pritham, you silenced Pritham and sonali left and sat silently, Diandra says you were coward there, Diandra says lets go, they go in washroom and locks the door, Dimpy comes there, she listens flash voice from washroom and tries to listen whats going on inside, she leaves from there, Diandra comes out of washroom.

Day 78 was Nomination Special

song main ni ana starts playing. all inmates wake up and danced on song. Diandra and Gautam hug, Pritham gives goodmorning hug to Karishma.

Bigg boss says that the punishment which was given to Gautam and Puneet is over now.
Diandra and sonali are working in kitchen, Gautam comes there, he says that your eyes distract me, he is looking at Sonali while saying this for diandra, while sonali is looking down, busy in her work, Gautam says to diandra that they way you smile, don’t do it, Diandra says why would i not smile, Gautam says diandra you forgot to give me morning kiss, diandra says it was your turn today, gautma says ok take it, come here, he gives her kiss on cheek, sonali casually leaves from there.

Gautam ask dimpy that what wrong did Puneet do to house mates? did he hit anyone, when someone is elder then he can advise but he never does so, even i am not influenced by him.

Karishma says to Upen that Puneet got saved for 3 times from eviction, first he went out with minissha but cameback then he went for hitting Arya, cameback again then yesterday, she acts like killing, Karishma door was not opened so i got the feeling that he is not going out.

Dimpy says to Gautam that i will nominate Praneet, you used to say that Praneet is double face but i said that he is nice, after Ali i misunderstood Praneet, Gautam says Pritham have some problem with language, aae Bhai, oo Bhai, he is small town person and his mentality is like that.

Pritham says to Praneet that Gautam is totally fake, he is not good actor, Praneet he could have become something but see what he has become?

Gautam says to Karishma that utensils are too much for one person, Dimpy is washing it, Karishma says that its not much utensils, its same like always, Gautam says but always two people wash it, Karishma says yes but the people are less too now, Gautam ask can you wash it? Karishma says yes, Gautam says then do it, Karishma says why? i am captain, Dimpy if you have problem then tell me, why Gautam is talking on your behalf, even sonali will wash alone in night, Dimpy says that i didn’t wash bathroom too today, i have only one work today so i will wash alone today, Karisham says Gautam yu can help her if you want to volunteer, Gautam says i am doing all this for 4 days, Karishma says why you are talking on her behalf,

Gautam says use your upper compartment(brain), Karishma says talk in nice tone, Gautam says many boys didn’t wok for past 4 days, Karisham says that’s not their problem, Gautam says if you are good captain then give them work too, Karishma says that they will what their duty is, if you have so much soft corner then help her, Gautam says ok i will help her, Dimpy says no problem, i have not worked since morning, Gautam sys this is wrong, Karishma says its not wrong, if you want to help her then do it but don’t pass comments on me.

all inmates are sitting in lounge, video plays, how many times inmates have broken rules is shown in video. in video, Pritham says lets all sleep in garden and don’t react on alarm, then Sonali is shown sleeping peacefully, she laughs, alarm plays, sonali wakes up and ask who is sleeping here. then diandra is shown talking in English. then Puneet is shown talking to Gautam without mike. then PRaneet is shown sleeping in bedroom. then Diandra takes off her mike to talk to Gautam. then dimpy is seen talking in English with Upen. then Praneet, Pritham and Upen talking without mikes, announcer ask them to wear their mikes, Pritham says in mike that we had man’s talk, it was private, all inmates laugh. then Ali is shown sleepin, then Sonali is shown sleeping in sitting position only, Karishma ask who is sleeping,

Upen says nobody. video ends, all inmates laugh. bigg boss says when we are infants, from that time our training starts, and we are taught things to do or not do that, as babbies we have no knowledge of language but even then we understands what to do or what not to do, then when we grow up, knowledge grows too and we don’t have to point on every single for everytime, this is season 8 of BB but it has new trend of breaking rules and it has passed all previous seasons in this thing, all because of you inmate, so congrats to you all, will you not clap? you wear heavy dresses but cant wear 2.5gm mike? you sleep in night fully but then you are sleeping in daytime, do kids sleep in classroom? you all know hindi language but then talk in English,

this is the first time we have seen so much unity in breaking rules and we have planning to break rules and responsible is captain too who see rules breaking but doesn’t act, these clippings are of just 48hours, your luxury budget was cut, your ration was cut but you didn’t understand so now EXCEPT KARISHMA, as punishment all are nominated for eviction this week,, if you dont change your attitude then we will punish more severely, Karishma gets angry and calls everyone in garden, she says you people like to irritate captain, . Pritham says we have got punishment already, Karishma says as captain, i want to punish, you all lie, she call everyone in garden.

all comes in garden, Karishma says you people lie when i ask who is sleeping, sonali comments that this lady have gone crazy, Karishma says yes, you come out, Sonali says i didn’t lie, why you are calling me lair. Karishma says you lied that you are not sleeping. now as punishment all will take round of garden with hands up,, all starts running garden, Sonali funnily runs, Diandra is not running, Diandra says my knees are paining, I wont run, Karishma says you had never pain in knees., Diandra says i do knee cardio, Sonali says Gautam pushed me, idiot.

Puneet says to Gautam that now audience will decide whom to save as all are nominated.
Sonali says sorry to Karishma for sleeping, Karishma says i will hit you Praneet, Praneet says i am not in sonali’s gang of sleeping, they are lairs, she and Pritham.

Puneet says now Pritham and Praneet will become coward. Ali says i am so nervouse that i am nominated, Pritham says he is culprit, Karishma says you are responsible.

Dimpy says to Diandra that big boss said that captain is responsible too.
ali says bigg boss shouldn’t have said that captain is not doing anything, she does things, Praneet says he is so much involved in game that he is provoking you against bigg boss too, all laugh, Karishma is all serious.

Gautam is sleeping, alarm plays, diandra laughs, Karishma comes there and ask Gautam to get up, Gautam says someone else slept, Karishma says i am seeing sleep in your eyes, Karishma ask Gautam to get up please, Gautam says i will not get up, do whatever you want, Karishma says i know it was you Gautam says why it cant be dimpy and diandra who was sitting here only, Karishma says they were talking, Karishma ask are you going to get up or not? Gautam says no, Karishma says then wait for judgment day, Gautam says ok i will take punishment that day, Karishma leaves.

bigg boss calls Dimpy in confession room, he says that you have broken rules too, do you feel that rules are breaking because of captain’s weakness? dimpy says Karishma have become captain with help of group, i was against her, i felt honestly she wanted to become captain to only get immunity and do not work, bigg boss says to dimpy in confession room that she makes 5 inmates agree that Karishma is not good captain then she will be made captain instead of Karishma, Dimpy laughs., and you are nominated for this week, you will freed from that too, after 2 hours your task will over.

dimpy tells Puneet that bigg boss asked me is Karishma capable of captaincy? she has immunity but it doesn’t mean she should be captain, if 5 people say on camera that Karishma is bad captain then captain will be changed, Puneet says that karishma have ver les days remaining as captain so its not needed, i think Pritham was worst as captain, he was biased but we will know about karishma on judgement day,

Dimpy says but i can become captain too now, Puneet says you will become next week too, Dimpy says that but i have given task so can you say for me? Puneet ask what i have to say? Dimpy says you have to say karishma is not good captain and remove her, Puneet says let me think.

Ali ask dimpy why bigg boss called you in confession room? Dimpy sys if you wann know then say in camera that Karishma shouldn’t be captain, ali says to Camera that Karishma should not be captain, remove her, dimpy gives hi-five to him and laughs that she tricked him.
Puneet tells about dimpy’s task to Gautam.
dimpy talks to Diandra about task, diandra says i wanna think.

Karishma gets to know about Dimpy’s task too. Praneet says she will get immunity that’s why she is doing all this.

Puneet says in camera that if bigg boss you have given task to Dimpy, then i must say Karishma is was partial so yes Karishma is bad captain and remove her. then Gautam says in camera tthat dimpy is hurt on hand even than Karishma gave her a lot of work so Karishma doesn’t deserve to be captain so remove her, Dimpy hugs Gautam.

Dimpy ask diandra did you think about what i said, diandra says i dont know, i am miffed with her but i cant assume about what she will do on judgment day and i think that you are telling me half truth.

Dimpy says to camera that i dont think that i wanna do this task, i thought it would be challenging and fun but now i think that i will emotionally hurting some people by doing this so i cant do this. you have given me big chance but i think i will fight fair. task is over.

Pritham says to Karishma that dimpy was trying to convince to say that you are bad captain so i said that no we should give chance to one girl.

dimpy tells Karishma that i was given task to convince atleast 3 people to sya that you are not good captain so Karishma will be removed and Dimpy will be made captain, Karishma will get nominated for this week and i will get nominated, three people who said that was Ali, Gautam and Puneet, and i said lie to people so i apologize for that too, i tricked Ali to say that, Karishma says ok, Ali is fool which is proved, we are mad to trust ali everytime, Ali says she cheated me, Upen says we didn’t come in her cheat, why you said it, Ali says what will i get, Upen says i feel like fool, i was your friend, Ali says you are talking rubbish, Upen says your action has beend shown, Ali says she played smartly, Upen says you are more smart than her how you ciuld get fooled, Ali says she came to me and said that bigg boss said to me that because of Karishma all are nominated, i asked her task but she said that first say in camera that Karishma is mean captain, i said that in camera but then i said that its all Dimoy’s plan.

Dimpy tells Gautam that i made Karishma afraid, Puneet says you made Ali say it against Karishma, he said it for you and now he will bashed there, he will have nowhere to go now, Dimpy laughs. Ali says she didn’t tell me it was task, i am alone in this house and will go alone, Upen says why you are saying that, Ali says because i am getting angry. Karishma says dimpy is laughing, Ali says let her, i am just saying that i didn’t ditch you.

Ali says to Dimpy that whenever you do something, there is blast and i get stuck in it everytime, Dimpy laughs, Ali says i know their priority but they saved me too, Dimpy says you have fought with everyone in this house except Puneet, he took stand for Karishma, Sonali and me but now you talk to all of us but he is emotional person so he is on this stand till now that’s why not talking to you, did you try to talk to him, ALi says i tried but he ignored me, dimpy says as far as i know , he is very kind hearted, he forgives in fraction of seconds, its not good that two people are not talking.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 9th Dec 2014 and Bigg Boss is updated here

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