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Watch Bigg Boss 8 16th January 2015 Full HD episode Day 117 Written Updates

Boss 8 16th January 2015 Full Episode (Day 117) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Halla Bol Sixteenth January 2015 Full Episode

Tonight's #BB8 halla bol Precap :- 
Karishma get up from her bed in night, and comes to Upen, she hugs him and kiss each other. later Sambhavna says to karishma that Upen loves you, Karishma sys its his acting only, Sambhavna says how you are saying that, I have fallen fro him for his sweet love for you and you didn’t fall for him? Karishma says she is my type, Prithma says then when you are marrying him? Karishma says I have not thought about marriage, I like him, we will decide after coming out of house, Upen runs in happiness. bigg boss says that challengers can get exchange instead of getting luxury budget. Sana says now I want to get advantage too. Gautam says if you wanna go there then don’t fight, go to their team.

Day 115 (continued) :- Pritham says to Karishma that you have cleared your point, now we will not talk about Rahul’s matter, she agrees.
Dimpy comes to Rahul and hugs him, she cries, he ask why you are crying. she leaves, Gautam says Rahul said to me that he was behind karishma from 6 years but she didn’t give him line, all she wanted to do in task is to let you down, don’t take it to heart.

Karishma comes to Dimpy and ask why why you are upset, I had to do this, I had to satisfy myself, Dimpy says it ws task, Karishma says I wanted to tell him that I am not wrong, I have self respect too, I used to see you crying too, so you don’t react to my anger, Dimpy says I am angry on myself, Karishma ask Dimpy to smile, don’t be upset, she hugs her, Karishma asys tears roll down when you are hurt.
Sana says to Gautam that karishma went over board, Gautam says she never understand this.

Karishma says to Upen that Dimpy should be happy that I took stand for her too, Upen says she used to say all these but when you said ti to Rahul then why she is upset, she knows Rahul best, Karishma says she try to gain Sympahty that iam suffered so give me sympathy votes.
Gautam says to Sambhavna that Karishma said personal things too, Rahul is simple man, he do fun and boys do jokes, he is guy too so he did flirting in fun only.

Dimpy says to Rahul that she did all this to make you get up from task, Rahul says she can say anything she want but I wouldn’t have got up, Dimpy says there will be no game between me and Rahul, Rahul says I respect everyone, Gautam says what Karishma said looked fake in task, till yesterday she was taking it in joke, dimpy says she is selfish and all knows this.

Dimpy says that I am feeling that it could have been cleared in light manner but just someone wanted to clear herself, mahek says but she is girl and she wanted to clear herself, are you upset that Rahul is being dragged in it? dimpy says exactly, I am hurt that he is insulted, I am hurt that why he has come in show to be insulted, Mahek says but you both are not together, Dimpy says but we are friends, if Karishma is being said anything then Upen take stand for her, this separation thing is very difficult for us, more for Rahul as its his second separation, this joking of his with girls is reason too behind our separation. Mahek ask her to choose where she stands, if you are separating from him then be separated, do not get affected by hs flirting, if you wanna be friend then act like friend only,

Dimpy says its my fault only, I took all this too much seriously, I should have taken it in fun too, he was maintaining distance, I should have too, dimpy says to Mahek that Rahul can be anything but he was always a faithful husband, he used to stay at home when I used to be out of town, Mahek says his flirting was fne but he crossed the line, Upen do flirting all the time in house, karishma have boyfriend outside still she is with Upen., Mahek says they are friends. they spent so much time in house, Rahul has come now in house so she must be uncomfortable, Dimpy says Karishma invited Rahul in her last bday party, so what was that?

Rahul says to Karishma that I am motivated, whatever it was leave it, Karishma says you said about 6 years thing, Rahul asys it was fun only, Karishma says but Dimpy used to cry and I used to be silent because of her, Rahul says but all cool now, I am sorry, he shakes hand with her, karishma says you are sorry on your mistake so I will not take it forward.

Day 116 @ 8:00am :- Tabadla (exchange special)
Song Sanam teri kasam plays, Rahul and Dimpy dance, Karishma na d Upen to couple dance and all other dance too.

Upen is going to washroom, Sambhavna ask you want company, he says no, he leaves, Sambhavna says to Sana that he is not playing any game, he has something fro Karishma, this is not friendship only, Sana says he is cute.

Upen comes to Karishma and says you are looking very nice without make up too, Karishma says you will look handsome in blue.

Sambhavna says Karishma didn’t do nice with Rahul yesterday, all can go to any extent, Sana says I felt very bad when dimpy cried so much, we were feeling bad for Rahul then think about Dimpy, her tears were genuine, Sambhavna says I was hurt that I left that place, Karishma has boyfriend but its not friendship with Upen only.

Karishma gives towel to Upen, he hugs her and kisses her. Sana is asking Pritham about who came in party, Ali keep singing behind her, he leaves, Sana says height of cheapness, we are talking and he is singing to irritate. Ali keep sining Sun raha hai na tu, Sana says to Sambhavna that we cant even run away from his singing, Sambhavna ask Dimpy to make Ali stop singine, please take him in garden, Dimpy leaves from there, Sambhavn says to Sana should I hit Ali with pan, ali leaves from there. Sambhavna says thank god, she says to Pritham that when Ali sing , please take him in garden, its a request.
Ali comes in garden and sings badly, Mahek shouts no don’t ding, Pritham throws slipper on him and ask him to stop it, ali laughs.

dimpy asys to Rahul that I am proud of you that you handled situation very well, what you were said about that you are flirty and all, you are opposite to that, I know that you don’t allege character of anyone, even if they say anything to you buw you don’t speak about character of anyone, Rahul you can be anything but you were good husband, it was circumstances that lead to separation, we had good times, Rahul agrees, Dimpy says I am wrong to take things seriously about Karishma and you, Rahul says I was just doing fun, dimpy says Upen came and said to Karishma that its not looking good that you are laughing on his flirting so she changed her attitude and start snapping at you.

bigg boss ask Karishma who won the task of call center, Karishma says after thinking, I have concluded that Challengers have won the task, I listened everything and challengers were calm, they answered very well, they responded to things very well.

Sambhavna is in confession room, bigg boss says discuss with your team and decide one team mate who was best in call center task.

Sambhavna comes out, Pritham ask was doctor called for you, she says no.
she comes to her team, and tell them, Gautam says Rahul and Sambhavna were best in their task, Sana says I provoked Mahek first then I fought with her in kitchen too to provoke Mahek. Gautam says we have to give one name and Mahek was most frustrated by Sambhavna, so give her name, all agrees.
Karishma sys to Rahul that don’t take wrong name this time, we all know who wqas best in task, Upen says Rahul was best in dealing with caller.

Gautam asys that Sambhavna and Rahul were good in task its my opinion, Sana says so you are saying I am nowhere? Gautam says I didn’t mean that, she says whatever and leaves.

Gautam says to Upen that what he thinks was best in task? he says Rahul and Sambhavna, he ask to tell one in them, Upen says Rahul was best, Sambhavna says it was his great patience that he listened everything calmly, Upen says Karishma said many many things on national Tv, about his character, his intention, Rahul then said sorry to her 2 times and took so calmly everything, Sana says I am okay with his name too, Upen says if you think you were best then give your point, Sana says I am saying that I provoked Mahek, Gautam says then do voting, Sana says okay my vote for Sambhavna, Upen says if you want your name then give she sys ok my vote for myself, Upen vote for Rahul, Rahul vote for himself, Gautam says Sambhavna for me, Sambahvan says I take my name, Gautam says now tie between Rahul and Sambhvana, Sana says then my vote for Sambhavna, Gautam says then its decided Sambhavna was best.
ali says to Dimpy that they are fighting to be called best, Dimpy says they will send Gautam to champions back.

Sana says to Upen that Gautam doesn’t understand things, he just ignore people.
Rahul ask Gautam to sit, Gautam says why Sana is alleging me, that I triggered Mahek and all.
bigg boss ask Sambhavna the best teammate in task, Sambhavna says for first time in bigg boss, we are not able to come at one name, we are not able to mutally decide so either give this decision to karishma or you help us to give one name, Bigg boss says we have given you much time so now we want you to tell the name directly, you will decide, she ask teammates to say, they ask her to give name which she thinks is right,

Sambhavna says I am giving my name as best teammate. bigg boss says time for second exchange. he ask Karishma as captain that who was worst teammate in champions in task so he will be switched with challenger., Karishma says Dimpy was worst in task as I was in task and said things to Rahul to make him end call but Dimpy was crying and thinking that I humiliated person and I tried to clarify to her but she didn’t let me, Dimpy says you were not doing task but you wanted to clarify your character, you wanted to show how much good you are and how bad Rahul is, Karishma says It was not like that, Dimpy says you were not a sport in task but was personal,

bigg boss says not Dimpy is challenger and Sambhavna is champion, they will gget respective benefits, Dimpy exchanges mikes with her, and hug her.
Dimpy says to Sambhavna that Upen was defending Karishma when I was saying she was personal in task, Sambhavan says I was shocked that she gave your name, it was Mahek who was worst in task, dimpy says I don’t know why she went so personal, Sambhavna says she said things to Rahul that he is flirting with a girl who have boyfriend then why she is flirting with Upen? Sambhavna says to Dimpy that karishma just wanted to clear her stand agaist a boy who continuously flirt with her, Dimoy says then what she is doing with Upen? its same with Upen too, she keep saying that she have boyfriend but thing is that she is also not happy with him, Sambhavna says what? Dimpy says she told me this, you don’t discuss with anyone now, Sambhavna I wont talk with anyone about it.

Dimpy says to Gautam that I don’t want to continue fight with you, Gautam says you think that I didn’t take your side in fights, you stretched things, Dimpy says it was action reaction between us, Gautam says you are angry that I didn’t take stand for you against Pritham when he said slangs, dimpy says you said that I souldnt have touched Pritham, Gautam says it was not big thing, Dimpyu says then why you didn’t say it that time, lets forget that, we are distanced, Gautam says around Rahul too, I am talking to you thinking that problems happen but I am nice to you then you will be nice to me, Dimpy says I don’t have problem with you.

Karishma says I like being with you, Upen says I like to be with you every moment, he ask Karishma to say something from heart, he ask where is your heart? she shows on her chest, Upen says to Karishma that my heart in with you, she says oh dialogue, he ask where is your heart? she says like your heart is with me then where my heart should be? Upen says don’t know, how would I know, Karishma says my heart is with you, he says really? I am not your type, Karishma says you are my type, Upen smiles.

Dimpy says to Sambhavana that Karishma is just playing games. Sambhavna says to Dimpy that Upen is a cute guy, he was acting weird around Karishma in last weeks, Dimpy says who left Upen first when he became snappy? Karishma it was, Sambhavna says if I had bf then I would support him, Dimpy says even her friend Diandra said that don’t trust Karishma at all.

Karishma says to Upen that Dimpy is dirty game, she is not real. Upen says she never supported me like you did.
Rahul ask Dimpy to sleep with him. I am afraid alone, Dimpy says court will reject our plea, Rahul says its separation rule to not have Se*, Dimpy says he is like this, come to me and ask can do Se*, I used to get irritated.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 16th Jan 2015 and Bigg Boss Halla bol updated here Watch Bigg Boss 16-01-2015 Day EksauSatrahavaa Full Episode HD video online

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