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Watch Bigg Boss 8 17th January 2015 Full HD Weekend ka Halla bol episode Day 118 Written Updates

Boss 8 17th January 2015 Full Episode (Day 118) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Halla Bol Seventeenth January 2015 Full Episode Weekend ka Halla bol

Tonight's #BB8 halla bol Precap :- 

Upen sing le jayengy le jayengy dil wale dulhaniya lejayengy for Karishma. Mahek says will you remain same after marriage? Karishma says all rubbish, everything fades away after marriage, Upen says I will love 10 times more after marriage, Mahek says so you love her? Upen says I love her, I say this openly. Farah will come to take class of students.

Day 117 @ 8:00am
Song idhar chala main udhar chala plays, inmates dance.

Dimpy says to Sambhavan that Mahek took your name for best performer in task, Sambhavna says that if I instigated Maghek then how come you were choosen as weak performer, Rahul also said that I was best, Dimpy says I feel like pritham brainwashed Karishma about me, as he knew that his name is in list, Sana says I asked karishma that your decision was personal about exchanging Dimpy, then she said some points on which Upen said that it was all said by Pritham, so you are repeating him? then Karishma said that my thoughts are same, Sambhavna says Pritham is playing hidden game, Dimpy says he say on face that let bygones be bygones but holds grudges against others that why he cant look in my eyes.

Upen ask karishma will you forget me after getting trophy? she says don’t know, maybe I will, lets see, whats response of other guys, who can do what for me, Upen says I can make you happy always, Karishma says I don’t want tension, I have no interest in all this, Upen says I have no interest too, Karishma asys see I had to lie to bring out truth from you, this what you want, this was all shortlived, Upen says no, Karishma says you think everyone is easily available, Upen says you cant leave me, Karishma says don’t I have right to enjoy with my friends, I will go back my house, Upen says you will come to my heart, Upen says I am rightful, Karishma says you are trying to trap me in emotional trap, Upen says why you are saying trap, Karishma says no you are genuine.
Dimpy says to Rahul that Pritham influenced Karishma to take my name, she said that she is confused inbetween mahek and pritham so Pritham filled her mind against me, don’t you dare to give his name for captaincy, Rahul says no I will take Sambhavna’s name. Dimpy says Karishma will take Pritham’s name, you take Sambhavan’s name, Pritham is very revengeful.

Sambhavna says if I was in game before then I would have been before Upen, Karishma says its all drama of Upen, Sambhavna says you are drama, doing all game game, Upen says playing with my heart so that she can win game, later Sambhavna says to karishma that Upen loves you, Karishma sys its his acting only, Sambhavna says how you are saying that, I have fallen fro him for his sweet love for you and you didn’t fall for him? , Sambhavna says she is waiting for game to end, Upen says she will play game outside too, Sambhavna says Upen will keep waiting and Karishma will run away, Karishma says you are not my type, Upen says so I am not your type?

Sambhavna says he is type for everyone, you leave him, I will grab him, Upen ask karishma whats in heart tell us, you have chance to prove that you are selfish, all laughs, Karishma says he is my type, Prithma says then when you are marrying him? Karishma says I have not thought about marriage, I like him, we will decide after coming out of house, Upen runs in happiness, Sambhavna says girl has agreed, give me a kiss, he kisses Sambhavna on cheek and hugs Pritham too, Upen says I am happy, but Karishma can go back her words, Karishma laughs, Gautam says wow you decided for marriage in house only, should we call Karishma’s boyfriend too? Karishma says what rubbish, Pritham says leave him, we are just doing fun.

Pritham gives plastic flowers to Sana and says other lady is here so I cant make her angry, he gives plastic flower to Sambhavna too, ali brings whole plant of plastic to give to Sana, she says what you are doing, he runs behind Sana, Sana says I cant take it as I am very delicate, ali whistles and says Sana I am in love with you, Sana says I think same, Ali says I am totally in love, please take flowers, Sana says this is forcing, I am not ready, she comes to Pritham and dance with him, hug him.
Sambhavna asys to Pritham that Upen is In love, he is not in game, I am telling.

Upen says to Karishma that don’t react so much, you have to make it bigger, Karishma says I have baggage outside, if tis not like that then I would have moved with flow, you don’t understand my problem, Upen says I do understand, Karishma says I cant think about you and me only, I have finish things with someone, you know, you have to understand, don’t move forward, Upen says you are thinking too much.
Sana ask Sambhavna what was happening, Sambhavna says to Sana that Karishma said yes to Upen’s heart thing, if its true then good but if game then very bad, Sambhavna says that Upen is sweet guy, Sambhavna sys they are showing love onscreen then why deny it? Sana says Karishma is in relationship for 1.5 years, Sambhavna says but she doesn’t say no to his touch then accept things.

Upen says to Karisham that you are reacting badly, Karishma says I have to finish things outside so how can I say yes to you, Upen says ok I give up, Karishma says shut up.
Dimpy says to Rahul that karishma indirectly said yes to Upen, she di reaction to you after enjoying attention from you, I am feeling bad for her boyfriend. dimpy says now the reality has come out, she was in relationship and snapped at you for flirting and now whats going on between her and Upen.

Sambhavna says that Upen is genuine guy, Dimpy says Karishma told me that Karishma is not happy with her bf, maybe she is doing this as her bf had loss in business so she is leaving him, Sambhavna says so money is more for her than love, its not like that your partner should be as rich as rich, you took 10 years to reach here then give time to partner too, Sana says she gave 2 years to relation, Dimpy says she snapped at Rahul just to show herself as nice person, at cost of other’s respect, she want to look good, nothing matters to her.
in confession room, bigg boss says to Karishma that discuss with champions and decide two names who are not deserving to be captain.
Gautam discuss new captain with Rahul, dimpy and Sana.

Karishma tell her teammates, she says Ali was captain so take his name out, Ali says I want to be captain again, you became twice too, mahek says ok do voting, Karishma says take one my name, Pritham says ok I take back my name too, Karishma ask why you don’t want to eb captain? Pritham sats one have to give name to back out, he ask Sambhavna, Sambhavan says I want to be captain, Karishma ask Ali to give up, ali says why? I want to give my name, Karisham says you were captain before, you have to think about others, Sambhavn says in Ali an dPritham, I choose Pritham for captain, Pritham says I am ready to drop out, Mahek says I think you can be very good captain so I am dropping my name, Sambhavna will be good too.

Sambhavna tell Rahul and Dimpy about captaincy thing with challengers.
Ali says to pritham that Sambhavna should not discuss our things, he ask Sambhavna to not discuss champions, Sambhavna ask to do his work, Ali says to Mahek that she goes to them and become their parts, Mahek says I don’t sit with them to avoid leaking things.

bigg boss ask Karishma two names who they want to drop out for captaincy, Karishma says I give my name and Mahek’s, Mahek says we don’t want to be captain, bigg boss says the contenders for next captain is Ali,
pritham and Sambhavne, there will be task for them.

there will be task, on carom board, there is C written in middle, three contenders will throw disk at C, the one whose disk goes more closer to C, he will become captain but challngers can throw their disk at carom board to deviate disk of contender who they don’t want to be captain. Upen will be referee.
Dimpy comes to Ali, Ali says I don’t need your support, I hate you, Dimpy comes to Pritham and ask do you think Karishma’s decision was right yesterday about exchange?

Pritham says yes, she says then you deserve to be captian, Sambhavna ask Sana to support her, Pritham holds Sana’s hands and says you know you are in my heart so help me out, she laughs. game starts. three contenders throw disk near C, then challngers starts throwing their disks, Sana misses contender’s disk. Sambhavna says to Gautam that we are friends, so decide for best, Pritham ask him to help, Gautma throws his disk and moves Ali’
s closer to C, then Ali says to Rahul that I will wash your clothes, make me win, Rahul throws his disk and Makes Ali’s disk most close to C, bigg boss says ALI IS NEW CAPTAIN, Ali screams in happiness.

Mahek says to Gautam that Ali is so mean, Gautam says he is dangerous too, Mahek says yes he go beyond level in anger, Gautam says he is fake, you cant talk to to him normally about life and all, its not fine to trust him.

bigg boss says to inmates that challengers won luxury budget task so they have right on luxury budget, bigg boss says that challengers can get exchange instead of getting luxury budget, they can send their teammate to champion’s team and can take one person from their team, ali will remain in champion’s team as he is captain so he cant be exchanges, bigg boss want to know if they want luxury budget or exchange, Gautam ask who want to go? Rahul says I don’t want, Sana says I want to change team, we are in bigg boss house so not worried about food.

they comes in garden, Dimpy says i am already exchanged, Sana says that I agree for exchange for everyone so give chance to me too, Sana says now I want to get advantage too, Gautam says that we will get luxury budget for all, we did task together, I can say too that I have come from champion’s team, Sana says why you are against me in everything, for a coffee you don’t want me to go, Gautam says if you wanna fight then you go there, we will take your name, Rahul and Dimpy agrees, Dimpy ask then who will come from their team?

I think we should select Karishma, Rahul agrees, they agree on Karishma’s name.
Sana says to Sambhavna that Gautam doesn’t want to see me as champion, he said that I have come from champion’s team so I should be sent back, I said that you wanted coffee and now want your exchange, he has double standards, I played nice so I want advantage, we will get meat on Saturday too, we will not go mad without meat, Ali says you used mind nicely, here you should play for yourself, Sana says he said Karishma is selfish as she didn’t save Sushant for make up but now for coffee he will me get eliminated,Dimpy says he didn’t say in that sense.

Dimpy says to ali that you play nice game, for yourself only, Ali says I will play with my convininece why you have problem? Dimpy says you be away from me, that is fine for me, good for me.
Upen says to karishma that Pitham used you against Dimpy, Karishma ask what to do? he asys play your game. karishma says but

bigg boss ask challengers they want budget or exchange, Gautam says we want exchange, Sana will go to champion’s team, bigg boss ask for exchange, Gautam says we want Karishma to come in challengers, bigg boss ask Sana and karisham to exchange mikes, they exchange mikes.

Ali ask dimpy to work, she says no I am not going to work, she tease him, Ali says come fast, do work, all are waiting for food, Dimpy says I didn’t understand, Ali says to Upen that I said her many times but she is not listening. Rahul ask Dimpy to work, Dimpy says its my choice, why did he says htat he hates me and doesn’t need my support so now I don’t support him. ali comes there and ask don’t you eat food? dimpy says you didn’t need my support then I am not giving, Ali says I ordering you not asking for support.

Gautam says to Ali that you are 35 years old but cant decide things, you are fighting with Dimpy then you will sing for her Zara parda utha do, Dimpy cheers for Gautam. Gautam says to Ali that you are fake person, you are thief, keep saying mouth to mouth, Ali says you want mouth to mouth, he runs behind Gautam, Gautam runs away from him, Ali grabs him finally, Rahul runs to save Gautam, he moves Ali away, Gautam laughs and runs away.

Upen and Karishma are holding hands, Upen ask Karishma for a kiss, she is lying on bed confused, she gets up and get close to him for smooch, she kisses him and then say Oh God, she ask him to calm down he says I am sorry.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 17th Jan 2015 and Bigg Boss Halla bol updated here Watch Bigg Boss 17-01-2015 Day Eksauatharahavaa Full Episode HD video online

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