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Watch Bigg Boss 8 30th January 2015 Full HD episode Day 131 Written Updates

Boss 8 30th January 2015 Full Episode (Day 131) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Halla Bol Thirty January 2015 Full Episode

Tonight's #BB8 halla bol Precap :-

Gautam sings in washroom that Ali do some sin, Ali comes there. Ali ask what you were saying? Gautam says to Ali that i was joking, Ali says if you say anything that joke, if we say then its poking, Gautam says you say that you will not use cheap language then started again now? Ali says who are you? my father, teacher or what? Gautam says if i started playing this game then only me and bigg boss would remain in house because you dont even know what you are doing, but if do that everybody will be out of house. later Ajaz comes back in house, he shouts no.1 is back, all are stunned in house, bigg boss says freeze. Ajaz says even winds have to change direction if a crazy pigeon go against it, Ajaz comes to Ali and says what punishment to give you? your punishment is i forgive you, all india is hating you outside, people will beat you, take security from me outside. later Ajaz throws thing at Ali, ali throws it back at him, Ajaz run s behind Ali to beat Ali, Ali runs from him, Pritham tries to stop Ajaz.

Day 130 :- 2 day to Fianle @ 8:00am
Song Samrat ashoka starts playing. inmates wake up and dance.

Karishma says to Dimpy that all have problem with everyone here, Gautam says problem happened in task but Pritham and Ali are not talking, Karishma says i had problems too with him but i didnt stop talking, Gautam says i thought that let bygones be bygones, dfference happened in task but you are not extending hand of friendship then fine.

Ali says to Pritham that Karishma nd Gautam were enemies whole season and now bffs, its Gautam who started season with slang, Pritham says say it all on his face, i am not interested in Gautam’s topic, i just get angry with his name because of his antics.

Ali says to Karishma that do some work is you want to win finale, Karishma says speak as much as you want, Ali says Karishma is lair, she is selfish, Karishma says look who is talking, Ali says this is Karishma just sleep whole day, then he says to Dimpy that another girl came in, both girls of house doesnt work at all, Dimpy says i cleaned washroom area, dont speak much.

Ali ask Dimpy to have drink with him, dimpy is sitting with Gautam, Gautam says go to him, he is looking at you from morning, he will die, Ali ask Dimpy to come fast, Gautam says to Dimpy that Ali said that he will cut my face with knife, i was thinking that we should say to Ali that he said bad statement and my family is in police, lets have fun with Ali, he is coward from inside, Ali ask Dimpy to come, Dimpy ask to take me from here, Ali acts like drunk and holds Dimpy’s hand, Gautam says to dimpy that say this to Ali and lets see his reaction, he leaves from there, Karishma in lounge ask Gautam where you were, he says sitting with Dimpy in garden. Dimpy says to Ali that Gauti is angry on you, Ali ask why? Dimpy says he was telling his uncle in police, he said that you said you will cut his face so his family must be angry on this, Ali says i didnt say this word, Dimpy says he said it will go to police, Ali says i was in task, task ended so thing ended too,

its his game to make issue of everything, Dimpy says now game will be outside house, as season is ending, why you are making it ugly in real life, Ali says i will not meet him in my life, dimpy says he can make case on you, Ali says i didnt use his name, i didnt say cheap words, my family is in police too, i didnt say that i will hit him, i just said that he should drink cough syrup, Dimpy says you should talk to him, Ali says why would i talk to him. Ali comes in lounge and ask Gautam what problem you have, you said to Dimpy that your uncle is in police, i was just doing task, i didnt say it personally, Karishma ask Ali to talk calmly, Gautam says i just said that my uncle is in police, if they get to know about your statement then they wont even listen to me, they will wait for you outside, Ali says i didnt take your name while saying anything to Pritham.

Gautam says i dont know anything, Ali says i was just doing task, Gautam says then you should say sorry after task for hurting me, else my family can grab you for this, Ali says my family can grab you too, Gautam says i didnt say anything that your family will grab me, if you go out and people grab you then say to them that i was just doing task, Ali says i have nothing against anyone in this house, all will end after i go from this house, Gautam says thats nice, Ali says you should say sorry to me once too, Gautam says i am sorry, ali says i am sorry too.

Gautam comes in garden and says to camera that no one from my family is in police but i thought that i should scare him with this, see he came to say sorry.

bigg boss say to inmates that many people came in this house and played politics to remain in house but you 5 are sitting here in end, you people became much spacial to some people than their game,we will make you see them again. clip plays, first Gautam and Diandra’s relation is shown, song i am in lvoe plays, Gautam-diandra’s antics in house, their date is shown, then Rahul-dimpy’s relation is shown, phir le aya dil plays, how Rahul and dimpy became good friends, Dimpy cries seeing it,, how Dimpy said that i am proud of you Rahul, how he left the house with letter for Dimpy, Karishma hugs emotional Dimpy. then Karishma and Upen’s love story is shown,

how Upen said that his heart is with KArishma, hum tum song plays, how Karishma said that i like inmates laugh and enjoy their journey, how Upen made Karishma wear ring, then how he left the house, Karishma says aww seeing her journey, Ali says bigg boo what about me and Pritham.. Gautam says it was very sweet, Dimpy says it was more good than our own journey. Ali says we didnt make angle to remain in show so you didnt show our journey, not fair, he says to Dimpy that your story was emotional, he hugs Dimpy.

big boss says to inamtes that in 5 months in this house, you made and broke relations in house, you had love, fights, hate everything, on one day you fought for someone and on second day you would fight him only, all laughs, bigg boss says now we will show you journey, clip plays, first Dimpy and Karishma’s bf fight is shown, then Gautam and Pritham friendship and fight is shown, then how Ali provoked Gautam after saying in camera that he will create a fake story, how Gautam cried and reacted that there is no humanity in house then how Pritham saved Gautam in nominations showing his friendship, then how Pritham reactedwhen Gautam took his name, then how Gautam said to Pritham that he do politics in everything, then how Pritham and Gautam fought, then how Karishma and Gautam fought, how Gautam said that he will cut her frock, how KArishma asked him to be in limits,

how they nomianted each other, how Karishma said that Gautam is my favorite enemy and contestant, how she didnt nominate him being champion, how Gautam saved her as she was with him, Gautam and Karishma laughs seeing it. then Ali and Dimpy fought, then how Ali consoled her when Rahul left, how Dimpy didnt nominate him as he wildcard entry, clip ends. all claps and thanks bigg boss.

Gautam says to Ali that even if you say in camera that you will create fake story but you should have humanity, you come closer in fight to kiss, if anyone on road slaps you then you kiss him in return? Ali says yes, Gautam says your work is to provoke, Ali lifts Gautam in his arms, Gautam laughs and ask him to leave him, Ali says in camera that Gautam thinks i provoke others and now he is in my arms, this should have happened before, Gautam laughs.

Pritham says to Dimpy that i thought nobody can hurt but this Gautam. Pritham says to Dimpy that i was not hurt that much before, Gautam have hurt me so much that i cant expain, just to show himself right, he cant show anyone negative, i tried to show that i dont think bad of him but what he said that i do dirty politics.

Gautam says to Karishma that Pritham is thinking that you have filled my mind against him, Karishma says he is thinking that you have taken my word dirty politics which i used for him.
Pritham says to Dimpy that i was with him for 4 months, so was i wrong? he ended everything in 1 minute.

Gautam says to Karishma that i didnt even listen properly that you said Pritham do dirty politics but now Pritham is is thinking that you filled my ears. Pritham says to Dimpy that i was fool to choose him as my friend, i kept ignoring his worse side. Gautam says Karishma that Pritham is aggressive, Karishma says that his voice is not pleasing to ears.

Pritham says that Gautam is listening to Karishma and thinking that i do dirty politics, i nominated her so she thinks that i do dirty politics, Dimpy says she thinks that you be nice with her whole week and then nominate her, Pritham says she is selfish, i have nothing against her but have my reasons to nominate her, she also made plans to nominate P3G, she backbitte Diandra too, if saying my point is dirty politics then let it be, i have no game.

face reader janarathan baba comes in house, all cheers for him. he first calls Gautam to read his face, eh says to Gautam that you will get good roles, you have two girls in your life, it didnt work last time, you have a girl in present too but it will not work too, all laughs. then he calls Karishma, he says you are 27 years old? she says no 31 years, he says many boys came in your life, all laughs and makes fun of it, priest says you have one boy in life but it will not work even now, Ali says upen gone, priest says your career will go up, you will get many roles, you will marry a business man he will be divorcee, he will obey to wife, if you beat him with sandal he will bear, all laughs. then Dimpy comes, he face reads her, ask her age, she says 26,

he says you didnt get good roles, then got married but it failed too, you failure happened but now your life will be good, you next marriage will be happy one, then Ali comes. priest ask his age, he says 29, priest says your life will be going good, predictor says to Ali that you will go to jail, Ali says it happened before, all laughs, priest says you marriage will be good. then Pritham comes to him, he says that you didnt get much success in life, your friends bite you too, your marriage is going good, he says to Pritham that a girl will come in your life, you are married so be careful, all laughs, you will be good entertainer, Pritham says my wife is pregnant, what to expect, he sys you will be having baby girl.

Ali says to camera that Priest said that Karishma will marry a married guy and Pritham will get red handed by his wife, all laughs, Gautam says to Pritham that now Pritham’s wife will be alert more, Dimpy says Upen’s chapter ending too.

Karishma talks with priest, Priest says you will get success in professional life, Karishma says i was not happy in my relationship, i used to cry daily, priest ask his name, she says rushub choksi, 27 years, all used to get letters from loved ones but i didnt get his support in show, i broke up with him in heart, Karishma says when i entered house, another guy started showing affection to me then i realized that i had not so good relationship with choksi so i wanna ask will this relationship with new guy work? predictor says it will not work too,

Karishma sulks, Karishma says he is nice, priest says he is nice, take care of you but you will get a guy who would be engaged or married and would divorce, Karishma says but my relation with rushub would not work, he is very possessive, i would cry daily, priest says it will not work too, you will get a boy who would not be actor, Karishma sys to Ali and Pritham that i want a person of good heart, calm person, Pritham says upen is it, Karishma says priest said that i will marry businessman, Upen was saying that he will starts business, bigg boss says not its time for priest to leave, all greets priest, he leaves.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 30th Jan 2015 and Bigg Boss Halla bol updated here Watch Bigg Boss 30-01-2015 Day EksauEktiisvaa Full Episode HD video online

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