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Watch Bigg Boss 8 31st January 2015 Full HD Finale episode winning moments Written Updates

Boss 8 31st January 2015 Full Episode (Day 132) Part 1,2,3,4 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Halla Bol Thirty First January 2015 Grand Finale Full Episode

Tonight's #BB8 halla bol Precap :-

Tonight will be Grand ending of this season as finale in BB house ... let's see who will be BIGG BOSS 8 Winner names

be part of memorable night of most famous reality show’s finale. Dimpy and Karishma dance on ang laga de re with Malike arora. then Gautam, Pritham and Ali dance on yaar na mile with Malika arora. then malika arora comes to dance solo.

Day 130 (continued) @ 9:00pm
bigg boss says to inmates that people got to know about you through this show, many inmates talked on back, we want to show you everything and want to make you live everything, we want to make you see everything. clip plays, it shows how Karishma nominated Ali then how Ali and Dimpy bitched about Karishma that she is selfish. then how Gautam said that isn’t it like Karishma cheating on her bf outside, then how Ali said that he can give speech of 45 minutes of karishma’s cheating, then how Sambhavna threw shoe at Dimpy, how Gautam said to Sambhavna that Dimpy doesn’t know how to talk, then how Pritham said that Rahul and dimpy are faking relationship, then how Karishma said that Dimpy cries to gain sympathy, then how Ali provoked Ali in task, how Pritham and Gautam fought in washroom when he took his wife’s name, how Pritham said to Gautam that Ali is cheap, then how Pritham said to Sambhavna that Gautam doesn’t take stand for anyone, then how he said to Pritham that Gautam is shedding crocodile’s tears to play victim card, how he said about Gautam that dog’s tail never get straight, clip ends. Gautam says it was good, so dog’s tail never get straight.

Ali says to dimpy that did you see what Gautam was saying to sambhavna. Dimpy to Gautam that you thought i don’t talk nicely, even Sambhavna doesn’t talk nicely, Gautam both of you used slangs, Dimpy says i didn’t use it, and throwing shoe is different thing. Gautam says to Ali that you put fire always between two people, you are 18 fold dholki (backbiter), when i will leave, he will bitch about me.

Pritham says to Ali that what you have said just stick to it, you don’t have to give explanation to anyone. Gautam sings in washroom that Ali do some sin, Ali comes there. Ali ask what you were saying? Ali says to Gautam that i am not talking to you since morning, why you are doing this now, Gautam says you entertainer, should understand that this is joke,

Gautam says to Ali that i was joking, Ali says if you say anything that joke, if we say then its poking, Gautam says i take your jokes in good spirit but don’t take your poking, i am just praising your joking, i am just saying that bald head get to love someone, i just want to say you that don’t say that you use bad language which is not good otherwise i like your entertainment, Ali ask what you want? Gautam says i am having fun but why you want to fight every time, you were also provoking me yesterday by trying to kiss me, i wish i could show you what provoking is, ali says why do you over react, Gautam says if i was provoked then i would have hit you but i didnt say a wrong word for you, ali says you did, Gautam ask Karishma, Karishma says Gautam didnt say slang for you.

Karishma is crying in her blanket, Dimpy ask what happened? Karishma says i am missing mama, Dimpy hugs her and says its all going to be over soon. Karishma says Upen was flirting with me but why people are alleging me, Dimpy says all were saying that Upen is is very nice guy and you are playing with him and all, Sambhavna was all sweet for Upen, Karishma says atleast they can think before speaking that they are discussing a girl, show some respect. Ali says to Pritham that dimpy is a film.

Day 131 @ 1 day to Finale

song kadi te hans bol ve plays, inmates wake up and grooves on song.

Karishma says to Pritham that you both had plan to take away 25 lacs, Pritham says dimpy and Ali made plan first, then he called me and said that when Dimpy starts taking steps then grab her from behind, Karishma says if i had asked Ali to do deal then you would first discuss with Pritham but Dimpy didnt discuss with team, Dimpy says no one was there in task, all were showing concern for Sambhavna, you were all more concerned for friendship instead of task, Karishma says accept your mistake, Dimpy says why you are talking about past, Karishma says Sambhavna was their team member but we were pacifying her, you were wrong to deal without discussing with team, Pritham says politics happen in task, Gautam says to Dimpy that why you are shouting, Karishma says her voice is soar to ears, Gautam says peace please, Dimpy says if you want peace then dont poke me.

Ajaz comes back in house, he shouts no.1 is back, all are stunned in house, bigg boss says freeze. Ajaz says even winds have to change direction if a crazy pigeon go against it. ajaz comes in kitchen and says that my confidants from past are now together, that is Ali and Pritham, Ajaz comes to Ali and says what punishment to give you? your punishment is i forgive you, my mother said to become great by forgiving so i make you small by not punishing you, you must be hating yourself too, all india is hating you outside, people will beat you, take security from me outside, Ajaz comes to Pritham and says what about our friendship of 15 years? you said that i was no.1 and became 0 in house, you didnt even say that this bald head was acting, you forgot about our friendship,

he says to Dimpy that i like your words, then he says to Karishma that your gujju Upen is going mad over you, dont leave him, good couple Gujju-gujju, he comes to Gautam and says you are great person, you are no. 1, he hugs him and says if i was Ali, i would have kissed you, bigg boss says release, inmates hugs him, Ajaz says how fake ali is looking, Karishma says you came for finale? Ajaz says i am most popular contestant of bigg boss so i had to come for finale, he says that Ali is all silent, his respect is all lost, ali says what about your respect, came to same house from where you were thrown, Ajaz throws thing at Ali, ali throws it back at him, Ajaz run s behind Ali to beat Ali, Ali runs from him, Pritham tries to stop Ajaz, Ali says to Ajaz that we are in bigg boss house not use violence, Karishma says dont fight here, Dimpy takes ali from there.

Gautam says to Ali that you poke others too, Dimpy ask Gautam to not say anything to ali now, Gautam says Ali said many things about us all too, Pritham says if you want to diffuse everything or ignite it more? Gautam says i am not talking to you, Pritham says i am not talking to you, Gautam says why you are shouting again, Pritham says i will talk in this manner, and i am not talking to you, Gautam ask Ali to control his anger. ajaz comes there and says to Pritham that what about our friendship? you said that i became 0 in house, i didnt expect this from you, ali says to ajaz that you sued slang for me, you grabbed me so hard, ajaz says to ali that all know you provoke others, you say that you dont know me then why did you call me for party? Ali says i have no relation with you for past 6 years, Karishma says Ali you provoked Ajaz first, Ajaz says that camera captures everything, your fake acting was shown on Tv, you played provoking game with a good challenger, you played dirty game, you should be guilty, ali says i didnt ask for your disqualification, i asked bigg boss to let me go out, Pritham says if you both are friends from past then forget fight, ali hug Ajaz, Ajaz you reciprocate, ali hugs Ajaz, Ajaz says what if he use knife against me. Pritham says he wont do that.

Dimpy says to Gautam that Ali is going from mental stress and why you are giving him lecture, Gautam says he is trying to provoke from last day, Dimpy says we suffer sometime in this house for sometime, Gautam says i suffered too, i cried because of his poking, if i was wrong, i would have said sorry to him, dimpy says you never apologize, you took Sambhavna’s side when she threw shoe at me, Gautam says so you are taking that anger now, we solved our matters but you are starting again, you are lady Ali, Karishma ask Gautam that when two people (Ali-Ajaz) are provoked why you are going inbetween them? Gautam says i was just asking them to solve and have fun.

Ajaz says to Pritham that you are honest person then how you took Ali’s side, you said i became 0, a atar dies like star only, Pritham says you couldnt control your anger, Ajaz says did you control your anger when your wife’s name was taken? it was Ali who said dirty slang to me and asked me to hit hit and i got provoked, all those who took my side are now right people, Pritham says it all happened so suddenly we couldnt understand it, i am sorry if i have hurt you, Ajaz says this house make and break people.

bigg boss says ajaz;s time in house has ended, we hope that what happened in house is died here and a new beginning after this will happen between two friends. Ajaz comes to talk to Gautam, Gautam says you and Ali cant become friends again, he cant be trusted, Ajaz says you cant just trust this guy, he is insecure person, he is like if you bury him for 40 years then take him out, he will be same poking person, Ali comes there with Ajaz’s coat to give it to him, Ajaz says i am talking to him, ali makes him wear jacket and leaves from there, Gautam laughs on Ali’s antic and says what character he is.

Pritham say to Dimpy that i am not talking to Gautam so couldnt stop him, Dimpy says he had to be stopped, why he was trying to take advantage of Ali’s situation, let him be for sometime, ajaz comes in garden, he sings and hugs everyone, he doesnt hug Ali, Ali comes to him and hugs him, ajaz says show the world that you can change, if i can change then you change too.

Pritham says to Dimpy that Gautam is good actor, not saying with grudge, i ahve noticed that he is very good actor, dimpy says i said to diandra that i really appreciate that Gautam doesnt show his real side in 24 years, Pritham says he has hide his real self, he is afraid, Dimpy says he is in character from start of season, Pritham says its style.

chefs comes in house, they ask inmates to go out in graden, dinner will be served there, inmates scream in happiness, specially Karishma and Dimpy. inmates come in garden and see dinning table decorated for them, inmates cheers and sit on chairs, food is being prepared by chefs, ali says that for Karishma you have to take her to five star hotel but dimpy, you cant take her to roadside hotel, all laughs, chef serves them appetizer first, then serves them food. bigg boss says this is last dinner in house together, or should we say it is last memory of this house, this is longest season of bigg boss and is most successful season, inmates cheers, bigg boss says this is time to enjoy, we used to stop you from talking in english but now big boss is saying why not raise a toast for success, inmates hoots,

all inmates take drink glasses and do cheers. Ali says to karishma that i always respect you but unintentionally i have used wors which you didnt like, i am asking forgiveness that i discussed you personal life, i am sorry for that, Karishma says you are forgiven. Gautam says i wanna say to Pritham that fight happens in house, Gautam says that let end all fights and grudges here because life is after this house not here, Pritham says i agree, lets hug, they both get up and hug each other. Pritham says i said many times about Gautam so now will say about Karishma, when i saw you first, i really liked you, all laughs, i wanted to flirt with you, i wanted to be mischievous with you, all india is going gaga over your beauty, but sometime somethings doesnt go well with others so if i crossed limits then i am sorry for that, Karishma says i am sorry too.

chef leaves, bigg boss congrats inmates and says we hope that this last night in house maybe peaceful for you. all thanks bigg boss. bigg boss says this house took exam of inamtes, be it love, anger, patience, friendship, loyalty, all was discovered in this journey, but now the stop has come, only one night is remaining to know who got closer to finish and whom finish line herself hugged, audience’s decision will be announced in tomorrow’s GRAND FINALE.

So here Big Boss 8 written updates of 31th Jan 2015 and Bigg Boss Halla bol updated here Watch Bigg Boss 31-01-2015 Day EksauEktiisvaa Full Episode HD video online

This Reality show will come from Monday to Sunday every night at Colors Television. and ended Tonight wih Final Winner of BB EIGHT Season

Here. Will be updated soon when we got this video from official sources till then Bigg Boss 8 Live Feed 24X7 Streaming Online

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