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Watch Bigg Boss 9 21 October 2015 Full HD episode Day 10 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 21th October 2015 Full Episode (Day 10) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 9 Double Trouble 21st October 2015 Episode

Bigg Boss 9 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on Bigg Boss 9 Live

PRECAP- Prince says to inmates that its on us if we want to run grinding mill whole day or to finish this task in 10minutes, he gives idea that one person keep landlords busy in negotiations for buying flour while some go inside and rob all coins. Mandana and Keith comes in bedroom and steal coins of landlords, Mandana says bigg boss but we have to do it, they run after stealing. Later Suyyash says Mandana is too selfish, Roopal says she is giving attitude, Mandana says i have given up, she removes her belt and mike and says i dont want it, Roopal says all rules are broken now, our luxury budget is lost. In confession room, Mandana cries and says bigg boss i dont wanna live in this house, tell me how can i go back home?

 Day 9
Mitwa song starts playing, Rochelle hugs Keith and sleeps, all inmates dance.
Rimi says Prince has everything with him, he wrote 30lacs, i saw him vulnerable for first time in last task, Keith says he had duster, he could have removed it, Aman says he wrote one letter less only.
Aman and Kishwar are in confession room, bigg boss says luxury budget task is ‘Lagaan’, you are playing landlord and are against whole house, if you win this task then you will be from belt, you will not be partner then but if anyone know this secret then you will lose task.
Aman and Kishwar reads task for inmates, task is that Aman and Kishwar are landlords, Arvind is umpire while all others are workers, workers have to grind flour and sell it to landlords, landlords are given 1001 coins, workers have to take these coins by selling their flour, if workers wanna go to dining area, washroom, kitchen, bedroom, gym, smoking area then they need to give tax(coins which they will earn by selling flour), to pay tax workers have to work in pairs, they have to grind flour by grinding machine, landlords have authority to buy packet to flour on their decided price, in end the side which have more coins will be winner, it can be landlords or workers, task’s success will affect captaincy and luxury budget.
Aman says to Kishwar that Kitcen work is less, Kishwar says we should set one coin as tax.
Keith says to inmates that they dont know game much now but as game will go on, they will know it, those who have to go to washroom, we cant stop them and we will eat food one time only.
Kiswhar says to Aman that this is great task, i am happy that we are on this side. Prince says to Keith that Arvind is very innocent, we will act infront of him as grinding is very difficult and we are not able to do it, he will help us to get more price for our flour packets, second thing is that pairs have to keep grinding the flour till they can, thirdly we dont have to fill packet fully.
Aman says to Kishwar that Roopal and digangana will be tired, they didnt eat anything, they are hungry, Kishwar says she kept saying that she is hungry.
in garden, Suyyash and Prince starts moving grinding machine(chakki).
Roopal ask if we give one coin then we can go in kitchen and can cook food? we will cook food for everyone, digangana says we will eat one time only, Vikas says guys can pee in corner of house or they can sit in pool, Keith laughs.
Mandana starts collecting flour powder in packet, she says lock of packet is not fine, Vikas says i will do it, Mandana says let me do it, Vikas says dont fill it fully, we can fill two packets, Mandana says plastic packet is not sealed nicely, Arvind comes and ask who will go to sell it to landlords, Vikas says me and Keith.
Keith and Vikas comes to Kishwar and Aman and says we have done work for 1hour, we have girls more so we are doing task taking time, he shows him pouch and seal is not fine, Mandana says this is our first packet, buy it for 10coins, Keith says buy it for 20coins, Vikas says we havent eaten anything so let use go to take food, Kishwar says we will buy it for 20coins as its first packet, Aman and Kishwar go inside, Suyyash says why Manadana is involving in everything, Keith should talk. Keith says to Mandana that i and Vikas was bargaining, we decided to sell it for 20coins and you said buy it for 10coins, Mandana says nobody told me about it, Mandana says we are partners, Arvind says i asked them who will talk to them and Vikas said Keith and him will talk to landlords, Mandana says i didnt know it, we are team so tell everyone about plan, no one is captain or inmates, we are just team, Vikas says we decided as team only that i and Keith will talk, why everyone came in when we were selling it, Rochelle says we should make plan, Keith says shut up everyone, calm down and focus on work.
Rochelle says to Vikas that we should not send strong personalities for negotiations, Vikas says we cant send Mandana to talk to Kishwar as they dont get along well, Mandana says dont bring other things in this, we should decide first what will be price of packet, Rochelle says to Vikas that you should have told us about price before setting it, Viaks says i apologize for not telling you, i am sorry, can you smile now.
Rochelle says to Mandana and Keith that Vikas doesnt like girls getting involved in task, his mentality is like this.
Prince and Suyyash brings flour packet to Kishwar and Aman, they say we will sell it for 100rs, Kishwar says what? its too much, Prince and Suyyash sit in feet and says please buy it, Kishwar says we will buy it for 80rs, Prince says buy it for 90rs, Kishwar says no 80rs, he says ok, Kishwar buys it for 80rs.
Rochelle says to Keith that Rimi doesnt do any work, i want to become captain too, its very difficult to stay positve when you have a person who is always negative, if she doesnt want to do anything then her choice but she keep telling me to not do anything too.
Roopal says to Aman that Digangana is like tortoise, she is too slow, she takes bath slowly, she talks slowly, i am tired, i need to change partner, Aman says you should do best in task, i didnt know i will get along with you so well here, Roopal says even i didnt know it.
Keith says to Mandana that you will ask me things before doing anything, i will not get frustrated now, you keep controlling me, you will drag me where you want to go, you should talk to me first before doing anything, Mandana says i am not interested in playing game, everyone is playing game, i dont wanna play it, she opens her belt and starts leaving, Rochelle says dont do it Mandana, Keith says you are breaking rules, Mandana says i dont want to play, Aman says you cant open your belt with Keith, it will affect budget, Mandana says so what, in morning Vikas was talking rudely and now Keith, they are trying to show that they are man, Keith says its not like that, you are taking things otherside, you keep dragging me everywhere like dog, have you ever seen your behavior, now partnership will be 50-50, you drag me like servant, Mandana says if you have problem then change your partner, Keith says its very difficult to stay with you, i am ready to change partner. Vikas says to Roopal that you all need to make this girl understand, Roopal says she is sweet but not understanding, Mandana says i dont want to play, Rochelle ask her to wear belt, Mandana says you dont involve in all this, you are not captain, Yuvika ask Mandana to wear belt, she makes her wear belt, Mandana says to Yuvika that you were shouting on me, Rochelle comes there, Mandana i dont wanna talk to you, this is not your problem, she leaves, Yuvika says you are sweet girl but we are a group so you need to adjust. Rochelle says to Rimi that this girl is stupid, she doesnt know how much Keith is adjusting with her. Mandana says to Keith that i have compromised with you and your gf, i dont have any bf here, you are talking shallow, you have made issue of a small thing.
Rochelle comes to Mandana and says i wanna talk to you, i am not here to fight, you and Keith are goodfriends, Mandana says no, if we were friends then he woudnt have made issue of a small thing, i nominated myself for Keith and his girlfriend, Rochelle says Keith is frustrated too as he doesnt have his clothes, Keith says i am not frustrated, Rochelle says to Mandana that i appreciate what you did but its Keith’s first outburst, Mandana says i dont wanna talk to you as youa re trying to say that Keith is great with me and i do nothing for him, Rochelle says even you know how much nice he is with you, you are insulting him infront of all.
Prince and Suyyash bring two flour packets, they say to Aman and Kishwar to buy it for 300coins, Kishwar says 150 for both, Suyyash says do some compensation, Kishwar kisses Suyyash, Arvind says you are landlord, she says sorry landlord cant kiss worker, Vikas brings more packets, Suyyash says so you are buying for 100rs per packet, Kishwar says no i said that we will buy only 2 packets for 200rs not 100rs per packet, we are not mad, Aman ask Suyyash why you get angry in every task, Kishwar says we will lose task if we buy every packet for 100rs, now we will buy every packet for 50rs only, they go from there, Arvind comes to them, Kishwar says they cheated, they show us two packets and we were ready to buy it for 200rs but that doesnt mean we will buy every packet for 100rs.
Suyyash cries, Keith says you became personal in task, Yuvika says you are lion, Prince says i will talk to her, Vikas hugs Suyyash, Prince ask Suyyash to come and talk with Kishwar, Suyyash says i will not talk to her, Prince comes to Kishwar and says we all know last call is yours, you will buy it, we are working under sun for whole day, Kishwar says we were lenient with you all, we were buying it for princes you were giving but you all were making plans to trap us, Suyyash comes and says i shouted on you and i felt bad, we were working whole day and you were not listening to us, Kishwar cries, Prince says i didnt know you both will take task too seriously, he hugs Kishwar, he makes Suyyash and Kishwar, Suyyash says sorry to Kishwar.
rochelle ask Aman if you decide to not buy any packet then what? its written in instruction that grinder should keep moving till buzzer plays, Vikas and Yuvika are running grinding mill, Vikas says they have to buy it atleast for 5coins, Rochelle says to Vikas that think about we have not eaten, not slept and if we dont get anything even after working so much then what? Vikas says you are not working alone, we all are working, we ate last, you ate first, Rochelle says dont talk like this, i would not give a damn if he hasnt eaten anything, how can he say that we ate first and he last, Suyyash says dont point fingers, Rochelle says this fight can go on whole night, vikas says if you wanna talk in this tone then i dont wanna talk, Prince says to Rochelle that your tone changes when you are angry, Rochelle says Suyyash gets angry and his tone changes too, Prince says Rochelle and Rimi have worked alot, Rochelle cries and says i kept pursuing Rimi whole day to work with me, to do task, she wasnt ready but i kept asking her, basically i am on my own, i am playing alone, she cries, Roopal says to Suyyash that keep silent, all are drained, we havent eaten anything, let it be.

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