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Bigg Boss 10 23 October 2016 Full HD episode Day 7 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 23 October 2016  Full Episode (Day 7) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 10  23 October 2016 Episode
 Kamya Punjabi will come. Salman says to Swami that save world from chicken. He says to Kamya that you know Swami walks on water, Kamya hysterically laughs, Salman says Swami is boat, all laugh, Salman says he stopped missile from here till Australia, Kamya and Salman are unable to stop laughing. Kamya says i feel like celebs are playing game but all ar silent, no one has point, celebs are nowhere near commoners, they might be doing good or bad but they are doing everything and celebs arent doing anything. Swami says to Lopa that dont take out personal enmity here, you are challenging me, now i will see my game, whole world is under my voice, they bow to me and i bowed in this house, Lopa says go and make world bow to you then. Salman says rightnow one inmate will be evicted.

Big Boss 10 written updates of 23rd Oct 2016
Salman comes on stage, he dances. After dance, he welcomes everyone to bigg boss. Salman says many films are based on true stories and people like true stories, Bigg boss is liked by people because its not based on true incidents but its real incidents, real people and real talks and you must have voted seeing all that. GAURAV, MONA and PRIYANKA are NOMINATED, lets see who will be saved.
Call is connected to house, Salman greets them and asks how was your night? Swami says we spend remembering you, all laugh, Salman says we saw different avatars of you, now we will show inmates your avatars, we will show them what is going in your mind. First picture shows Priyanka making Swami wear shorts, Manu says they were preparing for going to jail and to save him from mosquitoes, Swami says i was trying
to be safe from dengue, Salman says leave dengue, save world from chicks, all laugh. Salman says why you were not wearing *pants* yourself? Swami says Manu was rushing me to go to jail, Manu says he was getting scared listening jail name, all laugh. Salman shows next photo in which Swami is entering jail, Lokesh says he looks like going on vacations. Salman shows next photo in which Swami and Mona are lying on stomach in jail and Swam is watching sleeping Mona, Mona is shocked, Manu says he is staring, all laugh, Salman says this is guruji, not ghoroji(staring) but he likes to stare. Next photo shows Swami supervising yoga, Salman says Swami was making them do yoga. Salman asks Lopa in different language(i dont understand sorry), all clap on Lopa’s answer, Swami says i have talked against her so i am villain for her, Salman says she is from nagpur, beware it can sour your eyes, Swami says she will bear consequences of souring my eyes, Salman says she is woman of today fighting rightly. Salman shows next photo where Lopa is straitening his hair, Salman says she has these skills too, Swami says i praise her talent, her anger is like water boiling, i had mental breakdown, i apologized to her.
Salman asks Priyanka what she does professionally? Priyanka says i am director of recruitment and marketing, Salman asks what you have yo to do? Priyanka says i recruit people for call center, Salman says you forgot that you teach American accent too, Priyanka says we have academy, we are starting voice and accent to adopt western culture. Salman says make Swami talk in American accent. Priyanka asks Swami to say to Salman ‘hey what’s up dude?’, Swami says it to Salman, all laugh, Priyanka says he is so cute, say how are you baby? Swami stutters but says it, Salman laughs and asks her to give line to Lokesh. Priyanka asks her to say lets play game sweetheart, Lokesh says its, saying game as gum.. Salman says Lokesh you are cute, Lokesh blushes and thanks him, Manu says she gets irritated when we call her cute and sweet, Salman asks why? Lokesh says i am cute but i am much more, they keep calling me cute and i get under pressure and i am not here to be under pressure, Salman says you are going well. Salman says we have talented contestants here, we have singer too. Priyanka says yes Niti. Salman says to Lokesh that you have good voice, whats your favorite song? Lokesh says o o jane jana is my favorite, she sings it. Salman says to Niti if you have to dedicate song to one guy in house then who it will be? obvious choice is Swami but still, Niti says no, Swami says i am just old man, Niti says Swami called me Saraswati devi when i entered house, Swami says because of singing, Salman says he can snatch title, he has right, all laugh. Niti says Karan calls me Kaul sahab, i like it so i think i will sing his favorite song. Karan says sing Pehla nasha as its my and Nisha’s favorite song, Akansha and Niti goes all aww. Niti beautifully sing Pehla Nasha.. all clap for her. Akansha gives her peck on cheek. Salman sings some lines of other song too. Salman ends call.
Salman says to we gave task to inmates, they had to rank themselves on basis of how much they think they are liked by audience, 15th means least popular and 1st means most popular, lets see what they did.
In bigg boss house:
Gaurav says to inmates that you to rank as per public opinion, how much likeable you have become in one week and also how much likeable you were from before. We will start from descending order, who will be on 15th rank. Lopa says i think Swami, Karan says Swami. Gaurav says Swami you have to stand on 15th rank. Swami says no problem but Swami is alone and you are attacking me, nobody vote for me. Gaurav asks who should be on 9th number? Karan says Manveer, Manveer says you are discussing with your team before voting, Karan says i didnt even look at them, Manu says yes he didnt. Manveer says first decide who will on 1st to 4th rank then i will stand on my rank, Karan says you are taking it personally, Manveer says i asked Karan from how much time he is acting and all? i am not fighting. Swami says this is not system, you are talking about likeable, i have crores of followers while you people dont have more than 50k followers. Priyanka says they have given me 9th rank, Swami says i wanted my daughter to have 1st rank but they are unjustified, Lokesh says i think i deserve to be on 9th rank, i am not only cute but i did tasks too. Priyanka says but i think i am number 1 because i did tasks and i am ahead of them because they all lost and i wont. Manveer says i dont agree with my 7th rank, as Niti said that she didnt interact with inmates but i am seen more but all celebs are ahead of Manu but he took them all down. Rohan says i am ahead of them because people like me in house and outside too, i know that. Rahul says i am on this rank because i am in this industry for a long time and if house is concerned then i have done my work with sincerity but i would want to see me mor active in the house and in the task specially.
Salman says we got to know how much their ranking is right and wrong, lets see how they decided to rank themselves. Call is connected to house, Salman says we saw your ranking, we gave you simple task, he ask them to show their ranking. Salman says celebs were from 1st to 5th, Swami was on 15th rank, Priyanka was on 9th number, she thought she should be on 1st rank. Salman asks Gaurav what was task? Gaurav says task was to rank taking two points in consideration, one was how much you are likeable from before, second was people watching you in one week, how much they have started to like you. Salman asks who told him point number one? Gaurav says it was in rule book. Salman says rule was how much popular you are in audience on the basis of watching you in one week in house, did anyone understand the task? Niti says i tried to get rulebook to understand the task because mostly it happens that due to opinion of some contestants, we follow it. Salman says you people think Rahul was deserving for 1st position? Swami says no. Salman says you people think that Rahul is popular among audience? Rahul says based on show, not at all. Manu says we took decision after discussion. Swami says Priyanka should be on number one, Salman asks who misguided them in task? Priyanka says Gaurav said that they have many fans outside, people are watching them from much time, Salman says think about it, i am coming back, he ends call.
Salman says they gave this type of ranking, now see what they have to say about it.
In bigg boss house:
Gaurav leaves from lounge. He brings rule book. Rahul says to Manveer that i didnt read it. Gaurav reads rule that all inmates will mutually give ranks to everyone, why you people didnt read it? Akansha says i was talking about it, Gaurav says i was reading rules for first time, you people think that i am creating rules myself, Manu says it feels like it, Priyanka says it was written to mutually decide, we didnt agree for Rahul to be on no. 1, Lopa says we all did mistake in understanding, let it go now. Rahul says commoners are all task winners, i dont think any celeb can be in top 7, expect for Gaurav, he did good in one task. Rahul says we took Priyanka’s name in secret guessing task so it was factor in task winning for them, we got mislead by her name, in next task, she did vomiting and didnt use bathroom and outclassed everyone so who should be no. 1? Swami says Priyanka, Rahul says her behavior is minus point for her. Manveer says to Manu that i even said Bani should be on higher ranking, Rohan is young type and we dont know Mona and Lopa much, Rahul is in field for 8years, Bani is known by people, Gaurav and Karan has fan following but now come to game, you lost both tasks, Priyanka says then how you expect to get all top ranks? i was trying to say that but you people didnt listen.
Salman says we are calling expert, season is incomplete without calling her here. Welcome Bigg Boss analyst Kamya Punjabi(ex-contestant of BB7). Kamya comes stage, Salman gives her hug and asks how is she? she says fine, he says good to see you, she says thank you, he asks if she is following? she says like every year, i am following, this year is different and challenging, you said that commoners make celebrity and now commoner is sitting with celeb and on same level, Salman says these commoners dont know that they have become celeb too, Kamya says exactly and they are giving tough time to celebs. Salman says we gave them ranking task and see what ranking they did. He shows her ranking. Kamya says this is brilliant result, they are living in some illusion.
Call is connected to house, All greet Kamya. Kamya asks how they are feeling? Niti says like shooting ourselves. Kamya says i am here to tell what we are feeling seeing you all, i will start from ranking, Rahul was on 1st ranking, i want to ask in whole week, what he did that he deserves that position? Rahul says i dont deserve that position, Kamya says then you should have said it at time, Rahul says i didnt stand on position first, Kamya says this season is see-saw, tell me who is at bottom? Rahul says celebs are at bottom, Kamya says you all are playing game thats why you are all silent, nobody has opinion expect Gaurav, maybe you are concerned about image, this is season 10, you had plus point to do homework by seeing previous 9seasons, celebs are nowhere near commoners, they might be doing good or bad but they are doing everything and celebs arent doing anything, Priyanka gives her flying kiss. Salman says Karan and Rohan are active too, Kamya says even Lopa too, she has strong point of view and she doesnt bow down and she is like this is white and this is black for me and i wont change my opinion so Lopa well done, Lopa thanks her. Kamya says Rohan wants to do a lot but others pressurize him, he tries to speak up but calms down soon, what you think is right, do it, nobody is elder or younger here, make your place, you are here to play game not to cook. Kamya says they were given task and i felt so bad, she says to Bani that people had so much expectations from you, we all thought you would have strong opinion and i still think you have one, you are super strong and task is everything in this house, give your 100% to tasks without any fear and what image will you create by giving up? Bani says can i answer? Salman says yes, Bani says i have my opinion that i will do task as much as i can, i have different philosophy in life, i know i am here to play game but if i dont want to do these things on national Tv then i should have right to not do it, Kamya says then you shouldnt have volunteered to do task, i dont see passion to move ahead, Salman says she will compete well in other task, Bani says if i didnt go to certain limits in this task that doesnt mean i will not go to other extremes in other tasks which others cant reach, Kamya says i wanted to say it, Bani says i dont think i have to give explanation to anyone because my team mates understand me, Kamya says you are answerable to your fans and bigg boss fans. Rahul says we selected Bani for task unanimously, Kamya says we are not celebs easily, we have reached here after hard work, public have expectations from you. Salman says they expect you to piss on horse? Kamya says it was task, i salute Priyanka for that, she irritated whole week but on that one point that what my kids will learn that i gave up? for that one thing i salute her, Priyanka has tears in her eyes. Kamya says lets make conversation light, she asks Lokesh in her style if bigg boss sent lemons and brush to her? all laugh, Kamya says you are cute but dont be mute, you are doing good, people are copying you, leave everyone, just talk to Bigg boss, all laugh. Kamya says Swami ji.. when you entered house, you were like guru of everyone, like boss of everyone, i thought all will follow him but now its like nobody listens to him and are like shut up Guruji, why all ask her to remain silent? people are using you, Gaurav was right, Salman says even color channel is using you, all laugh. Swami says i promise you that you will see my new avatar from tomorrow, Gaurav folds his hands listening it. Swami says i became dirt of their slippers in house but now you have given me woman power and you will see me in new avatar, Salman says she is death devi Swami, all laugh, Salman says she is going to get you beaten up, Swami says even if i have to get beaten up for task, i will do it but i will win task. Kamya says win task but if you are coming out of house then think about different career because this career is ending, Salman says think about new career, this is gone, all laugh. Kamya says Niti you left job? why? you wasted place of contestant, Niti says i am happy to be here, Kamya says but you are not seen, Salman says we have to google you to find you, Swami says from tomorrow, nobody should stop me from doing task. Kamya says do whatever you want, Salman says but dont interrupt, Kamya is leading show rightnow. He says to Kamya that you know Swami walks on water, Kamya hysterically laughs, Salman says Swami is boat, all laugh, Salman says Swami when you will go back to your village, reporters will come behind you, they will ask you to walk on water, Swami says i did on Tv, whole media was present. Kamya says just chill Swami ji. Salman says yes. Kamya says celeb.. Salman says they look pitiful, Kamya says balance this see-saw, fight back, Salman says mirror, heart or see-saw, all breakdown. Kamya says its time to comeback, dont leave tasks, its shown on commoners’ face that they are here to play, its your time now. Salman says now Khamya(word relating to ‘pointing out mistakes’) will leave, all laugh. Kamya leaves.
Salman says see the result of Kamya’s spark in house.
In Bigg Boss house:
Gaurav says to Swami that i misinterpret rules, i am now against you. Swami says i was ready to leave house but now i will play, Gaurav says we made mistake in interpreting ‘likeable’ but we voted him as villain, Swami says i dont take out personal enmity here, you will see my game from tomorrow, whole world couldnt suppress my voice. now i will see my game, whole world is under my voice, they bow to me and i bowed in this house, Lopa says go and make world bow to you then but not here, Lopa says get lost idiot. Swami recites some holy lines, Swami says you show so much anger, you are nothing, Lopa says you are showing anger not me, dont think you are God that you will curse anyone, Swami says i said that i am dirt here, Lopa says what you think you are Swami only? even i know geeta, she recites some holy lines too, stop talking rubbish, you just say rubbish things, Swami says you talk to your father and grand father like this? Lopa says my father and grand father dont behave like you, i come from respectable family. Gaurav asks Swami that you will get ill, calm down. Lopa says yes tomorrow he will say that he had mental fever, sorry Lopa. Swami says i dont care if you forgive me or not, i have many followers, Lopa says keep them in your pocket. Swami says nobody knows you, who knows if you won pageant contest or its fake title you hang around, Priyanka snickers at it. Swami says nobody knows you here, Lopa says you are scared of me thats why targeting me, do whatever you can, Swami says i am only scared of God, you are just ant for me, Lopa says you are elephant, crush me then, Swami says we fight with people of our level, you are nothing for me. Lopa says you are unstoppable buddy, Swami says whole world knows that, i have handled whole world, Lopa says get lost fake baba.
Salman says way to go Lopa, she is brilliant. Salman is about to say when some guy comes on stage and dances on o o jane jana song. After song, man asks you recognize me? Salman says no, man says i am Bigg boss’s neighbor. Salman asks what you are doing here? man says i am your fan, bigg boss is making you do show so i have to take his name, me and your wife are your biggest fans that we named our kids on your film names, my elder kid has name dabang 1, dabang 2, we are waiting for your next dabang movie to name it for our baby, Salman says why dont name him Sultan? man says it will be out of sequence. Man says i have complaint, you put commoners in house? but celebs are indians too, what they are doing, we can do it, i have more talent than them, Salman says you are late, man says i always wanted to win BB. Salman says weird and talented people go in house, man says i dont look weird to you? my body is like fruit salad, i saw 1000rupee note for first time yesterday, i can see nice rated movies with dirty eyes, remembering dirty eyes, i remember Swami, Salman laughs and says he says he has heat inside him, man says i have so much heat that if you put corn inside me, it will come out cooked, Salman asks from where you put corn inside you? man says depends on size of corn, Salman hides his face understanding underlying meaning of joke. Salman says Swami also says that he stopped missile from here till Australia, Man and Salman are unable to stop laughing. Salman asks man if he can entertain like Mona can dance on everything. Man says i am superstar in bhoujpuri films, Salman says i never saw you in movies, man says i change my getup, i did 6movies as Ravi Krishan, i was asked to play as Manoj Tiwari but i said i cant sing that badly but i can dance better than Mona, you will break your FD to splurge money on me, i will show you now. Song plays, man starts dancing funnily. Salman says great, man says this was Mona style, i have different style, Salman says dont show it. Man says dont send me in house, take me as host, you just go out for 2minutes and then you will see, they call you two days here so hosts for 5 other days? i will show you my hosting skills. Man mimics Salman Khan as host and says i will do BB11 because i dont want snatch work from you, you take films seriously, i will handle hosting. Salman says dont say much, there is villain Rahul Dev in house, Man says he is doing nothing as villain, Swami is doing all work, he is threatening, we should put more cameras to capture his acts, i can be better villain than Rahul, just send me in house, Salman says i cant. Man says i like Naveen, Salman says he is innocent, Man says i am more innocent than him, i know Sunny leone by face only, Salman says if you dont leave then i will put so many holes in you that.. Man says i am leaving, can you play music? Salman says go away, he leaves.
Salman says today panel will sit, members of panel will be from different professions but they are fans of bigg boss. Panel has bus conductor Rahul Gautam, home maker dinky, lawyer RK Rajput, fashion designer Amit Talwar. Salman asks how they find celebs? Amit says i thought commoners wont be able to speak infront of celebs but celebs are silent infront of them, maybe they are image conscious. Salman asks who is good and emerging from celebs? Amit says Rohan, what he did, how he tried to answer back even being younger, he is good looking and uses his mind to answer back. Dinky says they are thinking about image too much, they cant do it for many days, they have to take stand, i was impressed with Karan, he is taking right stands but very gently handling without going beneath dignity, Salman says like Rahul is like dude i dont want to be part of it. RK says Bani did roadies so it felt like she would be strong in tasks. Salman says if you were in Bigg boss house, would you piss on horse? Dinky says give us a chance, RK says i would go to extent to win task, Salman says she doesnt want to go to that extent, RK says her opinion is right bur Priyanka is complicated to understand, Salman says like her reaction that my mother doesnt make smoking sticks but someone else mother makes it and she made Naveen such successful man that he helps his siblings to provide education. Salman asks Rahul about Lopa, he says she is very good, Salman asks if he will take ticket from Lopa in his bus? he says i will take it, its my work, i thought she would not take stand but she is taking it now. Salman says especially against Swami, head of countries talk to him, he saves india, he walks on water, he walks with skull, if all these talks are true then if Lopa is fighting with him.. i wont fight him. Dinky says Swami said he is follower of Druga maa, and devies but when task came, first thing he said was this cant be done by women, its out of their strength and when Priyanka came out as winner, he said i knew you are devi Maa, all laugh, Dinky we can see he contradicts himself, he is fake with his fake baby. Rahul says about Swami i would say he flirts with every girl, if it doesnt go well then he will say i am just Swami. Salman if you have to rate from 1 to 10 on basis of entertainment then how much will you rate celebs? Amit says 2, Salman asks commoners? Amit says 7, Salman thanks panel.
Salman says its clear that commoners are ahead of celebs. Call is connected to house, Salman says its time to evict on contestant, Salman says one contestant will leave in first week, we cant do much, its game rules. He says PRIYANKA IS EVICTED, Mona is not able to believe it. Salman says i will meet you guys next week, bye, he asks Priyanka to come, Inmates are not able to believe, Salman ends call. Priyanka goes to bedroom to pack things. Karan hugs Gaurav, Gaurav says you never know, this can start again.
Manu says how can this be? Priyanka says i want to go, Manu says i am not saying you should not go, this is not good place to live, its not bad to leave, i am worried that how this can be? Priyanka says play well, i cant play more. Swami says i am coming out soon, Priyanka says i am missing kids too, i cant play more.
Mona says to camera that they are asking us to balance see-saw so i am going to give it 1000%, lets see what happens next. Bigg boss asks Priyanka to come out of house. Priyanka is going out. Bani says to her team that are good sport and civilized people, we dont do it, see her off. Celebs comes out in garden, Bani shows Victory sign to Priyanka. Priyanka leaves house. Manveer is tensed.
Swami says she gave me love which nobody gave me in whole life, Manu says dont come near, you will make me cry, i can see sadness on your face. Swami says dont cry, plan to take revenge in task, Manu says she was my close friend in 5 days, Swami says she used to never sit.
Celebs are having dinner, Gaurav asks his team mates if her team voted her as villain? Bani says yes, even Manu voted against her. Mona says we are popular as they always talk about us, Bani laughs and they dont have anything else to talk.
Lokesh says Bani’s reaction was like, she didnt care at all. Neveen hugs Manu and cries, Manu cries too and says dont cry, Swami joins group hug and cries too, Manveer consoles them and says dont cry. Niti cries, Akansha hugs her. Manu washes his face. Lokesh says dont cry.
Salman says Priyanka will come here. Priyanka comes on stage, Salman welcomes her. Priyanka says its amazing. Salman says what was less or extra in you that India voted you out? Priyanka says it was difficult, Salman says you made it difficult for them, it was all you in whole week, you were present in whole 2hours, one hour of telecast and one hour of repeat. Priyanka says good i am out, maybe public saw i were not playing well, Salman says i thought you will remain in house till end, why did they vote you out? Priyanka says i dont know, i tried my best, Salman says maybe there was nothing less in your trying but you gave it extra push to get noticed, Priyanka says no one was taking stand so i had to, Salman says in house you dont know what is right or wrong. Priyanka says when end’s well, all is well. Salman shows her clip and says see Manu is crying, Priyanka says aww he is crying, i am happy that i am standing here, this is win for me, Salman says thank you, he sends her off and says leave to go to your husband and kids, Priyanka leaves.
Salman says keep watching.
In bigg boss house:
Bani says i am worried about Manveer. Karan says he changed after phone call, Gaurav says that was reason for that call.
Manu says to Manveer that we are goons, we dont listen to anyone’s father. I have BMW, i am owner, people shiver listening my name, i have all wealth, i dont have to wag tail like dog for anyone.
Bani says Manveer was fine first two days. Karan says to Gaurav that Manveer said that he will raise hand on me so i said if you want to go personal then go, 40crore people are watching, go personal.
Rohan says to Bani Niti and Akansha will be first to ring bell from tomorrow, Bani asks why? Gaurav says Priyanka has left so Niti will take charge, Rohan says they have even said that Niti is not shown, Mona says Manu said their nomination votings were planned too, Rohan says Manu says anything. Karan says i told Manu and Manveer that why they are following Priyanka, they should have their front, thats how it happened, Gaurav says if Manveer had done task then they would have lost, Karan says he couldnt have done it.

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