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Bigg Boss 10 27 October 2016 Full HD episode Day 11 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 27 October 2016  Full Episode (Day 11) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 10 27 October 2016 Episode
 Commoners and celebs have to choose two team members to send to jail. Swami says i already went so i wont go, Manu says you will go to jail everytime it comes up, Swami says i wont go, this is injustice. All are sitting in lounge, Swami comments that i didnt know commoners were this much cheaters. Manveer points finger at him and shouts to remain in limits, Manu grabs him from attacking him, swami says i am in limits. Lokesh and Naveen will do task to get immunity. Lokesh fights with Naveen for destroying her dominoes which was part of their task, she says you have no guts, Naveen says i wont let one domino of yours to stand, Lokesh says you have swear of your mother, if you are honest then give me my dominoes back, you dont have mind to use, you depress people.
Big Boss 10 written updates of 27th Oct 2016

Day 10(continued)
Bani says to Akansha that there are so many tissues thrown near bed, i wont touch someone else tissues, ew this is dirty. She brings out tissue box from bedroom corner. Lokesh says i am keeping my shoes near my bed, Bani says i cant sleep with shoes smell in bedroom, remove them from here.
Manu comes in lounge, Naveen asks him to sit, he says i will sit beside Mona, you controversy king, Manveer says i told him that change is good, Manu asks Mona how is my beard? she asks if he changed something? Naveen and Manveer starts laughing, Manu says poetry that my lover doesnt tired of staring in my eyes so she doesnt notice other things, we can notice small change, why your face look different? Mona says i had mistakenly put soap in eyes,
Many says change your soap, he asks about her family, she says i have dad, mom and brother, Manveer asks whom you are closest to? She says mom, he says so i have to send proposal, i will have to talk to your mom? Mona and Manu says what? Manveer laughs and says you never understood.
Lopa and Gaurav are cleaning bed, Lopa gets soft toy and says this is not ours, she throws it away.
Swami says to Manu that they are saying we made bedroom dirty, Manu says leave them. Manveer asks Mona who changed her soap? She says i dont know, Manu says those who are changing your soap, change them, Mona says i dont want to think about it.
Niti says to Bani that you said about tissues like ew they are dirty, i didnt say anything but you said ew dirty people, this is not right, Bani says it was dirty, Niti says if i keep tissues on my bed then it doesnt make me dirty, if my mom cleans my potty that doesnt make her dirty person, Bani says its different, i clean toilet daily, Niti says i didnt say you are dirty people, Bani says clean people dont keep tissues on bed, i talk like that, i dont care if you have problem, i dont want to have argument, i dont understand how you both manage to fight all day and even have energy to argue now, Akansha asks who both? Bani says i am talking about Niti and Rohan, not you and Niti Akansha, now dont you start, Akansha says i was just clarifying if you are bringing me in fight, Bani says fine and goes to washroom
Manu is lying on his bed, Lokesh is sitting on bed with Manveer, Manveer says i see three of us in finals, Lokesh says you both will ditch me first, Manu says you are important for us, we wont cheat you, Manveer i promise you, you are like my sister, i wont nominate you, Manu says i promise to nominate you, Lokesh says i promise to cheat you both when time comes, Manu and Lokesh laughs.
Day 11
Song i am the best plays, inmates wake up and starts dancing. Gaurav, Swami, Mona, Lopa dance.
Manveer asks Lokesh how she is feeling being owner? she says it feels good.
Swami says to Manu that you should be in hollywood, Manu says we didnt have much money, we are 9sibblings, we had money but there was no flow, you know indians have to like sell their house for marriages, i didnt have strength to ask my family for money to live aboard, so to fulfill my wishes, i am doing these works, i have qualities but didnt get time to explore, when my father died 9years go, it messed up our house, we didnt know who will earn and run family, my brother used to run business but our business was based on fights with people, so i thought i couldnt do job then i didnt even have ticket to go to Jaipur, one girl was talking to me so i asked her to pay for bus ticket, she paid for me. She used to spend day with me but go to her house at night, i used to spend nights at road, she used to love me, i lied to her that i had fight with family thats why living like this, then i met one shopkeeper, i told him to keep my bags with him, i will find work, he trusted me and gave me place to sleep, he gave me dirty blanket, i used to cry whole night but when girl would come at morning, i would forget everything, i was like this, i started with patrol pumps, i would ask people at pump to give me lift, they would give me then i would tell them business plans, one day one man understood my plan, i wanted 6500rs, that man gave it to me, i started business by selling one product and will get 10500rs, i sold it at some house then i earned cash in one year by selling products, i had 1crore after one 1year, Manveer asks what was product? Manu says i used to sell water filter at homes.
Water starts coming in Jacuzzi, Akansha and Niti sits in it and thanks Bigg boss. They like cold water.
Manu, is wearing shorts, he, Naveen and Manveer are in pool.
Niti says all fights, wounds in task, after that sitting in this Jacuzzi is best. Bani comes there, Niti says this is benefit of being slave, Akansha corrects her and says we are owners, Niti says oh yes and laughs.
Manveer and Naveen dip in water but Manu doesnt, he later goes in water, they are having challenge who could stay longer in water but Manu cheated and stayed longer as he went in after them.
Akansha comes out of jacuzzi, she takes off her shirt and shows her tattoo to camera, Niti snickers.
Bigg boss praise both teams for working hard in BB laundry task. He says its time to choose one contestant from both teams who took less part in task and will be punished by sending to jail. Commoners go to bedroom to discuss. Celebs says lets vote. Bani votes for Mona, Rahul, Gaurav votes for Mona, Lopa and Rohan votes against her too, Lopa says she did mistake by breaking rule and crossing barricade line, Mona says its useless to say anything as majority wants me to go in jail.
Swami says to his team that i went to jail earlier so i wont go now, Manveer and Manu says you deserve to go, Niti says you didnt do any work, Swami says i did household work, i washed utensils and all, Manveer says we are talking about BB laundry task, you didnt do much in it, Swami says i snatched clothes and all, Manveer says did you snatch more clothes than me and Manu? Swami bluntly says yes. Manu says my vote is for Swami to go, they all vote for Swami, Swami says this is injustice, i wont go, all laugh.
Mona says is this voting against just for crossing barricade once to get cloth for my team? my intention was to make my team win, you people didnt take stand for me and you people had less clothes anyway so why you are pointing me? Rahul says we are one team, Mona says you people are one team, Rahul says you are part of our team too.
Manu says to Swami that whenever it is about going to jail, Swmai will go, pack your things, you said you will go to jail for my kids, Swami says kids should get lost, i took punishment for them earlier.
Rohan asks Mona to vote against any team member, Mona says i can vote against Bani as she tried to snatch clothes from Swami and it started fight. Gaurav says we decided Bani to go for it, Mona says so i tried to get clothes for my team too, even Bani taunted that you people are not working so you people can go to jail, why me only?
Manu says if Swami doesnt go to jail and Bigg boss ask us to get him to jail then we will swing him and put him in jail, Swami says i will sue you, Manveer says let us hang on noose, Swami says i will see you outside house, Manveer says dont threaten me about outside and all, Swami says he is *********, Manveer says you dont do any work and when it comes to punishment, he shouts so much, Swami says i wont go to jail. Manu says you will go to jail everytime.
All come in lounge, Mona says i wont go to jail, they are all one team. Rohan says why you are telling this to commoners? Mona says i am talking to bigg boss. Swami says i dont want to be part of my team anymore, these commoners are betrayers, and do injustice. Swami comments that i didnt know commoners were this much cheaters. Manveer points finger at him and shouts to remain in limits, Manu grabs him from attacking him, swami says i am in limits, they shout at each other, Manveer charges at him, he curses Swami, Manu calms him down. Bigg boss asks celebs who took less part in task and will be going to jail? Mona is crying, Swami says why dont you speak up for yourself? Gaurav says we did voting and she did mistake so we have chosen Mona’s name, we are sorry Mona. Bigg boss asks commoners, Manveer says Swami will go to jail from our side. Swami says this is injustice, Manveer says we respect you as you are elder but he doesnt do task, Swami says this is injustice, i fight for justice so i wont bear injustice here. Mona says i dont know if i will get evicted this week or not but if i remain in house next week or more weeks, only i will go to jail as per them but i am not going to jail, i am not going, they have made group against me. Swami says they are plotting against me. Bigg boss says Mona and Swami, your teams have mutually decided to send you so.. Swami says we didnt give permission, this is injustice, Bigg boss says you both will remain in jail till our next order, Manu will be jailer.
Mona is packing her clothes but she is crying incoherently and says its happening me with again, it was good that they lost, they will loose everytime, bad people. Akansha is sad to see her.
Bani says we should help her. Gaurav says girls should go to her. Karan says all should go, Rahul says she can curse us but we should go.
Mona is crying, Akansha sits beside her, Lopa comes there and asks if she needs basket? Mona says either leave or dont talk to me, Rahul says dont be like this, Mona says its good people lost, you rascals.
Manu says Swami has two minutes otherwise i will drag him to jail, his team laughs.
Swami starts putting his things in jail, Manveer says we will give you your clothes later, let them dry in garden, Swami says i dont need your help, you call yourself wrestler but scared to go in fake jail, Manver says we will go later, Swami says you wont stay for longer.
Mona comes to washroom and cries. Niti says to Manu that wrong happened today, Manu says for whom? she says about Mona, Manu says Mona would get company if i go to jail but Swami is flirt and will bore her, Manveer says this is about punishment not about you becoming couple in jail.
Mona is crying. Naveen says to Manu that wrong happened with Mona, Rohan should get punished, he instigated me to throw water in their clothes. Mona comes to jail.
Swami says to Niti and Lokesh that i get more footage in jail, i have no problem in coming to jail, the drama i did earlier was to get footage, he laughs. Niti says Swami is biggest player, she tells this to Manu and Manveer, all bow to Swami. Niti says we should follow him.
Naveen is in confession room, Bigg boss say we are giving you task. You mutually decide with you team two contestants who were best in BB laundry task, there will be competition between them to get immunity for next week’s nominations, Naveen says okay.
Naveen tells his team that we have to choose two people who were best in task, Manveer says they will get immunity, one name is Naveen for putting water in clothes, Lokesh says and i saved our clothes from water from them, Manveer says i am taking his name, Lokesh says i take Naveen and Akansha’s name, Niti and Akansha goes for Naveen’s name. Akansha says Lokesh participated well, Naveen says if we won because i threw water in their clothes then Lokesh stopped Bani and took all water on herself but saved our clothes, Manu says my point is that Naveen made us win but for their team, they lost because of Naveen.
Swami says to Mona that naveen didnt do anything to make us win, our 3clothes passed and your 4clothes passed then i prayed to God as i dont have habit of losing then God gave Naveen idea to pour water in clothes and he did to make us win.
Akansha asks for other name? Manu says i dont have other name, Lokesh says this is wrong, you can give your name if you want, Niti says all did hard work so its natural, Manveer says i give vote for Naveen and akansha, Lokesh votes for them. Niti, Akansha, Manu and Naveen vote for Lokesh, Naveen says i made us win so taking my name is not out of blue, and its good for future of team, Lokesh says how can you say this? how can you think about future, nobody knows about future so dont talk about it, Manu says see what she is saying, Lokesh says i am talking to everyone, Manu says talk to me properly, calmly and nicely, we have voted for your name.
Manu says master doesnt go for battle himself, Manveer got emotional in task and Naveen you got sentimental, if i didnt snatch clothes then Rahul would have taken all clothes, i fought with Rohan and broke tables but you forgot me because men dont have mind, he says to Manveer that what if you get evicted? then you would think you should have fought for immunity task, why should i think that i will get saved in third week? you think Lokesh is innocent but she didnt let anyone say anything when it came to immunity, she got saved in nominations and she could have acted innocent and said decide anything but today she changed her tone and forced us to take her name.
All are in lounge. Bigg boss asks Naveen to tell two names who were best in task and will fight for immunity task. Naveen says me and Lokesh. Rohan reads task, there are trays of blocks in store room, each tray have name of inmate, inmates will keep those blocks with them, both competing inmates will try and get inmates give them their blocks willingly, then with those blocks, they will have to make line of blocks anywhere in house, after one hour, task will end and whose line will have blocks standing properly in line will be winner of task.
buzzer rings. Lokesh asks Rohan to give her blocks. Rohan asks her to make line at end of door, Naveen says to inmates that whoever wants to give me blocks, give me. Rohan asks Lokesh to keep less space in them so you will make long line. Naveen asks Gaurav if he can give him blocks? Gave gives it to him, he asks Rahul? Rahul says i should give mine to Lopa. Naveen asks Lopa if she can give her blocks to him? Manveer says Gaurav’s basket has less blocks, naveen asks Karan if he can give his blocks? he says let me think, he asks Bani, she says let me think. Rahul asks why idiot Lokesh is not coming and asking for blocks? Naveen asks Akansha to give him blocks, she says i gave to Lokesh. Lokesh comes to Lopa for blocks, Lopa says first dance then i will give it, Lokesh jumps and dance, Lopa laughs and gives her blocks, Lokesh thanks her. Akansha is helping Lokesh to make line of blocks. Manveer gives his blocks to Naveen. Lokesh asks Bani to give her blocks. Bani comes and kicks Naveen’s line of blocks, he is shocked, Bani says this is game, Manu says yes anyone will try to throw them down, you have to protect it.
Lokesh comes to Rahul and says you are so cute and sweet, give me blocks. they laugh, Rahul says you gave me 15th rank but my vote is still for you. Lokesh takes blocks and leaves. Naveen asks Karan if he will give her blocks? he says i am waiting. he asks Niti, Niti says what can you do? Lokesh comes and says i will do anything, Niti says i have challenge, its like there is pot on head, you both are boys and have to make me like you, do something, Naveen lifts her in his arms and runs in circles, Lokesh says this is cheating, Lokesh sys i want to go on long drive with you, you have nice skirt, we will go in grass fields, Rohan laughs, Lokesh says i will make you eat somosas, Niti says i am giving my deciion now, Lokesh says i will make parathas for you. Niti says i like short and sweet so i am giving blocks to Naveen, she gives her tray. Lokesh says to Karan that you are nice, beautiful and smart, i will make parathas for you, Karan is flattered and says take my blocks, Lokesh takes it.
Naveen says to Manveer that i will hide one block anywhere and will throw all blocks of Lokesh breaking her line, she will break my line too but she wont know about one hidden standing block and will win, you wont feel bad? Manveer says you both are not my relatives so why would i? Naveen says you won my heart, Manveer says anything will happen in this house, Lokesh is not bad but when i took her name, she didnt suggest anyone else name, she is backstabbing, we wont be able to take each other ahead in game but i should be with person who is honest, i am not with you nor against you, Naveen says i think i got negative yesterday, Manveer says do anything you like, Naveen says i will increase length of my blocks, Manveer says just think about yourself.
Naveen says Manveer my heart is not allowing me to that to her, Manver says then dont do it, keep your heart and mind open, you wont win task by others telling you anything else.
Naveen says to Lokesh that its clear your line is bigger and you will win but think that you wont get nominated next week but me because i fought a lot in task, i am not convincing you, Lokesh says i am telling you from heart, anyone can change sides, you only fought with Rohan, Naveen says but i poured water in clothes and made them loose, Lokesh says my group will nominate me first, game can change anytime, she says to Manveer that he is my brother but he didnt give me blocks, he said that i dont have good thinking, i can feel bad that my both brothers Manu and Manveer didnt give me blocks, i can feel bad about it. Naveen comes in house and breaks Lokesh’s line while she fighting in garden with Manveer. He throws her blocks, Lopa runs to stop him but Karan says let him do it, she stops. In garden, Lokesh says you both didnt choose me, Niti tell her about Naveen. Lokesh comes in house and sees Naveen getting blocks, she shouts why did he break her line? he says make line again, this is game, Lokesh breaks his line of blocks, Lokesh shouts that why you are becoming my enemy? i talked to nicely, Naveen says this is game, i cant do much, Lokesh says this is house, Naveen says this is Bigg boss house, Lokesh says i talked to you nicely and you did this? Bani asks Lokesh to make line again, there is still time. Lokesh takes blocks from naveen. Lokesh says i was nice to him, Bani asks her to finish task. Lokesh says i had 67blocks, Karan counts her blocks, Lokesh takes blocks from Naveen’s line to complete her 67blocks, Naveen says i wont let your block to stand, Lokesh says if i loose then i wont spare you, if you are honest then give me my blocks, Naveen says give me my block back else i will throw all your blocks, Lokesh says why? you took blocks from me, Naveen says slap me, slap me, Bani says what did you say to her? Akansha sasy you are instigating her, niti asks Naveen to leave, Lokesh says you are teacher but you betray your students like this only? Lokesh says why should i slap you? have you gone mad? Naveen says recognize your blocks, Lokesh says all blocks are same, i want my all blocks back, Niti says to Naveen that you broke her like thats fine but you should not steal her blocks, give her remaining 11blocks back, or else i will break your line, Naveen says i wont. Lokesh says he brainwashed my mind, she cries, he says dont cry, i know, Lokesh says he broke my line and tried to brainwash me. He says to Naveen that do you think i am stupid? Naveen says i have lost task, i just did joke, he says to Lokesh that all yours, Lokesh says i dont need anything, keep all, i dont need anything in charity, Akansha hugs her to console her, Niti says why you are saying all yours like pitying her? Lokesh says i didnt give audition to get pity here, he doesnt know about my struggles and life, i dont like to get pity but telling my sob stories like them, its not like what you see is all there, there can be things beneath surface, i can have sadness but i dont need sympathy, i have done hardwork to get things in life and i will do hardwork to get anything in life ahead, she says i am taking my 11blocks back from his line and no more from him, Naveen says dont you touch my blocks, Lokesh says what about ‘all yours’ ? Manu says give her back, Naveen says all are yours, Lokesh says then why saying dont touch? i dont need anything, win but it will be charity from me, Manu hugs her and says calm down, Lokesh says i can be cute but i know how to silence other, Akansha says people will respect you for not cheating like him.

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