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Bigg Boss 26 October 2016 Full HD episode Day 10 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 26 October 2016  Full Episode (Day 10) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 10 26 October 2016 Episode
All contestants are snatching clothes from each other. Naveen gets angry on Rohan and says if i go mad then nobody will be able to stand here, Rohan mimics him, and says you are useless crap. Naveen tries to attack him but Manveer grabs him and drags him away. Naveen is shouting on him, rohan says this idiot will fly away from blow only, Manveer shouts on Rohan to talk less, you are going to tell us who is idiot? he charges on Rohan but Rahul grabs him and drags him away. Manu says to Rahul that you talk big things but you cant even stop a young guy(Rohan). Rohan says to Manu that if you have guts then come and charge at me. Manu runs towards him and pushes Rohan away with his chest and says dare you challenge me.
Big Boss 10 written updates of 26th Oct 2016
Day 10
Song Woh Sikandarn starts playing, inmates wake up and starts dancing. Swami is dancing with Mona. Gaurav is dancing too. Swami kisses Priyanka’s cutout.
Rohan asks Lokesh what are they cooking? Lokesh says parathas. Naveen says what about eggs? we asked you to make it, Naveen says this is restaurant, only one person is working, Rohan says our whole team used to make it, its not my fault you are cooking alone, he complains Rahul, Rahul says this is wrong. Rohan comes to Gaurav and says naveen is saying he wont cook eggs. Gaurav says they will get punished after task today. Naveen says to Manveer that i said to Rohan that i wont cook eggs, he jumped like dog and left.
Bani asys to her team that i asked Niti and Akansha that cook
eggs but they didnt listen, i said task has not started but they didnt listen, Gaurav asks to ring bell and order. Bani rings bell and says make coffee. Niti says we are sweeping garden, i didnt even have breakfast, Bani says i didnt stop you, Niti says we have to clean first, Bani says you cant deny my order.
Swami says to Naveen that Bani is asking me to make coffee, she knows i cant make it but she is taking revenge. Naveen says you go, i will make it.
Bani says to Akansha that you have to follow our orders, Akansha says your coffee is in making, Bani says you all people are denying my orders, Niti says you dont have humanity, we didnt even eat food, you can manage without coffee for sometime, its rubbish, Bani says i am not asking you to not eat, i am just asking for one cup of coffee and that too saying please.
Niti comes in kitchen and says we are sweeping garden so that we are able to start task when ring bells, is she dying without coffee? Swami says Bani is saying make coffee in one minute, Bani comes and says i didnt even talk to you, she says to Niti that i didnt stop you from eating, i asked you calmly, i didnt order you, Niti says i didnt like when you said i am fighting and running around asking for coffee, Bani says you are not listening to my reason so nevermind, you are right, she leaves.
Niti says to her team that snatch clothes calmly today because if you get all clothes then they will ask for equal division, Manu says who are they asking for that? Niti says this way no one will win, i will ask gently that to be lenient today, i will make him forget about yesterday so that he approve all clothes, Naveen says he wont, Manu says they have less clothes, he asks Niti to talk to Rohan aned in loving tone, ask him to approve good clothes, Niti says i will count how many clothes are leaving house.
Voiceover says Bigg boss have made change in task according to which the team who has more clothes in box will be winner. Buzzer plays. All inmates stand on line of barricade. Clothes starts coming from conveyor belt, Mona crosses line and gets cloth, Lokesh says she cheat, all cross line and start cheating, Manveer says this is cheating. Niti says Mona why you did it? Gaurav says to Manu that i cant do anything, Manu says leave it, we four didnt do anything wrong. Niti says this is unfair, Manveer shouts that they are snatching clothes crossing line.
Manu says Gaurav is accepting that their team started cheating. Mona is irritated with them. They are so cheap that they will put all blame on her and she will come to our side, she did mistake of getting one cloth and we just attacked all clothes, its celebs vs. junglis, Naveen says she got one cloth and i got three clothes and then Manveer got all clothes. Manu says to Niti that now get our QC clear, hold Rohan’s hand and says we have to do our jobs fairly, we will meet in future so why should we restrain our relation for this bl**dy game, Naveen says increase love, Manu uses some obscene words says it shows on his face that he is like that.
Manu says to Lopa that now it has come to grabbing and snatching so clothes will be less for one team, it was good when we were following rules, Lopa says Mona did mistake, Manu says no line to draw now, Manveer says you dont forward in snatching, what if we snatch cloth from your hand and you get snatched to our side, Naveen says should we exchange Lokesh with you? Lopa says no, Lokesh says you want me to leave my team? Manu says we want both, Lopa says Mona did mistake but we are following rules, Manu says there are no rules now, infact Rahul has more height to he was getting clothes, Lopa says then our team will do snatching too, Manu says fine.
Manu asks Swami if his teeth are fine? he says yes, Manu asks where we will meet you outside? Swami says i dont stay at one place permanently, Manveer says people throw him soon, Manu says he sleeps in ministers’ house usually, Swami says i get security and all, Manveer says minister provides him security, Swami says you people make fun of me, dont disturb my mind, Manveer says we are killing boring mood, Swami says i have come to do tasks, you wont win without my prayers in tasks, Lokesh says he has point.
Buzzer plays, all run to mouth go conveyor belt. Both team starts grabbing clothes. They are snatching from each other. Bani is standing on commoners side, she snatches cloth from Swami, he says this is wrong, you can grab cloth from our side, Naveen and Swami starts snatching cloths from her but Gaurav snatches from them, Bani says leave it. Manveer snatches from all and take it away, Bani says this is totally wrong, Swami says this is wrong to steal from our side. Rohan says she can get cloth fom anywhere, Manu comes and pushes him away with his chest pressing to Rohan. rohan says Bigg boss he threw me away by touching me, i got hurt. Manu shouts that this was our side, why did she come to our side? Rohan says no one was following rules, Manveer shouts that she is stealing clothes from our side, Rohan says so what? there is no such rule that she cant, they can get cloth from anywhere, why did you push me? Manu says so? Rohan starts jumping, acting like playing guitar and says you are wrong, i will show you later, Manu charges at Rohan but Naveen grabs him, Rahul asks Manu to calm down, Manu asks Rahul to take Rohan away, Manveer says he is irritating, Rohan says you cant do anything. Niti says why Rohan got involved in snatching? rohan says i was freeing Bani from Swami, i didnt snatch cloth. Manveer says to Lopa that Niti is not entering snatching clothes, she is not helping us then why did he come in it? Rohan says i can hit him with head too, idiot man. Manveer shouts how dare? he comes to Rohan and says dare you call us idiot, he charges at Rohan but Rahul stops him, Manu curses him, Lokesh says are you crazy? Manu asks Rahul to stop him from playing guitar, Rahul says he can play anything, Karan says we cant stop him from saying anything, you people should stop, understand things. Rohan says i was just talking, why you people cant talk normally? why always so angry? Naveen says yes we are not normal like you, he lightly hits on Rohan’s shoulder, he charges at Rohan but Rahul grabs him, Rohan says dont touch me, you are useless. Rahul pushes him away, Rahul gets angry and says Naveen why you are hitting him? Naveen says you are pushing me away, this is your way of stopping things? Manu asks Naveen to calm down. Naveen says you have thrown me away, Rahul says i have just stopped you. Rohan says let him do it, he is useless, akansha asks him to calm down, Rohan says he cant raise one thing, he is useless. Manveer asks Naveen to sit down and dont raise anything, he says Rohan is nothing physically infront of us, he is calling us idiots, Bigg boss if we loose our control and our hands raise on him then you will take guarantee, Manu says bigg boss he is ***********. Rohan says all can see who is idiot. Manu says to Rohan that you will cross line and will do some Idiocracy, Rohan says i have done it, Manu says then dont complain if something happens, Rohan says i am taking my stand, Manu says why did you play guitar? Rohan says what is this nonsense? i will play guitar, he plays guitar. Manu shouts on Rahul that you talk big but cant stop one guy, Rahul says i am stopping your guys. Lopa says he can play guitar. Naveen plays guitar and says now i will play it, he shouts on Rohan that if i go mad then no one will be able to talk, he dances madly and sings. Manveer takes him away and asks him to calm down.
Gaurav says to Bani and others that if they raise hand on him then he will get hurt, if he is taking stand then he should be prepared, we will stand by him but he will get hit one time, one person is going to get crushed in all this. Mona says they are not even respecting girls, Bani says never. Gaurav asks Rohan if he needs cold water? Rohan says i am cool, Gaurav asks if he wants to take stand? Rohan says they raised stone on me, they can hit me with stone, Lopa says Naveen wont do anything, dont instigate them, Rohan says i was taking your side, Manu hit me with chest, Gaurav says Rohan was correct but Manu hit him and it changed fight.
Manveer says Naveen is fake, Manu says let him do it, Manveer says he is cursing guy who has more height than him.
Manu says to Rohan that dont instigate me, reaction happens with actions, Rohan says but you cant raise hand on me, you know rules, Manu says in reaction you dont know what you are doing, all are recorded in camera so you dont have to worry, dont get involved that much that we enter fight, Rohan says you cant raise hand on me, Manveer says be fair, Manu says you might get angry if someone raise hand or curse you out so i get angry on certain things too, Rohan says you dont loose control, i will take stand for my team but dont raise hand as then it will be wrong, Naveen says you raise broom in our faces, Rohan says its not wrong. Niti says if you play guitar in heated moment then it makes person irritated. Rahul says i understand. Rohan says to Naveen i am an actor, i thought you would hit me in face, Manveer says we want you to come out of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai, Manu says we dont want fight, Rohan says i have career, i dont want to get hit on face, Manu says i have so much more money than you that wont be able to earn it even after dying, Rohan says if its about money then go out and find out , i have more money than you, i do business too, Manu says you are saying that we dont have good faces, Rohan says i have career regarding my face value, dont talk about money again. He says to his team that i wont be able to earn money like him till my death. Naveen says you started about career thing and said we dont have career, Rohan says if you hit my face then it will affect my career. Lopa is seeing all fight and says whats wrong with him? Rahul brings Manu aside and says he is 23years old boy, if you get angry and hit him then what? Gaurav says you can answer him but dont raise hand.
Naveen says to Manu that he has hatred against him, Manu says yes. Naveen says when we will go out of show, they wont be our friends but you will get limelight and become celeb then they will become your friend, in this house, you can do anything but they will treat you like common man and you will see it.
Rohan is inspecting cloth, he says to Akansha that there is dust on shirt, he cleans it, but says i have it reject, i will not reject permanent mark, akansha says fine, Rohan says let me do work, i cant be unfair with work, Akansha says i can see it, Rohan says why you are saying it? he gets up and rejects two clothes.
Bani says to Manu that we are not doing tasks nicely, we washed 9clothes yesterday, what now?
Akansha and Niti dances seeing Rohan, Rohan plays guiter, they laugh. Karan says to Manveer and Manu that you should ignore Rohan, he doesnt listen to anyone when he is up for fight. Swami says to Niti that you were justified but he was unfair, i will talk Salman, he is doing drama for footage.
Rohan and Niti are inspecting clothes. Rohan says this cloth has smell and has stain, she says okay. Naveen says to Niti that take their box and mess with it. Rohan asks Rohan to leave button of shirt and move on, Rohan says i am leaving button for you, as you are my favorite contestant, she says you are mine too. Niti says to celebs that when bell rings, you people will have to give box to me then it will be on me of whatever i do, nobody can touch those clothes. Manveer asks Rohan to lick cloth and check, Rohan says why you are commenting like that? Niti says you do your work, he was commenting on me, Rohan says he was looking at me saying that, i can curse you looking somewhere else. Manveer says blah blah blah.. Naveen says he is sniffing pants, dont know how much old that pant is? they laugh, Rohan says all work is equal for me, i washed toilet, i sniff clothes too, all work is equal for me, small or big. Niti asks Rohan to calm down. Akansha says we did hard work too but Rohan is not doing his work, Rohan says why you are following me? i am individual and i can do my work anytime, Niti shouts that you are given work so you better bl**dy do that work, Rohan sings just chill, Niti says dont make fool of yourself and dont make fun of others hardwork. rohan takes broom and starts playing guitar, Akansha says you are destroying work of everyone, Niti says respect hard work of all, Rohan says why you are asking me to do work? you cant do your work and saying big things when you yourself cant do any work, Niti says i am telling you Rohan that if you quality check all clothes of our team which they washed putting so much hard work, Rohan says you have wasted time too. Naveen comes and pours water in celebs clothes box which they washed earlier, Bani says oh my God, Lopa tries to save box, Bani stops Naveen and says dude what are you doing? have you gone mad? she pushes Naveen away from box, Naveen says dont touch me, Bani says have you gone mad? what is this way? Manveer tries to stop, Gaurav says what was that? Bani says what the fu*k was that? she takes water jar and says i can do it. She comes to their box and says should i pour water? Lokesh tries to take box from Bani but Bani pours water on her and some falls in their box too, niti says you threw water on Lokesh, Bani says he started it so why cant i? Rohan shouts Bani what is wrong with you? Bani says this was water only. Naveen says i accept that i did wrong, i am sorry. Akansha says Naveen atleast ask team before doing anything, Naveen says i wont ask anyone, i have come here alone, i am sorry like everyone says it. Karan says Bigg boss sorry but its useless to work now, they have put water in our clothes, they are breaking rules and have destroyed our hard work, they got physical, they cursed a lot, now you take decision. Niti says Bigg boss i have request that i dont want hard work of both teams to get wasted, so clothes which we think should be approved, let us send those clothes in boxes so that our work dont get wasted.
Buzzer plays. Rohan tries to get box of clothes from commoners to check clothes and send it but they dont let him see box, Niti says dont touch. Swami takes box to belt, Niti says let Rohan check, she asks Rohan to come here, he says hey shut up dont order me around, Niti says dont say shut up to me, they both curse him, Manveer charges at him and says do what she is saying, dont say shut up, Rahul asks him to calm down. Niti says why did you say shut up? how dare you? Bani asks Rohan to take box and put in belt. Rohan goes and check box, he says i only approved three clothes, he takes out other clothes, Lokesh sys you cant reject all of them, Rahul says its his work, trust him, dont put clothes forcefully, Rohan puts box on conveyor belt. Lokesh says our clothes are not wet. Niti checks box which Rohan approved, Rahul says you should trust Rohan if he checked it. Niti says all clothes are bad.
Swami says my mind went crazy, Naveen says if Rohan didnt raise voice then i wouldnt have done it, niti says his team dont say anything to him, Naveen says like we are wrong.
Karan says to his team that Rohan did what was requirement of task.
Swami says atleast use mind, Manveer says you will go and say sorry to them, Swami says i dont do that in task, Manveer says we did mistake, we fought, we snatched, we washed, Swami says and then you poured water on everything.
Gaurav says to Karan that i told Rohan to not go alone.
Manu says he has kicked his career, Akansha says no he is good actor, Manu says public saw him as innocent kid but he broke that image.
Gaurav says we should take punishment call now for them not doing work.
Swami says you people must like being slaves but not me, Naveen shouts that forgive us Swami, you didnt do any work, you got food earlier and now will get it too. Lokesh says Naveen why you get angry so fast? let him say anything, Niti says to Swami that did you see how much work we did? Swami says but it got wasted so no use.
Buzzer plays. Conveyor belt opens. Boxes are coming back with ‘rejected’ written on them. Celebs bring box to their side to open and check it, Lokesh asks Niti to go to their side and check. Niti says no need. Gaurav sees box and says all are rejected. Akansha says our two clothes got accepted. Bigg boss says we have rejected all four clothes of celebs because it was wet and we have rejected one cloth out of four from commoners side so Commoners won BB laundry task, they all jump and hug each other. Bigg boss says now commoners will be owners and celebs will be slaves. Swami says all credit goes to Naveen. Gaurav gives bell to Akansha and says congrats, she says thanks, Gaurav says well played. Manveer says there is nothing fair or unfair.
Rohan says to his team that there was no rule to check other team’s box but they did everything with our box, Gaurav says i am in shock, Rohan says i will do tasks more nicely. Lokesh and her team sings just chill. Lopa says moral of story is that when Bigg boss write that he wont interfere then it means you have to win by hook or crook, thats the agenda.
Swami says thats why i believe in God, we were thinking Naveen will get punished but we won because of it. Naveen says i was ready to get punished for putting water, i thought maybe Rohan will slap me or something because he was already angry so he will get evicted so i had two possibilities in my favor thats why i did that, swami says i dont like being slave, Naveen says we dont like to upset you, they never got ownership on their own, we lost it by mistake.
Manu comes to Lokesh and says why you are crying? she says i am not crying, he asks whom you are missing? he hugs her and asks what happened? Lokesh says i was thinking what must be happening in house, Manu says we will celebrate diwali and they will be happy to see their kid on TV, Lokesh says who kid? Manu says i am kid for my mother, think its big thing we are in house out of all indians, he asks her father’s name, she says i have two fathers, Manu says your fathers must be proud telling that their daughter in seen on TV.

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