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Watch Bigg Boss 10 21 October 2016 Full HD episode Day 5 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 21 October 2016  Full Episode (Day 5) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 10  21 October 2016 Episode

PRECAP- Bigg boss says commoners have broken very important rule and to make you understand your responsibilities, Bigg boss is giving one more chance to slaves to change reign of house. Akansha tries to make Bani sniff sock but Bani shoves her away, Akansha says she is going physical with me, Bani says you putting sock in my nose, thats not physical? Akansha throws sock at her. Lopa takes off Manu’s beanie playfully, 

Manu takes off Lopa’s hairband and throw it away, he says you are doing wrong, she says why did you throw my hairband away? Manu jerks his beanie away from her hands, Lopa charges at him but Rahul grabs Lopa, she pulls her away from him and says its okay. Swami says to Mona that you are hi fi like Katrina Kaif, Mona says you say anything, Swami says i am biggest fake of world Bigg boss i am feeling too much heat here, either arrange AC here or i will dig tunnel and come out of jail.

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Big Boss 10 written updates of 21st Oct 2016

Day 5
Swami is saying prayers. Dil hai Hindustani starts playing. Inmates wake up and starts dancing to song. Niti, Akansha, Priyanka, Mona and Manveer are dancing. Swami claps for Mona’s dancing. Swami says i got enjoyment today.
Swami says to camera that Bigg boss bring AC here or let me go out of jail or else i will dig tunnel and come out of jail. Manu says when you will dig tunnel, we will close it end coming out of jail. Swami says if you want me to remain in jail then bring Mona out of jail. Priyanka comes to Swami. Manu says to Mona that you are glowing in jail. she laughs. Swami asks Priyanka what happened? Priyanka asks if i should call you what others say? Swami says you want to say that i am biggest fake of world, yes i am fake, i am devil
and cruel. Priyanka asks him to remain silent, if this go out then it will be insult for you, Swami says people know that i am not fake, i am telling my daughter. Priyanka says keep calm, this is just first day in jail, days even have started, Swami says i am going mad due to heat here. Priyanka asks him to sit and calm down. 
Swami says i am not habituated without AC, Manu says who Swami says that? Swami says i am modern Swami, Priyanka says Swamis are modern too. Gaurav. Karan, Niti are doing yoga, they close their eyes and make hum sound. Manveer asks Swami to close eyes and hum too. Swami dos that. Lopa cutely hums, Karan rolls on floor and laugh at her.
 Manveer says i told Swami to close his eyes, nose and mouth and hum. Swami says there was an incident where my life was in danger and i stopped my breathing and people thought i died, Manu says why were you fooling people? Swami says i save my country, Manu says first Swami got beaten then Swami showed as he died so they stopped beating him, Mona says why his followers didnt come to save him? Manu says it was late night so they were sleeping, Mona laughs and says there can be film made on him, Swami says there is film in process on me, its name is Om. Manu says it should be tax free, Swami says it will be.
Lopa says tomatoes are chilies have ended. Manu says it was present when i cooked. Lopa says you are cooking good but use ingredients wisely, Manu says i didnt cook anything in that much quantity for my team members even with fact that commoners are one more than you people. Bani says we eat boil food, we dont eat anything else, use anything but i am just saying that use with care, Manu asks how much chili you use? Lopa says two in food, Manu says i used two too, how much tomato you use? she says one and half, he says i used one and half too, i took 2onions, Lopa says i used one, Manu says i made 8eggs and used rice made from before only, Lopa says we are making accounts, Bani says point is that tomatoes have ended, Manu says when budget comes next time, we will divide in half half, Bani says well done, its good.
Manu comes to his team and says they are saying we are finishing things quickly, i found chilies which they had hidden so they have problem with that, they stole chilies but i found it. now i have said that i will divide ration between two teams.
All inmates are standing in line in garden. Bigg boss says that commoners we gave you big power by making you owner of this house, and when power comes to you, you have responsibilities too and you have to follow rules but you broke important rule by making food yourself time and again. and to make you understand your responsibilities, Bigg boss is giving one more chance to slaves to change reign of house. There will be competition between commoners and celebrities and its win will decide who will rule this house, he asks Karan to read instructions. Karan comes forward and reads task, there will be competition, both teams have to choose two mates from their team, they will sit on rocking horses placed in garden, they will rock horses, they have to keep sitting on horse as much as they can, when horse makes sound, person sitting on horse will have to drink full mug of water and person from other team will have to make them drink water, this task will running till both members of one team leaves horse and disqualify from task.
Manveer says to Priyanka that this is easy task, use flexible people on horses, he asks Niti if she can do it? she says yes, Akansha says i can do it too. Priyanka says i can do it for whole night.
Rahul says to his team that Bani should do it because she is physically strong, Gaurav could have done it but he is tall so balancing horse will be difficult, Bani says i want to know about going to loo. Rahul says you cant go to washroom, Rohan says i will pee if i have to in task. Niti asks Lokesh if she wants to do it? Manveer says she cant do it, she says why not? i have not come here to show face only, Manu asks if she is ready? she says yes. Niti says if she is ready then let her be. Swami says from jail that this is not of girls strength, Manveer you do it, girls cant do it. Bigg boss ask inmates to make line. Gaurav says we would require flexibility too, Karan doesnt have it, Bani says Gaurav you dont have it too, Rahul says he has some as he does yoga. Bigg boss asks commoners who are going to rock on horses from their side? Manveer says Naveen and Priyanka will go from their side. Bani says me and Gaurav are going from our side.
Bani, Gaurav, Priyanka and Naveen sit on their horses. Horses make sound, Akansha makes Bani drink water. She asks Bani to not hurt yourself, while rocking. Rahul makes Naveen drink water. Karan makes Priyanka drink water. Lokesh tries to make sounds infront of Bani but she ignores it. Bani says to Gaurav that why your horse is going in rounds. Akansha brings boot and makes Bani sniff it. Gaurav says what is this? Akansha says this is part of task. Rahul says we didnt do anything like that, Lopa says we can go really that way too, Akansha says do whatever you want, Rahul says keep decorum going on, Manu says we will maintain it, Lokesh says we use trash and water but if we do it then they will do it too, but task will be interesting this way. Akansha tries to make Bani sniff sock but Bani shoves her away, Akansha says she is going physical with me, Bani says you putting sock in my nose, thats not physical? Akansha throws sock at her. Manu asks Akansha to leave it. Akansha says you people are so coward, Manu says you should have sit on horse then because Naveen is asking me to not mess with their mates as they will do it to our mates too. Naveen says dont throw shoes at them, Akansha says i just make her sniff it, Manu says they will bring something bigger then. Lokesh says to Gaurav that your battery is down, you should go down. Rohan says Priyanka is rocking horse so slow. she cant do it, Bigg boss this Priyanka is moving like horse is not even moving. Manu says he is right but she have learnt this from Bani, Rohan says i am not saying this to you, i can say anything i want, he says yes.
Karan asks Akansha that you cant do everything, show anything, Akansha says but nothing is restricted, Karan says you dont have understanding with anyone. Lopa takes off Manu’s beanie playfully, Manu takes off Lopa’s hairband and throw it away, he says you are doing wrong, she says why did you throw my hairband away? Manu jerks his beanie away from her hands and says i told you two time to not take off my beanie, Lopa says so why did you throw my hairband? Lopa charges at him but Rahul grabs Lopa, she pulls her away from him and says its okay. Lopa asks him to pick her band, Rohan says its okay Lopa, i will pick it up for you, he picks it for her and says see, take it, she says no, ask him to pick it up, ask him, he asks her to take it, Manu says she snatched my beanie first, i told her that i will bring her cap, Lopa says you are liar, Lopa takes band from Rohan and throws on floor and says Manu will get it for me, he says yes i will get it for you, Rahul says i will get it for you, he picks it for her, Lopa says to Manu that i am like that, thats why girls follow, kiss my a*s baby, Lopa asks Rahul to throw it again, he will pick it because i didnt throw his beanie, she takes band and throw it again, Manu says i have no problem in picking it, he picks it, Rahul says give it back gently, Lopa says make me wear it gently just like you gently wear it, Manu says i dont know how to wear hairband darling, he puts it on her head, she says its not fine, Manu sets it for her, he says i asked her to not take off my cap but she took it off, Lopa says i didnt throw it, Manu says you threw it, she says are you mad? i kept it in my hand, she takes beanie from him and make him wear it with smile, she says happy kid, Manu gives her side hug. Karan says all are kids here.
Horses make sound, all run to get water. Rohan says Bigg boss you can see i made Priyanka drink water like this only as slave but mistakenly it fell on her, like it will fall now, thank you my lord. Manu says we are giving glasses to your mates, give our mates them too. Gaurav spits water after drinking while no one is seeing, Bani smiles at him, Gaurav smirks. Lokesh says to Swami that some people in our group thinks that they have mind but they are insane, they are doing nothing, they are not even disturbing. Priyanka says to Akansha something about Karan. Priyanka says to Manu that no one can make you lose, Manu says you are lioness.
Akansha moves Priyanka’s hair from face, Rohan says you cant touch her, Akansha says its not written in rules, Rohan says i dont know about it, i felt so i said it. Priyanka asks him to speak loud, Rohan says i am not loud, i talk gently, Priyanka says you are egg, become chick first then start slaying hen, Rohan says i dont want to slay any hen, i am fine, Priyanka says i will break you egg righthere, dont talk about anything, dont make rules, Rohan says i just said that she cant touch you, dont make issues of everything Priyanka, we are not saying anything to you, Priyanka says your whole team is sitting quietly, only you are one to put up fight, you will come out egg first from your team. Lopa says to Naveen that you are smiling too much, Naveen says you sit on horse with me, i will run to Bihar with me, all suel, Lopa laughs and asks should i behind you? are you fine? he says yes come. Lopa asks where will he take her? he says anywhere, Lopa asks can we go out of Bigg boss house? Naveen says you ask for horse from Gaurav, we will run together, she says i dont know how to ride horse, Naveen says he will see my horse running and will learn himself, Lopa says i said yesterday my prince charming will come on horse, Naveen says Gaurav has come on horse for you, Lopa says you have come, Naveen says it will be expansive, Lopa asks what? he asks what to do? tell me, she says just get down from horse, Naveen says come and sit, Akansha says wow, Lopa says please get down, Naveen says pick me in your arms, Lopa laughs.
Bani says to Karan that i have to pee, i am wearing pads, i want to pee now, will you pee on national TV? Karan says you see for yourself, i dont care about if, if i were in your place, i would have done it here only, but everyone has thinking, you are playing game and how much far you want to go it totally upto you, Bani says i might have to go. Karan says to Gaurav that she might have to go, she is asking if she should pee here? Gaurav says to Bani that dont think about team’s point of view, think individually, for you Bani, the actor, the Vj, what you want to show, Bani says i understood, Gaurav says its upto if you want to show endurance, that you didnt loose, its about yourself, Gaurav says dont think about team and put your reputation at stake, Bani says then i am going, i am doing till i can but i dont want to go for peeing on Tv.
Horses make sound, Manveer makes Bani drink water, she spits it, Manveer says this is wrong, Bani drinks again, but spits again. Manu says Bigg boss Bani is spitting water from her mouth, she did two time. Bani says to Gaurav that i am done.. he says absolutely fair and fine, Bani says i am getting off because i cant do these things(pee) infront of whole india, thank you, i did fun having this task, i am sorry, i cant stay more. Priyanka says you do more cheap things than that, Bani says dont worry, you will reach that point soon, Priyanka says i dont want to reach that point, Bani says i love you Priyanka, Priyanka says you want to say that you cant do it infront of india but we can? Bani says we all are different, i dont want to do it, its my choice, Priyanka says i can do it, they are my people, they are all my brothers. Bani says okay, i am quitting, Bani gets off from horse and says i need to pee so bad, she runs from there.
Priyanka says i dont have any tension about peeing. Manu says it just about two more hours as all are in same condition. Manu asks Naveen to pee if he wants. Priyanka asks should she do it? Manveer says do it, you can do anything for winning, do it. Manveer says to Naveen that we could have sat on horse too, just move ahead, calm down and do it, Naveen moves to horse neck. he says i have done vomiting too, Manu says spit vomit far away. Manu asks him to bring towel. Priyanka pees on horse, it falls down from horse(gross -_-, now i will vomit). Naveen says i am getting down. Manveer asks why? Naveen gets down from horse and goes to washroom. Niti says to Akansha that hats off, she has spirits, has guts, Akansha says she has strength, Niti says respect for her(really?).
Bani to Priyanka that can you make understand one thing? i am not provoiking you, Priyanka says you cant even provoke me, say it.

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