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Watch Bigg Boss 10 24 October 2016 Full HD episode Day 8 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 24 October 2016  Full Episode (Day 8) Part 1 Watch Video photos wallpapers

Bigg Boss Season 10 24 October 2016 Episode
Bigg boss says celebrities will be owners of house and commoners will be slaves from now on. Swami is sitting around dining table while celebs are eating lunch, Karan says to Swami that we want to eat food now so dont sit at dining table, Lopa says leave, Rahul says to Swami that i order you to go from here. Swami says i wont listen to any rule, i dont want to live here, Rohan says then you have to bear punishment, Swami says i dont accept it. Swami says to camera that Englishmen left but left dictators like them here. Bigg boss says after Priyanka leaving, commoners have crack in unity, Manu says to Lokesh that you are plain liar girl, why you are trying to pick fight deliberately? you are mad girl, Lokesh says if i am mad then you are double mad.
There will be open nominations, where inmates will have to put foam on face of person they want to nominate. They tell their reasons to nominate, Swami says she is against indian traditions. Bani says he is fake. Manveer says he is working like bus driver, Rahul says if you are wearing Swami’s dress then you have responsibility which Swami Om doesnt have it. Karan says Manveer has opposite answer to everything, Manveer says you dont talk about earlier 4days when i was nice, Karan says can i complete my reason to nominate you? or are you taking everything personally? Rahul says to Karan that Mona and Manu are holding hands and all. Lopa says she is innocent, Rahul says she is not baby, she knows all. Karan says he was touching her leg when she was exchanging looks with other guy, we are not fool to see whats going on.
 Big Boss 10 written updates of 24th Oct 2016

Nomination Special
Day 7
Karan asks Lopa to ask commoners about breakfast. Manveer says that tea has too much sugar, Lopa says i find it fine, Manu says even milk is not good, Lopa says you could have said it, she leaves. Niti says to Manu that you could have asked Bani to make it, Manu says i need good tea, Niti says we cant treat them like servants, Manu says we are not, i think Lopa doesnt know how to cook. Niti says they are not complaining but we are complaining being commoners, Naveen says dont take it at your heart but it feels like you will understand our points when we will loose power of house, Niti says i have my point of view which you dont understand too, Manu says if we dont understand then you understand us, Niti says its not team vs team but one vs on, Manu
says i dont want to make you understand anything, Niti says then dont say anything, Manu says you are asking to not complain about tea too, Niti says whats the need for ten people to complain about tea? i dont understand, Manu says all have opinion like you said, Niti says then dont expect perfect from them when all are giving different opinion, Manu says you dont understand anything, Niti says dont say again and again that i dont understand, i know what i have to understand, why you keep saying i am different team? i took part in task, Manu says dont talk to me then, Niti says i respect your decision but dont tell me that i have different opinion, Manu says end it, why you are fighting non stop? she says fine, i stop it.
Lokesh says we have to decide who will be nominated from their team, we should decide now. Manveer says say whom you want to nominate? Lokesh says Lopa and Rohan, Manveer says wrong, Naveen says it should be Rohan and Gaurav, Manveer says great, Naveen says just vote out from heart, nominate whomever you want, Manu says but dont make your team weak, Naveen says like even if i go out, i wouldnt want to evict strong inmate from here. Manu says this is not perfect time to cut roots, pick out person for eviction who is not affecting our team.
Naveen says to Akansha and Niti that i wont take name but one man is trying to use pawns like he is playing chess, try to understand that we are not physically strong but they are, common man are simple people but these celebs have worked for 12years or more, they dont have any emotion, they can tell interesting things about them to make you their fan but when time comes, they wont go back to take decision against you, if my enemies were Lopa and Rohan then we wouldnt need them.
Manu sings song seeing Mona, Mona sings along with him.
Naveen says to Niti and Lokesh that the person who is best friend of x, is enemy of us all. Lokesh says take names, who is x? Naveen says X is Manu and Y is Manveer.
Manu says to Mona that become friends with us, i can be hero, Manveer says teach us language for dubbing, Mona says i do my dubbing myself, it wont be problem, its like hindi, she takes in bhoujpuri and says i love you in that language, Manu says you have boyfriend for 10years, there is no scope to flirt with you, Manveer says she might flirt but wont have interest, Manu says if she says yes then life is good, she earns good and is good looking too, Mona says you earn good too what do you need, Manu says if we get sweet and nice wife like her then its great, you talk so gently. Swami says yes she is sweet, Manu says she is totally girl.
Bigg boss says to inmates that when you are given power, you have responsibility too and you have to follow rules too. WE told this to commoners when they broke rule but today you planned and plotted about nomination which is breaking most important rule of house so we are taking ownership of this house from you people and you are not given chance to save it this time, celebs are now owners of this house, Bani whispers we can do anything now, Bigg boss says commoners will be slaves now, we hope that celebs will be good owners, commoners should give bells to celebs to change reign of house. Bani extends her hand to take bells, Bigg boss says celebs can make new rules too which they have to write in rulebook too. Celebs thank Bigg boss. Manu brings his bell. Gaurav says the rules which they made when they were owners will be applied on them as slaves now. Manu walks in slow motion and gives his bell to Bani, all clap. Celebs dance and are elated, Akansha congratulate them, Bani says thank you. Karan says to Manveer that you cant sit and plot that we will target that person, if you talked about it then they noticed, all are individual here, Manveer says you got benefit, Karan laughs.
Gaurav says to his team that we didnt give them chances much to do anything against but i dont want to follow rule that we wont do anything too, Lopa says we can try, Gaurav says there will be difference between them and us.
Manveer says to his team that come on back-foot, let them play, then we will see.
Gaurav says to his team that dont cross the line, Rohan says i know that, Bani says i know it, Gaurav says i wont cross it, Karan, Rahul and maybe Bani wont do it, Bani says maybe, Gaurav says they have irritated her a lot.
Manu says take departments of work, Akansha, Niti and Lokesh are ready to work in kitchen, Lokesh says i will cook, i do cooking, Manu says we have to do cleaning too, Lokesh says i will work in kitchen, i work in kitchen in house too, Akansha says i also cook. Naveen says i can do sweeping, Swami says i have back pain, i cant even bend, Lokesh says like their half team used to be in kitchen, we will work together in kitchen too, Manu says we have other works too, i am not denying work of kitchen but we have to do other works too.
Celebs are sitting around dining table, Swami is standing near it. Rahul rings bell and asks him to sit down please, Swami says thank you, he sits down on dining chair and says till your food is coming, we should talk, whoever hasnt forgiven me till now, i want them to forgive me, they can punish me to clean their heart so that my heart will be at peace. Karan says we are eating food so we want to have peace rightnow, Swami says okay. Lopa says you leave wherever you wanna go, Swami sasy i will leave if this is owner’s order, Lopa says no you can go anywhere you want, Swami says i have duty to watch over you people to see if you need anything, Lopa says no we are saying to leave, Karan says you can go anywhere, Swami tries to say something, Rahul stares him and says i am ordering you to leave now, he asks for bell, we have told you politely to leave but you are coming back again and again and nobody is liking to talk to you, why you are getting insulted yourself? Swami leaves. celebs chuckle. Swami comes to camera and says englishmen left and left behind dictators like these people, this behavior and forced punishments send wrong message to people, Bigg boss have never ordered that if they say then i wont speak, i wont walk, its not written in rule book but they are giving these kinds of orders still you are silent, you should punish them against this injustice.
Lokesh says to Akansha that i dont have problem to make tea ten times a day but they should tell me clearly what they want, all have taken bath and are ready nicely but i am stuck here in kitchen, we dont have unity that is why you people made me stand on 13th number, it shows that our team members have given me that number while standing on higher ranks, Akansha says it doesnt matter, Lokesh says it does, they are giving me 13th number but when it comes to work, they are all gone and we are working, Akansha says there is life outside bigg boss, this is just game, they are taking it seriously too much, Lokesh says he was basking so much that he king of cooking then why he left kitchen? i will talk to him.
Manu says to Akansha that i told you to make tea, Akansha says talk in low tone, Manu says i cant talk in more low tone, Akansha says then dont talk, Lokesh says to Manu that you took responsibility of kitchen then why did you leave? Manu says to Akansha that you are no one to tell me my duty, he says to Akansha that i asked Lokesh to make tea, if Lokesh didnt want to make tea then why she is complaining to you? she could have said no to me, Akansha says ask her not me, Manu says to Akansha that you should not send her messages to me, Lokesh says i wanted to say to you directly, Manu says if we take or give tea as family then it doesnt matter, Lokesh says i dont have issue to make tea ten times but we were fighting for kitchen duty, i asked to gt kitchen duty so you said that we dont need that much people in kitchen, you left after making Rajma, i cleaned slab, i didnt even take bath, Manu says you could have said that you have to take bath, why you are fighting deliberately? Lokesh says i feel like you are not working, Manu says fine, dont make my tea, i will make mine, Lokesh says i have made it, Manu says i wont even drink water from your hands now, stupid girl saying anything, forgive me and just stay silent, i am liar fine. you are stuck on 13th rank still, Naveen asks Manu to calm down, he is mature, Manu says i dont have duty to understand everything if i am mature, she is mad girl, Lokesh says i am mad to make tea for you, to work for you, to listen to your talks, Manu says she has go guts to fight me because i talked to her. Lokesh says if i am mad then you are double mad.
Swami comes to gym area, he asks Karan how to switch on treadmill? Karan says just starts walking on it, it will start working, Swami works on treadmill.
Gaurav is teaching yoga to Bani, he tells her how to take deep breath.
Swami says to Karan that i was owner but you never took my permission to use treadmill, Karan says we always used to take permission from anyone of owner. Rohan says you have to get punished for not taking permission, Swami says i dont agree to it, i dont want to live here so i am not listening to anyone, Karan says we used to take permission, Swami says you never took from mine so you should get punished, Karan says to Manu that we always took permission before going to gym? Manu nods, Swami says he never took my permission, i was in that group too, Niti says its rule that you have to take permission from one owner before going to gym, Swami says so when i allowed Lopa to take bath, you people didnt allow her to take bath, Niti says it was against rules, she knew it,Swami says how? Niti says did you read rules? he says you didnt make me read it, Niti says are you kid that we have to make you read everything? Karan says its written in hindi, go and read it, Swami goes to read it but Rohan stops him and says your punishment is.. Swami says i am not listening any punishment, i dont agree to it, Rohan says you are servant, you have to listen to us, Swami leaves says i wont follow any punishment.
Swami comes near rule book and starts reading rules. First rule is that owners cant do any household work. Rule 2 is owners can use Jacuzzi and pool anytime but slaves cant use these things without taking their permission. Swami says i am Swami and i am not slave of anyone, from these 14inmates, 13inmates are ready to kill me, if i get killed or injured so ******** will be responsible, i request bigg boss to work for my protection.
Swami says to Manu and Manveer that i recorded my statement, Manveer laughs and says this man is different, Swami says i will leave on weekend, till then be with me, Naveen says are you scared to be alone? he says no, Manveer says whole india is watching you, talk to anyone if you have any problem, Swami says i know india is watching and i am talking to show them only, Manveer laughs.
Karan says to Rahul that Manu is holding Mona’s hand, her dress was short and he was touching her knee to call her, i asked Gaurav to notice too, i asked Rohan too, if she doesnt have problem then what can we do, Lopa says she is really innocent, Rahul says she is not baby, she knows all. Karan says he was touching her leg and was exchanging looks with other guy, we are not fool to see whats going on, we are respected but we know whats going on.
Mona is sitting in restroom with commoners, Manu is holding her hand. Naveen says i want more celebs to come, Manu says i hugged Salman three times, Naveen says i hugged him too to get good photo. Manu is touching Mona’s bare knee now. Mona has her hand on his knee.
Rahul says what is happening? Karan says Manu tries to be physical with girls, he hold their hands, if girl asks him to not touch again then he wont dare to do it, maybe she is enjoying, Gaurav comes and says tell if she is okay with it then we dont have problem, i saw them too, Karan says Manu is exchanging looks with Manveer too, Lopa says they are exchanging looks when girl is with them? how cheap dude.
Day 08
Yaad aa rha hai song plays. Inmates wake up. Mona starts dancing, Swami is clapping for her. Lokesh is dancing too. There is Priyanka’s cutout in garden. Gaurav is dancing too today. Swami starts crying seeing Priyanka’s cutout. Niti, Akansha and Mona are dancing in garden. Swami says to Niti that they are putting salt on our wounds, i will miss her more now.
Karan says to Mona that i came to you in restroom, i was talking to you, Manu held your hand and gave a hint to Manveer, then he put hand on your knee, i thought i might be wrong so i asked Gaurav to notice too, then Gaurav, Rohan and Bani noticed it too, Gaurav says we can be wrong, maybe you are friendly with him, we dont know whats in his heart, we are just telling you what we noticed, Karan says we are from this industry but for them, its big shift, they can talk to celebs, talk to them, touch them. Gaurav says when they watch us on Tv, they think how we live, how we dress, how we live but now they are living with us, watching us live so they are flattered and its magical for them, Mona says i didnt feel anything wrong, he talks to everyone like that, Bani says if you are comfortable then leave it.
Swami says my dance trainer is Mona, she is good aat dance. Lopa says i will teach you singing, sing yeh mera dil, all laugh. Swami sings yeh mera dil, all clap. Rahul asks Swami to sway his hair too, Lopa asks him to act like playing rock guitar, Swami acts like rock artist, all clap. Niti asks him to say Yo bro, Swami says it, all clap.
Bigg boss says to inmates that you have to nominate two inmates by putting foam on their faces. Celebs will nominate from commoners and commoners will nominate from celebrities. Manveer will start it.
MANVEER: He nominates ROHAN by putting foam on his face, Manveer says Rohan tries to fight a lot. He nominates GAURAV and says he is trying operate as bus driver for his team, he can make his team understand but he is not.
ROHAN: He nominates MANVEER and put foam on his face fully and rubbing it too, he says i am nicely putting it. He says Manveer doesnt try to interact. He nominates MANU and says he is trying to act good but instigate his team mates.
NITI: She nominates LOPA and applies foam on her face saying sorry, Lopa says my nose, dont rub it. Niti says when we washed utensils, she said i can see you are tired but she asked me to boil water, she didnt say it in good way. She nominates MONA and says i dont interact with her much.
BANI: She nominates MANVEER and says i think he is competitor. She nominates MANU and says i feel he is fake, i think he is not sincere.
SWAMI: He nominates GAURAV and says he tried to instigate me against my team, i didnt like it. He nominates BANI and says she is good but she is against indian tradition.
LOPA: She nominates NITI and says she is not putting her 100%. She nominates MANVEER and says i am less connected with him.
AKANSHA: She nominates RAHUL and says i am not connected with him as much as others. She nominates MONA and says i think she is not happy here, she wants to go too.
RAHUL: He nominates SWAMI and says i think he is member of team who is instigating others, especially girls. Rahul says if you are wearing Swami’s dress then you have responsibility which Swami Om doesnt fulfill. Swami says if i was against girls, i would have instigated Lopa. Rahul nominates AKANSHA, he says i had good interaction with her but she nominated me.
MANU: He nominates ROHAN and says he always say dont take it to heart and says its game but why he thinks i am instigating? he nominates GAURAV and says he is strongest and i think we should nominate strongest.
MONA: She nominates AKANSHA and says i feel she is character, she tries to be sweet but she has negative inside, she is not loyal to her team too. She nominates NITI and says i have seen i am not deserving of this house as per her, Niti says i didnt say it.
LOKESH: She says its difficult to nominate, all like me. She nominates MONA and says she is more cute than me but she had altercation with me, she talked to me less too. She nominates GAURAV and says he is strong competitor. Two winners cant stay together, all laugh.
GAURAV: He nominates MANU and says he has competition feeling with me, he shows it in healthy way but when he has announced war then game is on. He comes to Swami and says no i cant nominate you, i am your follower, all chuckle. He nominates MANVEER. Manu says it was perfect nomination. Gaurav says Manveer has agression which can create moment in house which he might even not like.
NAVEEN: He nominates ROHAN and says he tried to fight with me. He nominates GAURAV and says he tries to twist things, and talks.
KARAN: He nominates MANVEER and says after getting call on weekend, he has wrong answers to everything. He nominates MANU and says what he did yesterday, it was against his normal behavior. Bani was sleeping and asked him to not make noise but he banged door two more times to create more noise, i didnt expect that from Manu, we sort out everything to Manu, Manu says you are misguided.
Bigg boss says nominations are done. nominated inmates are MONA, GAURAV, ROHAN, MANVEER, MANU, NITI and AKANSHA.
Manveer asks Swami what are you trying to do? you keep us stuck in first week but now you are not even voicing opinion, you are crying over daughter going, now sons will go, Swami says you and Manu are not going, Manveer says your daughter evicted and you couldnt do anything, you didnt take stand for me, *******, he uses curse, Swami says dont repeat it on camera, Manveer says you record everything on camera too, why didnt you take stand for me, all are nominating us but you are silent. Swami says give your best and public will save you, Manveer says i even dont know if you are with us or not, you were so handful first two days, cursing us only, one side you say you are here to give message and otherside you say that you will destroy them, that chick(Rohan) was attacking you till yesterday and now you are favoring him, Manu comes and says dont waste time on him, he is playing game as he wants to stay here for long time.

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